1.  CURTIS DIXON, (son of ROBERT and ESTHER (---) DIXON) was born 12 Oct 1752 at Coventry, Kent Co RI.  He was a Revolutionary veteran,
 and arrived in Jefferson County in 1820 in that part of the Town of Brownville which later became the Town of Orleans.  He died 22 Feb
 1835, but his burial place is unknown.

He married 4 Mar 1776 in Oxford Township, MA

LYDIA WIGHT, (daughter of LEVI and SUSANNAH (BARSTOW) WIGHT) who was born 17 Oct 1754 in Killingley, CT.  She died 22 Jun 1843 at the home
 of her daughter SALLY PERCY in the Town of Clayton, Jefferson County.

Children, DIXON:

+    2    i      ROBERT B. DIXON married SALLY HOOPER

     3   ii      LEVI DIXON

     4  iii      LYDIA DIXON

     5   iv      ESTHER DIXON married ELLAHU HYDE


+     7   vi      NANCY DIXON married JOSEPH OLNEY

+    8  vii      SUSANNAH DIXON married (1) JACOB LAW, (2) DANIEL HAYES

     9 viii      JOHN DIXON d.y.

    10   ix      JOHN DIXON d.y.

    11    x      ACHSA DIXON d.y.

+   12   xi      SARAH/SALLY DIXON married (1) WILLIAM BORDUE,  (2) SAMUEL PERCY

+   13  xii      MARY/POLLY DIXON married GEORGE MITCHELL

2.  ROBERT B. DIXON, (son of CURTIS and LYDIA (WIGHT) DIXON) was born 
14 Oct 1776 at Dudley, MA.  He was a veteran of the War of 1812.  He died 
19 Mar 1858 at the home of his son RICHARD HARRISON DIXON in South Bend, 
St. Joseph County IN and buried at South Bend.

He married c1804 Town of Palatine, Herkimer County NY

SALLY HOOPER, (daughter of DAVID and DEBORAH (TAFT) HOOPER) who was born 
29 Sep 1780 at Killingley, CT.  She died 1 Aug 1837 near Stone Mills, 
Town of Orleans, Jefferson County NY and buried in the Stone Mills Cemetery, 
Stone Mills, Town of Orleans.

Children, DIXON:

                        who had a daughter ACHSA who married   IRA C. SYLVESTER.

+   15   ii      HUFFMAN DIXON married HARRIET JOHNSON


+   17   iv      ROBERT B. DIXON Jr married NANCY SMITH
                 (Note:Among their children were IRENE and RACHEL  
                 who each married sons of ALBERT BAMFORD.)  

+   18    v      SALLIE ANN DIXON married DANIEL SMITH

+   19   vi      CURTIS KENT DIXON married ELIZABETH ESTES

+   20  vii      DAVID H. DIXON married ALMIRA COLLINS

     21 viii      JOHN DIXON He sailed under one of his brothers, was lost overboard and drowned.

6.  JEREMIAH DIXON (son of CURTIS and LYDIA (WIGHT) DIXON) was born 25 Feb 1782 at Dudley, MA.  He  lived in LaFargeville and was a justice of the peace, and  his son Sylvester, the S.N. Dixon who compiled the early Dixon genealogy, was a surveyor, according to the deeds. He died in the Town of Orleans 17 Sep 1853 and was buried in Grove Cemetery, LaFargeville.

He married (1) 1805 in the Town of Denmark, Lewis County, NY

Deer River, Lewis County NY) born 28 May 1785 Chesterfield, Hampshire County MA. 
She was the mother of all his children.

He married (2) in the fall of 1843


Children, DIXON:

+   22    i      SYLVESTER NATHANIEL DIXON (author of the Dixon genealogy)
                married DIMMIS DICKINSON GREENLEAF

+   23   ii      THEODOTIA DIXON married JAMES A. WRIGHT

+   24  iii      MARY LEONARD DIXON married HARRY SLOAT
                     They had a son JAMES WRIGHT SLOAT who
                     married EMMA C. KANE

+   25   iv      AMBROSE MALCOLM DIXON married ANN PARCH

    26    v      ELIZA DIXON d.y.

7.  NANCY DIXON NANCY DIXON, daughter of CURTIS and LYDIA (WIGHT) DIXON, had a large family of children.  She moved with her father's family from Palatine to the town of Denmark in 1804, at which place she died.    In the Olney Genealogy, page 70,  Joseph Olney, born  about 1775, son of Hezekiah, married a Nancy Dixon.  Their children were John  D., born 7 August 1799, Hezekiah, born 4 October 1808, and Lewis D. born 12 May  1814.  John's birth in 1799 would indicate an early marriage for Nancy.  The  various census records place the Olneys consistently near the Dixons.  In 1810  they were in Denmark, Lewis County with five children, and in 1820 and 1830  still in Denmark.  Nancy Dixon appears to have died between 1830, when she seems  to be on the census and 1836 when her mother stated on her pension application  that she had had twelve children.

1810 Census, Lewis Co. NY -all on the same page are these names:

Joseph Olney  with 3 boys under 10, 1 boy under 16, 1 girl under 10
Robert B. Dixon with 4 boys under 10
Curtis Dixon with 1 boy and 2 girls under 10, the rest above 16

She married JOSEPH OLNEY


   27    i      JOHN  D. OLNEY born 7 August 1799

   28    ii      HEZEKIAH OLNEY born 4 October 1808

   29    iii      LEWIS D. OLNEY born 12 May  1814

8.  SUSANNAH DIXON (daughter of CURTIS and LYDIA (WIGHT) DIXON) was born in 1786. She died in the Town of Clayton, Jefferson County 28 May 1847.      S.N. Dixon's genealogy of the Dixon Family:  "Susan Dixon daughter of CURTIS and LYDIA DIXON married JACOB LAW of Denmark by whom she had no issue.  She afterwards married Daniel Hayse of the town of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y. and had two
sons and one daughter.  She died in the town of Clayton."

     In another section of his history, S.N. says of his three sisters,  Theodotia, Mary Leonard and Eliza, that at the death of their mother in 1815  they were "...taken by their aunt Mrs Susan Law...sister to their father.  They stayed with her in Denmark, N.Y. until their father could find them a more substantial home...In 1816 he sent for [Theodotia and Mary Leonard] to come to Madrid, St. Lawrence County...Eliza, the youngest
daughter and an infant at the death of her mother...was scalded to death when about two years old in a pail of hot water at her aunt's, Susan Law."

She married 

(1) JACOB LAW.  No issue

(2) DANIEL HAYES who was born in NH c1777.

Children, HAYES:


   31   ii      J. D. HAYES

   32  iii     a son

12. SARAH/SALLY DIXON (daughter of CURTIS and LYDIA (WIGHT) DIXON) was born in 1794.  She died in the 1860s.



   33    i      WILLIAM BORDEAU married (1) (---), (2) DIANTHA (---)

SARAH/SALLY DIXON married (2) SAMUEL PERCY, born in Ireland c1794, who lived in the Town of Clayton.



GEORGE MITCHELL of the town of Denmark by whom she had a large family of children, mostly sons, moved from there about 1826 to the town of Orleans, Jefferson County, N.Y. and from there to the state of Michigan near Grand Rapids about 1840.  From the Portrait Biographical Album of Ionia and Montcalm Counties, Mich., published in 1891 in Chicago by Chapman Bros.,  page 763:  "...George Mitchell was a New Jersey farmer and a  soldier in the War of 1812.  He married in New York Mary Dixon, a Connecticut woman.  They made their home in Jefferson and Lewis Counties, N.Y., until 1829, [1839?] when they came to Michigan and in October settled on section 13 in Berlin Township (then Cass Township.)  He bought forty acres of wild land, and was to chop and clear five acres for Nathaniel Pierce in payment.  He died, however, before the job was begun.  He came by boat to Detroit, thence by ox-team to Ionia.  With him were five of his children, whom his death in 184l left homeless and penniless.  His wife survived until 1864.  They were the parents of eleven children.  Nine grew to maturity and two of these are now living.  His mother was a member of the Baptist Church.  He was in politics a democrat."

Children of George and Mary/Polly (Dixon) Mitchell:

   34    i      MAHALIA MITCHELL

   35    ii      LEVI MITCHELL

   36    iii     CURTIS B. MITCHELL

   37    iv      CHILD MITCHELL

   38    v      CHILD MITCHELL

   39    vi     CHILD MITCHELL

   40   vii     CHILD MITCHELL

   41   viii     CHILD MITCHELL

   42   ix      CHILD MITCHELL
   43    x      MARY MITCHELL

   44   xi     WILLIAM P. MITCHELL

14.  HANNIBAL DIXON, son of SALLY HOOPER and ROBERT B. DIXON sr. was born 23 Mar 1805 in the Town of Denmark, Lewis Co. NY.  He was a farmer.  He died 11 Sep 1832.



   45   i   THIRZA ANN DIXON b 1823, d 1906

   46   ii   ACHSA DIXON b 29 Nov 1829,  d 2 May 1911, m  IRA C. SYLVESTER.

   47   iii   MARY DIXON b est 15 Jul 1830, d 1 Aug 1867 m BURLEIGH SALISBURY

   48   iv   ELWIN DIXON

15.  HUFFMAN DIXON,  son of  SALLY (HOOPER) and ROBERT B. DIXON SR. born 15 Jun 1807 in Town of Denmark, Lewis Co. NY.  Huffman and Harrison Dixon were twins, born in the town of Denmark on June 15, 1807.  It was fairly unusual for both twins to survive in those days.  Huffman married Harriet Johnson, daughter of Amasa Johnson of  LaFargeville,  and had a daughter, according to SN Dixon. 

 They moved to Sharon, Wisconsin.  Nancy Smith Dixon remembered two daughters, Harriet and Prudence.


HARRIET JOHNSON, daughter of Amasa Johnson of LaFargeville, Town of Orleans.

   49   i      HARRIET DIXON

   50   ii   PRUDENCE DIXON

16,     i    RICHARD HARRISON DIXON, son of SALLY HOOPER and ROBERT B. DIXON sr. was born 15 Jun 1807 in Town of Denmark, Lewis Co. NY.  Huffman and Harrison Dixon were twins, born in the town of Denmark on June 15, 1807.  It was fairly unusual for both twins to survive in those days.    Harrison, as the family called him, married Adaline Oliver, .  

Robert B sr's  letters confirmed the seven daughters, and named Sallie Ann. 

The 1850 census of  St. Joseph Co. Indiana, Portage township, names Richard H. Dixon as a day  laborer, aged 41, his wife Adaline as 35, and their children as Melissa A., 12,  born in Ohio, and the other girls born in Indiana: Sarah Ann, 10, Calista, 7,  Adalade, 4, and Alevida, 1.  They moved to South Bend, Indiana, where Adaline,  according to the city cemetery records (DAR) died 17 October 1859 at age 48,  having been born in 1811.  Arminda, probably another daughter, born 1836 died 29  July 1862 aged 26.  Sally Ann, b 1840, died 1 January 1872 at age 32, according  to the records.  Marriage licenses were issued to Arminda and John Drury on 18  Mar 1854, and to Sarah Ann and Jonas K. Crane 30 Dec 1857.  

Harrison died 3  January 1888 in Fruitport (Muskegon) Michigan of inflamation of the urinary  organs at age 81.5.15.  He was buried in the city cemetery, South Bend, Indiana,  grave lot #1, block #1, Range (57A) 1 East Book 1 page D3.   

He married c1836

ADALINE OLIVER, daughter of  Moses Oliver of the town of Orleans, and by her he had seven daughters.  Moses  Oliver was on the payroll of
Capt. Noadiah Hubbard from February 28 to March 19, 1813, during the War of 1812.  She died  17 October 1859 at age 48,  having been born in 1811.  

Children of Adaline Oliver and Harrison Dixon:

       51   i    MELISSA A. DIXON  12  b Ohio

       52   ii   SARAH ANN DIXON  10 b 1840 Indiana, d 1 Jan 1872 m JONAS K. CRANE 30 Dec 1857

       53   iii  ADELINE CALISTA DIXON  7 b Indiana

       54   iv  ADALADE DIXON  4 b Indiana

       55   v  ALEVIDA  1 b Indiana

       54   vi   a daughter

       55   vii   a daughter

17.  ROBERT B. DIXON Jr son of Robert B. and Sally (Hooper) Dixon was born in the town of  Denmark, Lewis County N.Y. 12  September 1808 After the death of his mother in August 1837, he lived at and carried on his father's farm in Orleans for some years.  After that he moved to Cape Vincent and then onto a farm on Wolfe Island in the River St. Lawrence opposite Cape Vincent, on where he died.  The move to Wolfe Island probably occurred between 1854 and 1859.  Irene started her teaching career on Wolfe Island.  Rachel and Irene may have become acquainted with the Bamford family while living in Cape Vincent, because they married the Bamford brothers, DeVolson and Wells.  
	Roger  Hayden describes the countryside in winter about this time:  "The journey to Watertown in a two horse waggon was an excessively tedious one; the country was white with snow, among which appeared at intervals the log and frame houses of the farmers, portions of the ancient forest and snake fences everywhere.  The road was so cut up that all that could be mustered  generally in the way of speed was three or four miles per hour, and the snow  fell nearly the whole time. 
     The first official mention of Robert B Dixon Jr  is in a deed, the contract  of sale of which was dated l Mar 1830.  This seems to be before his marriage.   He paid John and Louise LaFarge $640. for 86 and 81/100 acres of land from Lot  #67 of Penet Square.  In 1834, according to an assessment roll of the Town of Orleans found in the Town Historian's office in LaFargeville, "Dixon, Robert B 2nd," is listed as  owning 80 acres at a value of $160., the tax on it amounting to $3.60.   

      1 Jan 1845 Robert B Dixon Jr of the Town of Orleans and Nancy his wife sold about half of the land he purchased in 1830.   That same year, Robert B Dixon was assessed $378 for the 63 acres they owned, the taxes amounting to $3.17.  Lack of detail makes this history confusing, and one cannot tell if this is the farm originally belonging to his  father, or whether it is land that RB Jr. bought, or if RB Sr.'s land was really in RB Jr's name from the beginning, further muddling the family row.
     The Town of Orleans Scrapbook filed in the genealogy room of the Flower  Library in Watertown lists Robert, David H., Sylvester and Jeremiah Dixon in 1847.  In 1849 Jeremiah, L.N. and Robert Dixon are there.  The census of 1850 was the first one to name every member of the family.  We find in the Town of Orleans Robert B Dixon  Jr., aged 41, married and born in  NYS.  Nancy, aged 34, married, was also born in NYS. Irenia, aged 16, Rachel, aged  14 and John, aged 12, are all in school.  Victor, aged 9/12 months, makes his  appearance here.  This makes for an interesting study in arithmetic, since the  Orleans town records date his birth as 1 September 1850.  The Town of Orleans  Assessment Roll (l.205.79 in the town historian's office in LaFargeville) has  Dixon, Robert B assessed for 80 [acres valued at] $400.00.  His tax was $3.94.   His land did not appear in 1851 or 1852. 

      It is thought that Robert B Dixon  Jr. died about 1871, as William Collins  Dixon, Sr. told his grandson William III that he was 12 years old when his  father died.  

He married

NANCY SMITH daughter of RACHEL COLLINS and ROBERT SMITH of Stone Mills.     To today's consumers of convenience meals, Nancy Smith Dixon's  kitchen  would look strange indeed.  One can find most of its features in such farm kitchens as are displayed in Sturbridge Village Museum, in Massachusetts, or in  the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, New York.  She cooked over a fireplace, and  it was some years, if ever, before she graduated to a stove.  There were few to  be found in Northern New York in the 1830's, and folk as common as the Dixons  would certainly not be the first to get one. 
     Nancy considered spinning and weaving as the natural aspects of housework,  just as her husband thought a scythe and a cradle a giant step forward over his  ancestors' sickles.  Their days were set to the rhythm of the seasons, even to  bedtimes and risings.  Washday was Monday, if she washed as often as once a  week, and ironing was on Tuesdays.  Each day of the week had its appointed  chores, which had to be fitted around the seasonal events, such as maple syrup,  sheep shearing with its attendant carding and spinning of wool, planting and  harvesting with their labor-intensive hours of hoeing, weeding, picking,  preserving and butchering. 

	ROBERT and NANCY are buried in the Presbyterian cemetery at Bamford Point  at the foot of the Island.  Their tombstone reads:
                      DIXON, ROBERT L. 1812-1880   
                      NANCY SMITH, 1815-1905.                 
                     In their death they were not divided.

 Children of   NANCY SMITH and ROBERT DIXON:

     56   i     IRENE DIXON b 22 Nov 1833 m WILLIAM WELLS BAMFORD

     57   ii     RACHEL DIXON b 22 Aug 1836  J. DEVOLSON BAMFORD

     58   iii     JOHN AUGUSTUS DIXON b 29 Sep 1838 m NANCY ELIZABETH MYRES

     59   iv     HELEN DIXON b 1847 d of croup 4 Mar 1848

     60   v     VICTOR DIXON b Sep 1850 d after 1871

     61   vi     WILLIAM COLLINS DIXON b 11 Jan 1859 m JENNIE DUGGAN
18.  SALLIE ANN DIXON, daughter  of Robert  and Sally (Hooper) Dixon was born 10 December 1810 in the Town of Denmark, Lewis County NY.   According to her sister-in-law, Nancy Dixon, Sallie lived and died in the Town of Orleans.  This has been a very hard family to trace.  Perhaps they had no descendants. She died 27 Nov 1899.

She married 

 DANIEL SMITH, son of ROBERT and RACHEL (COLLINS) SMITH and a brother of NANCY SMITH, ROBERT B. DIXON jr's wife.  A farmer, he probably  lived in Stone Mills area all his life. He died 28 May 1883 and was buried in the Stone Mills Cemetery with his wife.

     62   i     JAMES SMITH  b c1837

     63   ii     LEWIS SMITH b  c1840, d 7 Aug 1895

     64   iii     JANE SMITH b c1842

     65   iv     EUGENE SMITH b 9 Aug 1847

     66   v     EMOGENE SMITH b 9 Aug 1847

19.  CURTIS KENT DIXON, son of ROBERT  and SALLY (HOOPER) DIXON was born  1 Sep 1818 in the Town of  Denmark, Lewis County NY and died 16 Apr 1880 in Detroit, Wayne County, MI.  He was buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Wayne County.  He was captain of a sailing (cargo) vessel on the Great Lakes.  He lived in Clayton, NY and Detroit, MI.

Curtis K. married Elizabeth Estes in 1840, and Nancy Smith Dixon named  Virginia, Dantforth B., Charles, and James E. as their children.  A
descendent,  Jack Dixon of National City, Michigan, wrote a sketch of his family for  The History of Iosco County, Michigan, published by The Iosco County Historical  Society, East Tawas, Michigan, which says in part on page 183: "...Captain Curtis K. Dixon sailed from New York City in 1850 for the gold fields in California.  He returned in 1852 to his wife and family who were living at that time in Jefferson County...Clayton, New York...They sailed from Clayton to Detroit in 1853 where he established the Dixon Freight and Vessel Agency at the foot of Atwater Street on the Detroit River." 

SN Dixon carried on a lively correspondence with Curtis and especially his  lovely wife, Lib, much of which has survived to this day in the
possession of  Jack Dixon's family.  From these letters we learn the tragic effects of the Civil War on a family in upstate New York, and in Michigan.  Although Curtis returned from the gold rush in California empty handed, his legacy to the future was the letters from his wife.  Excerpts from Lib's letters to her husband in  California, from Clayton, NY:

[26 May 1850]  "Your father was here all last week making my garden and did not finish it after all.  He is very anxious to hear from you."

[24 Nov 1850]  "Your father and hanibal dixon [SN Dixon's son, ROBERT'S great nephew, a lad of sixteen]  came and banked the house for me   your father is very anxious to hear from you."

[2 Feb 1851]  "Your father is well and I exept [expect] him down soon to make me a visit   poor old man he has borrowed a great deal of trouble about you."

[11 Mar 1851]  "Your father was here yesterday but did not stay long   he says he is very busy shoemaking and could not stay."
Curtis  married in 1840 at Clayton, Jefferson Co NY

ELIZABETH ESTES, daughter of James Benjamin and Elizabeth (Betsy Wagner) Estes, b 1824 in Cape Vincent, d  29 Jul 1864.  The lovely Lib of Sylvester Dixon's correspondence was probably born in Cape Vincent.  She married Curtis in the early 1840s, and was virtually deserted by him when he went west after gold.  Some of her letters survive, mentioning the care that her father-in-law gave her.  She does not mention her own family.  She died in childbirth, perhaps with daughter Virginia who did not live.

     67   i     DANFORTH BARNEY DIXON b 9 Nov 1842, d 9 Oct 1892 

     68   ii     VIRGINIA DIXON  d.y.

     69   iii     JAMES E. DIXON b 1846, d 16 Feb 1847

     70    iv    JAMES ESTES DIXON b 21  Sep 1848, d 1 Feb 1852

     71    v    ADAH DIXON b 1850, d 15 Nov 1858

     72   vi   CHARLES DIXON b 1854

     73  vii   CORNELIUS DIXON b 1856, d 18 Jul 1849

     74 viii  J. STERLING (JOE) DIXON b bef Feb 1861, d 22 Apr 1870

20.  DAVID H. DIXON  son of ROBERT  and SALLY (HOOPER) DIXON was born  14 May 1816 at Denmark, Lewis County NY.  A stone in  Clayton cemetery stated 
that Capt. D.H. Dixon was wrecked and perished on the  west shore of Lake Michigan 5 November 1855 in the 40th year of his age.   Hough's Jefferson County
 History (1853) p 115 says: There runs between [the railroad at Cape Vincent] and Michigan Central [railroad] a line of propellers [among them] the  "Jefferson"  Captain  D.H. Dixon.   [The ships were] mostly built at Buffalo within the last two years.  They have a tonnage of 372.  Owned by Bancroft and Co."    SN 
Dixon gives a fuller account of his cousin: "...[David Dixon] became a sailor of the lakes with his brother Curtis and soon became master of a vessel under 
E.G. Merrick of Clayton in whose employ he remained for several years.  About 1850 he became captain of a Lake Propellor and was much liked by his 
employers for his fidelity to their interests and good judgement in managing their business as captain.  His Propellor was finally lost in a storm off Port 
Washington on Lake Michigan November 5th l855 and he perished lashed to the mast on the morning of that day, and his remains were brought to Clayton by 
his brother C.K.Dixon and deposited in the cemetery.  He was married to Almira Collins a daughter of William Collins at Stone Mills in Jefferson County N.Y.;
 by whom he had two sons and one daughter."

     Nancy Smith Dixon named his children as William, C. Byron, and Sarah A. SN  said that Sarah never married.

Town of Orleans 1850 Census:
103 13 506 522 Dixon David H. 33 m  Master of a vessal 1000 Newyork      
103 14 506 522 Dixon Limira 28 f    Newyork      
103 15 506 522 Dixon William C. 10 m    Newyork  X    
103 16 506 522 Dixon C. Byron 5 m    Newyork  X    
103 17 506 522 Dixon Sarah A. 3 f    Newyork      
103 18 506 522 Collins Rhoda C. 25 f    Newyork  X (wife's sister, a teacher)




     75    i     CHARLES BYRON DIXON b 24 Nov 1842, d 1921.  Lived Stone Mills most of his life.  Married twice, (1) Laura M.; 
(2) Bertha Joiner  Obit: Died at the Sisters' hospital, following a long illness, aged 78 years.  Had been in failing health for several months. The
 greater part of his life had been spent in Stone Mills, where he was employed as a farm laborer.  During the past seven years he had worked on
 the farm of Z.H. Dean.   Funeral from the Stone Mills Methodist Church, burial in Stone Mills Cemetery.

     76    ii     WILLIAM C. DIXON b 1844, d 27 Oct 1919.  Lived Cleveland OH; Great Lakes ship captain.  Wife Elizabeth (---), b Germany Dec 1850

     77    iii     SARAH ADELE DIXON b 1847, d 27 Feb 1921.  Lived with brother Byron, never married.  Obit gives middle name, daughter of
the late Capt. D H & Lemira Dixon, aged 54 y 03 m.

22.  SYLVESTER NATHANIEL DIXON (author of the Dixon genealogy) son of  JEREMIAH and ELIZABETH (SYLVESTER) DIXON was born 25 Aug 1806 in the Town of Denmark, Lewis County and died 14 Jul 1882 New London, Waupaca County, WI.  He was buried in Floral Hill Cemetery New London.  In 1833 he commenced the study of land surveying with Levi Torrey of Brownville, and eventually became principal surveyor of  Orleans and vicinity for 30 years.

He and  his wife joined the Presbyterian Church in Lafargeville.

He married 18 Oct 1831



     78     i     HANNIBAL SYLVESTER DIXON, b 1 Jul 1834, m 14 Oct 1858 ALICE DICKINSON , d 29 Apr 1881

     79    ii     EDWIN GREENLEAF DIXON, b 30 Jul 1836, d 15 Jun 1862

     80   iii     CHARLES LEONARD DIXON, b 1 Oct 1838, d 25 Aug 1854

     81   iv     ELIZABETH LUTHERAH DIXON, b 3 Oct 1840, m 12 Oct 1865 HENRY DELBERT SLOAT, d  13 Apr 1928 San Diego, CA

     82    v     ALBERT EVERAL DIXON, b 29 Dec 1843, d 1 Jul 1863

23.  THEODOTIA DIXON, daughter of JEREMIAH and ELIZABETH (SYLVESTER) DIXON was born c1829.   She married JAMES A. WRIGHT

Children of JAMES A. and THEODOTIA (DIXON): (dates from 1850 census)

     82     i     ELIZA A. WRIGHT b c1829

     83    ii     SYLVESTER I. WRIGHT b c1830

     84   iii     CYRUS W. WRIGHT b c1833

     85    iv    EDWIN L. WRIGHT b c1836

     86    v      HENRY S. WRIGHT b c1836

     87   vi      MARY O. WRIGHT b c1843

     88  vii     MARTHA S. WRIGHT b c1845

     89  viii    HARRIET B. WRIGHT b c1848 

24.  MARY LEONARD DIXON, daughter of JEREMIAH and ELIZABETH (SYLVESTER) DIXON was born 29 May 1809 in Gouverneur.    After the death
of their mother, 23 Mar 1815, Mary and her two sisters, Theodotia and Eliza went to live with their aunt, Susan (Dixon) Law.  
In 1816 their father, Jeremiah Dixon, sent for them to come to Madrid, St. Lawrence
 Co Mary lived there with Mr. Mark Douglass, a Scots farmer who had no children until 
the fall of 1829, when she moved to LaFargeville, to keep house for her her brother Sylvester.  
Next spring she went to live with Henry Sloat's family
and later married his son.  When a widow, she went to live with a son in MI.  

She married Apr 1832

 HARRY SLOAT who was born 5 Mar 1805, and died 18 Oct 1853.   From the Sloat Notebook: "Copy of a paper Aunt Delia wrote to Frances:"  
Uncle Harry was killed by a vicious horse.   Henry was son of Hendrik & Jemima
(Kane) Sloat.  Hendrik was of Dutch stock from the Hudson Valley; in the town
of Orleans he anglicized his name to Henry. Born in Ulster Co, Hendrik was
baptized at the  New Hurley Church, Ulster Co.  He d 1860.


     90     i     JAMES WRIGHT SLOAT b 25 Aug 1834 d 8 Dec 1868 m  24 Mar 1858 EMMA C. KANE

     91    ii     HENRY DELBERT SLOAT b 19 Nov 1836, d 12 Jun 1916, m 12 Oct 1865 #81 ELIZABETH LUTHERAH DIXON

     92   iii     GEORGE SYLVESTER SLOAT b 22 Aug 1837, d 5 Nov 1906, m 14 Nov 1867 CHARLOTTE AMELIA HARGER

     93   iv     EDWIN ALFRED SLOAT b 29 Jun 1842, d 23 Apr 1897, m (1) CELIA D. BOOTH, (2) LOUISE DORR

     94   v     ORIN DIXON SLOAT b 28 May 1845, d 7 Mar 1870, m MARY BALDWIN

     95  vi      FRANK MARION SLOAT b 21 Nov 1849, d 28 May 1883

25.  AMBROSE MALCOLM DIXON, son of  JEREMIAH and ELIZABETH (SYLVESTER) DIXON was born  1812 in the Town of Denmark, Lewis County.  He died 16 Mar 1868 in Detroit, MI.  He was a wheelwright.

He married c1844 probably in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co.

ANN PARCH, b c1828 in Vermont.


     96     i     CLARENCE DIXON b c 1845, d c1869

     97    ii      WILMAT DIXON b c1849

     98   iii     LILLIAN DIXON

27.  JOHN  D. OLNEY son of JOSEPH and NANCY (DIXON) OLNEY was born 7 August 1799 in CT.  They resided in Jefferson County.  Most of their seven children were born in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY.  Around 1850, John, Roxanna and most of their children moved to MI.  Both died and were buried in Detroit, MI.  (From Irene Uttendorfsky)

He died 11 Mar 1881 in Detroit, MI. and was buried in Woodmere Cemetery there.  

He married 18 Mar 1821 probably in Town of Champion, Jefferson Co NY 

ROXANA POOLE who was born 1803 and died 12 May 1877

Children of JOHN D. and ROXANA (POOLE) OLNEY:

     99      i     SANFORD POOL OLNEY, b 8 Jun 1823-5 Mar 1890; m 1 Jan 1846 SARAH ANN MIX b 28 Mar 1823-3 Oct 1923

    100    ii     EMELINE OLNEY, b 19 Mar 1824, d 3 May 1899; m SAMUEL SMITH

    101   iii     DARWIN OLNEY, b 25 Sep 1825, d 15 Feb 1865; m AMELIA YOEMAN 

    102    iv     CAROLINE G. OLNEY, b18 Aug 1827; m (---) HOLBROOK

    103    v     JOHN POOL OLNEY, b 23 May 1839 m  1852 HANNAH POST

    104  vi     ROXANA OLNEY. b 22 Mar 1832, d 7 May 1936; m (---) SQUIER

    105  vii     GEORGE W. OLNEY, b 18 Oct 1833, m 18 Oct 1857 HANNAH PROPHET

28.  HEZEKIAH OLNEY son of JOSEPH and NANCY (DIXON) OLNEY was born 4 October 1808 in Denmark, Lewis Co.  Lived in Ogdensburg, St Law Co NY.  Married 5 Jun 1831 ADELIA JOHNSON.  Died 24 Mar 1895 in Stillwater, MN


     106      i     CHARLES OLNEY, b 16 Apr 1833; m 5 Mar 1833 JULIA A. HAINES

     107     ii     MELISSA OLNEY, b 3  Mar  1836, m 10 May 1858 W.B. MASON

     108    iii     JAMES OLNEY, b 5 Mar 1838

     109    iv     EDWIN J. OLNEY, b 25 Dec 1841; m unknown

     110     v     AMELIA OLNEY, b 8 May 1844; m C. L. LOCKWOOD 

     111    vi     HENRY J. OLNEY, b 19 Aug 1848; m Dec 1878 ELLA F. NILES

     112   vii     MARY A. OLNEY, b 29 Dec 1853;  m 24 jUN 1874 ALVAN F. WING

     113  viii     WILLIA D. OLNEY, b27 Mar 1856

29.  LEWIS DIXON OLNEY son of JOSEPH and NANCY (DIXON) OLNEY was born 12 May  1814.  He married (1) MARY A. BAKER,  (2)  ANNE CKARK


     114     i     LEWIS G. OLNEY, 1851 - 1876

     115    ii     JOSEPH A. OLNEY, 1853 - 1854

     116   iii     ORIN OLNEY, 1855 - 1856


     117     i     MARY F. OLNEY, b 28 Jun 1852

     118    ii     WILLIAM C. OLNEY, b 5 Aug 1864

     119   iii     BURTON E. OLNEY, b 2 Jul 1866  

     120    iv     ASHLEY A. OLNEY, b 1 May 1868

     121     v     CLAYTON OLNEY, b 6 Apr 1871

     122    vi     BESSIE OLNEY, b 5 May 1873

30.  LYDIA ANN HAYES, daughter of SUSANNA DIXON and DANIEL HAYES, was born


     123     i     EMERANCY WINSLOW

33.  WILLIAM BORDEAU married (1) (---), (2) DIANTHA (---)

     124     i     ELSA V. BORDEAU, b c1856

     125    ii     WILLIAM BORDEAU, b c1858

     126   iii     HATTIE A. BORDEAU, b c1861

     127   iv     GEORGE L. BORDEAU, b c1861

36.  CURTIS B. MITCHELL, son of MARY/POLLY DIXON and GEORGE MITCHELL, was born c1824 in New York State.  He married MARTHA (---).  He died 8 Nov 1889 in Berlin township, Ionia County, MI.

Children of CURTIS B. and MARTHA (---) MITCHELL:

     128     i     a child

     129    ii     a child


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