FROM THE 1908 LICENSES: Part: 14


McCONNELL, WILLIAM G. of Ellisville, Leeds, Onatario, Canada West to
JOHNSON, EMMA of Leeds, Lynhurst CW on 13 October 1908 at Lafargeville, Jeff. Co. NY
Witnesses: Mrs. W. P. Garrett and Mrs. M. J. Henry
Age: 34 Occup: Farmer b Ellisville
f: Thomas McConnell b Ireland m: Nancy Bludater? b Scotland
Age: 28 Occup: domestic b Lynhurst
f: Thomas Johnson b Ireland m: Mutildy Byer b Ireland

COLE, SIDNEY M. of Thousand Island Park, Jefferson Co., NY to
KEMP, SARAH E. of TIP on 28 October 1908 at Thousand Island Park
Witnesses: Howard Kemp and Emily Nemier
Age: 25 occup: electrician
f: H. W. Cole b Lewisville, NY m: Julia Mills
Age: 30 b Wolf Island, Canada occup: clerk
f: J. H. Kemp b Wolf Island m: Anna M. Eccles b Wolf Island

AMIO, HERBERT L. of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY to
CARPENTER, MARY S. of Clayton on 3 Nov. 1908 at Clayton, Jeff. Co.
Witnesses: Mary Carpenter and Lucy E. Amio
On 27 Oct. 1908, Mrs. Louis Amico consented to the marriage: of her son, under 21, to Mary S. Carpenter.
Age: 20 occup: Mason b Clayton, NY
f: Louis Amio b Ontario m: Anna Brabaut b US
Age: 18 b Clayton, NY
f: Chas. Carpenter b US m: Josephine Thibault b Ontario

HURST, OREN A. of Orrville, Wayne Co., Ohio to
LONGTON, MABEL G. of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY on 23 Nov. 1908 at Clayton
Witnesses: Nelson N. Longton and Emma Longton
Age: 33 b Ohio occup: barber
f: Amos Hurst b Ohio m: Catherine Bilnen b Ohio
Age: 24 b Clayton occup: not given
f: Jos. Longton b NY m: Eulema Amio b Canada

PORTER, JESSE of Watertown, NY to
COVILLE, LAURA of Watertown on 26 November 1908
Witnesses: Earl Porter and Helen Earl
On 25 Nov. 1908, Mrs. Rachel Bates, mother of the bride, father being dead, consented to the marriage: of Laura to Jesse Porter, she being Age: 17.
Age: 25 b Boylston, Oswego Co., NY Occup: farmer
f: Edgar Porter b US m: Jane Finster b US
Age: 17 b Canada occup: housework
f: James Covill b Canada m: Rachael Baker b Canada
Her second marriage, as former husband was dead.

BOYCE, WILLIS E. of Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY to
WORTHINGHAM, ARIEL G. of Henderson on 21 Nov. 1908.
Witnesses: Sara C. Kilby and Mrs. Alvin Sypher
Age: 49 b Henderson occup: druggist
f: David L. Boyce b US
his second marriage, former wife dead
Age: 36 b Henderson occup: housekeeper
f: Benjamin Worthingham b US m: Lorette Carpenter b US

LOADWICK, EDDY E. of Pamelia, Jeff. Co., NY to
HALLADAY, HETTIE A. of Rodman, Jeff. Co on 26 Nov. 1908
Witnesses: A. Plank and F. D. Plank
Age: 40 b Leray, NY occup: farmer
f: Isaih Loadwick b US m: Laura S. Ladd b US
Age: 37 b Rodman, NY occup: housekeeper
f: James Plank b US m: Laura Cummings b US
Her second marriage; former husband dead

ALLEN, HARVEY H. of Perch River, Jeff. Co., NY to
DIETRICH, ETHEL of Perch River on 12 Nov. 1908 at Dexter, Jeff. Co.
Witnesses: Emma F. Peck
Age: 22 b Limerick, NY occup: farmer
f: Denton Allen b US m: Fransi Witt b US
Age: 22 b LaFargeville, NY occup: school teacher
f: John Dietrich b US m: Margaret Karnahan b Canada

MANNIGAN, HAROLD J. of Glen Park, Jeff. Co., NY to
SANDERSON, IDA MAE of Glen Park, Jeff. Co. on 12 Nov. 1908 at Brownville, Jeff. Co.
Witnesses: Mrs. S. J. Sarver and Rozelle Sarver
Age: 21 b Watertown, NY occup: storekeeper
f: John Mannigan b US m: Briget Doran b US
Age: 20 b Brownville, NY occup: not given
f: Timothy Sanderson b US m: Marie Whitmore b US

HADCOCK, JESSE B. of Watertown, Jeff. Co. to
Van Der BOGART, NELLIE G. of Perch River, Jeff. Co. on 10 Nov. 1908 at Brownville, NY
Witnesses: Mrs. S. J. Sarver and Rozelle Sarver
Age: 35 b Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY occup: bookkeeper
f: George B. Hadcock b US m: Ida E. Fulton b US
His second marriage:, divorced in Dakota July, 1903
Age: 22 b Perch River Occup: not given
f: Charles Van der Bogart b US m: Celestine E. Putman b US

GOUSETH, CHARLES W. of Chaumont, Jeff. Co., NY to
CASE, FLORENCE E. of Morris Tract in Brownville on 2 December 1908 at Chaumont, Jeff. Co.
Witnesses: Roy James Case and Ethel Diefendorf
Age: 21 b Watertown occup: farmer
f: Christian Gouseth b Switzerland
m: Louise Adore b Switzerland
Age: 18 b Morris Tract occup: none given
f: Lynn Case b US m: Lucy M. Weaver b US

STEINBURG, BENJ. E. of Dexter, Jeff. Co., NY to
BURGESS, FRANCIS L. of Dexter on 11 November 1908 at Watertown, NY
Witnesses: George Lyman and Mrs. Ella M. Kellar
Age:: 27 b NY State Occup: machine tender
f: Benj. Steinburg b NY State m: Elizabeth Glover b Canada
Age: 27 b Canada occup: dressmaker
f: David Burgess b Canada m: Alice VanCoughnette b Canada

BAKER, ARTHUR of Theresa, Jeff. Co., NY to
ZELLAR, CLARA of Theresa on 25 November 1908 at Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., NY
Witnesses: Mrs. W. H. Barry and Mrs. G. C. Phillips
Age: 22 b Theresa, NY occup: Labor
f: John Baker b US m: H. Sweeney b Canada
Age: 19 b Theresa occupation: none
f: Noris E. Zeller b America m: Mary Countryman b America

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