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1. EPHRAIM DOANE was born at Eastham, MA , the son of SIMEON DOANE and APPHIA HIGGINS. His birth date has been given in several places as 1741; however he died in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY in 1828 and the grave marker suggests a date of birth of 1754. On 16 April 1778 he married LUCY DOANE who was born in 1761 and who also died in 1828 at 67 years. Their marriage was performed at Eastham MA by Rev. Edward Cheevers. Lucy's parentage is unknown.

After Simeon Doane died in Massachusetts, Ephraim and Lucy moved in 1792 to Hartdwick, MA, which was home to several Doane families. There, Ephraim purchased a 90 acre farm for 200 pounds. On 7 Jan. 1800 Ephraim sold his farm in Hardwick and moved to Bakersfield VT, near his nephew, BENJAMIN DOANE JR. The following deed is descriptive:

"I Ephraim Doane of Middletown Rutland Co., VT for $1,500 sell to CALEB
SMITH of Tinmouth, Rutland Co., land in Middletown bounded by land of
SPALDING, NEHEMIAH HAZEN, 104 acres and 50 rods excepting a certain
piece included within a fence formerly made by EBENEZER WOOD and now
improved by Foster as a watering place. Dated 14 Feb. 1807."
Deeds of Middletown, Rutland Co VT, Vol. 2, p 248
Source: Ancestry Magazine July-Aug 1994

After the property sale, Ephraim and Lucy and some of their children moved to Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY in about 1808. Ephraim Doane is listed in the DAR Patriot Index as having served from MA but apparently did not receive a pension.

Children of Ephraim and Lucy Doane:

2          i           SAMUEL DOANE; born 1779 in Eastham, MA; married 3 Jan. 1802 at Middletown VT to PHOEBE SMITH. She was born 18 April 1783 at Middletown, daughter of JAMES and HANNAH SMITH.

3          ii          HANNAH DOANE; born 22 Sept. 1780; married 10 August 1800 in VT to EPHRAIM WOOD, JR. Ephraim was born 16 April 1781 and died 13 Sept 1861 in Ohio. He was the son of EPHRAIM WOOD SR. who was born 20 Nov 1755 in Norwich CT and died 21 Aug. 1830 at Woodville, Jefferson Co., NY. Ephraim Wood Sr. married 27 July 1779 at Norwich, CT to ESTHER EASTMAN. She was born 18 Sept 1757 at Norwich and died 30 Jan. 1837 at Woodville, Jefferson Co., NY.

4          iii          RISPA DOANE was born 10 Feb. 1785 in Eastham, MA; married ALBRO FOSTER

5          iv          JOHN DOANE; born 1787 in VT; was living in Jefferson Co., NY in 1860 census; moved to Eaton Co., MI. reportedly married NANCY CRANE, born 4 Nov. 1788, daughter of CURTIS CRANE and ELIZABETH PALMER.

6          v          WESLEY DOANE – no information.

7          vi          AZARIAH DOANE; born 7 March 1788. He married on 22 Jan. 1804 at Middletown VT to LYDIA HAZEN

8          vii          LUCY DOANE – no information

9          viii          ALLEN DOANE born 1792 in Vermont. He married 1st to RHODA HAZEN

10          ix          ISAIAH DOANE born 5 Oct. 1794; he married (1) BETSEY GIDDINGS; (2) the widow, HANNAH (METCALF) JEWETT.

11          x          SHADRACH DOAN born 7 Sept 1798; He married (1) ANNA DAVIS, (2) SARAH HARDIE

4. RISPA DOANE daughter of Ephraim and Lucy Doane was born 10 Feb. 1785 in Eastham, MA and died 24 July 1879 in North Eaton, Loraine Co., Ohio. She married on 5 June 1806 in Middletown, Rutland Co., VT to ALBRO FOSTER, who was born 16 Oct. 1785 near Lake Champlain in Vermont. He died probably before 1856, the approximate year that Rispa went to live with her daughter, as presented in her obituary.

"Mrs. Rispa Foster died July 25th at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Richard Hinckley. She had nearly arrived at the advance age of ninety-two years. She was born in Eastham, Cape Cod, February 1784; came to Ohio forty-six years ago, and has lived in Eaton with her daughter, Mrs. Hinckley, twenty-three years. She was the mother of nine children, only four of whom survive her. She had been a member of the Christian church for twenty-five years."
Solurce: Elyria Republican, Elyria Ohio, Thursday, Aug. 7, 1879.

Children of Rispa Doane and Albro Foster:

            12          i          HARRIET FOSTER born 27 Mar. 1807 in Middletown VT

            13          ii          AZARIAH DOANE FOSTER born 10 May 1811 in Whiting, Addison VT

            14          iii          LYDIA D. FOSTER born 16 Nov. 1815 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY

            15          iv          SARAH "SALLY" FOSTER born 28 July 1819 in Bakersfield, Franklin Co VT

            16          v          CHRISTIANA FOSTER born 16 Mar. 1829 in Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY

            17          vi          ANN JEANETTE FOSTER born 10 Sept. 1831 in Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY

7. AZARIAH DOANE son of Ephraim and Lucy Doane was born 7 March 1788 in Middletown, VT and died 10 Feb. 1849 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY. He married on 22 Jan. 1804 at Middletown VT to LYDIA HAZEN who was born 1788 and died 1849 at 61 years at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY. She was the daughter of NEHEMIAH and MIRIAM HAZEN.

Children of Azariah Doane and Lydia Hazen:

18          i          EMILY DOANE born 1807 and died 1891; married LEMUEL SMITH ROBBINS who was born 3 May 1807 and died 21 Dec. 1891

19          ii          HANNAH DOANE born 1809 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY and died 1880 ; married 7 June 1809 to JAMES JONES

20          iii          EVELINE DOANE born 1811 Ellisburg, and died 1896; married MATTHEW FENTON LEFFINGWELL

21          iv          JEFFERSON HARLEY DOANE born 1815 Ellisburg and died 1896; married SAMANTHA CONVERSE.

22          v          BETSEY ANN DOANE born 1816 Ellisburg and died 1882; married EATON EBENEZER GRIFFIN

23          vi          SUSAN DOANE born 1818 Ellisburg; died 1901; married JOHN WILLARD CONVERSE

24          vii          ELMINA DOANE born 1820 Ellisburg and died 1900; married ANDREW JACKSON POTTER

25          viii          AZARIAH DOANE born 1826?

26          ix          LYDIA DOANE born 1827 and died 1909; married OSCAR MIXER

9.  ALLEN DOANE son of Ephraim and Lucy Doane was born 1792 in Vermont. He married 1st to RHODA HAZEN, daughter of NEHEMIAH AND MIRIAM HAZEN. Allen moved to the Town of Wight in Ottawa Co., MI and was listed in the 1850 and 1860 census at that location. He married 2nd to ELIZA HUNT PECK in about 1863. She died 30 Dec. 1892. Allen was a veteran of the War of 1812.

Children of Allen Doane and Rhoda Hazen:

            27          i          REUBEN DOANE

            28          ii          EPHRAIM DOANE

            29          iii          FREDERICK DOANE- died 18 April 1877

10. ISAIAH DOANE son of Ephraim and Lucy Doane was born 5 Oct. 1794; died 19 March 1852 at Columbia, Lorain Co., OH. He married 1st on 9 July 1815 at Bakersfield VT to BETSEY GIDDINGS. She as born on 2 Sept. 1797 at Bakersfield, VT and died at Lafayette Medina Co OH on 7 April 1845. Isaiah married 2nd to the widow, HANNAH (METCALF) JEWETT. Isaiah moved with his parents from MA to Bakersfield about 1800. He then moved from Vermont to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY and in 1843 to Lafayette, OH; from there he moved to Columbia OH in 1846 where he died on 19 March 1852.

Children of Isaiah Doane and Betsey Giddings:

           30          i          LUTHER DOANE born 20 July 1816 died Feb. 1838

           31          ii           ROSELLA DOANE born 17 July 1818

           32          iii          DIANA H. DOANE born 11 Mar 1820-21

           33          iv          MARY M. DOANE born 22 Jan. 1823

           34          v          WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON DOANE born 24 Nov 1824

           35          vi          ALMEDA E. DOANE born 13 Feb 1827

           36          vii         ORLANDO DOANE born 9 Jan. 1829; died 6 Oct. 1903

           37          viii         JOSIAH W. DOANE born 21 Mar. 1831

           38          ix          FREDERICK W. DOANE born 8 Mar 1833

           39          x          LYDIA DOANE born 8 Aug. 1835; died Jan. 1868

           40          xi          MARTHA BETSEY DOANE born 28 July 1844

11.  SHADRACH DOAN son of Ephraim and Lucy Doane was born 7 Sept 1798 and died Chester, Ottawa Co, MI on 12 Sept. 1886 and buried McNitt Cemetery. He married about 1816 1st to ANNA DAVIS, who died 20 Nov. 1824. and he married 2nd about 1825 to SARAH HARDIE in Middletown VT. Sarah died 24 Feb 1889 at 81 years and is buried in the McNitt Cemetery. Her parents were born in New Hampshire. Shadrach moved with his parents from MA to VT about 1800. After his first marriage, he settled on a farm in Franklin Co., VT and in 1834 moved to Lafayette OH and in 1848 to Ottawa County, MI.

Children of Shadrach Doan and Sarah Hardie:

           41          i           HANNAH DOANE born 1833

           42          ii           LUTHER BOSTWICK DOANE born 21 April 1836 in OH and died 28 Dec. 1893 in Ottawa Co MI

           43          iii          ELNORA DOANE born 1839

Sources: census records, cemetery records, VIR in MA, VT, MI, NY; Ancestry Magazine; Doane Family Genealogy; Hist. Of Hardwick MA, DAR Patriot Index; VT Deeds; newspaper accounts
Researched by: M Sapienza 7/2011

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