From the Times, Sept 18, 1879 page 3 col 5, transcribed by Larry Corbett

A Chapter of Drowning Accidents at Clayton Made Up From the Earliest Recollections of the Oldest Inhabitants

The Clayton Independent this week gives the names of all the people, so far as they can be ascertained, who have been drowned in the St Lawrence within eight miles of Clayton up to the present year (1879)

The names are as follows:

Phoebe Longo, a child June 19, 1857

Sylvester Pulah, a sailor drowned near Hog Island

Charles A Hubbard was drowned from a skiff in Eel Bay June 23, 1876

David Lashley was found in the ice on French Creek January 22, 1858

Homer Elliot fell of a raft below Washington Island and went down 1855

Wm Goodman fell from a steamboat lying at John Johnston's dock, Summer of '44

Mrs. Gloyd and Mrs Whitehouse were drowned in French Creek in the summer of 1838

A son of John Wilson aged 3 fell off the warehouse dock and was drowned in 1844

Bennie, son of RW Smith, aged 9, was drowned near the shipyard, June 24, 1874.

Mrs. Holloway and Mrs. Snell were drowned by the capsizing of a skiff in November 1875

Clara Majo, aged 13, July 19, 1840. No one seems to know anything further of the case.

John Eastman was drowned while coming from Grindstone Island on the ice.

GS Foley drowned in Fiddler's Elbow Sept 1 (1879) while towing behind the propeller Persia

John Marks fell out of a punt near the bridge a number of years ago and did not come up again.

John Jack, off tug Frank Perew, 27th August last. The particulars were published at the time.

Two brothers by the name of Carey were drowned by breaking through the ice about 12 years ago.

Henry Baird and Louis Roderick were drowned near Long Island while going to Kingston in a skiff, 1875.

William Sorrow capsized in a skiff on the North side of Grindstone Island and drowned in the spring of '59.

Joseph Mason perished in his skiff and was found on the shore of the Percy farm up the river. Fall of '75.

John Dano capsized with another man in '74 while going from Gananoque to Halsteds Bay. Dano was drowned.

Nelson Tuttle fell out of a sailboat at the foot of Long Island, August 5, 1872. He did not come to the surface once.

Adolphus LaPort was capsized in a skiff north side of Jeffries Island, before the war. His body was never found.

Alexander Robinson, while crossing from Gananoque, January 21, 1874, on the ice. Broke through and was drowned.

John Delaney was found in French Creek in 1857. It was supposed that he fell out of a punt which was floating nearby.

About 15 years ago, Peter Laird, Mrs. John Visger and a young lady were drowned in Eel Bay by the capsizing of the boat.

Joseph Thibault, son of Michael Thibault, drowned in Goose Bay by slipping from a log, summer of '52. He was six years of age.

A little son of Joseph Allen fell off Mr Grave's dock two years ago. He was found in the water before being missed.

Abram Elliott was knocked off the schooner "Madison" by a boom after dark, near Bartlett's Point, in the summer of 1840.

Mrs Webber fell out of a boat on the north side of Grindstone Island a number of years ago.Her body was found the next day.

Edward Belisle, brother of Capt Belisle, was drowned between the foot of Long Island and Cape Vincent in 1852. He was crossing on the ice.

One Ratan walking into a hole in the ice opposite Linda Island in '75. He had on his person a number of articles stolen from a store in Cape Vincent.

A little son of Mrs. Belonge was drowned near the ship-yard in 1859. He was playing on the ice and slipped into a hole where the ice had been taken out.

John Farrar and Geo. Arnold were run over by a schooner near Bartlett's Point and lost, in the fall of '51. They tried to cross her bows, but were too close. The boat was cut in two.

Thomas Hutchinson fell off the warehouse dock April 4, 1854 and was found standing in the water at a depth of 10 or 12 feet.

Albert Anson was drowned while towing after a tug in the fall of 1875. He went to the bow to cast off his line and the boat capsized.

John Eastwood and another man were drowned off the head of Shot Bag Island in 1844 while coming from Kingston in a sail boat.

Two men named Brown and Grenell were drowned in Eel Bay 35 years ago. They were cutting withs, and after loading, the boat started for home. It never was known how the accident happened.

Thomas Delaney was drowned the 9th of October, 1874. He was missed and search being made, his body was found in the water back of Barney's shop where he had been working in his father's mill.

Emmett G Locklin, aged 5, was drowned near the ship-yard August 18, 1853. He was missed and search being made, some on remembered seeing him in that vicinity and shortly after he was found in the water.

A Mr Wheelock was drowned off the dock back of Perry Caswell's store in 1840. He was caught on a hook by a shoemaker who was fishing. The fisherman dropped his pole and ran from the spot in great fright on seeing what he had caught. The body was sent to friends in Kingston.

Mrs. Joseph Belisle and three children, Angeline Girard, the wife of Peter Girard, and Miss Chloe Mershaw were capsized and drowned on July 19,1840

Sept 9, 1851, at the foot of Wolfe Island. 19 persons from Kingston, members of a picnic party, were drowned when a boom dropped and their boat capsized.

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