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A tiny, worn booklet, dated nearly a year after the war on September 29, 1919, contains names of Service men and women from the south western part of Jefferson County. There is no indication of when or where they served. They are all included in Draft Board Number 2, and there is no clue as to what area the other boards covered. We have copied the book as exactly as we could.


September 29, 1919



Bartlett, Harrison Rae Navy
Bartlett, Kenneth R. Navy
Collins, Wesley Army
Crast, David H. Army
Cutie, Newell J. Army
Dillenbeck, John W. Army
Dillenbeck, Roger I. Navy
Downer, Walter A. Navy
Easton, Wilber Army
Ebdon, C. Frank Army
Franklin, Nelson E. Army
Giddings, John E. Army
Gould, George Eggleston Army
Golby, A. James Army
Greenley, Oren Navy
Hall, Ira D. Army
Hammond, Floyd L. Navy
Hippler, Claude W. Navy
Holman, Lorenzo D. Navy
Hughes, Clyde Lyon Army
Hunt, Edward S., Jr Army
Hunt, Nathan B. Navy
Jesmer, Theron G. Army
Kampany, Nelson Army
Kelley, Errol J. Army
Kenyon, Donald Navy
Kenyon, Owen Navy
Larcombe, Clement L. Army
Larkin, Earl E. Army
Larkin, Gordon A. Navy
Larkins, Sylvester A. Army
Layton, Arthur C. Army
McCabe, Hugh Robert Navy
McGregor, Earl Joseph Army
Nutting, Stanley Army
Overton, Ernest C. Army
Overton, Paul Army
Overton, Willis Navy
Parish, McKinley A. Navy
Parlow, Clarence E. Army
Peck, Carroll S. Army
Pierce, Eli Seeber Navy
Randall, Clifford J. Army
Randall, Ralph M. Army
Randall, Sidney Navy
Redfield, Harold O. Navy
Redfield, Ray Lyman Navy
Rice, Charles K. Navy
Rice, William Karl Navy
Rounds, Samuel Army
Robinson, Glenn C. Army
Sauers, Leonard Army
Sauers, Albert M. Army
Taber, Carleton Clayton Navy
Shaw, Thomas F. Navy
Scadding, Charles Army
Smith, Floyd Army
Solar, Therman G. Army
Underwood, Leon R. Army
Waite, Franklyn E. Army
Washburn, Earl W. Army
Weller, Harry Schermerhorn Army
Williams, Frederick E. Army

Adams Center

Bennett, William P. Army
Blackburn, E. H. Army
Cady, Earl Osgood Navy
Chrisman, Walter Army
Corey, Will H. Army
Cox, C.B. Army
Daniels, Howard Russell Army
Fassett, Bruce Army
Gibbs, Arthur E. Army
Greene, Carlton P. Army
Horton, Kenneth, (Capt.) Army
Langworthy, Virgil B. Army
Montague, Walter Army
Myers, Leslie Army
Newton, Franklin Army
Rogers, Myron Army
Rogers, Roger Army
Schneider, E. H. Army
Snell, Robert Army
Thompson, Harry W. (Lieut.) Army
Thompson, Howard, (Capt.) Army
Van Waldick, Clarence R. Army
Ward, Edwin Army
Williams, Carlton C. Army
Williams, Ernest C. Army
Williams, Roger Clayton Navy


Ballantine, Russell J. Army
Crumb, Waitstill R. Army
Gamble, Ward Army
Jones, Starr C. F. Army
Richmond, Grover C. Army
Seely, Alan I. Army



Allen, Alton O. (Lieut) Army
Allen, Willard Army
Barrett, Harold Army
Becker, Ward R. Navy
Bocceioletti, Premo Army
Campbell, Gordon W. Army
Cavanaugh, L. Clayton Army
Cole, Carl L. Army
Dafoe, Finley Army
Dafoe, Ira Nathan Navy
David, Charles Edwin Army
Elliott, Harry R. Army
Farmer, Charles Army
Farmer, Roswell Army
Farmer, Roy Army
Farmer, George H. Army
Farmer, Glenn Army
Farrell, John E. Army
Farrington, Marcus Navy
Flansburg, Harold Army
Foley, William Army
Patrick, Ward Army
Hagen, Howard Army
Hart, Ross C. Army
Hart, Roy F. Army
Hosner, Martin Army
Irish, Carl M. Army
Kelly, Albert Army
Kunz, John Army
Leiterman, Richard Navy
Leopolt, Carl C. Army
Liddle, Moss Navy
Linnell, Don C. G. Army
Linnell, Harold W. Army
McKenzie, Roy Army
Mellinger, Clarence J. Army
Parker, Ross W. Army
Parker, Roy Army
Pittsley, George E. Army
Premo, Fred F. Army
Premo, James Henry Army
Rich, Carl Army
Riel, John Army
Roberts, William C. Army
Roorbach, Edward Navy
Savage, Arthur E. Army
Schmits, Albert J. Army
Sherman, Dewey V. Army
Skinner, George Army
Skinner, Horace M. Army
Skinner, Rollin I. Army
Soulier, Charles C. Army
Thompson, John R. Navy
Vining, Elmer Army
Webber, Ray J. Army
Weeden, Olin D. Army
Wilson, Charles T. Army
Zimmerman, Earl W. Army


Adams, Rex T. Navy
Anderson, Clarence Army
Anderson, Sherman Army
Backus, Percy Army
Beckerman, Orin J. Army
Baker, Archie J. Army
Bellinger, George N. Navy
Bellinger, Harold H. Navy
Bellinger, Willis H. (Sgt) Army
Cassidy, Percy A. (Sgt) Army
Chidester, Augustus E. Navy
Creamer, Albert Navy
Crittenton, Emmett Army
Crysler, Clarence Army
Dickinson, Corbett Army
Duebar, Joseph C. Army
Dunn, Clarence J. (Corp.) Army
Emry, Harold Army
Firle, Roy (Corp.) Army
Fowler, C.T. (Lieut.) Army
Gagnon, Joseph C. Navy
Gauthier, Edmund O. Army
Gauthier, Florian Army
Gibson, John L. Navy
Gilmore, Charles J. (Corp.) Army
Gleason, John Army
Gould, Arthur J. Army
Honeyman, Floyd Army
Hunt, Charles (Corp.) Army
Johnson, Clark Stanley Army
Johnson, H. O. (Bugler) Army
Johnson, Perl B. (Sgt.) Army
LaPraff, Elmer R. Army
Lamon, Bert (1st Sgt) Army
Lee, Walter M. Army
Liddy, Harry V. Army
McCourt, William Army
McDaniells, Royal F. Navy
Morgan, J. Frank (Lieut.) Army
Moyer, Charles S. (Lieut.) Army
Moyer, Lewis Army
Ricket, Rolla R. Army
Rounds, Harold (Lieut.) Army
Swenny, William Frederick Army
Voodre, Percy H. Army
Walts, Leon Herrick Navy
Youngs, Kenneth Army

Glen Park

Beattie, Erwin Army
Blake, Wilfred Army
Blake, Harold Army
Brownell, Earl Demstin Navy
Brownell, Howard Navy
Brownell, Otto Army
Daniels, George Army
Daniels, Perl H. Army
DesRosiere, Amada Army
Ferguson, John C. Navy
Foster, Thomas Joseph Army
Gebo, Ernest Army
Gibson, William F. Army
Hansen, John Army
Hayes, Clarence A. Army
Hall, Raymond Army
Hewitt, Clifford Navy
Johnson, Ray L. Army
King, Ray L. Army
LaFleur, Chauncey D. Army
McAdam, Walter H. Army
McAdams, William A. Army
MacMillan, Earl H. Army
Morehouse, Henry Army
Normander, Edgar H. Army
Noyes, Henry Army
Paul, Raymond Army
Paul, Walter J. Army
Thomas, Glenn Army
Thomas, William Army


Allison, Elmer T. Army
Brown, Clarence W. Navy
Dietrich, Ross Army
Horning, Elmer Army
Pierce, Kent G. Army
Sanford, Leon C. Army
Timmerman, Gordon Army
Vogt, Carl T. Army
Wolanck, William J. Army
Wrape, Eugene M. Army


Great Bend

Backus, Edward Army
Blade, Earl E. Army
Bullis, Frank A. Army
Comstock, Harold Army
Gardner, Miles E. Army
Greene, Joseph C. Army
Greene, James H. Army
Hubbard, Harry Army
Knapp, Jay F. Army
Kulsza, John Army
Nolan, James F. Army
Pennock, Ora Army
Sheley, Fred D. Army
Speidell, Ernest J. Navy
Stewart, A. W. Army
Zapf, Walter J. Army

West Carthage

Bancroft, Ivan C. Army
Baxter, S. Richard Army
Bowman, Clarence D. Army
Bradish, Arthur Army
Byer, Ward W. Navy
Cabe, Fred C. Army
Cardinal, Henry Army
Conley, Daniel Army
Cooley, S. George Army
Cornell, Fred A. Army
Dellassic, Clarence J. Army
Edwards, Charles D. Army
Ellsworth, Ray C. Army
Fahsel, Earl Army
Farenthold, Louis Army
Flanagan, T. Charles Army
Forbes, Emory A. Army
Franklin, Warren M. Army
Freeman, Roland Army
Fuller, John T. Army
Gamble, Lawrence H. Army
Gates, C. Harold Army
Gibbs, Charles R. Army
Greene, Stewart Army
Grimshaw, Bernard Army
Haller, Ray Army
Haller, Clarence L. Army
Hastings, Ray C. Army
Herrick, George Army
Hill, O. Oca Army
Johnson, C. Harry Army
Jonas, Alton Army
Jonas, A. Lawrence Army
Jones, Evan Army
Joynt, Joseph Army
Lake, Daniel A. Army
Luenberger, George A. Army
Luenberger, A. George Army
Marcott, Wallace Army
McDiarmid, Ducon Potter Army
McDonald, Hiram A. Army
McMillan, Michael James Army
Merkley, Hugh H. Army
Merkley, Arthur G. Army
Montgomery, Howard Army
Montgomery, James Army
Newton, H. Guy Army
Noyes, James Army
Outterson. Charles R. Army
Outterson, William Crocker Army
Pair, William Army
Patchin, L. James Army
Patterson, Vernon J. Army
Perrigo, B. James Army
Planty, John Army
Prievo, Melvin Andrew Army
Pummerville, Maurice Army
Radley, Charles E. Army
Reeder, William R. Army
Reed, Howard Army
Rice, Ralph S. Army
Rice, Clarence Army
Rozen, Jacob Army
Satchwell, Arthur I. Army
Shaffery, Robert H. Army
Sheldon, George Army
Sheldon, Clare Army
Sheldon, Lesllie Army
Slack, B. Clarence Army
Smith, Lloyd Navy
Smith, William Army
Smith, J. Donaldson Army
Starkweather, Walo Ray Army
Thayer, H. Edwin Army
Tripp, Claud A. Army
Wood, N. Harold Army
Van Antwerp, Percival Army
Vrooman, Ralph Army
Wheeler, Emmett Army
Woolschlager, Ernest E. Army
Zehr, William Army
Zehr, Maurice Army
Zehr, Fred B. Army


Cole, Eugene Army
Fuller, Paul Stanley Army
Marsden, H. Glenn Army
Simons, J. Charles Army



Alexander, William A. Army
Brooks, Charles E. Jr. Army
Crawford, David Gard Army
Fuller, Lloyd W. Army
Nash, Andrew Army
Nutting, Adelbert B. Army
Rawlings, Edward Army
Ridgeway, Eugene Army
Spangle, John Army
Thompson, Earl S. Army
Thompson, Leon Army


Chapman, Orren D. (Lieut.) Army
Esty, Ross Army
Hamilton, Andrew Navy
Hovey, DeAlton Army
Hovey, Cyrus T. (Sgt) Army
McIntosh, Harry V. Army
Miles, Roy C. Army
Miller, William Army
Paver, William H. Army
Powell, George Army
Saunders, Max B. Army
Simmons, Clifford G. Army
Weir, Harold L. Army
Zeltner, W. Lorin Army


Balch, Roy S. (Sgt.) Army
Bice, Ross Army
Brigham, Glenwell R. Army
Chapman, George C. Army
Colwell, James T. Army
Colwell, Robert H. Army
Flander, Harrison R. Army
Fry, Frederick Army
Gilbert, Terrence W. (Lieut.) Army
Holley, Manford (Sgt.) Army
Hurlburt, Harold Army
Howard, W. Charles Army
Larmouth, Wm. Glenn (Corp.) Army
Myers, Leo Henry Army
Noble, Leland F. (Ensign) Navy
Piddock, James Army
Reed, Milo Navy
Root, Clarence H. (Sgt.) Army
Sullivan, William B. Army
Tucker, Bernard Army
Van Wormer, Harold C. (Corp.) Army
Wheller, John Army
Widrig, Francis S. Army
Wood, Thomas H. Army

Pierrepont Manor

Austin, Ralph (Sgt.) Army
Blemhof, Marinus Army
Butler, Harlow M. Army
Carpenter, Floyd E. Army
Hawes, Hannibal Navy
Lambert, Paul Army
Lee, Fred Army
Lee, John Army
McConnell, Elliott Army
Monroe, Clarence Army
Paul, William Army
Phillips, Clark Army
Pierce, Ora J. Army
Pitkin, Leon Army
Schell, Jesse J. Army
Spicer, Paul (Sgt.) Army
Weller, Jack Army
Wilcox, Floyd Army


Cratsenberg, Carl Army
Cratsenberg, George Army
Hogoboom, D. C. Canadian Forces
Howard, C. Edward Army
Laird, Hugh D., Jr Army
Matthews, Kenneth Army
McGrath, Alexander Army
McGrath, Harley Navy
McGrath, Jesse Army
Russell, Alfred Army
Shaver, Harold Army
Smith, Bert Navy
Smith, Glenn Army
Trevett, Hiram Navy
Colwell, Thomas Dennis Army


Algate, John D. Army
Barrett, Harley J. Army
Barrett, Monroe Army
Barney, W.H. Army
Burnham, LaMorte L. Army
Cook, George Army
DeLaVergne, Grover Cleveland Navy
DeLaVergne, J.D. Army
Davis, J. Bert Army
Eveleigh, Robert W. Army
Geeson, John L. Army
Hess, Arthur E. Army
Irwin, Kingsley Army
Jackson, Adams Army
Jones, Fred L. Army
McCumber, Sidney S. Army
Meade, Ashley Army
Montague, Glenn Navy
Montague, Henry Army
Peters, Kent L. Army
Phillips, Fred L. Army
Ramsey, Harold D. Army
Ramsey, Robert Bruce Army
Rankin, Allen N. Army
Rogers, Robert Navy
Roof, Bernard Army
Roof, Gordon Army
Simmons, George C. Army
Spencer, Earl Army
Tifft, Howard S. Army
Ramsdell, Harry Army
Wade, John Army
Woodworth, Harry Army
Vorce, Nello Army


Dempster, W. Henry Army
Lawson, Andres Army
Newton, G. Franklin Army
Parker, A. John Army

Sackets Harbor

Bogatzies, James Army
Boulton, Walter Army
Boyce, Harold Navy
Bush, J. Ralph Army
Clark, Joseph E. Army
Clark, Dewey Army
Coleman, Howard Army
Crandall, Stanley Army
Crosby, Clarence A. Army
Dings, Dr. E. Martin Army
Donavan, John Army
Franklin, Alfred Army
Franklin, William Army
Gamble, Joseph P. Army
Hinds, Chester N. Army
Holloway, Percy Army
Hubbard, Earl Army
Jackson, Carl M. Navy
Kellar, Thomas Army
Lehman, F. B. Army
Lonsdale, Howard Army
Pettit, Roland L. Army
Robertson, John J. Army
Scanlon, Harold Army
Symonds, Frank Army
Parker, Lyle Army
Roacher, William T. Army
Ressiguie, Charles B. Army
Stillman, Morton Army
Stearns, Byron C. Navy
Stokes, Harold Army
Sutton, Otis Army
Villeneuve, Arthur Army
Walrath, Harlan G. Army
Ward, Edwin Army
Ward, Oswald H. Army
White, Earl Navy


Chisamore, Robert Charles Army
Brown, J. William Army


Cooper, William Navy
Masseau, George Army
Schrodt, Monroe Army
Walts, Howard Army

Black River

Beckwith, Sherry Army
Bigness, Perley J. Army
Brower, Edward Army
Burk, William H. Army
Burnup, Elmer Navy
Burnup, Robert Army
Burns, Luke Navy
Burrows, Bernard J. Army
Carey, Leon Army
Cheney, Myron O. Army
Cory, Alfred Army
Cory, Brayton Army
Cory, Elmer Army
Cowan, Ray C. Army
Fisk, Charles Army
Foley, Hubert Army
French, Harold T. Army
Fox, Richard Army
Gracey, Levi Army
Hinsdale, Robert Navy
Huntley, Donald Army
Lanphere, Arlington Army
LaPine, Arthur Theo. Army
Legacy, Minot Army
LePine, Richard Navy
Murray, Ernest Navy
Marshall, Jesse B. Army
Marshall, Lyle Navy
McTaggart, Frank Army
Nichols, Jay Army
Page, Hubert Army
Price, William Army
Price, Stanley P. Army
Reese, William F. Army
Riley, Arthur Army
Schrodt, Walter W. Army
Slack, Clarence Army
Slater, Floyd Army
Stanford, Ernest Army
Sweet, Sterling Army
Squires, Robert Navy
Squires, P. Clarence Army
Webster, George Edgar Navy

Evans Mills

Allen, John Army
Andrus, Ross D. Army
Andrews, Maurice H. Army
Armstrong, Stowell W. Army
Ashton, Claude J. Army
Barber, Earl Army
Bevens, Reuben F. Army
Bradway, Adrian M. Army
Briant, John D. Army
Burges, Clair N. Army
Carbonaro, Michele Army
Chapin, Claude F. Army
Chismare, Arthur Army
Cobb, Frank E. Army
Cooper, William Army
Cornwell, George W. Army
Countryman, Theodore Army
Deshane, Ralph Army
Doxtater, Harold M. Army
Drake, Leslie Army
Dumas, Walter H. Army
Frost, Arthur R. Army
Gardner, Clarence Army
Graham, Harold F. Army
Hahn, George Army
Hoch, Cramer W. Army
Johnson, Albert Army
Keller, Lloyd A. Navy
Kiblin, Erwin Navy
Lamb, William Army
Lawton, John Stewart Army
Loadwick, Emmet J. Army
Longmore, Fred Army
Lortscher, Earl J. Army
Mack, Charles Army
Mack, Edward Army
Matteson, James Army
Palmer, Roy B. Army
Payne, Ethan Army
Peck, Benjamin N. Army
Pierce, Harley G. Army
Rivers, George A. Army
Rivers, Joseph V. Army
Schwarz, William A. Army
Sheley, Fred Army
Spohn, Leslie Army
Santon, John Stewart Navy
Thompson, Albert Army
Watson, William S., Jr. Army
Wiltsie, John Navy


Benjamin, Harry Army
Coble, Philip Army
Eaton, Otis R. Army
Guyette, Edward Army
Guyett, Byron Army
Moore, Ray W. Army
Seeley, Hugh Army
Schelmidine, Willis J. Army
Schell, Jesse Army
Tucker, Harrison A. Army
VanBrocklin, Jesse Army


Ashton, Herman Army
Chapman, Morris Army
Gleason, Frank E. Army
Hahn, Charles Navy
Hahn, George Navy
LaMark, Roy L. Army
Stalder, Ernest Navy
Walts, Howard L. Army
Webert, Ross F. Army
Wiltse, Arthur Army


Brownell, Fayette Franklin Army
Wise, Sherman J. Army
Bailey, H. John Army
Brown, Harlow Navy
Brown, Maloney Harold Army
Brownell, Emery Sterling Army
Burley, Arthur Herbert Army
Burley, J. Army
Chisholm, Edward Army
Collins, H. William Army
Cornell, Arnold D. Navy
LaFleur, Christian Navy
LaFleur, Frank Army
LaFleur, Roy Navy
Richmond, Lewis D. Navy
Smith, G. Llewellyn Army


Butts, Manford G Army
Howard, Arthur Navy
Lawrence, John C. Navy
Schneider, Melvin P. Ver Army
Shannon, Timothy W. Army
Staplin, Asa M. Army
Terry, Harold Army
Tillotson, Henry A. Army
Tillotson, Lyle J. Army
Cratsenberg, Earl Army
Haggerty, E. James Army

Felts Mills

Burnet, Elmer Navy
Burnet, Robert Army
Card, Herbert Army
Clearo, McKinley Army
Burrows, Loyal Army
Dennis, Carlton Navy
Denny, Andrew Carleton Army
DesRosiers, Amada Army
Feistel, Oscar Army
Hanseon, Viggo Army
Hofman, George Army
Leasure, Leonard Army
Leddy, Carl Army
Leddy, Francis Army
Lincoln, Judson Army
Mellen, Arthur C. Army
Mellen, Herbert Army
Norfolk, George Army
Nunez, Don C. Army
Seeber, Irving Navy
Stabboli, Vito Army
Stott, Leon Herbert Army
Squire, Robert F. Army
Thomas, Vivian I. Army
Tifft, Russell Army
Vultaggio, Guiseppi Army
Wood, Robert H. Army
Wood, Spencer Army



Brandon, J. John Army
VanCamp, Everett E. Army

Adams R. F. D. 1

Burt, John Navy
Edmonds, Roy Army
Folsom, Chester Army
Piddock, James Army
Roberts, Roy Army
Smith, Japter [sic] Army
Sutliff, Pitt Army
VanCamp, Duane Army
Weaver, James Army

Barnes Corners

Brady, Carl Paul Army
Hayes, Earl Army
Loucks, Glenn Army
Wait, Edgar Army
Woodard, Hugh Navy
Woodard, Ora D. Navy


Griffiths, Harold W. Adams, N.Y.
Rounds, Don Carlos Adams, N.Y.
Sauers, Elmer Adams, N.Y.
Withington, William Ward Adams Center, N.Y.
Smith, Ross E. Smithville, N. Y.
Roberts, Jerome Belleville, N. Y.
Esty, Glenn Belleville, N. Y.
Dexter, William C. Black River, N. Y.
Ladd, Reuben J. Black River, N. Y.
Allen, Carl W. Brownville, N. Y.
Baker, Clifford C. Brownville, N. Y.
Galloway, Brant Brownville, N. Y.
Giles, Raymond E. Brownville, N. Y.
Howell, Roy Fayette Brownville, N. Y.
Rose, Harry Dexter, N. Y.
Smith, Jesse E. Dexter, N. Y.
Ramsdell, Charles Ellisburg, N. Y.
Williams, John Ellisburg, N. Y.
Cross, Harley Felts Mills, N. Y.
Bean, Frank A. Glen Park, N. Y.
Warren, Leonard Glen Park, N. Y.
Wilton, Thomas Great Bend, N. Y.
Wood, Grover Henderson, N. Y.
Chapman, Walter Mannsville, N. Y.
Mendell, Carl Pierrepont Manor, N. Y.
Halladay, Henry Sackets Harbor, N. Y.
Savage, Ralph Sackets Harbor, N. Y.
Whalen, Ray C. Sackets Harbor, N. Y.
Bassett, Ralph F. West Carthage, New York
McDonald, Wm. H. West Carthage, New York
Baxter, Floyd West Carthage, New York
Devinney, Harry West Carthage, New York


Piddock, Jane Adams, N. Y.


Carter, Vera M. Mannsville, N. Y.


Dexter, Gordon Adams
Gardner, W. Eldon Adams
Kenfield, Clifford E. Adams
Patrick, Hugh C. Adams
Pierce, Kent Adams
Pruyne, Lafayette S. Adams
Scott, C. Ross, Jr. Adams
Snyder, Carroll M. Adams
Bradbury, Harvey Barnes Corners
Burnash, Francis Adams Center
Gardner, Fred Adams Center
Hunt, Albert Adams Center
Hynes, John Carl Adams Center
Parker, Harry N. Adams Center
Langworthy, Lewis Gordon Adams Center
Williams, Roger Belleville
Wright, S. Mather Belleville
Gibbs, Charles B. F. Black River
Gibbs, Delmont Flint Robert [sic] Black River
Roberts, Harvey Bert Black River
Biggers, Arthur Calvin Brownville
Emond, Daniel L. Brownville
Zimmerman, Leslie C. Brownville
Anderson, Donald Dexter
Babcock, George Dexter
Lee, Bert G. Dexter
Steele, Basil Bert Dexter
Patrick, Sherman H. Dexter
Wilder, Neil S. Dexter
Allen, Harold Philip Evans Mills
Jonas, John E. Evans Mills
Peck, John Great Bend
Soults, Fay A. Great Bend
Davis, Francis Limerick
Carter, Bruce F. Mannsville
Hurlburt, Dwight M. Mannsville
Sterling, Charles G. Mannsville
Widrig, V. Raymond Mannsville
Robbins, Merrill W. Smithville
Pope Elon G. Smithville

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