FROM THE 1908 LICENSES: Part: 13


TAYLOR, LOUIS of Carthage, NY and
STOLIKER, MARY of Carthage, NY
Marr: 4 November 1908 at Wilna
Witnesses: Elizabeth Casseneive and Morton Blanchard
Groom: age 22, laborer b Waterville, ME
f: Joseph Taylor b US
m: Sarah LaFountain b US
Bride: age 19, no occupation b Canada
f: Fred Casseneive b Canada
m: Mary Nichols b US
Her second marriage; first husband died

HOWARD, J. P. of Carthage, NY and
MORSE, ELIZABETH of Natural Bridge, NY
Marr: 10 October 1908 at Natural Bridge, NY
Witnesses: Mrs. L. M. Smith and Mrs. W. L. Scougal
Groom: age 62 of Carthage, saw filer, b Ashtabula, Ohio
f: Daniel Howard b US
m: Clara Rogers b US
his second marriage; first wife dead
Bridge: age 51 of Natural Bridge, dressmaker, b Carthage, NY
f: George Morse b US
m: Mary Sterling b US
her second marriage, divorced 1894 in Watertown, NY

BARANELLA, CHARLES of Deferiet, Jeff. Co., NY and
Marr: 12 November 1908 at Carthage, NY
Witnesses: Amidi Delpapa and Mary Delpapa
Groom: age 21 of Deferiett, NY, laborer, b Italy
f: Peter Baranella b Italy
m: Rosa Manorcke b Italy
Bride: age 21, no occupation, b Italy
f: Antonio Coronnacchino b Italy
m: Marion Manocki b Italy

BLANCHARD, MORTON of Carthage, NY and
Marr: 4 Nov. 1908 in Carthage
Wits: Louis Taylor and Mary Stoliker
Groom: age 22, laborer, b Carthage, NY
f: Chas. Blanchard b unknown
m: Henerietta Liff b US
Bride: age 18, no occupation, b Canada
f: Fred Casseneive b Canada
m: Mary Nichol b Canada

EXFORD, GEORGE of Wilna, Jeff. Co., NY and
BALMAT, HAZEL of Carthage, NY
Marr: 27 Oct. 1908 at Carthage, NY
Wits: Perry W. Balmat and Helen E. Balmat
Groom: age 29, farmer b N. Wilna, NY
f: George Exford b US
m: Lillian Phiffer b US
Bride: age 19, no occup, b Fowler, NY
f: Houghton Balmat b US
m: Nellie Bossart b US

DOYLE, WILLIAM of Natural Bridge, Jeff. Co., NY and
OLLEY, GRACE of Natural Bridge
Marr: 7 October 1908 at Plattsburg, Clinton Co NY by Catholic priest
Wits: Minnie Woods and Georges Lynch
Groom: age 29, merchant, b Wilna, NY
f: L. R. Doyle, b US
m: Emogene Mulvaney b US
Bride: age 22, no occupation, b Wilna, NY
f: Wilford Olley b US
m: Emma Booth b US

TUCKER, LOUIS of Carthage, Jeff. Co., NY and
Marr: 11 October 1908 at Boonville, Oneida Co., NY
Wits: William Loran and Mrs. William Loran
Groom: age 21, printer, b Greigg, NY
f: Nelson Tucker, b US
m: Lottie Burnham b US
Bride: age 22, no occupation b Long Island, Canada
f: Malcolm McDonald b Canada
m: Lettie Connoly b Canada

NEVIN, PERCY B. of Antwerp, Jeff. Co., NY and
Marr: 27 Oct. 1908 in Antwerp
Consent to wedding: Laura M. Mason for her daughter under 18 years to marry Percy Nevin on 26 Oct. 1908
Consent to wedding: Francis Nevin Crovy for her son under 21 to marry Martha L. Mason on 26 Oct. 1908, groom's father is dead
Wits: Mrs. E. P. Wiggins and Blanche A. Edgar
Groom: age 19 years on Dec. 20, 1907, clerk, b Ogdensburg, NY
f: Benjamin Nevin b US
m: Francis Nevin Crovy
Bride: 16 years on 28 Feb. 1908, student, b Antwerp, NY
f: Cyom? C. Mason b US
m: Laura M. Lewis b US

HELLER, HARRY S. of Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY and
POOL, FERN E. of Theresa
Marr: 14 Oct. 1908 at Theresa, NY
Wits: Agnes H. Cornwall and G. Rogers?
Groom: age 24, merchant, b Theresa, NY
f: George Heller, b US
m: Eva Seeber, b US
Bride: age 25, teacher, b Theresa, NY
f: M. G. Pool b US
m: Lile Jolly b US

BARTLETT, ALFRED ROY of Sulphur Springs, Jeff. Co., NY and
HASTINGS, ARYETTA of Sackets Harbor, NY
Mar: 20 Oct. 1908 in Sackets Harbor by Catholic priest
Wits: E. Hastings and Elizabeth Marsh
Groom: age 25, farmer, b Adams, NY
f: A. W. Bartlett b US
m: Marsha Gernell b US
Bride: age 23, teacher, b Sackets Harbor
f: Alexander Hastings b US
m: Catherine Hayes b Ireland

COATES, GEORGE A. of Dexter, Jeff. Co., NY and
Mar: 26 Oct. 1908 at Norwood, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Wits: Mrs. G. H. Williams
Groom: age 32, cheese maker, b Adams Centre, NY
f: Albert Coats b US
m: Frances Lee b US
Bride: age 32, no occupation, b Henderson, NY
f: Newton Penney b US
m: Sarah Howard b US
Her second marriage, divorced on 27 April 1908 in Sioux Falls.

McCONNELL, WILLIAM G. of Leeds, Ontario, Canada and
Marr: 13 October 1908 in LaFargeville, Jeff. Co., NY
Wits: Mrs. W. P. Garrett and Mrs. M. J. Henry
Groom: age 34, farmer, b Ellisorlle?
f: Thomas McConnell b Ireland
m: Nancy Blockter? b Scotland
Bride: age 28, domestic, b Lynhurst
f: Thomas Johnson b Ireland
m: Mutildy Byers b Ireland

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