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A detailed 1864 town MAP showing residents.
An 1864 map of The Village of Sackets Harbor

Hough's History - Town of Hounsfield (in Part)
"The Old Historic Village Awakening" (Sackets Harbor) - from Shirley Farone's site

A list of POSTMASTERS in the town in existing and discontinued postoffices.

1810 Census--Town of Hounsfield

1820 Census - Town of Hounsfield

Town of Hounsfield 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans
Civil War Soldiers Buried in the Town of Hounsfield
Town of Hounsfield Clerk's Records of Civil War Soldiers

1863 Civil war draft and exemption list

Family sketches from CHILD'S GAZETTEER for the town of Hounsfield.
Child's Business Directory for the Town of Hounsfield.
Haddock's Family Sketches - Town of Hounsfield

Bartlett's Cemetery Inscriptions for the Town of Hounsfield.

Vital Records 1847-1849 for the Town of Hounsfield.

American Local History Network Hounsfield Site
Another List of Hounsfield Pioneers



Town Historian Jeannie Brennan   P.O. Box 127, Sackets Harbor 13685
Town Clerk Website 315-782-6380 18774 Co Rt 66, Salt Point Road, Watertown, N.Y. 13601
East Hounsfield Free Library   315-788-0637 19438 State Rte. 3, Arsenal St Rd, Watertown 13601
Sackets Harbor Village Clerk Website 315-646-3548 Village Office, PO Box 335, Sackets Harbor 13685
Sackets Harbor Village Historians Jeannie Brennan &
Connie Barone
315-646-1611 P.O. Box 127, Sackets Harbor 13685
Hay Memorial Library Katie Riordan 315-646-2228 105 S. Broad St., Sackets Harbor 13685
Pickering Beach Museum   315-646-3548 501 W Main St, Sackets Harbor 13685
Sackets Harbor Historical Society Dave Altieri   P.O. Box 398, Sackets Harbor 13685

Jefferson County maintains Town contact information on their site

History of the Town of Hounsfield linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page taken from CHILD'S GAZETTEER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY by HAMILTON CHILDS, published in 1890, transcribed by Shirley Farone.

History of the Town of Hounsfield, taken from A HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK by FRANKLIN B. HOUGH, A. M., M.D., linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page.

A List of People who contributed information concerning the Town of Hounsfield in 1878 to Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County

History of Hounsfield taken from Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County, 1878.

On 20 Jun 1801, Augustus Sacket bought the land now comprising the Town of Hounsfield. He named the new town after an Englishman, Ezra Hounsfield, a businessman who once owned the southern part of the township. Mr Sackett began at once to make improvements in the town, and to build himself one of the most pretentious houses in the area. February 17, 1806, the town was created. Hounsfield is best known for its historical connection with the War of 1812, a battle of which was fought at Sacketts Harbor, which was one of the best known Great Lakes ports of its day. Madison Barracks, still standing, were built of stone to house troops of the War of 1812. It was the center of operations during the embargo period and the War of 1812. Perhaps four fifths of the town's population of 1200 suffered some loss during that war.

Hounsfield lies in the center of the western boundary of Jefferson county, and is bounded north and west by the Black River and by Black River and Henderson Bays, and is thus washed by the waters of Lake Ontario. It includes the Galloup Islands, one over 2,000 acres and the other about 48; Stony Island of some 1,500 acres, and Calf Island, some 34 acres. The Town of Brownville is to the north of Hounsfield, the Town of Watertown to the east, while Adams and Henderson are on its south.

East Hounsfield and Sackets Harbor are the only centers of population within its borders, but Dexter and Brownville are on its borders. Camp's Mills was once a hamlet.

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From the 1864 Jefferson County Atlas: a summary of statistics for Hounsfield

Improved 21,622
Unimproved 6,168 3/4
Real Estate 455,213
Personal Property 83,750
Total 538,963
Males 1,656
Females 1,595
Number of Dwellings 627
Number of Families 640
Freeholders 443
Number of Districts 17
Children Taught 1,221
Horses 908
Working Oxen and Calves 1,227
Cows 1,842
Sheep 4,021
Swine 959
Bushels of Grain 
 Winter 17,686 1/2
 Spring 84,772 1/2
Tons of Hay 3,982
Bushels of Potatoes 12,588
Bushels of Apples 10,147
Dairy Products  
 Pounds of Butter 148,966
 Pounds of Cheese 60,118

Names of the early settlers

Allen, Ebenezer
Ames, Horace
Arnold, Daniel
Ashby, Sarah
Ashby, William
Barker, Nathan
Bates, Samuel
Bates, Samuel Jr.
Bell, Hannah
Berry/Barrie, Charles
Broadbent, Thomas
Buss, Loren
Conklin, Daniel
Coster, Henry
Doolittle, Hezekiah
Dorchester, Alexander
Evans, John
Evans, William
Fawdrey, Daniel
Field, Elijah
Fox, Amasa
Goodrich, Jeremiah
Graham, Gouverneur M.
Harbridge, James
Harris, John
Hinman, Theron
Holden, Timothy
Holloway, Daniel
Houghton, Sally
Hulbert/Hollibut, Amasa
Inglehart, Ira
Ives, Erastus
Ives, Jonathan
Ives, Titus
Jenks, George Washington
Joiner, Asahel
Knowlton, Joseph
Ladd, Elisha
Landon, Joseph
Lane, Thomas
Luff, Edmund
Luff, Jesse
Luff, Joseph
Luff, Samuel
Luff, Samuel Jr
Merritt, David
Metcalf, Henry
Metcalf, William
Morsman, Oliver
Mcwayne, Josiah
Patrick, John
Pease, Ambrose
Pease, William C.
Phelps, John W.
Reed, Daniel
Resseguie, Samuel
Robbins, Asher
Robbins, Austin
Robbins, Joshua
Robbins, Robert
Robbins, Solomon
Root, John
Rowlson/Roulison, Uriah
Sacket, Augustus
Sherman, Eunice
Sherwin, Azariah P.
Simmons, Stephen
Slater, Stephen
Sloman, George
Smith, Daniel
Spicer, David
Spicer, Thomas
Stoodley, William
Taylor, Emeline
Tisdale, George L.
Tyler, Ezra
WARING, William
WARREN, Thomas
Washburn, Stephen
Westcott, Palmer
Wilder, Jotham
Wright, Thomas

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