Jefferson County, NY Pioneers



1. HENRY LARUE was born 7 October 1755 in Bergen Co., NJ, and died 1 March 1850 in Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., NY. He is buried in the Brookside Cemetery in Plessis. Henry's parents were JACOBUS LARUE and REBECKA BERTHOLF. Henry married 1st on 24 Feb. 1780 to MARIETJE (MARY) MANDEVILLE, who was born 9 Nov. 1753 in Pompton Plains, NJ. She was the daughter of PETER MANDEVILLE AND MARIA BERTOLF of Pompton Plains, Morris Co., NY. Mary died about 1806 in Leeds Co., Ontario Canada. The couple had ten children. After her death, Henry married 2nd to BETSEY EMMONS on 10 April 1808 in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY, by Hugh Orr, Justice of the Peace. Betsey was born in Connecticut in 1773 and her brother, IRA EMMONS, born CT in 1782. Henry Larue and Crynis Larue are on a list of the Historical Society of the Town of Warwick, NY as men who served in the Revolutionary War. CRYNIS LARUE, brother of Henry, born 1762. Warwick NY plans to have a town plaque with the names of all who served from Orange County and both Henry and Crynis are named on the list.

JACOBUS LARUE, Henry's father, married on 12 March 1742 in the Acquackanonk Ref. Ch. NJ to REBECCA BERTHOLF, daughter of Crynius Bertholf and Anatie Ryerse. Jacobus was born 1721 in Ramapo; and died in Warwick, Orange Co., NY 1781. Rebecca was baptized 15 Mar. 1724 in the Hackensack Ref. Ch. and died in Warwick, NY, also in 1781. Jacobus Larue appears on the 1775 assessment roll for Orange County NY. A descendant, who uses the old Larue spelling of "Laroe", notes the couple are buried in the Locust Hill Cemetery off route 94 between Warwick and Chester, NY. The descendant also states that the couple died within 24 hours of each other and were buried at the same time. Crynis, brother of Henry, also had moved to Warwick and had two wives; his first was not known, was thought to be RAYNOR, but his second was JOANNA HOWELL; he and his two wives are buried in the Locust Hill Cemetery. He also had ten children.

Henry was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. On October 15, 1834, Henry Larue was a resident of Oneonta, Otsego Co NY when he applied for his pension in the Court of Common Pleas. He stated:

"was born 7 Oct. 1755 in Bergen Co NJ. At age 10 years he moved with his father to Warwick, Orange Co NY; in 1788 he moved to Yonge, Upper Canada. In 1806 he moved to Otsego Co NY and served in the NY Militia under Captain PETER BARTHOLF."

Betsey Emmons Larue applied for a widow's pension in the same court on 14 March 1855, at age 81, at which time she was a resident of Oneonta, Otsego Co NY.

Children of Henry Larue and Marietje Mandeville:

            2          i           JACOBUS (JAMES) LARUE born 1780 NJ; served in War of 1812 while in Canada and married HANNAH ANDRESS. Hannah was born 17 March 1824 in Ontario and died 25 Feb 1901 in Tuscola Co. MI. James was her first husband; she married 2nd JOSHUA WATSON on 12 Feb. 1861 in Brockville, CA. Hannah was the daughter of THOMAS ANDRESS, born 1793 in CA and HANNAH WOOD, born 1796 CA. Thomas Andress married 2nd to ELIZABETH WOOD, born 9 Nov. 1791 CA, sister of his first wife. Source: Cain Family Geneal.

            3          ii          MARIA (POLLY) born 2 Sept. 1781 NJ; married JOHN HAGERMAN, a United Empire Loyalist

            4          iii          PETER LARUE born 31 July 1783 in Pompton Plains NJ; married FANNY MOSHER.

            5          iv          HENDRICK LARUE born 1785 NJ

            6          v          CRYNIS LARUE born 18 July1787 Pompton Plains, NJ and died Sept. 1871; married (1) HANNAH GRIFFIN died 1811 and (2) POLLY BAXTER.

            7          vi          REBECCA LARUE born 27 Aug. 1792 Canada; died 22 Oct 1856 in Dunham Co Ontario CA; married 16 Aug. 1810 to NATHANIEL POWERS who was born 25 Feb 1787 in Charleston, Cheshire NH and died 6 June 1862 in Durham Co., CA. He was the son of NATHANIEL POWERS born 1754 , and married 1776 in Madrid, St. Lawrence Co NY to JERUSHA HART, born 1757, daughter of CONSTANT HART. Constant Hart and Nathaniel Powers both, it is claimed, served in the Revolutionary War.

            8          vii          RACHEL LARUE born 1793 died 22 Oct 1856 in CA; married (1)HEMAN DOCKHAM, (2)JAMES BRADSHAW

            9          viii          HIRAM LARUE b Yonge, CA

            10          ix          HORACE LARUE born Yonge, CA

            11          x          SAMUEL LARUE born Yonge, CA

       3. MARIA (POLLY) LARUE daughter of Henry Larue and Marietje Mandeville was born 2 Sept. 1781 NJ. She married JOHN HAGERMAN, a United Empire Loyalist

Children of Maria Larue and John Hagerman:

            12          xi          HENRY LARUE HAGERMAN born 1 Dec 1806

            13          xii          RICHARD F. HAGERMAN born 22 Dec. 1808

            14          xiii          RACHEL J. HAGERMAN born 1818

            15          xiv          JOHN HAGERMAN

            16          xv          MARY ANN HAGERMAN

            17          xvi          WILLIAM HAGERMAN

            18          xvii          CHARLES H. HAGERMAN

            19          xviii          NORMAN HAGERMAN

Source: Marg Hunter

4. PETER LARUE son of Henry Larue and Marietje Mandeville was born 31 July 1783 in Pompton Plains NJ; married FANNY MOSHER. She was born about 1799, daughter of LEWIS MOSHER and MARY FREEMAN, and married Peter on 19 Sept. 1821 in Ontario. She died 21 Nov. 1870 in Breedsville, MI. Peter died 16 Sept 1870, also in Breedsville. In 1850, Peter and Fanny were living next door to his stepmother, Betsey Larue, in Alexandria Bay. NY. Lewis Mosher was born about 1756 and died before 11 Nov. 1815 on Wolfe Island, Ontario CA. Mary Freeman was born about 1756 in New York and she died after 5 Feb. 1835 in Ontario.

Children of Peter Larue and Fanny Mosher born in Canada:

            20          i          MARY LARUE born __

            21          ii          CHILD born __

            22          iii          ELIZABETH LARUE born 1822

            23          iv          CHILD born 1824

            24          v          JAMES REUBEN LARUE born 1828; married CHRISTINA CAMPBELL at Chadwick's Hotel in Theresa, Jefferson Co on 1 Nov. 1859 by Rev. C. W. Treadwell. Christie was born 14 Sept. 1836 in Oneida Co NY, the daughter of ALEXANDER CAMPBELL and CHRISTINE BROWN, both natives of Scotland. At the time of the marriage James was farming in the town of Alexandria and later moved to Breedsville MI where he conducted a general store and drug store.

When James died about 1871, Christie Ann Larue returned to Alexandria with her son, James Frank Larue, who was the only surviving child. Christie Larue's daughter, Dixie Larue, born 1860 and died 22 Feb. 1864. Christie lived in Alexandria and saw her son reach adulthood and eventually a judgeship. In about1907 she moved to Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., to live with her son, JAMES FRANK LARUE, who was born 1861; died 1930. Christie Ann died 13 July 1927 and is buried in the Plessis Cemetery, the same cemetery where Henry Larue is buried.

See Campbell Notes at the end of the Larue lineage.

            25          i          RACHEL LARUE bc 1830

            26          ii         SARAH LARUE bc 1834

            27          iii         ELIZA ANN LARUE bc 1837

            28          iv         CHILD born 1840

            29          v          FANNY MARIA LARUE born 1844

6. CRYNIS LARUE son of Henry Larue and Marietje Mandeville was born 18 July1787 Pompton Plains, NJ and died Sept. 1871; married 1)HANNAH GRIFFIN died 1811 and 2)POLLY BAXTER. Criness (alternate spelling) died 7 Oct. 1871 in Breedsville, Van Buren, MI. He was a widowed carpenter at his death.

Children of Crynis Larue and Hannah Griffin:

            30          i          SAMUEL LARUE born 10 Aug 1811; died 10 Mar. 1882; married 29 Feb 1832 to JANE DIXON, born 1813 in Dublin, Ireland and died 1903 in Jackson, MI

Children of Crynis Larue and Polly Baxter:

            31          i          SOPHIA LARUE born 23 Oct. 1824 CA; died 1917; married 1st in1846 to GEORGE GRIFFIN and 2nd on 22 Sept. 1858 to ROBERT NESBITT

            32          ii          HORACE LARUE born 1818

            33          iii          LAURA LARUE born 1821

7. RACHEL LARUE daughter of Henry Larue and Marietje Mandeville was born 1793 died 22 Oct 1856 in CA; married (1) HEMAN DOCKHAM and in 1829 to (2) JAMES BRADSHAW

Children of Rachel Larue and Heman Dockham:

            34          i          SAMUEL DOCKHAM; married RHODA L. MOORE

            35          ii          JOHN HAGERMAN DOCKHAM

30. SAMUEL LARUE son of Crynis Larue and Hannah Griffin was born 10 Aug 1811; died 10 Mar. 1882; married 29 Feb 1832 to JANE DIXON, born 1813 in Dublin, Ireland and died 1903 in Jackson, MI

Children Samuel Larue and Jane Dixon:

            36          i          SUSAN LARUE born 24 Sept 1835 in Ontario, CA; died 23 July 1911 N. Dakota; married ZEDDOCK CLARK CHAMPINE in Orono, Dunham Co CA on 9 Oct. 1853

            37          ii          HANNAH REBECCA LARUE born 12 April 1844 in CA; married JOHN T. HOGARD

            38          iii         BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LARUE born 29 June 1846; died 11 Feb 1918; married 6 Oct 1872 to SARAH ANN ORAM

NOTES on ALEXANDER CAMPBELL and CHRISTINE BROWN, parents of Christie Ann Campbell who married James R. Larue. Alexander and Christine Brown Campbell were natives of Scotland and at one time Alexander was a man of considerable wealth in Glasgow. When they emigrated, Alexander settled his family on a farm in Oneida County and then moved to the Town of Pamelia in Jefferson County where he operated a farm until his premature death in 1850. The couple had eleven children. After Alexander died, his wife moved to the Town of Alexandria where she lived for several years on the farm later owned in 1916 by WILLIAM ALLEN. In 1850, Christie Ann was living with her mother in Alexandria NY with two sisters and one brother, her father having died in Pamelia. When Christie died in 1927, she was the last surviving child of the eleven born to the family. Her brother, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, was the founder of a dry goods business in Philadelphia NY. Another brother was EBENEZER CAMPBELL who was for 25 years a customs collector in Alexandria Bay. A third brother was JAMES B. CAMPBELL who was in the Civil War. A fourth brother was PETER CAMPBELL who died in 1915 and his daughter MAUDE CAMPBELL married JOSEPH BAUMERT of Antwerp N. Other siblings were: MRS. JANE FLINT of Plessis NY who died about 1904 in Petoskey, MI; MRS. EMILY PIERCE of Alexandria who died at her daughter's home, MRS. JOSEPH HELMER about 1906 in Plessis. AGNES CAMBPELL unknown.

Christie's son, Judge Larue, died three years after her. He married NELLIE L. YORK, who was the daughter of WILLIAM AND MARGRET (MOSHER) YORK, on 5 July 1892. Their son, FRANK YORK LARUE , born 1905, died 1985, became a lawyer and judge. Frank Y. Larue had a son, Frank Y. Larue Jr who died in1980 with no heirs to the Larue estate.
Source: Gallery Notes compiled on painting of Christie Ann Campbell Larue by Geroux.

Another note of importance regarding Henry Larue; the question is raised as to how Henry could be a patriot and still have received land in Canada after the Revolutionary War, as did at least four of his children. To answer the question, I sent to the Canadian Archives for Henry's petition. Part of the petition was dated January 1793. Henry had made application previously to the Canadian Landboard and received a grant for Lot 27 of the 4th Concession in Elizabethtown (now Brockville) , which was taken up previous to his application by someone else. So, it seems that Henry had performed a settlement duty on the north half of Lot No. 22 in the First Concession in the Township of Yonge, Ontario, Canada and was asking the Landboard to confirm his request. Henry would have arrived in Canada in 1788, per his American pension application information. Once in Canada his settlement duty required him to build a dwelling and clear land, which he apparently did in conforming to the settlement requirements. There were several American Revolutionary War veterans who did move to Canada after the war and performed settlement duty, but their loyalty was not in question.

Sources: Fonda List, pension application information; burial records; census records; Canadian Archives; VIR NJ, NY; Canadian records; Reid's List; gallery notes; Marg Hunter

Researched by: M Sapienza 7/2011

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