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1. ISAAC FULLER, son of WILLIAM & MEHITABLE (TYLER) FULLER was born 1 February 1756 in Union, Tolland Co. CT and died 25 December 1834 in Sanford Corners, Leray, Jefferson Co., NY. Isaac moved quite frequently. His final years showed him living in Cape Vincent, many of his descendants were sailors, and later became engineers and captains of Great Lakes Ships. On a map of New York State, on the southwest lakeshore, one can see "Fullers Harbor". There is a letter in Flower Memorial library referencing this family, and Sarah Barbour/Barber.

He married on 7 August 1777 in Stafford, Tolland Co, CT.
ISAAC FULLER who was born 12 March 1750. Judith Fuller may be buried by Isaac.

Children, FULLER:

2    i   OLIVER FULLER, b 1780 

3   ii    PERLEY FULLER, b 1782

4  iii    PORTER FULLER, b1784

5   iv    JOSIAH FULLER, b c1786

6   v    PHILA FULLER, b 12 March 1788

7   vi    JOSEPH BUEL FULLER, b 14 June 1790

8   vii    LEONARD FULLER, b c 1796

7.  JOSEPH BUEL FULLER, son of ISAAC FULLER & ISAAC FULLER was born 14 June 1790. Joseph is my great-great-great grandfather. His son was a ship captain, and his grandson a ship engineer on the Great Lakes.

He married 17 March 1817 in Jefferson County, likely Cape Vincent, although no city was specified

John Fuller (6/6/1645-1/21/1720) married Abigail Boylston 6/30/1682 in Newton(Cambridge), Middlesex Co., MA. John was the 2nd largest landholder in the county, and a very active member of the community in politics and local judiciary. After Abigail's death, he married Margaret Hicks 10/14/1714 in Newton. This is well documented in the Fuller History, in History of Newton(Cambridge), MA, one of the larger original settlements. John Fuller is a cousin of the Mayflower Fullers, and arrived shortly after the Mayflower Fullers, cousins from England. John and Abigail's children were: Sarah, John, Abigail, James, Hannah, Isaac, Jonathan, Jonathan, Caleb.

James Fuller married Abigail Yeomans 12/12/1717 in Ashford, Windham Co, CT. Their children were: Dinah, Elizabeth, William, Hezekiah, Abigail.

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