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A detailed 1864 town MAP showing residents.
An 1864 map of The Village of Henderson

Henderson NY Historical Sociey & Museum

A list of POSTMASTERS in the town in existing and discontinued postoffices.

1810 Census - Town of Henderson

1820 Census - Town of Henderson

Town of Henderson 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans

1863 Civil war draft and exemption list

Civil War Soldiers Buried in the Town of Henderson

Family sketches from CHILD'S GAZETTEER for the Town of Henderson.
Child's Business Directory for the Town of Henderson.
Haddock Family Sketches - Town of Henderson

Bartlett's Cemetery Inscriptions for the Town of Henderson.
Vital Records 1847-1849 for the Town of Henderson.


Town Historian ERIC ANDERSON (315)955-2800 (Daytime) PO Box 40, Henderson 13650
Town Clerk Website (315)938-5542 11120 NYS Rt 178, PO Box 259, Henderson 13650
Henderson Free Library Mary Bidwell 938-7169 8939 NYS Rt 178, Henderson 13650
Henderson Historical Society ERIC ANDERSON 938-7163 PO Box 322, Henderson 13650

Jefferson County maintains Town contact information on their site

Historical Association of South Jefferson

Contact person:
Debbie Quick

When Benjamin Wright surveyed the town now known as Henderson in 1796, he called it "a pretty good town," with a good harbor, plenty of desirable timber in the interior, and fine mill sites below the pond, though none above. He called Stony Creek the largest stream in the township, and mentioned its pond and the 400 acre cranberry marsh about it. In 1801 the township was subdivided into lots, and sales of the lots began that year, but no permanent settlement or improvement was made until the following year. Henderson, named for William Henderson, the original owner of what is now the Towns of Pinckney in Lewis County, as well as Henderson and Rutland and part of Worth, is bounded by Lake Ontario on the west and north. Adams is its eastern neighbor, and Ellisburgh lies to the south. Henderson's villages include Henderson, once called Salisbury's Mills, Henderson Harbor, and Smithville, which lies partly in the Town of Adams.

History of the Town of Henderson linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page taken from CHILD'S GAZETTEER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY by HAMILTON CHILDS, published in 1890, transcribed by Shirley Farone.

History of the Town of Henderson, taken from A HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK by FRANKLIN B. HOUGH, A. M., M.D., linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page.

A List of People who contributed information concerning the Town of Henderson in 1878 to Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County.

History of the Town of Henderson, from Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County, 1878.

From the 1864 Jefferson County Atlas: a summary of statistics for Henderson

Improved 16,885
Unimproved 6,616
Real Estate 463,295
Personal Property 70,500
Total 533,795
Males 1,151
Females 1,108
Number of Dwellings 401
Number of Families 430
Freeholders 322
Number of Districts 13
Children Taught 810
Horses 776
Working Oxen and Calves 1,621
Cows 1,368
Sheep 3,975
Swine 838
Bushels of Grain 
 Winter 7,350
 Spring 71,899
Tons of Hay 3,219 1/2
Bushels of Potatoes 12,016
Bushels of Apples 24,532
Dairy Products  
 Pounds of Butter 136,048
 Pounds of Cheese 36,937

Names of the early settlers

Abbott, Frisby
Alexander, Robert
Armstrong, Sally
Arnold, Daniel
Aspinwall, Salmon
Barney, David
Barney, Lowrey
Barrett, Moses
Barrie, Charles
Barrie, Peter
Barton, Sarah
Bates, Oliver
Bell, Eunice
Bishop, Asa
Bishop, Calvin
Bishop, Clarissa
Bishop, Capt. John
Bishop, Rev. John F.
Bishop, Rev. Luther
Bishop, Rev. Sylvester
Bronson, David
Brown, Allena
Brown, Elisha
Bull, Thomas
Bull, White
Campbell, Duncan
Carpenter, John B.
Carter, Anna
Carter, Charles
Chapman, John T.
Chapman, Julius
Chapman, Levi
Clark, George W.
Clark, Thomas
Clarke, Willett
Cramer, Peter
Crapo, Jonathan
Crawe, James
Crittenton, Jason
Crumett, Philip
Dalrymple, Andrew
Danley, John
Danley, Marvel
Davis, Roswell
Dobson, Thomas
Dodge, Erastus
Dodge, James
Drummond, Duncan
Drummond, John
Drury, Thomas
Fales, David
Farman, John H.
Favel, R.
Finney, Sylvester
Forbes, Alfred
Forbes, Daniel
Foster, Samuel
Golden, William
Griggs, Samuel
Hammond, Benjamin
Hardy, Daniel
Harris, Experience
Harris, Harrissa (Harriet)
Harris, Jeremiah
Hart, Amos
Hawkins, Joseph
Heath, Horace
Hitchcock, Bela
Hitchcock, Joseph W.
Holley, Theron I
Hubbard, Samuel
Hungerford, Amasa
Hungerford, Orrin
Hungerford, Uriah
Hunsden, T.
Ivory, John
Johnson, William
Jones, A.
Jones, Russell M.
Jones, Samuel
Keith, Phineas
Kellogg, Serviah
Kullinger, Luther S.
Lawrence, Amos
Montague, Adonijah
Moody, George
Morgan, Melissa
Morseman, Martin T.
McCraull, John
McCumber, James
McCumber, Jedediah
McNeil, Daniel
McNitt, Samuel
Nutting, Ezra
Nutting, John
Nutting, Leonard
Nutting, Luther
Nutting, Samuel
Nutting, Simeon
Osgood, Emory
Overton, Isaac
Overton, Joel
Peck, Luman
Peck, Sally
Petty, William
Pierce, Daniel
Reed, Stephen
Rich, Truman
Salisbury, Lodowick
Sawyer, Charles
Sawyer, Ebenezer
Scofield, Levi
Scott, Daniel
Seaton, Asa
Seaton, Leonard
Shepard, Abel
Skinner, Appleton
Skinner, Elias
Smith, Asa
Smith, Ira
Spencer, Daniel
Spencer, James Jr.
Sprague, Anthony
Sprague, Polly
Stafford, John
Stewart, Samuel
Waring, William
Warner,Henry R.
Wheeler, James
Wheeler, Leonard
Wheeler, Rachel
White, James S.
White, William
Whitney, Stephen
Whittier, David
Wilkinson, Abraham
Williams, Elijah
Williams, Isaiah
Wood, Jeremiah

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