1. WILLIAM EARLE, born 28 March 1710 at Portsmouth, RI, son of JOHN and MARY (WAIT) EARLE married on 29 May 1740 to MARY LAWTON of Newport, RI. She was the born about 1716, the daughter of ROBERT LAWTON and PRISCILLA BARKER. William died 15 April 1797 at Westport, MA. William and Mary were of Dartmouth, MA and had several children born there. For the purposes of Jefferson County, the first by age, was:

Generation No. 2

2.           i      CALEB EARLE, son of WILLIAM and MARY LAWTON EARLE, was born 12 November 1745 a twin of brother John. They were born in Westport, MA. Caleb married on 6 December 1764 to ELIZABETH BRIGHTMAN of Dartmouth (int. 29 Oct. 1764) and they resided in Westport until after the birth of the following children, when the entire family moved to Galway, New York.


3.           i      JAMES EARLE born 24 March 1765; married ELIZABETH SOULE on 20 May 1787.

4.           ii      PRUDENCE EARLE born 14 January 1767 married Joseph Allen of Dartmouth, MA on 27 June 1784.

5.           iii      NAJOR EARLE

6.           iv      ARNOLD EARLE

Generation No. 3

3. JAMES EARLE, son of Caleb and Elizabeth Brightman Earle, was born 24 March 1765 in Westport MA and married on 22 May 1787 to ELIZABETH SOULE who was born 13 October 1762/63. She died 7 March 1844 at 82 years and is buried in Ellisburg, NY. They were of Westport, MA and moved with Caleb about 1800 to Galway, Saratoga Co., NY. They lived in Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., NY where James died on 11 December 1857, buried in Ellisburg, NY.

NOTES ON ELIZABETH SOULE, wife of James Earle: Elizabeth was born 13 October 1763, daughter of Wesson Soule and his first wife, Ruhama Hicks, daughter of William Hicks, who were married at Dartmouth, MA on 22 Sept. 1753. (MA VIR) The will of Wesson Soule dated 24 Sept. 1804 and proved 26 July 1825, names Elizabeth, wife of James Earl(e) and her daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth Earl(e). Source: Mayflower Lineage of George Soule.

Children of James Earle and Elizabeth Soule:

7           i      HANNAH EARLE b 22 March 1788; d 16 Sept 1806

8           ii      PRUDENCE EARLE b 24 July 1789; married 1st JOSEPH MANCHESTER and 2nd SAMUEL WELCH

9           iii     CALEB EARLE born 24 October 1790 married 1st MARY TAYLOR and 2nd HANNAH CARLETON

10          iv     JOHN EARLE born 24 March 1792 married MARY PERRY

11          v      JAMES EARLE born 23 September 1793 and died 4 October 1793

12          vi     NANCY EARLE born 31 December 1794; married EDWIN POTTER

13          vii    WILLIAM EARLE born 25 august 1796 married CHARITY HALLENBECK

14          viii    JAMES EARLE born 24 May 1798 married PHEBE TAYLOR; both are buried in the Zion Church Cemetery at Pierrepont Manor NY

15           ix      ALFRED EARLE born 23 March 1800 died 13 March 1801

16           x      ELI EARLE born 1 January 1802 and married HANNAH WELLS

17           xi      ALFRED EARLE born 18 March 1805 died 15 October 1806

18           xii      ELIZABETH EARLE born 3 September 1807 married 1st EBENEZER WILLIAMS and 2nd O. W. TOUSLEY

4. PRUDENCE EARLE, daughter of CALEB EARL and ELIZABETH BRIGHTMAN was born 14 January 1767. She married JOSEPH ALLEN of Dartmouth, MA on 27 June 1784. He was the son of DANIEL and BETTY ALLEN. The Rev. Joseph Allen was born 14 Nov. 1759 and died 23 September 1838. He was born at Westport, MA and was the first settler at Bear Creek [now Pierpont Manor in the Town of Ellisburg--NED] in 1805. Buried In Zion Church Cemetery at Pierrepont Manor. Prudence died 27 December 1843 and is also buried in the Zion Church Cemetery.

Westport, MA VIR: Betty Allen, wife of Daniel, died 31 Jan. 1815 in her 85th year. Daniel Allen died 1 June 1822 in his 93rd year. In the History of the Middletown CT Upper Houses is a note that Elihu Allen was a descendant of George Allen who came in 1635 from Weymouth England, to Massachusetts and of Ralph Earl who in 1638 arrived at Newport RI.

Children of Prudence Earle and Joseph Allen:

19           i      NANCY ALLEN born 18 Jan 1785

20           ii      JAMES ALLEN born at Westport MA on 23 Oct. 1786

21           iii      BETTY ALLEN who was born at Westport MA on 22 Dec. 1788

22           iv     JOSEPH ALLEN born at Westport on 23 June 1791

23           v      ELIHU ALLEN was born 3 August 1806, son of Joseph Allen and Prudence Earl; he was a village blacksmith and died 16 July 1886 at Pierrepont Manor, NY. He married ALMIRA ANDRUS who was born 24 April 1815 and died 6 September 1897, buried Ellisburg, NY. She was the daughter of David I. Andrus and Sarah Ranney.

Generation No. 4

16. ELI EARLE, son of James and Elizabeth Soule Earl was born 1 January 1802 in Galway, Saratoga Co., NY; married HANNAH WELLS and lived in Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., NY; he died 26 Feb 1850. He is buried in Ellisburg, NY. Hannah was born in 1803 and died in 1890; she is also buried in Ellisburg, NY. Descendants claim that Hannah's father served in the Revolutionary War and later settled in Canada. The War of 1812 forced him to return with his family to the United States.

Children of Eli Earle and Hannah Wells:

24           i      MORTIMER EARL born 1827 married MARRIAH AIRD

25           ii    FREDERICK EARL born 1830 married MINERVA ELMER

26           iii      HENRY EARL born 1832 married SARAH GARLAND

27           iv      ALONZO EARL born 1834

28           v      DUANE C. EARL born 1836 married AMELIA LITTLEFIELD

29           vi      DEALBERT EARL born 24 Oct. 1841 married LUCINDA BISSELL in 1862. Lucinda died in 1866 and in 1867 Dealbert, a/k/a DeAlba, married Ellen C. Rowen of Ogdensburg, NY.

1A. STEPHEN EARLE, another son of WILLIAM and MARY LAWTON EARLE was born 4 May 1754 in Dartmouth, MA. He married 1st on 5 May 1782 at Dartmouth MARY HICKS of Dartmouth and they had one child. After Mary died, Stephen married a second time in September of 1789 to PRISCILLA HICKS, who was born 25 October 1763 and died 8 June 1842, of Westport. Mary and Priscilla were sisters. Stephen and Priscilla had eight children and in 1800 removed to Saratoga Co., NY where Stephen died on 8 May 1834 at Milton in Saratoga County. In May of 1799, John Cronkhite deeded one hundred acres of land in Providence, Saratoga Co., NY to Stephen Earle of Westport, for $875. Stephen Earle served in the Revolutionary War as a Captain from Massachusetts and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Children of Stephen Earle and Priscilla Hicks:

30           i      PARDON EARLE was born 18 Stepember 1781 and married 1st Nancy Sherman and 2nd Polly Howe

31           ii      ROBERT EARLE born 14 June 1792 and died 30 January 1813 in the US Army at Sackett's Harbor, NY; buried Zion Church Cemetery Pierrepont Manor NY

32           iii      Christopher Earle b 13 September 1794; married Mary Wheeler

33           iv      David Earle born 23 January 1798; married Selima A. Fuller

34           v      Mary Earle born 19 April 1800; married George Davis and died 6 August 1869

35           vi      Barney Earle born 29 January 1802 and married Eliza Rutan

36           vii      Philip Earle born 23 May 1803 married Phebe A. Allen

37           viii      Hannah Earle born 9 December 1805; married Norton Briggs

38           ix      Edah Hicks Earle born 25 Jan. 1807; married 15 March 1826 Elihu Mosher; died 31 July 1835.

30. PARDON EARLE, son of Stephen and Mary (Hicks) Earle, was born 18 September 1781. He married 1st NANCY SHERMAN who was born 26 March 1780 and died 11 June 1825. They had five children and after her death he married 2nd POLLY HOWE who died 4 Nov. 1878 at 73 years and is buried in the Zion Church Cemetery at Pierrepont Manor. They had two children. Pardon and Polly moved to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY about 1800 where Pardon died on 9 Jan. 1844 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co. He is buried in the Zion Church Cemetery at Ellisburg, NY. He was agent of the Manor and served in the War of 1812.

Children of Pardon Earle and Nancy Sherman and Polly Howe:

38           i      ANDREW C. EARL born 27 August 1803; married 1st ABIGAIL E. MYERS and 2nd ELIZA RYNOLDS

39           ii      RUTH EARL born 4 November 1807 married ORVILLE BROWN

40           iii      OREN R. EARL was born 2 November 1812 and married on 25 May 1846 to JENNETT SALISBURY, born 29 March 1818 died 8 March 1886. She was the daughter of Nathan Salisbury of Sandy Creek NY. Oren Earl was a banker in Sandy Creek, NY

41           iv      ALBERT G. EARL born 29 October 1817; married 1st NANCY L. ALLEN and 2nd MARY SALISBURY

42           v      MARALINE JANET EARL was born 31 October 1819 and married GERMAN J. RICH

43           vi      ANVINETTE EARL was born 31 May 1831 and married J. H. GRANT

44           vii      NANCY M. EARL was born 26 April 1835 and married ELIHU B. SILVERS, M. D.

1B. PAUL EARLE, son of WILLIAM and MARY LAWTON EARLE, was born in Dartmouth, MA and married 1st on 26 November 1786 to Hannah Hicks, daughter of Joseph Hicks of Dartmouth. He married 2nd Elizabeth Betts. Captain Paul Earle was on the grand jury in 1791 and surveyor of highways in 1794 and 1796. He moved from Westport, MA to Galway, Saratoga Co., NY about 1798.

Children of Paul Earle and Hannah Hicks and Elizabeth Betts:

45          i      OLIVER EARL married LYDIA FERGUSON

46           ii      SANFORD EARL born August 1787 married DEBORAH SHELDON

47           iii      JOHN EARL born about 1790 married MARGARET PETRY (PETRIE)

48           iv      SAMUEL EARL; after his mother died he was sent from Galway to Westport and was raised by Capt. BARNABUS HICKS. He engaged in whale fishery and became captain of a whaling ship. He sailed from Havre, France where he married and died.

49           v      PARDON EARL married SUSAN ROOSEVELT

50           vi      WILLIAM EARL

51           vii      JEREMIAH EARL married LIBBIE EVANS

52           viii      STEPHEN EARL married 1st RUTH ALLEN and 2nd HANNAH FERGUSON

53           ix      ELECTA EARL married JAMES BANT

46. SANFORD EARLE, son of Paul and Hannah Hicks Earle was born August 1787 in Westport, MA. He married DEBORAH SHELDON who was born March 1806 and died 26 December 1851 in Watertown, NY. They lived in Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co., NY where Sanford died on 27 March 1880 at 92 years 7 months. Sanford moved to Sackett's Harbor in about 1815.

Children of Sanford Earle and Deborah Sheldon:

54           i      MARGARET A. EARL born 1 November 1826; married 1st on 13 Dec. 1847 to LYMAN B. McARTHUR and 2nd on 14 Sept 1851 to CHARLES S. NICKELSON

55           ii      JAMES P. EARL born 14 Dec. 1827 married MARIA MATTHEWS

56           iii      RICHARD M. EARL born 8 October 1829 married LUCY BOULTON, daughter of HENRY and ELIZABETH (JACKSON) BOULTON

57           iv      STEPHEN C. EARL born 17 Feb. 1831 married on 20 Nov 1866 to JOANNA MOYNIHAN

58           v      WILLIAM HENRY EARL born 3 Jan. 1833 married ABBIE J. JOYCE

59           vi      SARAH W. EARL born 23 Dec 1834 married 1851 HARLEY GRIFFIN

60           vii      GEORGE L. EARL born 9 October 1835

61           viii      CHARLES P. EARL born 18 May 1839; married 3 July 1871 to SOPHIA WILLIAMS; moved to Milwaukee, WI

62           ix      MARY C. EARL born 7 July 1841; married 1st JOHN MORROW and 2nd EDWARD HUDSON. She died 27 March 1884

63           ix       LYMAN E. EARL born 22 June 1843.

Geographical Note on Westport, MA: Westport's seventeenth- and eighteenth-century history is linked with neighboring Dartmouth, which encompassed the present-day town through most of the early periods. Prior to that time, Old Dartmouth encompassed portions of Tiverton and Little Compton, Rhode Island as well as the Massachusetts communities of New Bedford, Westport, Acushnet, and Fairhaven. Family names associated with the early Euro-American settlement of Westport include Earle, Macomber, Ricketson, Sherman, Sisson, Sowle, Tripp, Waite, and Wilcox

Sources: RI, MA, NY Vital Records; Mayflower Lineage, Waite Lineage, DAR Records, Ralph Earle and his descendants published 1888 by Pliny Earle, cemetery records; Arch. Survey of Westport, MA, Biographical Notes of Otsego NY. Researched by M. Sapienza 6/2011

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