FROM THE 1908 LICENSES: Part: 10


WILLIAMS, JAY CLARK of Chicago, Illinois and
DAVIS, VIOLA A. of Adams Centre, NY married on 10 October 1908 Jeff. Co., NY
Groom: age 49, contractor and builder, born Verona, NY
father: John Williams born Oneida Co., NY mother: Wealthy Clark born Genesee Co., NY
NOTE: his second marriage; divorced Emily Peckham on 4 March 1903 at Sioux City, Iowa
Bride: age 37, born Adams Centre, NY, housekeeper
father: Samuel A. Davis born Oswego Co., NY mother: Emma Dickerson b Jefferson Co., NY
Witnesses:L E. Davis and C.C. Williams
Clergy: E. H. Socwell

SHARP, CLARENCE PETER of Lorraine, Jeff. Co., and
BLISS, EDNA JANET of Ellisburg, Jeff. Co., married on 23 September 1908 at Rural Hill, Jeff. Co.
Groom: age 36, farmer, born Lorraine, NY
father: George Sharp born US mother: Elizabeth Brown born US
Bride: age 32, no occupation, born Ellisburg, NY
father: Rodolphus Bliss born US mother: Ellen Fobes, born US
Witnesses: Mrs. Frank Rayhill and Harry Rayhill
Clergy: R. K. Sheffield

SHAVER, HOWARD JULIUS of Lyons Falls, Lewis Co., NY and
CORNELL, IDA MAY of Mannsville, Jeff. Co., married on 1 October 1908 at Mannsville, Jeff. Co.
Groom: age 23, clerk, born Dexter, NY
father: Jerome Shaver born US mother: Addie Gotham born US
Bride: age 22, teacher, born Worth, NY
father: Sidney E. Cornell born US mother: Ida Richardson born us
Witnesses: Clarence Shaver and Geneva Harris
Clergy: J. Burt Webster

RANDALL, CLAUD ERNEST of Belleville, Jeff. Co., NY and
FELT, MYRTIE ELECTA of Belleville married on 15 September 1908 in Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY
Groom: age 21, farmer, born Ellisburg, NY
father: Ernest W. Randall born US mother: Ellen Clemmons born US
Bride: age 21, no occupation, born Belleville, NY
father: Eli Felt born US mother: Lois Williams born US
Witnesses: Mrs. H. C. Crandall and Miss Caraline Miller
Clergy: W. M. Hydon

SUELFLEISCH, EDWARD H. of Newark, N.J., and
WALDRON, AGNES E. of Sackets Harbor, Jeff. Co., NY married on 4 September 1908 at Dexter, Jeff. Co.
Groom: age 30, soldier, born Newark, NJ
father: Edward H. Suelfleisch born Germany mother: not known, born Germany
Bride: age 29, no occupation born Providence, RI
father: David Cooper born Canada mother: Josephine Perrigo born US
Her second marriage: divorced Chicago, Ill., June 22, 1907
Witnesses: Mrs. Bertha Scanlon and O. H. Moore
Clergy: Wm. H. Underwood, Justice of the Peace

BOND, RHODEN of Sackets Harbor, NY and
JONES, SALLIE of Sackets Harbor married on 15 September 1908 at Sackets Harbor
Groom: age 28, soldier, born North Carolina
father: Nepton Bond born US mother: Elizabeth Williams, born US
Bride: age 24, no occupation, born Virginia
father: William Jones born US mother: Minervia Jones born US
Witnesses: Blanche and Walter Gillworth
Clergy: W. W. E. Gladden, Chaplain, 24 Inf. US Army both parties listed as blacksmith

LEE, JAMES A. of Hounsfield, Jeff. Co., and
FIELD, CARRIE A. of Hounsfield married on 26 August 1908 at Sacketts Harbor, NY
Groom: age 29, farmer, born Hounsfield, NY
father: L. G. Lee born US mother: Ellen Carter born US
Bride: age 31, teacher, born Hounsfield, NY
father: John W. Fields born US mother: Amelia Symond born US
Witnesses: Harry Fields and William Lee
Clergy: Foster L. Cheney

DAWLEY, CLIFFORD of Champion, Jeff. Co., and
JOHNSON, MAE of Champion, married on 5 October 1908 at Carthage, NY
Groom: age 26, pulp maker, born Natural Bridge, NY
father: George Dawley born US mother: Marion Duly born US
His second marriage: first wife deceased
Bride: age 18, housekeeper born Carthage, NY
father: Thos. Johnson born Canada mother: Martha Thoms born Canada
Witnesses: Carl Johnson and Ada L. Overton
Clergy: Harry Handy

VARY, GEORGE of Warrensburg, Lewis Co., NY and
EGGLETON, EDITH of Great Bend, NY married on 9 September 1908 at Great Bend, NY
Groom: age 22, cheesemaker, born Harrisburg, NY
father: Fred Vary born Harrisburg, NY mother: Ida Daflo born NY
Bride: age 26, housekeeper born Canada
father: Lewis Eggleton born Canada mother: Ellnor Bennet Rickert born Canada
Witnesses: Estella P. Sage and Stephen S. Vary
Clergy: Chas. T. Holcombe

KELLER, HENRY of Bishop St., Jeff. Co., NY and
DAVID, GRACE of Henderson, NY married on 21 September 1908 at Adams Center, NY
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 19 Sept. 1908 Mrs. Jessie David consented to marriage of daughter Grace David
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 19 Sept. 1908 Mr. and Mrs. John Kellar consented to the marriage of their son, Henry Kellar who was under 21 years.
Groom: age 19, farmer, born Adams, NY
father: John Keller born Canada mother: Sarah Burly born Canada
Bride: age 16, laborer, born Henderson, NY
father: Geo. David born Canada mother: Jessie Hunter born Genessee Co., NY
Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Guzewich
Clergy: W. Roy Timson

HUBBARD, FERNANDO of Schenectady, NY and
LOOMIS, ELISE of Carthage, Jeff. Co., married on 30 September 1908 in Carthage, NY
Groom: age 24, merchant born West Carthage, NY
father: Armon Hubbard born US mother: Anna McCormick born US
Bride: age 23, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
father: J. A. Loomis born US mother: Francis Potter born US
Witnesses: Chas. H. Hubbard and Ann M. Campbell
Clergy: Frederick W. Allen

GIBSON, GEORGE W. of Peekskill, Westchester Co., NY and
JENKINS, CORA of Watertown, Jeff. Co., married on 30 September 1908 at Watertown, NY
Groom: age 25, air brake inspector, born LeRay, NY
father: Joseph Gibson born Ireland mother: Jane Coulter born Ireland
Bride: age 32, dressmaker, born Town of Orleans, NY
father: Walter Jenkins born Town of Orleans mother: Anna Jenkins born Canada
Witnesses: Ruth Wilcox and Mrs. J. Foster Wilcox
Clergy: J. Foster Wilcox

SAYLES, EARLE W. of Watertown, Jeff. Co., and
REYNOLDS, MAY E. of Watertown married on 3 October 1908 at Watertown, NY
Groom: age 35, civil engineer, born Watertown, NY
father: George N. Sayles born Potsdam, NY mother: Lillis C. Greene born Watertown, NY
Bride: age 33, clerk, born Watertown, NY
father: George S. Reynolds born St. Catherines, Ontario mother: Angie A. Austin born Watertown, NY
Witnesses: Geo. N. Sayles and Lillis E. Sayles
Clergy: Andrew M. Brodie

SMITH, JAMES MERRIL of Emergyville, St. Lawrence Co., NY and
HINDY, JENNIE ELIZABETH. of Watertown, NY married on 10 September 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: age 22, paper maker, born Elsworth, Kansas
father: Byron Smith born NY State mother: Margaret Noble born Kansas
Bride: age 19, no occupation born Natural Bridge, NY
father: John Hindy born NY State mother: Hattie Yerden born NY State
Witnesses: A. H. Yerden and Mrs. A. H. Yerden
Clergy: Geo. H. Nelson

HAYWOOD, HENRY F. of Carthage, NY and
QUINN, MABEL L. of Carthage, NY married on 15 October 1908 in Carthage, NY
Groom: age 21, beater engineer, born Norfolk
father: Cyrus Haywood born US mother Laura LaRoy born Canada
Bride: age 23, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
father: Edward Quinn born Ireland mother: Sarah Melvin born Canada
Witnesses: Ralph Quinn and Sadie Paddock
Clergy: Jho. J. Regnery O.S.A.

SWEETMAN, HENRY P. of Carthage, NY and
DAGGETT, CATHERINE M. of Carthage, married on 26 August 1908 at Carthage, NY
Groom: age 42, superintendent born Croghan, NY
father: Patrick Sweetman born Ireland mother: Rose Mosher born France
Bride: age 29, no occupation, pob not given
father: Sidney Daggett born US mother Agnes Manley b Canada
Witnesses: William H. Fahey and Mary E. Chatelain
Clergy: John J. Regnery O.S.A.

HARLOW, WARREN of Natural Bridge, NY and
DUQUETTE, FLORENCE of Natural Bridge, married on 15 October 1908 at Carthage, NY
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 15 October 1908 Mrs. Katharine Duquette consented to the marriage of daughter Florence, age 18
Groom: age 24, carpenter, born Kansas
father: William Harlow born US mother: Elizabeth Adam born US
Bride: age 16, no occupation born Malone, NY
father: Francis Duquette born US mother: Catherine Troubly born Canada
Witnesses: Katherine Duquette and Bonaleel L. Barnett
Clergy: Joseph W. Banett

DURGAN, HENRY of Carthage, NY and
MOSHER, THERESA of Carthage, NY married on 14 September 1908 in Carthage, NY
Groom: age 21, hotel clerk, born Brasier Falls
father: John Durgan born Canada mother: Mary Newtown born US
Bride: age 21, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
father: Edward Mosher born US mother Jennie Lancore born US
Note: Her second husband, first deceased
Witnesses: Lawrence Caskey and Anna Caskey
Clergy: H. T. Regan

SYKES, FLOYD of Carthage, NY and
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY of Carthage, married on 25 July 1908 in Carthage, NY
Groom: age 29, hotel clerk born Alexandria Bay, NY
father: John Sykes born England mother: Jane Parker born US
Bride: age 21, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
father: Noah Chamberlain born Canada mother: Rose Kimball born US
Witnesses: Harold Kapfer and Lula Sykes
Clergy: H. T. Regan

YOUNGS, SILAS of Herring, Jeff. Co. and
KELLY, CORA of Herring, Jeff. Co., married on 25 September 1908 at Carthage, NY
Groom: age 21, laborer, born Canada
father: Riley Youngs born Canada mother: Elzina Smith born Canada
Bride: age 18, no occupation born Sanford Corners
father: Fenton Kelly born US mother Lucinda Russell born US
Witnesses: Herbert Youngs and Mrs. Alzina Youngs
Clergy: Joseph W. Banett

McCOLLOPS, CLARENCE of Wilna, Jefferson Co., NY and
HART, LILLIAN of Wilna, married on 19 September 1908 at Great Bend, Jeff. Co., NY
Groom: age 23, farmer, born Wilna
father: George Mccollops born US mother: Cora Bookmyer born US
Bride: Age 22, no occupation born Philadelphia
father: Manford Hart born US mother: Margaret Hutchinson born US
Witnesses: Flora M. Holcombe and Adelaide J. Aldrich
Clergy: Charles T. Holcombe

HUNT, JOHN of Rockport, Escott, Canada and
GUILD, LILLIE of Mallorytown, Escott Canada, married on 26 September 1908 at Plessis, NY
Groom: age 22, laborer born Canada
father: Alfred Hunt born Canada mother: Minnie Edgerly born Canada
Bride: age 18, farmer, born Canada
father: Timothy Guild born Canada mother: Nancy Comstock
Witnesses: Byron Ostrander and Lillian Dorling
Clergy: Norman A. Darling

LEACH, FRANK N. of Enfield, New Hampshire and
BOUCK, STELLA E. of Alexandria Bay, Jeff. Co., married on 23 September 1908 at Alexandria Bay
Groom: age 33, farmer born Enfield, N.H.
Father: Benjamin C. Leach born Enfield, NH mother: Sarah P. Howe born Enfield, N.H.
Bride: age 26, housework, born Canada
father: Ezra Bouck born Canada mother: Selina Hutchcroft born Canada
Witnesses: George A. Haley and Frank H. Lathrop
Clergy: A. J. Felshaw

EDDY, H. NELSON of Rutland, Jeff. Co., and
SHANNON, ANNA M. of Rutland, Jeff. Co., married on 6 October 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: age 32, farmer born Rutland
father: Egbert Eddy born Rutland mother: Emma Hicby born Lewis Co., NY
Bride: age 25, housework and dressmaker, born Watertown, NY
father: Timothy Shannon born Ireland mother: Mary Gilroy born Canada
Witnesses: Maurice Shannon and Mary Gilroy
Clergy: Arthur C. Kenny, priest

TURNER, CLARENCE L. of Felts Mills, Jeff. Co., and
THOMAS, DAISY M. of Felts Mills, married on 23 September 1908 in Felts Mills
Groom: age 21, clerk, born Lafargeville, NY
father: Elwin S. Turner born Clayton, NY mother: Winnie E. Dewey born Omar, NY
Bride: age 20, cutter girl, born Lock Haven, PA
father: Chas. Thomas born Stony Point, PA mother Minnie Cohick born Level Comer, PA
Witnesses: Earl J. Turner and Carrie A. Thomas
Clergy: B. T. Ciegler

HYDE, ALBERT A. of Great Bend, Jeff. Co., and
CRANE, LILLIAN E. of Black River, Jeff. Co., married on 16 September 1908 at Carthage, NY
Groom: age 26, laborer born Wilna, NY
father: Alexander Hyde born Macombe, NY mother: Catherine Rickett born Macomb
His second marriage: divorced 12 September 1908 at Watertown, NY
Bride: age 32, music teacher, born Felts Mills
father: George Crane born Champion, NY mother: Mary S. Parsons born Champion
Her second marriage: divorced 13 February 1900 Watertown, NY
Witnesses: John Rosenbarker and Eva Rosenbarker
Clergy: Joseph W. Barnett

HOSELTON, MELVILLE of Brownville, Jeff. Co., NY and
TUCKER, SARAH of Brownville, married on 21 October 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: age 21, laborer, born Bath, Ontario
father: Gaylord Hoselton born Bath, Ontario mother: Levinia Gunn born Ontario Canada
Bride: age 18, no occupation born Town of Orleans
father: Frank Tucker born US mother Emma Prime born US
Witnesses: Ernest LaJuett and Mrs. Dora LaJuett
Clergy: Geo. H. Feltus

HUMPHREY, JOHN E. of Cape Vincent, Jeff. Co., NY and
INGERSON, BEULAH of Brownville, Jeff. Co., married on 17 October 1908 in Brownville, NY
Groom: age 25, farmer, born Cape Vincent, NY
father: Wm. Humphrey born England mother: Nancy Saunders born US
Bride: age 23, school teacher, born Cape Vincent, NY
father: Wm. Ingerson born US mother: Effie McNett born US
Witnesses: William G. Humphrey and Mildred McAvoy
Clergy: Walter Earl Cook

LANE, CLAUDE M. of Brownville, Jeff. Co., NY and
McDONALD, JESSIE of Brownville, NY married on 13 October 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: age 22, papermaker born Pulaski, NY
father: Rodney Lane born NY State mother: Mary Sattimore born NY State
Bride: age 21, paper finisher born Canada
father: Malcolm McDonald born Canada mother: Jennie Conley born Canada
Witnesses: Ivan S. Evans and Maude Poole
Clergy: Geo. H. Felton

EGGLESTON, C. T. of Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY and
ANDREWS, MYRA A. of Henderson, married on 7 October 1908 in Adams, Jeff. Co., NY
Groom: age 32, farmer, born Henderson Harbor, NY
father: Charles D. Eggleston born US mother: Adie M. Norton born NY
Bride: age 23, waitress, born Rutland, NY
father: Wm. H. Andrews born US mother: Elizabeth A. Gouldthrite born US
Witnesses: Frank Barrett and Essa Gilbert
Clergy: Wm. Eugene Kimball

GREEN, CLARENCE D. of Sackets Harbor, NY and
WHITNEY, ADELIA S. of Henderson, Jeff. Co., married on 18 October 1908 at Henderson, NY
Groom: age 56, farmer, born Jeff. Co.
father: David Green born US mother: Julia Ett Stevens born US
His second marriage: first wife deceased
Bride: age 57, occupation unknown, born Henderson, NY
father: Nathaniel Gleasue mother: Fannie Smith born NY
Her second marriage: first husband deceased
Witnesses: M. Barthel and Mrs. M. Barthel
Clergy: J. Alvin Sypher

DAVIS, HARRY of Worth, Jeff. Co., NY and
SLOAN, JESSIE E. of Worth, Jeff. Co. married on 18 September 1908 at Barnes Corner, Lewis Co., NY
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 10 September 1908 Elijah Davis and Fannie Sloan consented to the marriage of their son, Harry.
Groom: age 18, farmer, born Pinckney, NY
father: Elijah Davis born US mother: Malvina Hall born US
Bride: age 17, no occupation, born Worth, NY
father: John Sloan born Ireland mother: Hannie Piddack born US
Witnesses: Robert and Mrs. R. Heding
Clergy: E. H. Robins

STERLING, EARL B. of Antwerp, Jeff. Co., NY and
Married on 14 October 1908 at home of L. L. Coxe, on Pleasant St., in LeRay
Groom: painter
Age 24, b Sterling Bush
f: Frank Sterling b NY m: Jane Canidye (Caniday) b NY
Bride: dressmaker
Age 20 b Philadelphia NY
f: L. L. Cole b NY m: Nellie Delmora b NY
Clergy: G. E. Edgar
Wits: Carl Bellinger and C. E. Sterling

HOWARD, HORTON M. of Canton, St. Lawrence Co., NY and
HAMMOND, MARY A. of Rodman, Jeff. Co.
Married on 22 October 1908 in Rodman, NY
Groom: creamery man
Age 24, b Pierrepont, St. Lawr. Co.
f: G. E. Howard b US m: Mary Madden b Canada
Bride: farmer's daughter
Age 25, b Adams, NY
f: F. B. Hammond b US m: Josephine Chope b US
Clergy: Edward C. Haynes
Wits: Mrs. Irene L. Cole and Mrs. E. C. Haynes

BRENNAN, JAMES A. of Gananoque, Ontario and
CARTWRIGHT, ETHEL of Wilstead, Ontario
Married on 27 October 1908 in Clayton, NY
Groom: railroading
Age 21 b Ontario
f: Augustus Brennan b Ontario m: Eliza Brennan b Ontario
Bride: no occupation
Age 18 b Ontario
f: Adelbert Cartwright b Ontario m: Agnes Dano b Ontario
Clergy: Elliott E. Cheeseman
Wits: Althea F. Cheeseman

MARSHALL, MARTIN H. of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY and
Married on 8 October 1908 in Clayton, Jeff. Co.
CONSENT: On 7 October 1908 John R. Barrett consented to the marriage of daughter Teresa
Groom: engineer
Age 21 b Grindstone Island, NY
f: W. R. Marshall b US m: Anna M. Rattray b US
Bride: no occupation
Age 17 b Clayton, NY
f: John Bassett b US m: Sophia Lefaivre b US
Clergy: P. S. Garand, priest
Wits: Harry C. Marshall and H. Barrett

ANDERSON, DEVEREUE M. of High View, West Virginia and
McKINLEY, CLARA BELLE of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY
Married on 9 October 1908
Groom: soldier
Age 27 b West Virginia
f: Geo. M. Anderson b W. VA m: Flora Wilson b W. VA
Bride: no occupation
Age 21 b Clayton, NY
f: Frank P. McKinley b US m: Minnie Kelsie b US
Clergy: P. S. Garand, priest
Wits: Paul McKinley and Lottie Rattray

FORD, LEWIS HAROLD of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY and
Married on 15 October 1908 in Clayton
Groom: lawyer
Age 31 b LaFargeville, NY
f: W. T. Ford b US m: Cline b US
Bride: no occupation
Age 23 b Clayton, NY
f: S. H. Johnson b US m: Barker b US
Clergy: Theodore Hayden
Wits: Solon H. Johnson and J. H. Howatt

STEIER, MARTIN HENRY of Clayton, Jeff. Co. and
WELLS, MATTIE E. of Clayton Married on 14 October 1908 in Clayton
CONSENT: On 12 October 1908 Martin Steier granted permission for son, Henry, to marry
Groom: cigar maker
Age 18 b Clayton, NY
f: M. Steier b US m: Eva Ackle b Germany
Bride: no occupation
Age 25 b St. Lawrence Co NY
f: Amina Wells b US m: Leila Woodcock b NY
Clergy: P. S. Garand
Wits: Fred Sharrow and Miss Clara Boyer

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