1.  MALACHI FULLER was born April 20, 1798 in Vermont to unknown
parents.  The family moved Ellisburgh, NY in 1838, where Malachi was a
farmer.  In the 1850 census of Ellisburgh, Malachi had $4000 in real estate.  
In the household were Malachi, Mary, and three of their children; George,
Willard, and Oscar.  Albert H lived next door with his wife Betsey and
their one-year-old daughter Ida.  Next to them lived Malachi and Mary's
daughter Mary, married to John W. Ellis with two children, Roderick D
and Helen.  Malachi died November 17, 1881.  Both husband and wife are buried
in Ellisburgh.

He married January 18, 1821 in Chester, Vermont, 

MARY (Molly) FOX, who was the daughter of JOHN & MARY (GLENN) FOX,
was born October 1, 1799 in Londonderry, Vermont.  Mary had a sister Isabelle. 
Mary died July 27, 1879

Children, FULLER:

+   2     i   ALBERT H. FULLER 

+   3    ii   MARY FULLER

    4   iii   GEORGE FULLER

    5    iv   WILLARD FULLER

    6     v   OSCAR FULLER

2.  ALBERT H. FULLER (son of MALACHI & MARY "Molly" (FOX)
FULLER) was born outside Jefferson County in 1823.  He moved with his
parents to the Town of Ellisburg in 1838.  He was living next door to them when
the 1850 census was taken.

He married 

BETSEY (---)

Children, FULLER:

    7     i   IDA FULLER

3.  MARY FULLER (daughter of MALACHI & MARY "Molly" (FOX)
FULLER) was born outside Jefferson County in 1825.  She married 


Children, ELLIS:

    8     i   RODERICK D. ELLIS married MINERVA ALBRO

    9    ii   HELEN ELLIS

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