1. CORNELIUS DINGMAN, son of GERARDUS DINGMAN, born 6 July 1801, at Amsterdam, NY. The Dingman family roots began in Holland with a migration pattern that took them to what is now Albany County, NY. This particular Dingman family is traced from JOHN DINGMAN of Holland and wife, MARGARET PHILLIPS, to son GERARDUS (Jared) DINGMAN born 1760, a Revolutionary War soldier from Montgomery County NY who migrated to Lee Center, in Oneida County, NY and died in Chaumont NY in 1842. Unlike some of the Dingman families in the Revolutionary War, this Gerardus Dingman was on the American side of the War. The Hist. Of New York as Colony and State lists four Dingman men as enlisted privates: Abraham, Adam, GERARDUS and John. In a special census of 1812-13 done in the State of New York of invalid soldiers, there is a record of Gerardus living with one of his sons, HARMONIUS DINGMAN, at Lee Center and in the 1840 special census he was age 75 and living with Harmonius Dingman. Gerardus married probably to CATHERINE HENDRICKSE in Fonda, NY about 1789.

But it is his son, CORNELIUS DINGMAN, who is of special interest. Cornelius married 1st on 11 June 1819 to PHILENA PATTERSON, who was born 1 Jan. 1803; she died 21 Jan. 1864 in Oneida Co., NY according to the Rome Sentinel dated 2 Feb. 1864, of bilious fever; and Cornelius married 2nd to SARAH ROBERTS on 7 Feb 1865. She was born 1812, daughter of JULIUS ROBERTS. Sarah died 8 Jan. 1886 in Oneida Co. at 73 years and Cornelius died 2 Aug. 1874 at 73 years. Sarah's first husband was BENJAMIN BARNARD of Lee, Oneida Co. and her second marriage was to Cornlius. By occupation, Cornelius was a carpenter. There was also a general store in Lee Center that the Dingman family had in partnership with another family.

The names of their children are from the family bible that Cornelius owned: Children of Cornelius Dingman and Philena Patterson:

            2          i MARY LOVINA DINGMAN born 20 April 1820; married Edward Darling. She died 7 Feb. 1875. (Source: Rome Sentinel death notice.)

+         3          ii JARED DINGMAN born 22 Nov 1822 at Lee, Oneida Co NY; married Sarah Dingman, daughter of John Dingman. John Dingman was a brother of Cornelius Dingman and John's lineage is listed at the end of this transcription.

            4          iii WILLIAM H. DINGMAN born 29 June 1826; died 9 Dec. 1913. He married LUCINDA SPENCER who was born 10 April 1835 and died 28 Sept. 1882, daughter of JOHN SPENCER and EUNICE GREEN. The Rome Sentinel noted his death and his parents, Cornelius and Philena. Three of their children survived him: MRS. GEORGE A. STEDMAN of Verona; C. W. DINGMAN of Chicago and MRS. EMMETT A YOUNG of Lee at whose home he died. William's second wife was JENETTE E. STEDMAN and at her death on 12 Aug. 1892, the Rome Sentinel listed survivors as Mrs. Emmett A. Yong of Rome, NY; Charles Dingman of Chicago and Mrs. Elizabeth Stedman of Clockville, Madison Co., NY

            5          iv CATHERINE C. DINGMAN born 23 Oct. 1828

            6          v CORNELIUS DINGMAN JR. born 15 June 1830; died 14 Jan. 1907, a Civil War veteran and resident of Lee Center. His wife (not named) and son, CLARENCE DINGMAN of Rome survived him. Source: Rome Sentinel

+         7          vi ELISABETH JANE DINGMAN born 15 June 1832; died 1918 at 86 years; married GEORGE F. SHELDON, son of FENNER SHELDON and LAURA.

            8          vii GEORGE W. DINGMAN born 15 Jan. 1834

            9          viii JULIA ETT DINGMAN born 17 March 1836; died 17 Feb. 1855

            10          ix HELEN MAR DINGMAN born 19 July 1838; died 23 Nov 1851

            11          x JOHN DINGMAN born 22 Sept 1840

            12          xi EMILY PHILENA DINGMAN born 7 March 1844; married WILLIAM R. RAYMOND, born 1843. She died 8 Sept 1932 in Schenectady Co NY

            13          xii FRANCES A. DINGMAN born 31 March 1847; died 17 June 1921. She married on 3 July 1865 at Rome, Oneida Co NY to WILLIAM M. BRODOCK. He was born 12 Aug. 1844. Frances died 17 June 1921.

3. JARED DINGMAN, son of CORNELIUS DINGMAN and PHILENA PATTERSON was born 22 Nov 1822 at Lee, Oneida Co NY. In 1845, it was JARED DINGMAN, who ventured to Jefferson County NY and purchased 50 acres of land on the point, which later became Dingman's Point. He made a clearing and built a log house. Jared married his cousin, SARAH DINGMAN, who was born 17 Aug. 1818, daughter of JOHN DINGMAN and CHARLOTTE POLLY LULL; John was born 16 April 1793 in Amsterdam, NY and died in Chaumont NY at 104 years. Sarah died on 26 Dec. 1893 in Alexandria Bay, NY at 75 years. The Rome Sentinel, with date of 5 Jan 1874, said of Sarah: Mrs. Jared Dingman died at her home in Alexandria Bay on 26 Dec. in her 70th year. Her maiden name was Sarah Dingman. Many years ago she resided I the Town of Lee. Her husband is a brother of Cornelius and William H. Dingman of Lee. She lived in Alexandria for over 40 years. According to family remembrances from son, Jason, Jared thought he could earn extra money with his carpenter skills, probably learned from his father, and indeed he did a number of carpentry projects in the Alexandria Bay area. The Rome Sentinel newspaper made note of Jared's death date of 9 March 1906 in Alexandria Bay. He died at 84 years and was born at Lee Center in Oneida Co. on 22 Dec. 1821; he was a master mason in the Alexandria Lodge. Children who survived him were: John, Kate Dingman of Alexandria Bay, Jason Dingman and Mrs. William Root of Theresa and Elsie Barnes of Sodus, NY. Siblings who survived him were: WILLIAM H. DINGMAN of Stokes; CATHERINE DARLING of Utica; CORNELIUS AND GEORGE DINGMAN of Lee Center, JOHN DINGMAN of Owasso, MI; ELIZABETH DINGMAN of Theresa NY and FRANCES BRODOCK of Syracuse, NY.

Son, Jason Dingman born 1855, related:

"In 1845 my father came north and bought 50 acres of wilderness land on that point in the river just above Goose Bay. I know it was all wilderness there because I have heard my father tell that he had to cut the road through the woods for over a mile to get to where he wanted his house at the spot overlooking the river. He bought only 50 acres at that time as he expected to do carpenter work for his main living. And father did get a lot of work to do, as some of the building booms at the Bay came in his day. He helped to build the Thousand Island House and was employed by many of the island owners to build their homes, including MR. BOLDT in the work on Hart Island."

Children of Jared and Sarah Dingman:

            +         14          i JOHN H. DINGMAN born Rome, Oneida Co., NY in Nov. 1842. He married MARY JANE PORTER

            15          ii WILLIAM E. DINGMAN born 1846 in Alexandria Bay NY

            16          iii GEORGE DINGMAN born 1849 in Alexandria Bay, NY

            17          iv 4)CATHERINE P. DINGMAN born 1851 in Alexandria Bay; died 22 May 1930 at 78 years.

            18          v ELSIE VIOLA DINGMAN born 8 July 1853 and died 23 April 1937; buried Sodus Rural Cemetery in Wayne Co. NY. Her 1st husband was URIAL BARNES and she married 2nd WILLIAM SHAVER.

            19          vi JASON H. DINGMAN born 24 Dec 1855

            20          vii ROBERT DINGMAN

            21          viii HELEN J. DINGMAN born 1857 Alexandria Bay; died 1928 at 71 years; married WILLIAM L. ROOT who was born 1857 in Lewis Co., NY, son of DANIEL C. ROOT and EMILY SIMPSON. Daniel was a farmer and was born in Hebron, Washington Co NY; he moved to Lewis County as a young man and was one of the first settlers of the town. He then moved to Alexandria Bay, NY and purchased 660 acres of land on Wells Island. Daniel died in Philadelphia NY in July 1895 but his wife survived him.

William Root was educated in Alexandria Bay and Philadelphia, NY. He engaged in the milk business and in October 1884 came to Theresa, NY and opened a general store, specialized in flour and salt. On 18 Dec. 1877 he married MINNIE WILSON who died 13 Sept 1879 and he married on 28 Aug. 1881 to Helen J. Dingman.

William's grandfather was DANIEL COON ROOT, born Hebron NY who married ANN HANNA. He died in Hebron and Ann remarried and lived near Watertown, NY. William's great-grandfather was WILLIAM ROOT, who was born 1771 in Westfield MA; moved to Hebron in 1793 and married in 1796 to MARY COON of Rowe, MA. He was a veteran of the War of 1812.

7. ELISABETH JANE DINGMAN daughter of of Cornelius Dingman and Philena Patterson was born 15 June 1832; died 1918 at 86 years; she married GEORGE F. SHELDON, son of FENNER SHELDON and LAURA.

Children of Elisabeth J. Dingman and George F. Sheldon:

+         22          i IDA J. SHELDON born 29 Apr. 1861; married JASON H. DINGMAN. Ida died 20 Sept. 1928 and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Theresa, Jefferson Co. Jason was born 1855 and died 2 DEC 1938; he is also buried in the Oakwood Cem.

14. JOHN H. DINGMAN, son of of Jared and Sarah Dingman, was born Rome, Oneida Co., NY in Nov. 1842. He married MARY JANE PORTER, who was born in March 1847and died 7 June 1922 at 75 years, buried Walton St. Cem. in Alexandria Bay. She was the daughter of CHARLES PORTER of Alexandria Bay NY. Child's states that John was only three years old when his father removed to Jefferson County. This couple had fourteen children and eleven reached maturity. Mary J. was a seamstress. In 1900 they had a grandson, JOHN BAILEY, in their household who was born Sept. 1893.

In 1936, a newspaper interview with JASON DINGMAN (born 1855) provided additional information about this family. Jason said of his brother, John H. Dingman, born 1843:

"I want to mention my oldest brother John, because he became captain of the first steamboat yacht ever to sail the waters of the Thousand Islands. He was captain of the "Reindeer" for a term of years. And I want to speak of another incident that I well remember. John was 12 years older than I and when I was about 13, John had charge of certain large wood contracts which AZARIAH WALTON, the man who owned with MR. CORNWELL, most of the islands at one time, had with the steamboats. That is, Mr. Walton would have wood but in the winter and piled up on the important docks for the big steamboats, and John had the job of seeing this wood was out and loaded on the docks. I have helped load up those boats such as the "Ontario", the "Cataract" and the old "Bay State". I remember we used to get on the boat and maybe have our supper, if the run was at that time, as we came down the river to a wood dock on our point. The boat would tie up and the men would start loading on the wood for the ship to burn. I have seen them put on as high as 30 cords of wood to burn, hardly ever less than 25 cords. Those big boats had long runs from Ogdensburgh some as far as Chicago on the west."

Children of John H. Dingman and Mary J. Porter:

            23          i ROBERT E. DINGMAN born July 1866; married DOROTHY GLADD of Alexandria Bay; she was born 1861 in Canada

            23          ii FRED E. DINGMAN born Oct. 1870

            24          iii JERRED H. DINGMAN born 1871

+          25          iv EDWIN DINGMAN born 1873; married Kellie___

            26          v HELEN or ELLEN I. DINGMAN born 1874

            27          vi CATHERINE P. DINGMAN (KATIE) born 1875

            28          vii HATTIE E. DINGMAN born 1877

            29          viii GEORGIANNA DINGMAN born 1879

+         30          ix FRANK (FRANCIS) DINGMAN born March 1883; died 1948 at 66 yrs; married FLORENCE MARCEAU; born 1879 died 1954; buried Walton St. Cem. Alex. Bay

            31          x MYRTLE DINGMAN born Aug. 1885

            32          xi MARY DINGMAN born Oct. 1888

            33          xii CAPTOLIA DINGMAN born Dec, 1891

            34          xiii CARRIE DINGMAN born Aug. 1865; died as infant; buried Walton St. Cem. Alexandria Bay, NY

            35          xiv JOHN EDWARD DINGMAN born 1 Feb 1872; died 17 Oct. 1957 in Alexandria Bay; married NELLIE BEEBEE in Alex. Bay on 26 July 1890. Nellie was born Plessis NY on 13 Nov 1876, daughter of GEORGE BEEBEE and PAMELA HOSNER. She died 6 Dec 1956. 22. IDA J. SHELDON, daughter of Elisabeth J. Dingman and George F. Sheldon was born 29 Apr. 1861; married JASON H. DINGMAN. Ida died 20 Sept. 1928 and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson Co. Jason was born 1855 and died 2 Dec 1938; he is also buried in the Oakwood Cem.

Children of Ida J. Sheldon and Jason H. Dingman:

            36          i ARTHUR J. DINGMAN born 1883; died 1915 buried Oakwood

            37          ii CLARENCE F. DINGMAN born 1888 died 1968 buried Oakwood; married EUNICE V. born 1886; died Jan. 1949 buried Oakwood Cem.

            38          iii DELOS G. DINGMAN born 15 July 1912; died 26 Dec 1952; WW2 vet.

            39          iv VINSON DINGMAN born 1886; died Feb. 1953 buried Oakwood. Cem; married CORA L., born 1880 and died 1 Mar. 1962

25. EDWIN DINGMAN, son of John H. Dingman and Mary J. Porter, was born 1873. He married Kellie___

Children of Edwin Dingman and Kellie:

            40          i CHARLES DINGMAN born 1895

            41          ii CATHERINE DINGMAN born 1897

            42          iii JOHN DINGMAN born 1900

            43          iv LEWIE DINGMAN born 1902

            44          v FLORENCE DINGMAN born 1909

30. FRANK (FRANCIS) DINGMAN, son of John H. Dingman and Mary J. Porter, was born March 1883; died 1948 at 66 yrs; married FLORENCE MARCEAU; born 1879 died 1954; buried Walton St. Cem. Alex. Bay

Children of Frank Dingman and Florcence Marceau:

            45         i THEODORE CHARLES DINGMAN born 1905 married on 27 Oct. 1926 to VIRGINIA M. SENECAL, daughter of ANTHONY SENECAL and AGNES HOADLEY

See Hoadley family this site for lineage.

1a. JOHN DINGMAN, son of Gerardus, the Revolutionary soldier, was born in Fonda, NY on 28 April 1793; he died 22 March 1883 in Chaumont, Jefferson Co NY. His first wife is unknown but he married CHARLOTTE POLLY LULL in Clayton NY on 10 May 1833. She was born 20 Mar. 1806, daughter of JOHN C. LULL and wife LUCINDA. Charlotte died 15 April 1893 in Alexandria Bay at 87 years. John served in the War of 1812

Children of John Dingman and Charlotte Lull:

            2a          i SARAH DINGMAN born 17 Aug1818; married her cousin, Jared Dingman

            3a          ii MARY JANE DINGMAN born 4 Jan 1826; married 1)Peter___; married 2)WILLIAM GARLOCK. She died 22 April 1915 in Orleans, Jefferson Co NY

            4a          iii JARED DINGMAN born Dec. 1834

Sources: Child's; Hist. Of the Mohawk Valley; Hist. Of the Rev. War in NY; Invalid Soldiers of the Rev. War in NY; census records; vital records of Oneida Co NY, Jefferson Co.; cemetery records in various states; The Holland Society; DAR Records; Bible record of Cornelius Dingman; newspaper accounts and recollections; E. G. Cook; biographical of William I. Root; New York as Colony and State

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