(From the Town of Orleans Historian's office)

Roll of Company K Ninety fourth Regiment
Fild Aug 15th, 66

J.D. Flansburg
Town Clerk

List of Names of "K" Company

Ninety fourth Regiment

D. Henry Lingenfelter

(---) Van Camp

Byron Dixon

James Forebs

Sylvester Bauter

Moses Petrie

William Snyder

George Sloat

Franklin Sloat

Charles Wetterhahn

Eugene Smith

Thomas Mornitz

John Wetterhahn

Augustus Wetterhahn

Menzo Lawton

Avery Forbs

James Franhan

Amos Fort

Adison Wagoner

Gilbert Spicer

William H. Harks

Charles E. A. Booth

Valentin Door

Charles S. Lingenfelter

Andrew Nugent

Stephen Getman

John Kluts

Erwin R. Devendorf

Edwin N. Giles

Georg W. Lagraves

James C. Vanepps

Willard Jenkins

Warren Smith

John Fetterly

Charles Lagraves

Joseph Jorg

I do hereby testify that the above is a true list of names of Company K.

D. Henry Lingenfelter

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