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Alexander Jacobs appears first in Jefferson County as a young man of 25 years, in the town of LeRay. The submitter, Carol O'Dey, has included census information to help you verify her facts.

1840 Census, New York, Jefferson, LeRay

Line 14: ALEXANDER JACOBS age 25
1 male (20-30) and 2 females (15-20) ?
- - - as with ALL census info, take this with a grain of salt. I'm thinking there should be 1 female in the 20-30 range i.e. Emily the mother/wife and 1 female in the under 5 range since daughter Mary is age 12 on 1850 census.

Line 13: ISRAEL HINES age 25 (HINES is the maiden name of Adelia's mother, Emily, info gleaned from Adelia's death cert)
3 males, 1 20-30, 1 30-40, 1 40-50
2 females under 5 and 1 female 20-30

1840 Census New York, Jefferson, Watertown, Line 20:
1 male under 5; 2 males 5-10; 1 male 15-20
1 female 20-30; 1 female 50-60; 1 female 60-70

1850 Census New York, Jefferson, Rutland
Alexander Jacobs, 35 Shoemaker, NY
Emily 33 NY
Mary 12 NY
Celia 10 NY
Delia (our Adelia) 8 NY
Jason 4 NY

1850 Census New York, Jefferson, LeRay
Israel Hines 35 Farmer , NY
Osborn Hines 40 Farmer, NY Deaf
Catherine Hines 70 NY
Lydia Belcher 20 NY
Elizabeth Jacobs 70 Pennsylvania

1850 Census, New York, Jefferson, Watertown, Line 13:
Abagail 34 NY
Lyman 11 NY
Clark 5 NY
Philo 3 NY
Boy not named 2/12 NY

Line 11:
Chandler Clark(Clark is Abagail Russell's maiden name)28 none (?) NY
Azeneth Clark 67 Connecticut

Line 6:
George W. Russell(our great grandfather) 19 Laborer NY
Harriet Russell (younger sister) 16 NY

1. not exactly sure why these two are living apart from the rest of the Stephen Russell family - - perhaps it has/had something to do with the unnamed 2 month old boy? or perhaps they were simply industrious young people setting out to make their own way in the world? or perhaps Abigail wasn't their mom. If you do the math she'd have been very young to be 19 year old George's mother.

2. Also, we've never been able to tie our George W. (also seen as W.G; Washington George; ) to this Stephen Russell family. We have a wonderful narrative from another Russell cousin (Larry McCumber) written by Larry's Uncle Wesley that speaks of Grampa Philo and his brothers, Clark, Lyman and Wash (who was also referred to as Washburn/e).
The one thing that could possibly shed some light on this matter, W.G's death certificate, continues to elude us. He died in Tilden, Nebraska in 1905. We have his obit and have visited his grave. The narrative also speaks of Aunt Hat, and Larry's box of genealogical "goodies" that he inherited contained pictures of members of not only Philo and Lyman's families but also members of John's mother, Vera's immediate family. So there HAS to be a close kinship. Prior to 2002 Larry and John didn't even know of each other's existence.

1860 Census New York, Jefferson, Rutland, Line 1:
Alexander Jacobs 44 Shoe Manufacturer NY
Emily 43 NY
Celia 20 Serving NY
Adelia 18 Serving NY
Jason 13 NY
Emerett(?) (f) 8 NY
Frederick 4 NY

1860 finds the STEPHEN RUSSELL family now living in Bangor,Van Buren County, Michigan.
Abigail and sons
Lyman 21;
Clark G. 15;
Philo M. 13;
Charles G. 10;
and Frederick G. 4 (born in Michigan)

Daughter/sister Harriet has married George Vincent, has two daughters, Orabell 9 born NY and Evaline 2 born Michigan all of whom are also living in Bangor, Van Buren County.

I can't, however, find either Israel Hines or, and more frustratingly, our W.G. Russell. Don't know if he's in Michigan also with the family, or stayed in New York. We know for a fact that in 1861 he was in Felts Mills, Jefferson County NY as that's where he and Adelia were married.

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Carol and John O'Dey

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