In 1865, NY State Bureau of Military Record required each town clerk to make 
a report of the service personnel serving in the Civil War from his town.  
The suggestions, reproduced below, explain the nature of each entry.  
The originals should be kept by each township, but some have disappeared 
over the years.  All the towns, except Pamelia, are recorded on microfilm at 
the New York State Archives.  The Town of Lyme, from that microfilm, has been 
deciphered and committed to electronic data by Karen Ellsworth, a volunteer 
who has done a marvelous job. 

We are negotiating for hard copy of more towns, and will present them as we 
get them.  


  Albany, August 10th, 1865.


It is desirable that the following suggestions be particularly observed in 
preparing the record.

I. The MIDDLE name, if any, as well as the FIRST name of each Officer, Soldier 
or Seaman, should be written in full.

II. The PRESENT rank refers to rank now held in the service, or if out of 
service, to rank at the date of muster, or at the time of death, if deceased.

III. The Regiment and Company refer to the regiment and company which the 
party ENTERED at the time he was CREDITED to the QUOTA of YOUR TOWN.

IV. In giving amount of relief granted to family, the weekly or monthly rate, 
if so paid, or if paid by ?? Board, the gross sum may be given.

V. The given name of father and the MAIDEN name of mother are desired.

VI. The promotions, only so far as they may be known to you, are expected; 
but the more important facts, relating to service, to death and burial, 
(if deceased,) to being wounded, (if at any time wounded,) or, if taken 
prisoner, to that event, are required.

VII. The book should be paged by you after the fourth, which is already paged.

VIII. An Index is furnished at the end of the book, in which you are desired 
to write all the names ALPHABETICALLY, (two columns of names to a page, 
to save space,) of Officers, Soldiers, and Seamen, embraced in the ??.

The names and pages only are desired in the Index, thus: "Brown, Jeremiah, 5,"
On the last sheet of the book, before the Index, are blanks for the record of 
Officers and Seamen from your town.  With a view to being clearly understood 
three examples of record are given on the second and third pages below.

That no individual shall be omitted from the list of volunteers from your town, 
it is desired that a separate page be devoted to those who, though living 
in your town, have enlisted and been credited elsewhere.
                                   Respectfully yours,

                                   Lockwood L. Doty    

For ease in downloading, the list has been arbitrarily divided into 13 parts 
or pages.  The names are in the order found on the original town clerk's list.  
The hyperlinks (clicks) in the index will take you to the page in which the 
chosen name is found.  Either scroll down through that page, or use your 
computer's finding aid to reach the name.

Lyme Civil War Servicemen by Section

Sheet: 1, Sheet: 2, Sheet: 3, Sheet: 4, Sheet: 5

Sheet: 6, Sheet: 7, Sheet: 8, Sheet: 9, Sheet: 10

Sheet: 11, Sheet: 12, Sheet: 13

Lyme Civil War Servicemen by Name

 Allen,  George S.  

 Allen,  Harvey J.

 Allen,  William A.

 Angell,  Lester  

 Armstrong,  Christopher  

 Armstrong,  Frank  

 Armstrong,  Moses  

 Armstrong,  Thomas  

 Backus,  Albert S.  

 Baird,  Christopher  

 Baker,  Hudson H.  

 Baker,  Jay  

 Baldwin,  Stephen 

 Bates,  Henry C.  

 Bayleyette,  Gilbert  

 Becker,  Charles L.  

 Becker,  Marcus C.  

 Bedford,  Joseph  

 Bennett,  George S.  

 Bennett,  Stephen  

 Benway,  Charles  

 Benway,  Sebastian  

 Blackman,  William  

 Blodgett,  Harrison  

 Blodgett,  Marshall  

 Blodgett,  Niles  

 Brackner,  Francis  

 Brooks,  George  

 Brougham,  Sylvester  

 Brougham,  William  

 Buchanan,  Alex  

 Buchanan,  James  

 Buchanan,  John  

 Caldant,  Edward  

 Carey,  Byron  

 Carey,  Morris J.  

 Carpenter,  Stephen D.  

 Cassleman,  James  

 Chase,  Harmon  

 Chase,  Harvey T.  

 Chessebro,  Ezra  

 Christman,  Geo W.  

 Clark,  Wayne  

 Claus,  Asa B.  

 Clemons,  Calvin N.  

 Clemons,  George  

 Clemons,  John W.   

 Clemons,  Orren  

 Clemons,  Wm  

 Clifford,  David  

 Cline,  Watson  

 Cole,  Esqire  

 Cole,  George T.  

 Collins,  Schuyler B.  

 Colman,  Edward  

 Combs,  Edwin  

 Cool,  Eli J.  

 Cool,  Orville M. 

 Cool,  Uri  

 Cooley,  Rufus B. 

 Coombs,  John  

 Crofton,  Thomas  

 Cross,  Joseph F.  

 Dauley,  Newell J.  

 Dayan,  Harvey H.  

 DeFoe,  Charles E.  

 DeLano,  John L.  

 Dennis,  Thomas W.  

 Dewey,  Otis  

 Dingman,  Cornelius  

 Donohue,  Mathew 

 Doty,  Charles  

 Doty,  William  

 Douglass,  Leander  

 Doyle,  Hugh  

 Doyle,  James  

 Dunham,  Noah S.  

 Dutton,  John  

 Edick,  Jacob H.  

 Ellsworth,  Asa A.  

 Emmons,  Samuel  

 Empie,  Joseph L.  

 Enos,  William Wallace  

 Farr,  Perley  

 Farrell, George  

 Farrell,  Michael  

 Fenton,  Eleazer  

 Fenton,  Frank  

 Field,  Edgar D.  

 Filson,  Robert  

 Filson,  Thomas  

 Finn,  John  

Fisher,  George 

Fisher,  John W.

 Fisher,  Webster  

 Fitzpatrick,  William  

 Fowler,  George  

 Fry,  Peter  

 Fuller,  James  

 Fuller,  Warren  

 Gaige,  Fred  

 Gaige,  Preston  

 Gaige,  William H.  

 George,  Sanford  

 Gleason,  Patrick  

 Grauton,  Henry  

 Graves,  William  

 Greenman,  Charles  

 Griffin,  Albert W.  

 Grove,  Edward  

 Grove,  Samuel  

 Harris,  Jessie  

 Harris,  Orange R.  

 Haskins,  Abel  

 Haskins,  Chauncey 

 Haskins,  Henry A.  

 Hawley,  Sheldon  

 Hayes,  Alexander  

 Hayes,  David  

 Hayes,  John  

 Hayes,  A. Menzo 

 Hayes,  Solomon E.   

 Heaton,  Shadrach  

 Henry,  Theodore  

 Herrick,  Eugene  

 Herrick,  George  

 Herrick,  James  

 Herrick,  Jerome  

 Herrick,  Wallace H. 

 Hill,  David  

 Hills,  Frank  

 Hogan,  William  

 Holbrook,  Sherman  

 Horton,  Andrew  

 Horton,  Charles L. 

 Horton,  Dorr  

 Horton,  Isaac  

 Horton,  John M.    

 Horton,  Joseph C.    

 Horton,  Radaker    

 Horton,  Riley E.    

 Horton,  William    

 Houghton,  Roswell    

 Howard,  Shuler    

 Howneth,  Martin    

 Hughs,  John    

 Hunter,  Wells    

 Hutzie,  Oscar    

 Inman,  Ezra A    

 Inman,  Wm. H.    

 Irwin,  John H.    

 Jones,  Amos    

 Jones,  Isaac    

 Joyce,  William    

 Keller,  Simon    

 Kinney,  Barton F.    

 Kinsley,  James    

 Kirkbride,  Ezra T.    

 Klock,  Lum    

 Klock,  Millen    

 Klock,  Nathan    

 Knach,  Jacob    

 Lake,  Theodore    

 Lampman,  Thomas M.    

 Lance,  James    

 Larkin,  John    

 Larkin,  William    

 Lawton,  William H.  

 Lindsley,  David H.  

 Loomis,  Wm Henry   

 Lucas,  Henry R.  

 Lucas,  Minott D. 

 Mack,  Harvey   

 Mahur,  Edwin   

 Mahur,  Theodore   

 Mahur,  William   

 Marks,  Aaron W.  

 Marks,  Walter D.   

 McLaughlin,  Edward    

 McLean,  James   

 McMullin,  James   

 McNett,  Andrew J.   

 McNett,  Duane 

 Mondon,  Austin   

 Moore,  Edward   

 Moore,  John H.   

 Mosher,  Evan   

 Mosher,  Jason H.   

 Mount,  David M.   

 Mount,  Dudley D.   

 Mount,  Wm. H.   

 Mount,  Wilson   

 Muller,  Henry H.   

 Norris,  Henry   

 Norris,  Lewis   

 Northrop,  John Jr   

 Northrop,  William   

 OBrien,  John   

 OConnor,  James   

 ODonohue,  Patrick   

 OHare,  Anthony   

 ONeil,  Patrick  

 Parker,  Antoine B.   

 Pennock,   Alexander   

 Percey,  Robert A.    

 Persons,  Byron    

 Phelps,  Geo. W.    

 Phillips,  Marcus    

 Post,  Jacob A.   

 Purcell,  Francis A.   

 Putman,  Christopher   

 Quinn,  William   

 Reed,  Gorton   

 Reigert,  Henry J.   

 Reynolds,  William   

 Rickett,  Charles   

 Riley,  Thomas Jr 

 Riley,  Phillip 

 Rivers,  Alexander 

 Rivett,  Nelson 

 Robbins,  John Q. A 

 Rogers,  Charles E. 

 Roof,  Abram 

 Ross,  George 

 Rudolf,  James M. 

 Russell,  Stephen 

 Russell,  Warren 

 Ryder,  Ellis H. 

 Ryder,  George M.D. 

 Safford, Bestor T. 

 Sanford,  Albert 

 Sanford,  LaFayette 

 Sanford,  Orren 

 Savage,  Joseph H. 

 Scott,  Bradley 

 Scott,  Charles 

 Seeley,  Ambrose 

 Seeley,  Charles 

 Seham,  Cornelius 

 Self,  George 

 Setter,  Henry C. 

 Shannon,  James 

 Sharp,  George O. 

 Shedrau,  John 

 Shulman,  John 

 Silk,  William 

 Smith,  Newell 

 Smith,  George W. 

 Smith,  Thomas  

 Smith,  William A.  

 Snell,  Silas  

 Soper,  Albert  

 Soper,  Levi  

 Spaulding,  George L.  

 Spires,  Thomas  

 St George,  Joseph  

 Stedman,  Chauncey  

 Swartout,  Nelson  

 Sweeney,  John  

 Swind,  George  

 Taft,  John W.  

 Tebo,  Paschal  

 Thomas,  Albert  

 Tompkins,  Charles L.  

 Tousley,  Charles R.  

 Tremper,  Herman  

 Utter,  Thomas L.  

 VanDoren,  Abram  

 VanDoren,  Peter  

 VanHooser,  John P.  

 Vernum,  Frederick  

 Vincent,  Barney  

 Vincent,  Marshall  

 Walker,  Frank W.  

 Wallace,  Hiram  

 Ware,  George   

 Warner,  Rodolphus  

 Warren,  Frank H.  

 Waters,  Stephen  

 Way,  Robert H.  

 Wells,  Jerome  

 Wells,  Merrit J.  

 Wheeler,  Albert A.  

 Wheeler,  Alonzo E.  

 Whitaker,  Erwin  

 Wilcox,  John M.  

 Williams,  Charles  

 Williams,  William H.  

 Wills,  Remos  

 Wilson,  John  

 Winburn,  Thomas 

 Winch,  William  

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