1.  DANIEL FAWDREY(1810-1880)
     Daniel Fawdrey was born 1810 at Downhill Farm, in Hailey, Oxfordshire,
England.  In 1834, they emigrated to the Town of Hounsfield in Jefferson
County.  In 1833, one year before he immigrated to Hounsfield, Daniel
married.  He died 5 Jan 1880 aged 69 years and is buried in Sulphur Springs
Cemetery, Town of Hounsfield.

He married in 1833 in England

SUSANNA FOX, who was born about 1811 in Cambridge, Oxfordshire,
England.  She died 1 Dec 1880 and was buried in Sulphur Springs Cemetery with
her husband.

Children, FAWDREY:

     2     i   HENRY FAWDREY

     3    ii   JOHN FAWDREY

     4   iii   DAVID FAWDREY

     5    iv   ELIZABETH FAWDREY married (---) SQUIRES

     6     v   JAMES FAWDREY

     7    vi   MARY ANN FAWDREY married (---) SACKETT 

     8   vii   CAROLINE FAWDREY married (---) KENYON

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