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April 2017

This Month's Features

(Beland-Bendwell) Naturalization added to Vitals page.

Eratta Jan-Mar, 1872 from the Watertown Re-Union added to Tidbits.


  1. Samuel Dubois, 12 June 1846
  2. John Duvillard, 14 January 1848

The last 69 pages have been added to the Timmerman Diary, finishing the project.

March 2017

This Month's Features

Pages 61 to 200 added to Timmerman Diary.

Timmerman Diary has been added to the Family Files page. This is a work in progress and will be updated when the pages are processed.

NY Reformer BMD for 1868.

Finished the Town of Rutland 1865 Civil War Census including the Index.

Pages 8 to 18 added to Town of Rutland 1865 Civil War Census.

Town of Rutland 1865 Civil War Census. Pages will be added as finished.


  1. John Beebe, 9 October 1832
  2. Orman Dyer/Dyre, 19 November 1890.
  3. Arthur D. Davis, 2 October 1877

Errata: 3, 1852

Jefferson Co. Temperance Meeting: 1852

February 2017

This Month's Features

The 1939 Radial Map and Index has been uploaded. These scans are from the new copy of the map are are much eaier to read.

The 1939 Radial Map Booklet has been scanned and uploaded. This contained the map in a pocket on the back cover. The Booklet contains the index from Abbot to Horton, advertising and advice to farmers. A new cleaner copy of the map was included which will be uploaded as processed.

McCombs, John Pioneer Family, Champion, NY

Addendum to William McCue Pioneer Family


  1. Lodowick Edwards, 19 October 1819
  2. Peter Estes, 24 October 1850
  3. Robert Beebe, 28 December 1858

January 2017

This Month's Features

Grand Jury Duty: June 1869, Dec. 1869.


  1. Adam G. Ecker, 23 November 1857
  2. Susan M. Earl, 1848
  3. Barnhart Eaton, 14 May 1820

Update to Pioneer Babcock family

Update to Pioneer Spicer family

Jefferon County Errata: 2


  1. Jerusha Boyington, 2 Nov 1857
  2. Henry H. J. Myers, 23 November 1857
  3. Isaac Barrett, 23 November, 1857

NY Reformer BMD: 1867.


  1. Isaac Lyman, 21 September 1857
  2. Jonathan Priest, 28 September 1857
  3. Norman Z. Mathews, 19 October 1857
  4. Rosel Carpenter, 24 October 1857
  5. Rowena S. Seward, 2 November 1857

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