on August 16, 1754 in Massachusetts.  During the Revolutionary War, Caleb
served as a private in Capt. Jeremiah Stile's company, Colonel Paul Dudley's
Regiment.  He served under General Gates and Ethan Allen at Lake Champlain,
Ticonderoga, when Burgoyne surrendered.
         Caleb is listed in the 1790 census of Guilford, Vermont as the 
male head of household.  In the household there are listed 4 males under the age
of 16 (Daniel, John, Thomas, and Squire), and three females (Caleb's wife Mary,
their daughter Hannah, and perhaps a helper).
        After living in Vermont and Oneida County, NY, Caleb moved to
Ellisburgh, NY, in 1795 or 1797, where he purchased 500 acres of land
and built a grist mill.  Mary and the family joined Caleb in Ellisburgh
in the spring of 1798.  About 1800, Caleb's daughter Polly was the first person
to die in Ellisburgh.  At the first town meeting at Lyman Ellis' house in 1800,
Caleb was elected overseer of the poor and an overseer of highways.  On
February 16, 1813, Caleb was elected a trustee of the newly formed Ellisburgh
Union Library.
        Caleb died April 14, 1813 at age 58, and Mary died March 3, 1813 at age
55, both in Ellisburgh.  It is very possible that Caleb and Mary died of
the same sickness. Both are buried in Ellisburgh, NY.  They left behind
three minors, Robert age 18, Sally age 14, and Betsey, age 12.  Caleb
and Mary have red sandstone tombstones, two of a very few in the

Note:  Additional information about Caleb Ellis is available in the 
Fonda list of Jefferson County Revolutionary Veterans.  For access to those
files, click on the underlined words in this note.

He married on January 1, 1779

MARY CROUCH, born August 4, 1757 to unknown parents. 

Children, ELLIS:
    2     i   DANIEL ELLIS

    3    ii   HANNAH ELLIS

    4   iii   JOHN W. ELLIS married MARY FULLER
               (Click on Mary Fuller for their children.)

    5    iv   THOMAS ELLIS

    6     v   SQUIRE ELLIS

    7    vi   JAMES ELLIS

    8   vii   ROBERT ELLIS

    9  viii   POLLY (Mary) ELLIS d.y.

   10    ix   SALLY ELLIS

   11     x   BETSEY ELLIS

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