Has moved to the old Grange Hall in Three Mile Bay at 8718 County Route 5, behind the Lucky Dog Bed and Breakfast. For information call Julie Gosier at 649 - 5452

!!Please be aware that the Lyme Heritage Center's family files concern chiefly those whose ancestors resided at some time in or near the Town of Lyme, Jefferson County, NY. So, if your ancestors have no Town of Lyme connection we probably can't help you!!

The Lyme Heritage Center was established in 1990 to accumulate, preserve, and make available to the public all possible historic or current records and news items concerning the town of Lyme and its people. It is committed to assist researchers and scholars, either in person or by mail, in the use of the contents of our repository. We collect or copy all written, photographed, taped or microfilmed records deemed historically important to our locale. We have committed our resources to furthering interest in local and family history.

A volunteer is on duty 10 to 12 PM Monday and Tuesday, 1:00 to Wednesday and Friday 1 to 3. by calling Julia Gosier at 315-649-5452. You may write queries to Julia Gosier; 28589 Empie Road; Three Mile Bay, NY 13693. We do not charge a user's fee, but gratefully accept donations of money or materials. Patrons are expected to pay costs of postage and photocopying.

We house general history information on the Town of Lyme, and also on the towns of Brownville, Cape Vincent, and Clayton. We have approximately 2,000 family files, and many genealogies. We have census and other records. Some of our records are county-wide. We are constantly adding to our collection of updated cemetery records, early town vital records, early histories and atlases, news notes, early ledgers and miscellaneous histories.

Review of Bedford Diary

The Lyme Heritage Center and Lyme Free Library are presenting the historical journal of John Bedford, also known as the Bedford Diary, an unvarnished look into the everyday life of Jefferson County in its earliest days. What went on in the neighborhood, interesting marriage customs, and a description of the little French foreigners in a backwoods Yankee school (Cape Vincent being heavily settled in that era by French and German immigrants) make this a fascinating read for anyone connected with the American frontier of the early nineteenth century.

John Wiley Bedford spent his early life at Marysburg, Ont., on Grenadier Island, the Town of Cape Vincent and the Town of Lyme before moving to Illinois in 1854. His journal deals with historical and personal issues between the years of 1810 and 1844. Excerpts of this book have appeared previously, but this is the first unabridged reprint, wherein Bedford writes not only about political events of the day but also about his fellow early settlers. The book will appeal to those interested in the history of Northern Jefferson County, and also to those who are interested in the way-of-life of any early settlement. Genealogists will find the book of interest because Bedford names the people in the area and characterizes them, for better or worse.

The 233 page, hard cover book includes a 1000 item index and 20 pages of appendices. The book is offered for $25. Please add $3 if it is to be mailed. To order send name, address, phone number and a check made out to "Lyme Heritage Center" to Julie Gosier, 28589 Empie Road, Three Mile Bay, NY 13693.

Video tapes are available on the following programs hosted by Lyme Heritage Center:
Attending a one room school
These programs were made up of reminiscences of eye witnesses, or participants.

Lyme Heritage Center now has an up to date card file index on all its genealogies.

Lyme Heritage Center Family Files

We are fortunate to have a complete listing of the family files held by Lyme Heritage Center. They are being added to continually. This list was prepared by the staff of Lyme Heritage Center, and is up to date as of Dec 12. Some cautions in using the list: every surname is listed, but many have very little information, perhaps an obituary, or a wedding notice. On the other hand, someone may have donated a family group sheet or a complete family history. There is no guarantee that the person you are looking for, even though she has the same unusual surname listed, will appear in this family file.

Be prepared to pay copying and mailing costs. Lyme Heritage has NO governmental support. A small donation may hurry your request, but understand that members of the extremely small staff have many other calls on their time, so be patient and courteous. As always, those two virtues bring their own reward!

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact:
Nancy Dixon

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