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1. AMOS HUDSON was born in Oxford, Mass. on June 22, 1781, the son of WILLIAM and RUTH (SHUMWAY) HUDSON.

Word came to the Bay State that the new and rich Black River Country was fast being settled and destined to be a great agricultural empire. So it seemed to AMOS this was an oppportunity that would not knock long at his door. He decided to locate in the new lands, and decided that the Ellis Settlement was a very favorable location.

He was at that time 34 years old and the year was 1820. He laid the foundation for a firm on Bear Creek and the business started with the making of scythes.The scythes were in great demand and soon people started to call on him to make other agricultural tools such as axes. It is said that the first wooden cultivator ever produced in the county was designed and manufactured in the Hudson shop. When the silo came into use the firm started the manufacture of this line and were successful. It is told that one could find the Hudson silo on farms in both North and South America and some even went accross the seas. Following this they also made maple butcher blocks and cutting boards.

It was without a doubt the oldest firm making agricultural supplies for the farm in Jefferson County. It is doubtful that any one family in the entire north country had been that long in business in the same location and continuing the same general line for those times.

Amos died at the age of 45 in 1830 and his son Lucien, at that time 14years of age, took over the business. A grandson Fred E. Hudson followed as head of the firm. He was followed by Sanford R. and Charles A., then by Charles D. in 1950.With the death of C.D. Hudson on Oct.18, 1954 business declined, and with no one to operate it the doors were closed in 1955.

He married, date unknown
MARY FISK, daughter of DANIEL FISK. They had seven children:

     2    i    LUCIEN F. HUDSON, b c1816

     3   ii    SANFORD A. HUDSON

     4  iii    LOUISA HUDSON

     5   iv    BIJAH HUDSON, twin

     6    v    ELISHA HUDSON, twin

The material for this article on Amos Hudson was taken from three different sources: Two different articles were in the Watertown Times (one in 1934 and one in 1940) and the other was a book called "Haddocks Centenial History" that is at Flower Memorial Library. I corrected the dates that the Times had on one of the articles because it didn't match the date of death on Amos' head-stone. Amos and many of his decendants are buried at the Ellisburg Cemetary. Katherine Hudson Palmer.

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