1. TRUMAN KILBORN, (son of Captain JOHN and ANNA (SMITH) KILBORN) was born in
Adams, MA.  He removed to Brownville NY in 1804; TRUMAN KILBURN was a taxpayer
in the Town of Orleans in 1824.  He died 6 Sep 1831 at (Twp Orleans?) Brownville,
Jefferson Co.  This family was probably one of those who originally settled in
what is now the Town of Orleans, but appeared to have moved because of the moving
boundaries as Orleans was set off from Brownville.

He married in 1801 at Plainfield, Otsego Co NY 

POLLY COLLINS, (daughter of WILLIAM and POLLY (ROSS) COLLINS) was born 18 Apr
1786.  She d 16 May 1857 and is buried in Clayton Cemetery, Clayton, Jefferson

Children, all but first born Brownville; KILBORN:

+       2     i     ANNIE KILBORN 

+       3     ii    WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN

+       4     iii   MARY KILBORN  

+       5     iv    TRUMAN KILBORN

+       6     v    FREDERICK KILBORN

+       7     vi    JOHN KILBORN

+       8     vii   DANIEL KILBORN

2.  ANNIE KILBORN, daughter of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born (est) 6 Oct 1801 in Plainfield, Otsego Co NY.  Other possible children are: Lucy A. Merrills bp 25 Jun 1848, Clayton Baptist Church, and Emmett Merrills, bp 3 May 1858, Grindstone Island.  They had 8 children in all, according to Payne Kenyon Kilborn.  In the 1880 census, the widowed Anna lived with daughter Caroline Cummings.  Clayton Vital Records say she was 85y, 6m, 6d.  She died 12 Mar 1887  on Grindstone Island, Town of Clayton, Jefferson Co NY and was buried in Thurso Cemetery there.

She married  

RANSOM MERRILLS who was born  c1798 in Oneida Co. NY (or in birth record) and died 18 Apr 1879.  He was buried in Thurso Cemetery on Grindstone, also.  Ransom Merrill of the town of Lyme, 20 Jan 1834, bought or sold land on Point Peninsula.  In 1853, of the town of Clayton, he bought land on Grindstone Island.  Emmet Dodge (Grindstone Island, Hawn Library, Clayton) said they "came from Cape Vincent and settled on Grindstone in 1853 at what is known as Grindstone Point, the rocks being of sandstone, thus its name."  Ransom & Anna "of the town of Lyme" bought land in 1836.


     9          i      ANGELINE MERRILLS b 9 Dec 1830; m (---) SWARTOUT

     10          ii      MERINDA MERRILLS b 1835 d 1854

+   11         iii      TRUMAN K. MERRILL b 25 Jul 1837, d 19 Feb 1907, m SARAH ELMIRA JOY

+  12           iv     CAROLINE MERRILLS b c1841, d 7 Mar 1890

+  13           v      LESTER MERRILL

+  14           vi      EMARETTA MERRILLS  b c1845, d 3 Oct 1882

   15           vii      LUCY A. MERRILLS bp 25 Jun 1848

   16           viii      EMMETT MERRILLS bp 3 May 1858

3. WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN, son of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS , was born 11 July 1807 in the Town of Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co. NY. He was born near the village on the St. Lawrence River. He was on the rolls of St. Lawrence Methodist Church by 1861. Dismissed before 1871. Is this St. Lawrence Corners? He moved to Marsilles, LaSalle Co. IL after 1860 but before 1874 because this is where his wife died. He moved to Petoskey, Emmet Co. MI 1877 (Probably with his son WILLIAM RILEY. He remarried in Petoskey on 29 June 1880 to MARY E. WALLACE who was then 43 years old. MARY outlived her husband and died some time before 6 Dec 1905. WC died at his home at the corner of Grove Street and Waukazoo Avenue. His funeral took place from his residence and his body was taken on the evening train to Marseilles, IL and buried next to HARRIET. He died 30 May 1887 in Petoskey He married (1) 1830 in Clayton, Jefferson Co NY HARRIET HAYES, who was born 27 Apr 1810 and died 6 Feb 1874 in Marseilles, IL. and is buried there. Children of WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN and HARRIET HAYES:   17          i      ANGELINE KILBORN b 9 Dec 1830, d 7 Jan 1833   18          ii      CHARLES KILBORN b 27 Oct 1833, d 27 Oct 1833   19          iii      WILLIAM KILBORN b27 Apr 1835, d Dec 1835   20          iv      ISABELLE KILBORN b 23 Nov 1836, d 1887/1905, m GEORGE P. KENNEY. She died between Nov 1887 and 6 Dec 1905; married between 1860 and 1880. She lived in Antwerp 1887.   21          v      JULIA KILBORN b 1837/1840, d 1844/1850 +  22          vi      EDWARD CLINTON KILBORN b 27 Nov 1840, d 26 Apr 1872   23          vii      FREDERICK KILBORN +  24          viii      WILLLIAM RILEY KILBORN +  25          ix      MARY ELLEN KILBORN He married (2) in Petoskey on 29 June 1880 to MARY E. WALLACE

4. MARY KILBORN, daughter of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born c1810. William Rouse, in his letter to Sanford Collins, called her Polly Keys. Listed in Town of Clayton Cemetery Records as Polly Keys She died 25 August 1847 and was buried in Depauville Cemetery, Depauville, NY. She married KIMBALL KEYES (KYES), son of AARON & SALLY (---) KEYES. Kimball appears to have been a JP in Depauville; see Jeff Co VR marriages, Twp Clayton, will of Aaron Keys, census NYS Oswego Co Albion, 1850, 1860. Also Keyes Notebook RPF Genealogy Room and Keyes, Asa: Genealogy of Robert Keyes of Watertown MA p303. Children of MARY (POLLY) KILBORN and KIMBALL KEYES: + 26          i      THOMAS KYES b 14 Nov 1833, d 25 Mar 1912   27          ii      DANIEL KEYES b c1837 + 28          iii      GEORGE WASHINGTON KEYES b 1841   29          iv      child KEYES d 23 Aug 1847 5 TRUMAN KILBORN, son of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born c1812 in Brownville, NY. He was a farmer. He married (1) ADELIA MOODY He married (2) JANE SPERRY, daughter of STEPHEN and FANNY (BRADLEY) SPERRY Children (unsure of mother)   30          i      MINERVA KILBORN b c1843 + 31          ii      GILES KILBORN b 27 Aug 1849, d 23 Feb 1923        + 32          iii      TRUMAN KILBORN b Feb 1854, d 14 Apr 1928   33          iv      SUELLA KILBORN b c1856   34          v       EUGENE KILBORN b c1859   35          vi      MARY KILBORN b c1859 Census NYS Jeff Co Clayton, 1860 p477 Kilborn Notebook RPF Genealogy Room Source: History and Antiquities of the name and family of Kilbourn: Truman Kilbourn Jr b Brownville NY; m 1)Adelia Moody; 2)Jane Sperry - had three children

6. FREDERICK KILBORN son of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born 1815, Cape Vincent NY. He died 1839. He married 1837 TRITHENA SPENCER. Child of FREDERICK KILBORN and TRITHENA SPENCER.   36          i      ALONZO KILBORN (Source: Kilborn Notebook at RPF Genealogy Room)

7. JOHN KILBORN, son of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born c1820. He married MARY ANN NOBLE, b c1820. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Scriba, NY. Children of JOHN KILBORN and MARY ANN NOBLE: + 37          i    FRANKLIN P. KILBORN  b 14 Sep 1828   38          ii      SARAH E. KILBORN   39          iii      TRUMAN KILBORN b est 1832, d 1843   40          iv      MARY KILBORN b c1837   41          v      NANCY MARIA KILBORN   42          vi      ADALINE KILBORN b c1840   43          vii      FRANCES KILBORN b c1852   44          viii      JOHN KILBORN b c1854   45          ix      FREDERICK KILBORN b c1856

8. DANIEL KILBORN, son of TRUMAN KILBORN and POLLY COLLINS was born c1824. He married ANGELINE HILL DANIEL married twice, another wife being CATHARIN (---). There is no way to determine which wife had which children. Children of DANIEL KILBORN:   46          i      EDWARD KILBORN   47          ii      TRUMAN KILBORN   48          iii     GERTRUDE KILBORN     49          iv     FREDERICK KILBORN   50          v      CHARLES KILBORN

11. TRUMAN K. MERRILL, son of ANNIE KILBORN and RANSOM MERRILLS was born 25 Jul 1837 in NYS. He attended Clayton Center School, District # 17, Twp Clayton, Jeff Co NY, in 1847 and 1850. An unnamed Merril also attended in 1850. The 1880 census says he was b NY, father VT, mother NY. George Fisher said he lived at 1033 Emmet St., Petoskey, MI. He first appears in Michigan after 1880. His death certificate says he was married at age 20, and fathered 9 children, of which 6 were living at the time of his death. Occupation listed as boatbuilder in MI He died 19 Feb 1907 in Petosky, MI. and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Petosky. He married c1857 SARAH ELMIRA JOY, daughter of TRUXON (?) JOY and (---) WALSWORTH. She was born 3 Feb 1839 in Ontario, Canada. The 1875 census gives her birthplace as Ontario. Living with them is Mrs. Hutchinson, born in Essex Co. Perhaps her mother? George Merrill Fisher, in an email of 13 Sep 2000, stated that her son Lyman listed his mother as Sarah Joy. She died 19 Feb 1907 and she is buried with Truman Merrill, in the family plot (grave 5). Children of TRUMAN K. MERRILL and SARAH ELMIRA JOY:   51          i      DELMER MERRILLS 1875 census gives birthplace as Ontario. Jefferson County Poorhouse records, found in Flower Library, give "Merrill, Delmore; DOE 26 Oct 1874; age 17; Prior res: Clayton, son of Freeman Merrill, Disc: 15 Feb 1875. From Gary Fisher: aka Delbert. Died some time bef 1902, and is buried with sister STELLA in Greenwood Cemetery, Petoskey.   52          ii       ANNA MERRILLS b est 1860, m 5 Oct 1881 in Emmet Co. MI WILLIAM RANDALL; d bef 1938   53          iii      LYMAN R. MERRILL b 1863, d 17 Sep 1938   54         iv     AMARETTA MERRILL b 1865   55         v      RANSOM T. MERRILL b 19 Feb 1868, d 21 Oct 1940   56         vi      LILLIAN MAY MERRILLS b est 1872   57         vii      CORA MERRILL b est 1874   58         viii      STELLA MERRILLS b est 1879   59          ix      WILLIS MERRILL d bef 1902

12. CAROLINE MERRILLS daughter of ANNIE KILBORN and RANSOM MERRILLS was born c1841 in New York State. She died of tuberculosis at age 49, according to the Vital Records. She married 28 Feb 1859 PHILANDER CUMMINGS, son of THOMAS and SARAH CUMMINGS, who was born 1821. Rexford Ennis compiled a genealogy of Grindstone Island, and found this information: Philander died aged 77 y 8m, a widowed farmer, of Rheumatoid arthritis, and was buried on Grindstone Island. Emmet Dodge, in his short history of Grindstone Island (Hawn Library genealogy room) "Philander Cummings married twice, his first wife being a Merrill girl". He died 9 Apr 1900 and was buried in Thurso cemetery, Grindstone Island Children of CAROLINE MERRILLS and PHILANDER CUMMINGS:   60          i      BYRON CUMMINGS b est 1853   61          ii      MILO CUMMINGS b 5 Sep 18 1860, d 21 Jul 1931   62          iii      JESSE CUMMINGS b est 1874

13. LESTER MERRILL He married CHLOEY (---)   63          i      CYNTHIA M. MERRILL b 24 Aug 1847

14. EMARETTA MERRILLS daughter of ANNIE KILBORN and RANSOM MERRILLS was born c1845, and died 3 Oct 1882. She was buried in Grove Cemetery, LaFargeville, Town of Orleans, Jefferson County NY. She married SAMUEL PATTERSON, a farmer who was born 1839. He died 7 Sep 1887 and was also buried in Grove Cemetery. Children of EMARETTA MERRILLS and SAMUEL PATTERSON:   64          i      ELSIE PATTERSON b est 1868   65          ii      HATTY PATTERSON b est 1869, d 1872   66          iii      HARRIET M. PATTERSON b est 1871   67          iv      CARRIE M. PATTERSON b est 1871, d 10 Aug 1887   68          v      BERTHA C. PATTERSON b 1874, d 11 Feb 1904   69          vi      ANNIE PATTERSON b 4 Feb 1878, d 21 Dec 1917   70          vii      EDNA PATTERSON b est Oct 1879   71          viii      LAURA PATTERSON b 1882, d 24 Dec 1882

22. EDWARD CLINTON KILBORN, son of WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN and HARRIET HAYES was born 27 Nov 1840. He served during the Civil War in Battery H of the 1st Regiment of the NY Light Artillery. He was a farmer at Cape Vincent NY. He died 26 Apr 1872 at Cape Vincent and was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Cape Vincent, Jeff Co NY He married in 6 Feb 1866 Cape Vincent FRANCES CHARITY ESSELSTYNE, daughter of WILLIAM ESSELSTYNE and MARIA HALLENBECK. She was born 15 Nov 1846 at Cape Vincent and died 23 Nov 1884. She was buried in Riverside Cemetery, Cape Vincent. Children of EDWARD CLINTON KILBORN and FRANCES CHARITY ESSELSTYNE:   72          i      JOHN RILEY KILBORN b 19 Aug 1868, d 9 Jul 1944   73          ii     CLINTON WILLIAM KILBORN b 22 Dec 1869, d 18 Apr 1960   74          iii     CLARENCE HENRY KILBORN b 22 Apr 1869, d 25 Apr 1958   75          iv     MARY KILBORN

24. WILLLIAM RILEY KILBORN, son of WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN and HARRIET HAYES was born 16 Feb 1845 according to the Kilborn notebook. He was baptized 1861, and died 27 Oct 1907 in Detroit, MI. He married 25 Aug 1870 in LaSalle Co. IL ANJEANETTE (Nettie) ELIZABETH MOREY, daughter of VIVALDIA MOREY and ELIZABETH BROWN, who was born 23 Mar 1849 in Newark, IL. She died 21 Feb 1932 in Ann Arborn, MI. Children of WILLLIAM RILEY KILBORN and ANJEANETTE (Nettie) ELIZABETH MOREY:   76          i      FRED RILEY KILBORN b 7 Jan 1872 Marseilles, IL   77          ii      CHESTER VIVALDIA KILBORN b 23 Dec 1873, d 20 Jan 1893   78          iii      KENNETH EDWARD KILBORN b 17 Jul 1877   79          iv      ESTHER BELLE KILBORN b 2 Jan 1888

25. MARY ELLEN KILBORN, daughter of of WILLIAM COLLINS KILBORN and HARRIET HAYES was born 27 Dec 1849 in Jefferson County NY and died 18 Mar 1869 in Marseilles, IL. She was buried in Marseilles. She married ARTHUR RYALL Child of MARY ELLEN KILBORN and ARTHUR RYALL: MARY E. RYALL b 27 Dec 1869.

26.  THOMAS KYES, son of MARY (POLLY) KILBORN and KIMBALL KEYES was born 14 Nov 1833 Town of Clayton, Jefferson County NY. Keyes, Asa: Genealogy of Robert Keyes of Watertown MA c1880 p303: Thomas, son of Kimball, still carries on the [coopers] trade in Watertown. He died 25 Mar 1912 in Petosky, Emmet Co. MI. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Petosky. He married 30 Jun 1859 in Harrisburg, Lewis Co. NY MARY E. SHERWIN, who was born 4 May 1823 Harrisburg and died 3 Jul 1912. She was also buried in Greenwood Cemetery. Children of THOMAS KYES and MARY E. SHERWIN:   77          i      LUCY A. KYES.

28. GEORGE WASHINGTON KEYES b 1841   78          i         79          ii      

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