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Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson,New York   Vol 1

New York     Chicago - the Lewis Publishing company - 1905
Transcribed by: Kathaleen Smith
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IVES families from pages V2 999-1004


This is one of the oldest New England families, and has numerous representatives in Jefferson county, among whose pioneers were several of the name.  They and their descendants have been reckoned among the thrifty, upright and industrious citizens, most of whom have been tillers of the soil. All of the name in the United states are believed to be of one great family, the progeny of a pioneer at New Haven, Connecticut.

(I) William Ives sailed from England in the ship "True Love" in 1635, being then twenty-eight years of age, and landed at Boston. He was a member of the Davenport colony which settled at New Haven in 1637-8, and was one of the signers of the Civil Compact in 1639. He died there about 1648, and his widow Hannah subsequently married a Dr. Bassett. Of William Ives children there were four, namely: John, Joseph, Phoebe and Daniel.

(II) John, eldest child of William and Hannah Ives, was the first of the name to settle in Wallingford, where he was one of the early residents, the settlement being effected in 1671. He was a farmer in that part of the town which is now the town of Meriden, Connecticut. His wife was Hannah Merriman, from one of the first families at New Haven.
Their children were:


(III) Gideon, fourth child and third son of John and Hannah Ives, was married February 20, 1706, to Mary Royce, a daughter of Joseph and Mary (Porter) Royce, and granddaughter of Robert Royce, who was early in Massachusetts and a pioneer at Stratford, Connecticut. He finally settled at New London, where he was prominent for many years and lived to a great age. Mary (Royce) Ives died October 15, 1742, aged fifty-six years. Their children were:  Sarah, Jotham, Amasa, Rhoda, Martha, AmasaRhoda, Martha, Amasa (2), Gideon, Joel, Mary, Susannah, and Esther.

(IV) Jotham, second child and eldest son of Gideon and Mary Ives, was born September 20, 1710, in Wallingford, and was married February 28, 1736, to Abigail Burroughs. He died September 2, 1753, being eighteen days short of forty-three years old. Most of his children settled in Cheshire, then a part of Wallingford, and were farmers.

(V) Jotham Ives was born in 1743, in Cheshire, Connecticut, and removed early in life to Torringford, Litchfield county, same colony, where he spent his days almost exclusively in agricultural pursuits, and died in April, 1823. He married Anna Foster, and the following children were born to them: Joel, born in Torrington, died in Brookfield, New York. He married Anna Goodwin, who was born in Torrington, and they had a daughter Julia. The last named, born in Brookfield, married a Scott, and had a daughter Lucy born in 1802. Lucy Scott married Benjamin Maxon and resided in Houndsfield, this county. Their daughter, Sophia, married Jay Dimmick, and they were the parents of Rufus Maxon Dimmick, now a resident of Houndsfield.

Anna, second child of Jotham and Anna Foster Ives, was born September 26, 1773, in Torrington, and died August, 1859. She became the wife of Samuel Hall, who was born April 3, 1771, in Wallingford, Connecticut, and died in 1841. Their children were: Levi, born September, 1796, in Brookfield, New York, and died at the age of ten years; Martin, April 14, 1798; Ira, August 26, 1800; settled in Houndsfield; Hiram, June 27, 1802, died in Houndsfield, in 1835; Joel, February 16, died at twelve; Anna, June, 1807, died 1831; Samuel, January 26, 1810.

Lucy, third child of Jotham and Anna (Foster) Ives, was born in Torrington, in 1775.

(VI) Jotham, fourth child and second son of Jotham and Anna (Foster) Ives, was born June 8, 1777, in Torrington, Connecticut, and died in the town of Watertown, April 5, 1841. He married Amy Scott, who was born June 6, 1777, and died in Watertown, September 20, 1864. Their children were: Amanda, born March 2, 1802, married Henry White, and died _____; Garrett, born January 8, 1806, in the town of Watertown; Amy Ann, born August 6, 1816, died April 25, 1831.

Jotham Ives during the year 1800 came from Connecticut and located land in the eastern part of Watertown, near the present village of Burrville. He returned to Torrington in the following winter and came again to Watertown in 1801. He located permanently in that year in the extreme western part of the town, in the district now called "Field's Settlement." He purchased his land by contract in 1801, and received his deed August 20, 1802. He became a large land owner, and is said raised the first wheat in the town. Mr. Ives was a man of strong will and great industry, and became prominent not only in the town but in the county. He made a success where others might fail, and left his impress upon the young community.

(VII) Garrett Ives, the eldest son and second child of Jotham and Amy (Scott) Ives, was born January 8, 1806, in the town of Watertown, on his father's homestead. His ecucation was supplied by the common schools of his native town and at Lowville Academy. He assisted his father on the home farm and followed farming all his life. He was a breeder of fine horses and an extensive dealer in cattle, which he prepared for the market. For a number of years he was the owner and operator of the grist mill in the village of Watertown, and he took part in the establishment of early financial institutions, being a stockholder of the Jefferson County Bank, and the present prosperous condition of that institution may be attributed to the conservative management of such men as Mr. Ives in its initial progress. He was a Democrat in politics, and was the nominee of his party at one time for member of the assembly, but was defeated because of the strong opposition majority in the district. He was respected by his townsmen as a man of strong personality and upright career, a sound and successful citizen.

He married (first) Lorinda Lamon, born in 1812, daughter of Francis and Philena Lamon ( see Lamon ). She died January 20, 1831, leaving an only child, Francis Ives, born December 25, 1830. He died January 7, 1897, in Watertown.

Mr. Ives married (second) Louisa, widow of Elihu Sheppard, born Read. She was born in 1806, and died in August, 1847. Her children were: Brayton Charles, Titus and Lewis G.
The first was born July 28, 1834, died near Fort Clark, Texas, June 20, 1857; his education was received at the common school near his home, the Black River Institute at Watertown, and at the National Military College at West Point, from which he graduated, and was commissioned a lieutenant in the regular army. While on the way to his post of duty at Fort Clark, he was stricken with fever which tormented his life. He was brilliant and handsome, standing six feet in height, and his untimely death was regretted by many outside of his immediate family.

Garrett Ives married for his third wife Eliza Stewart, daughter of John and Olive Stewart. She was born December 2, 1824, in the town of Pamelia, and died May 7, 1894, at the home of her son in Watertown. A sketch of the son appears in a later paragraph.

(VIII) Titus, son of Garrett and Louisa (Read) Ives, was born October 2, 1836, on the parental homestead and became a farmer and breeder of fine horses. He died unmarried April 19, 1903.

(VIII_) Lewis Garrett Ives, third son of Garrett and Louisa (Read) Ives, was born July 20, 1847, in the town of Watertown. The schools of his home and the city of Watertown supplied his education, and he remained upon the farm until he attained his majority. He then located on his present extensive farm on the road between Rice's Corners and Field's Settlement. He dwelt upon and tilled this place twenty-nine years and still manages it, though his residence has recently been removed to Rices. In 1898 he purchased the cheese factory at that point, which he has successfully conducted to the present time. Mr. Ives aims to keep abreast of progress in agricultural methods as in everything else, and is a useful member of Star Grange, No. 9. of Houndsfield. In politics he follows the traditions of the family and adheres to the Democratic party, but gives little time to political movements, being fully occupied in caring for his numerous business interests. He is one of the most substantial and worthy citizens of his town, and is held in respect by his neighbors.

He was married December 25, 1873, to Mary Jane Livermore, a daughter of Fred M. and Mary A. (Frost) Livermore, of the town of Houndsfield. She was born December 12, 1849, and is the mother of a son, Lewis Garrett Ives, born October 14, 1874, on his father's farm in the town of Watertown. He received his education in the local public schools at home and in the city of Watertown, and resides with his father and assists in the conduct of the farm and factory. He also adheres to the political principles of the family, and is a young man of energy and business ability. He was married November 12, 1896, to Emma May, daughter of Harvey Collins and Emma Herrick Rice. She was born November 26, 1876, and they have one child, Mabel Grace, born July 3, 1898.

(VIII) Fred Stewart Ives, only child of Garrett and Eliza (Stewart) Ives, was born August 18, 1856, near the city line of Watertown, on the road from that city to Brownsville. His education was received at the public schools of the town and city of Watertown. In the vacation periods he was busy in the labors of the farm, and was thus early accustomed to the use of his hands and body, as well as of his mind. He inherited the sound qualities that have made the Ives family noted among the thrifty and respectable citizens of this republic. In time he purchased a farm for himself, on which he now resides. It is located in the southwestern part of the town of Watertown, on the road from Rice's to Field's Settlement, and here he was successfully engaged in farming and the breeding of fine horses and cattle. These command the best prices in the market, because of his care and judgement in selection. He is an industrious and prudent business man, a good citizen, and has the respect of those who know him. In politics, he acts with the Democratic party.

Mr. Ives was married October 28, 1886, to Miss Martha Ann Fields, who was born January 12, 1867, in Sackets Harbor. She is a granddaughter of John Fields, who was born in Scotland and located at Sackets Harbor on coming to America. John, son of John Fields, was born January 17, 1845, in Sackets Harbor, and was married October 31, 1865, to Anna Stokes, who died January 13, 1893. Her daughter, Martha A., is the wife of Fred S. Ives as above noted. The only child of Mr. and Mrs. Ives, Grovine Sadie, was born December 10, 1902, in the house where her parents now reside. Two adopted children complete the family, namely: Maud Spooner, born March 23, 1891, in the city of Watertown, and Arthur John, born September 23, 1893, in the same place.

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