In 1865, NY State Bureau of Military Record required each town clerk to make a report of the service personnel serving in the Civil War from his town. The suggestions, reproduced below, explain the nature of each entry. The originals should be kept by each township, but some have disappeared over the years. Most of the towns of Jefferson County are recorded on microfilm at the New York State Archives. The Town of Alexandria, from that microfilm, has been deciphered and committed to electronic data by David Simonds, a volunteer who provides his efforts here with the standard disclaimers and caveats -- the best way to resolve discrepancies and questions is to access the original records and/or alternative Civil War sources.

More towns will be posted as they are processed.

Note: Brackets [ ] indicate information obtained from other sources. This occurs only when a soldier was listed in the index but not in the records. A question mark in brackets [?] indicates the original data could not be reliably transcribed.



Albany, August 10th, 1865.


It is desirable that the following suggestions be particularly observed in preparing the record.

I. The MIDDLE name, if any, as well as the FIRST name of each Officer, Soldier or Seaman, should be written in full.

II. The PRESENT rank refers to rank now held in the service, or if out of service, to rank at the date of muster, or at the time of death, if deceased.

III. The Regiment and Company refer to the regiment and company which the party ENTERED at the time he was CREDITED to the QUOTA of YOUR TOWN.

IV. In giving amount of relief granted to family, the weekly or monthly rate, if so paid, or if paid by ?? Board, the gross sum may be given.

V. The given name of father and the MAIDEN name of mother are desired.

VI. The promotions, only so far as they may be known to you, are expected; but the more important facts, relating to service, to death and burial, (if deceased,) to being wounded, (if at any time wounded,) or, if taken prisoner, to that event, are required.

VII. The book should be paged by you after the fourth, which is already paged.

VIII. An Index is furnished at the end of the book, in which you are desired to write all the names ALPHABETICALLY, (two columns of names to a page, to save space,) of Officers, Soldiers, and Seamen, embraced in the ??.

The names and pages only are desired in the Index, thus: "Brown, Jeremiah, 5," On the last sheet of the book, before the Index, are blanks for the record of Officers and Seamen from your town. With a view to being clearly understood three examples of record are given on the second and third pages below.

That no individual shall be omitted from the list of volunteers from your town, it is desired that a separate page be devoted to those who, though living in your town, have enlisted and been credited elsewhere.

Respectfully yours,

Lockwood L. Doty

Page numbers below reflect the page numbers in the original records. On each page, the names are in the order found on the original town clerk's list. The name indexes are sorted by soldier's name. They are based on the original index, but with several additions and corrections. Either scroll down through the pages, use the name index files provided below, or use the search engine found on the front or index page of the Jefferson County GenWebSite to reach the name.

Sorted by Name

[A - B] [C] [D - G] [H - L]

[M - Q] [R - S] [T - Z]

Orginal Records

Alexandria 4, Alexandria 5, Alexandria 6, Alexandria 7, Alexandria 8, Alexandria 9, Alexandria 10

Alexandria 11, Alexandria 12, Alexandria 13, Alexandria 14, Alexandria 15, Alexandria 16

Alexandria 17, Alexandria 18, Alexandria 19, Alexandria 20, Alexandria 21, Alexandria 22

Alexandria 23, Alexandria 24, Alexandria 25, Alexandria 26, Alexandria 27, Alexandria 28

Alexandria 29, Alexandria 30, Alexandria 31, Alexandria 32, Alexandria 33, Alexandria 34

Alexandria 35, Alexandria 36, Alexandria 37, Alexandria 38, Alexandria 39, Alexandria 40

Alexandria 41, Alexandria 42

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