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The Everson story begins with Revolutionary War soldier,

1. JOHN EVERSON, who was born 11 Sept 1759 and died in 1818. He is listed in the DAR Patriot Index and SAR descendants. John married on 1 Jan. 1783 in Schenectady NY to JANE BARRINGTON. John was her second husband as her first husband was LEWIS BARRINGTON. Jane asked for and received a widow's pension on John's service. She refers to herself as "Jinny" and was born 1 April 1764.

Children of John Everson and Jane:

††††††††††† 2††††††††††i†††††††††† JACOB EVERSON born 11 March 1783

††††††††††† 3††††††††††ii††††††††† SAMUEL EVERSON born 26 March 178_

††††††††††† 4††††††††††iii†††††††††JOHN EVERSON born 11 Sept 1786; died 1864

††††††††††† 5††††††††††iv†††††††† MARY EVERSON born 25 June 1789

††††††††††† 6††††††††††v††††††††ISAAC EVERSON born 20 April 1791

††††††††††† 7††††††††††vi††††††††ABRAHAM EVERSON born 22 July 1794

††††††††††† 8††††††††††vii†††††††† HENRY EVERSON bc 1796

††††††† ††† 9††††††††††viii†††††††††DAVID EVERSON born 1798; married HULDAH CARR

††††††††††† 10††††††††††ix††††††††††JINNY EVERSON

††††††††††† 11††††††††††x††††††††† NANCY EVERSON

6. Isaac Everson son of John Everson and Jane came before 1850 to Jefferson County, NY. He was born 20 April 1791 and died in 1852 and is buried in the Church Street Cemetery in Alexandria Bay, NY. His wife was CHARITY BOWLSBY who was born in 1795 and died in 1859. She is also buried in the Church St. Cemetery.

Children of Isaac Everson and Charity Bowlsby:

††††††††††† 12††††††††††i††††††††† EMELINE EVERSON born 27 Sept. 1812, married CHAUNCEY WESTCOTT

††††††††††† 13††††††††††ii††††††††† JANE EVERSON born 2 May 1822; married J. HARRISON CORNWALL of Jefferson County.

††††††††††† 14††††††††††iii††††††††† JOHN J. EVERSON born August 1824, married (1) ESTHER ANN___, (2) SARAH ANN PURVIS, (3) JENNETT PURVIS

††††††††††† 15††††††††††iv††††††††† JULIA A. EVERSON born 1827-8 and died 1894 at Leeds, Ontario CA. She married PETER F. PURVIS

12. EMELINE EVERSON, daughter of of Isaac Everson and Charity Bowlsby was born 27 Sept. 1812 in Manlius, Onondaga Co NY. She died 8 July 1883. Emeline married CHAUNCEY WESTCOTT who was born 10 Dec. 1804 at Deerfield, Oneida Co., NY and died 3 Nov. 1886, son of HENRY WESTCOTT and AMY (DEXTER) CUSHING. The couple moved to Alexandria Bay before 1845 and Chauncey was involved in a number of enterprises, which included rafting timber, and at some time operated a hotel facility in Alexandria.

Children of Emeline Everson and Chauncey Westcott:

16††††††††††i††††††††† EMELINE F. WESTCOTT born 12 Sept. 1835 in Alexandria. She married 1st to CHARLES WOODWORTH in Feb. 1858 and 2nd to JOHN PERCY ROTON, son of JOHN ROTON and MARIA LIGROW on 18 Oct. 1909 in Brockville, Ontario CA. John was a police officer of Alexandria Bay at the time of the marriage and was age 49 and Emeline was age 59.

17††††††††††ii††††††††† WILSON H. WESTCOTT born Cicero, Ondondaga Co NY on 20 Nov. 1833; married JANE THOMPSON in January 1844

13. JANE EVERSON, daughter of of Isaac Everson and Charity Bowlsby was born 2 May 1822; died 27 March 1904. She married J. HARRISON CORNWALL of Jefferson County. He was born 2 Feb. 1822 and died 16 July 1900.

Children of Jane Everson and J. Harrison Cornwall:

18††††††††††i†††††††††ANDREW CORNWALL died 6 July 1877 at 6 months; buried Walton St. Cemetery in Alexandria Bay.

19††††††††††ii††††††††† FRED CORNWALL died April 1866 at 5 years

20††††††††††iii††††††††† JAMES E. CORNWALL born 12 May 1849 and died 6 Oct. 1849

21††††††††††iv††††††††† MARY E. CORNWALL born 2 Feb. 1855 and died 7 May 1857

14. JOHN J. EVERSON, son of Isaac Everson and Charity Bowlsby was born August 1824 and died 1906. His occupation was boot and shoe maker in Alexandria Bay. In October of 1865 he conducted a census of the soldiers in Alexandria Bay in his capacity of Town Clerk. He married 1st to ESTHER ANN___who died 6 Sept. 1864 at 33 years and is buried in Walton St. Cemetery. He married 2nd to SARAH ANN PURVIS who was born 1836 and died 1875. They married on 17 May 1865 in Alexandria Bay. She was the daughter of GEORGE PURVIS and LYDIA COMSTOCK of Leeds, Ontario CA. After Sarah's death, John married 3rd to JENNETT PURVIS on 6 Sept. 1876, another daughter of GEORGE PURVIS and LYDIA COMSTOCK. She was born November 1833 in Canada. It is from John's third marriage record to Jennett that the maiden name of his mother was given as BOWLSBY. John's occupation after his third marriage was that of grocer.

Children of John J. Everson and Esther Ann:

22††††††††††i††††††††† ISAAC JAMES EVERSON born 1848 and died 1899; buried Walton St. Cem. Wife was Julia A. who was born 1847 but her tombstone does not have a death date.

23††††††††††ii††††††††† CHARLES A. EVERSON was born May 1849 and died 1911. He married in 1884 to Minnie___ who was born November 1860.

24††††††††††iii††††††††† MARY A. EVERSON born 1852; and died 1936. She was a music teacher. She married WRIGHT CORNWALL who was born 30 Nov. 1845 and died 6 Nov. 1927.

25††††††††††iv††††††††† CHAUNCEY W. EVERSON born 1854.

26††††††††††v††††††††† FRANCES E. EVERSON born 1856 and died 6 Sept. 1863 at 7 years; she is buried in the Walton St. Cemetery.

27††††††††††vi††††††††† ALMIRA EVERSON born 1858.

28††††††††††vii††††††††† EVALINE EVERSON died Aug. 1863 at 6 months and buried Walton St. Cemetery.

Children of John Everson and Sarah Purvis:

††††††††††† 29††††††††††i††††††††† JOHN I. EVERSON born 1864-5

††††††††††† 30††††††††††ii††††††††† ESTHER EVERSON born 1867

††††††††††† 31††††††††††iii††††††††† JOSEPHINE EVERSON born 1870

††††††††††† 32††††††††††iv††††††††† k. PETER EVERSON born 1870

15. JULIA A. EVERSON, daughter of of Isaac Everson and Charity Bowlsby was born 1827-8 and died 1894 at Leeds, Ontario CA. She married PETER F. PURVIS who was born 1829 and died 1910. Julia, Peter and their children are buried in Canada.

Children of Julia Everson and Peter Purvis:

††††††††††† 33††††††††††i††††††††† LUTHER PURVIS died 17 Aug. 1855

††††††††††† 34††††††††††ii††††††††† CATHERINE M. PURVIS died 20 Aug. 1856

††††††††††† 35††††††††††iii††††††††† PETER E. PURVIS born 17 Aug. 1858; died 26 July 1862

††††††††††† 36††††††††††iv††††††††† CHARITY K. PURVIS died 19 Aug. 1862

Notes on the Purvis Family:

GEORGE PURVIS was born in 1794 in Canada and died 1 Oct. 1878. He married on 11 Feb. 1818 to LYDIA COMSTOCK who was born 1799 and died 27 Nov. 1890 at 91 years. Lydia was the daughter of AARON COMSTOCK and PHOEBE ELLIOT. Both are buried in the Yonge Mills Cemetery at Leeds, Ontario CA. In the will of George Purvis which was dated 4 April 1877 he named his childrenóJennet Purvis, Sarah Ann Purvis, Jennet Everson and sons, Peter C. Purvis and George Aaron Purvis.

However, all the children were: (Purvis)-Lovinia, Catherine, Alice, Phoebe, Lydia, Jennette, Peter, Jane, George and Sarah.

Sources: DAR and SAR records; cemetery records, census records, will record, Canadian records, pension records.

Researched by: M Sapienza 8/2011

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