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Fourth column should read: Letter of Company. In the fifth column: E = Date Enlisted, M = Date Mustered. Eighth column designates color. W = White, C = Colored. This does not refer to the soldier, rather to the company. A disproportionate number of Jefferson County soldiers were officers. Many of these officers commanded colored troops, the prevailing wisdom being that colored troops would obey white officers better than they would colored officers. The tenth column refers to bounty paid by the county if disbursed by the supervisor.The twelfth column concerns the married condition: S = Single, M = Married.

Last column heading should read: PROMOTIONS, RESIGNATIONS, DISCHARGES, DEATHS, &C, WITH DATES, CAUSES, &C. If deceased, state whether by Disease, Accident, or on the Field of Battle; give Place of Burial. If not deceased and out of Service give present Post Office Address.

NAME PRESENT Co. E. Enlisted for PLACE
W Bounty Bounty Paid by Relief granted to S NAMES OF PARENTS. REMARKS
C Paid County, family by Town M PREVIOUS OCCUPATION.  
TIME AND PLACE OF BIRTH.         AND RANK. Y.-Years.     by Town.        
J M Wood Private     Dec 29 1863 3Y Watertown W 300 300        
Orleans NY                          
1839 New York State       Private                  
William Wheelock       Feb 29 1864   Watertown   300 300        
1827 New York       Private                  
William Simmons Private 35th E April 26 1861 2Y Lafargeville W           After Serving over a year was wounded in
Orleans   Inf   April 31 1861                 the left Hand bullett wound. Dischgd
Aug 12th 1842 Orleans NY       Private                 Oct 24 1862 P.O. Adress Titusville Penn
Albert W Dennis Private 1st D Aug 4 1861 3Y Watertown W       S William Wounded at the battle of Williamsburgh Va
Orleans NY   Light Art   Aug 4 1861               Angeline Shroly? May 4 1862 lost the whole foot dischgd
Feby 12 1846 Watertown NY       Private               Farmer P.O. Adress Clayton NY
Frank McNaley Sub                          
Albion A Hughes Princ   Navy   Aug 6 1864 3Y New York     1000        
Sub? England       Aug 6 1864   City              
1844 England                          
James Purvis Sub                          
Isaac Mitchell Princ   Navy   Aug 9 1864 3Y New York     950        
Orleans NY       Aug 9 1864   City              
1844 Ireland                          
Chas Lawton Sub                          
Thomas Lee Princ   Navy   Aug 15 1864 3Y New York     1200        
Orleans NY       Aug 15 1864   City              
FredK Schurdwand Sub                          
Sylvester Green Princ   Navy   Aug 18 1864 3Y New York     1200        
Orleans NY       Aug 18 1864   City              
1838 Scotland                          
William Donovan Sub                          
Leonard Dean   Navy   Aug 5 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Aug 5 1864                  
1830 Ireland                          
Chas Jordon Sub                          
Elon G Brown   Navy   Aug 19 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Aug 19 1864                  
1829 Ireland                          
Stapylton Robison Sub                          
Arthur Klock   Navy   Aug 24 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Aug 24 1864                  
1829 Ireland                          
Jas OConnel Sub                          
Watsdel Crumb   Navy   Aug 21 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Aug 21 1864                  
1845 Ireland                          
George Williams Sub                          
Joseph Rasback   Navy   Sep 1 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Sep 7 1864                  
1845 Ireland                          
Thos Farley Sub                          
Alfius G Huse   Navy   Aug 26 1864 3Y New York     1200        
New York       Aug 26 1864                  
1838 Ireland                          
Martin Shaw Sub                          
Uriel Gruns Inf     Sep 16 1863 3Y Watertown W            
Perch River       Sep 16 1863                  
1836 New York                          
John Gardner Sub                          
Jermain Tallman Private     Feb 18 1865 3Y Watertown W 400 700        
        Feb 18 1865                  
1845 England                          
Thomas Dennis Private 10th C Sep 1862 3Y Three Mile W Cr Lyme   S William  
Orleans NY   H. Art   Sep 11 1864   Bay           Angeline Sheely Musterd out with Regt
April 1845 Watertown N. Y.       Private               Farmer P.O. Adress Three Mile Bay NY
George Dennis Private 9th E Feb 28 1864 1Y Jackson W Jackson   S William  
Ann Arbor Mich   Inf   Feb 28 1864   Mich   Mich     Angeline Sheely Musterd out with regt Sept 15 1865
April 23 1848 Watertown       Private               Sailor P.O. Adress Ann Arbor Mich
William Cook   2d     3Y Lafargeville W       S John  
Orleans NY   H. Art                     Reenlisted
        Private               Farmer Killed near Burksville April 7th 1865
Luther Keiffer Major 1st   Sep 2 1861 3Y Lafargeville W       M Anthony  
Lafargeville   L. Art                   Margret Rich Resigned March 20th 1863
1822 France       Capt               Farmer  
Duaine Kitts Private 1st   Sep 6 1861 3Y Orleans W       M George  
Orleans   L. Art                   Lydia Musterd out Sept 6th 1864
1839 Herk Co NY       Private               Farmer P.O. Adress Stone Mills NY
JC Whiteing Recorded Once 94th   April 5 1864 3 Orleans W 300 300        
Reenlisted Inf   April 5 1864                  
John LaFountain Private 10th K Aug 1862 3Y Orlean W 100 100        
Orleans   Art                      
Martin LaFountain Priv 10th K 1862 3Y Orlean W 100 100        

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