STEPHENSON, MORTON of Brownville, NY and
JACOBS, PEARL of Brownville married on 9 April 1908 in Dexter, NY
Groom: Age 25, laborer, born Brockville, Canada
Father: John Stephenson born Canada Mother: Charlotte Mont born Canada
Bride: Age 19, no occupation, born Antwerp, NY
Father: William Jacobs born US Mother: Ida Howard born Canada
Witnesses: Miss Laura Parsons and Charles Stephenson
Clergy: Foster Lee Crissey

STOVER, JAY S. of Clayton, NY and
MARSHALL, LENA A. of Clayton married on 29 April 1908 in Clayton, NY
Groom: Age 22, engineer, born Ab____, NY
Father: George H. Stover born NY Mother: Phoebe Spaid, born NY
Bride: Age 25, no occupation, born Clayton
Father: Jas. Ed. Marshall born Clayton Mother: Emma E. Brown born Gananoque, Ontario, Canada
Witnesses: B. A. Lingenfelter and Grace E. Emery
Clergy: Bert J. Lehigh

KANALEY, M. J. of Clayton, NY and
LEFAIVRE, ANNA of Clayton married on 28 April 1908 in St. Mary's Church, Jefferson
Groom: Age 39, livery man, born Clayton, NY
Father: John Kanaley born Ireland Mother: Mary Fitzgeralds born Lewis Co., NY
Bride: Age 40, no occupation, born Clayton
Father: Alfred Lefaivre born Canada Mother: Catherine Dowe born Canada
Witnesses: Will. Fitzgerald and Amelia S. Duford
Clergy: Catholic priest

GREENE, HARRY W. of Watertown, NY and
GRAVES, J. LENA of Clayton married on 25 March 1908 in Clayton, NY
Groom: Age 27, architecture, born Copenhagen, NY
Father: Eugene H. Greene born Cleveland, Ohio Mother: Anna J. Babcock born Watertown, NY
Bride: Age 27, nurse, born Clayton, NY
Father: John Graves born Clayton Mother: Marion Watson born Ontario, Canada
Witnesses: John Graves Jr. and Mrs. Maud Shannon
Clergy: W. H. Rowe

CROCKER, WILLIAM of Clayton, NY and
KELSEY, DESSIE of Watertown married on 18 April 1908 in Clayton, NY
Groom: Age 30, farmer, born NY
Father: Norman Crocker born NY Mother: unknown
Bride: Age 21, house work, born Theresa, NY
Father: Geo. Kelsey born NY Mother: unknown, born Jefferson
Witnesses: Jas. Hughes
Clergy: Bert J. Lehigh

WITHINGTON, DEWITT N. of Adams Centre, NY and
COOLEY, MARTHA L. of Adams Centre married on 11 April 1908 in Adams Centre, NY
Groom: Age 22, salesman, born Belleville, NY
Father: S. A. Withington born US Mother: Emma Hubbard born US
Bride: Age 19, musician, born Adams Centre
Father: A. E. Cooley born US Mother: Francis Whitley born US
Witnesses: Mary B. Cooley and Colleene N. Payne
Clergy: E. H. Socwell

McINTYRE, WARD SHELDON of Watertown, NY and
JONES, SARA ETTA of Watertown married on 29 April 1908 in Watertown
Groom: Age 22, brakeman, born Black River, NY
Father: Sidney J. born Clayton Mother: Polly Ann Sheldon born Jefferson Co.
Bride: Age 22, housework, born Brownville
Father: Elliott born Pamelia Mother: Mary Brown born Pamelia, NY
Witnesses: John L. Hines and Eva Jackson
Clergy: James Foster Wilcox

WHITNEY, GRACE NADINE of Evans Mills, NY married on 22 April 1908 in Evans Mills, NY
Groom: Age 21, farmer, born Pamelia, NY
Father: William E. Rogers born NY Mother: Etta Sheffoner born NY State
Bride: Age 20, telephone operator, born Evans Mills, NY
Father: William M. Whitney born NY Mother: Ida B. Drought born NY State
Witnesses: Bessie Whitney and W. S. Gould
Clergy: G. E. Edgar

CLIFFORD, STEPHEN of Black River, NY and
GRANNON, HATTIE of Black River married on 23 April 1908 in Black River, NY
Groom: Age 68, retired, born Loraine, NY
Father: Daniel Clifford born Vermont Mother: Nancy Carter born NY State
NOTE: His third marriage; previous wives deceased
Bride: Age 58, no occupation, born Gouveneur, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Father: George Plank born Connecticut Mother: Electie Gardner born NY State
NOTE: Her third marriage; previous husbands deceased
Witnesses: Mary A. Flint
Clergy: Robert Flint

JOHNSON, ELVIN of Carthage, NY and
OVERTON, ETHEL of W. Carthage married on 24 April 1908 in W. Carthage, NY
Groom: Age 22, machinist, born Carthage, NY
Father: Thos. Johnson born Canada Mother: Martha Thomas born Canada
Bride: Age 19, housekeeper, born Natural Bridge, NY
Father: Chas. Overton born Ogdensburg, NY Mother: Catherine Shaffers? Born Natural Bridge, NY
Witnesses: Wesley Johnson and Mrs. Geo. Johnson
Clergy: Harry Handy

BAKER, DELMAN H. of Watertown, NY and
ROGERS, KATTERRINE A. of Watertown married on 2 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 31, accountant, born Porter, Niagara Co., NY
Father: Henry E. Baker born Niagara Co. Mother: Ester A._____(covered by inkblot) born Fulton Co.
Bride: Age 23, no occupation, born Watertown, NY
Father: Chas. H. Rogers born US Mother: M. J. Snook born Canada
Witnesses: Nathaniel M. Smith and Chas. H. Rogers
Clergy: J. Foster Wilcox

McBRIDE, WILLIAM THOMAS of Watertown, NY and
CORNELL, IDA LEVINA of Watertown, NY married on 8 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 23, Clerk born Canada
Father: Samuel born Canada Mother: Van Coughnet born Canada
Bride: Age 21, housekeeper, born Canada
Father: Richard born Canada Mother: Isabel Brown born Canada
Witnesses: Julia Coleman and William N. Kingsland
Clergy: D. J. Many Jr., Presbyterian

McCABE, WILLIAM of Madison Barracks, NY and
SMITH, LULU of Billings, Yellowstone Co., Montana married on 9 April 1908 in Sacketts Harbor, NY
Groom: Age 43, soldier, born Kentucky
Father: William born Kentucky Mother: Williann Gray born Virginia
NOTE: His second marriage; divorced in D. S. Bultz, Montana Feb. 1905
Bride: Age 31, housekeeper, born Wyoming
Father: Walker Browning, born Missouri Mother: Ruth Merry Wealthen? Born Kentucky
NOTE: Her second marriage; divorced in Montana on 18 June 1907
Witnesses: Mrs. Pauline Terry and William M. Pierce
Clergy: W. W. E. Gladden, Chaplain 24, Inf. USA
ADDITIONAL: Both parties listed as black

SHIPPEE, HARRY G. of DeKalb, St. Lawrence Co., NY and
BLACK, MARY E. of Watertown married on 14 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 32, cheesemaker, born Fowler, NY
Father: William born Gouverneur, NY Mother: Helen Gallagher born Rossie, NY
Bride: Age 25, domestic, born Canada
Father: Moses born Canada Mother: Susan Barton born Canada
Witnesses: Elizabeth Rosenbarker and Mrs. H. H. Harris
Clergy: Moses H. Harris

HEALD, FRANK ELMORE. of Watertown, NY and
HARTE, BESSIE M. of Watertown married on 14 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 26, musician, born Dorchester, MA
Father: Joseph F. born Carlisle, MA Mother: Jeannette Boyer born MA
NOTE: His second marriage; divorced Boston, MA 1906
Bride: Age 27, musician, born Watertown, NY
Father: Emil born Sanfords Corners, NY Mother: Helen Loomis
Witnesses: Julia E. Harris and M. Henry Harris
Clergy: Moses H. Harris, D.D.

SPRINGHALL, WILLIAM H. of Watertown, NY and
ASHWORTH, MARY A. of Watertown married on 21 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 42, carriage trimmer, born Cape Vincent
Father: William, born England Mother: Cornelia Lee born Watertown, NY
NOTE: His second marriage; first wife deceased
Bride: Age 23, no occupation, born England
Father: Neshi? Born England Mother: Jane Greene born England
NOTE: Her second marriage; divorced 27 January 1908 in Rochester, NY
Witnesses: Mrs. Sarah McCutcheon and Alea McCutcheon
Clergy: J. C. Jagar

BAWN, HERBERT S. of Watertown, NY and
SELBY, MAY of Watertown married on 20 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 23, blacksmith, born Ontario, Canada
Father: Robert John born Canada Mother: Elizabeth Young born Canada
Bride: Age 23, domestic, born England
Father: Charles born England Mother: Katherine Willmott born England
Witnesses: Alice J. Phillips and Harriet E. Felton
Clergy: David F. Pierce

RAYMOND, BIDWELL B. of Watertown and
HASE, BLANCHE M. of Watertown married on 29 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 27 April 1908 W. M. Raymond and Mary A. Raymond consented to the marriage of their son Bidwell.
Groom: Age 20, clerk, born Canada
Father: William M. born Canada Mother: Mary A. Lee born Canada
Bride: Age 19, no occupation, born Watertown
Father: Daniel F. born Brownville Mother: Cora C. Clark born Watertown, NY
Witnesses: Ross F. Clark and Florence C. Hase
Clergy: Gilbert Ashan

KELLEY, LOUIS AMBROSE of Watertown and
HART, ELA LORETTA of Watertown married on 29 April 1908 in Watertown, NY
Groom: Age 27, machinist born Canada
Father: James born Canada Mother: Bridget Whalen born Canada
Bride: Age 27, no occupation, born Canada
Father: Edward born Canada Mother: Katherine Keyes born Ireland
Witnesses: Gertrude Hart and Michael J. Kelley
Clergy: Catholic Priest

MARVIN, LEON L. of Watertown, NY and
REED, FLORENCE M. of Watertown married on 30 April 1908 in Watertown
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: on 30 April 1908 Frank Reed consented to the marriage of daughter Florence Reed
Groom: Age 24, composer, born Worth, NY
Father: Jerry born Worth Mother: Susie Hotoling born Worth
Bride: Age 18, no occupation, born Depauville, NY
Father: Frank born Herkimer Co., NY Mother: Elizabeth Keyes born Canada
Witnesses: Leo J. Henderson and Mona Loucks
Clergy: Charles L. Peck

SMITH, HARRY B. of Woodville, Jefferson Co., and
LAVANCHERD, ALICE of Ellisburg, NY married on 21 April 1908 in Belleville, NY
Groom: Age 21, electrician, born Woodville, NY
Father: Daniel H. Smith born US Mother: Betsey O. Carter born US
Bride: Age 20, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
Father: Josiah Lavancherd born US Mother: Addie Valley born US
Witnesses: Carl W. Smith and Nina I. Lavancherd
Clergy: William A. Braithwaite, Episcopal

KRUM, FRED of Rome, Oneida Co, NY and
PARSONS, KATIE MAY of Ellisburg, NY married on 9 May 1908 in Ellisburg, NY
Groom: Age 21, baker, born Rome, NY
Father: John Krum born US Mother: Emma Went born US
Bride: Age 18, no occupation, born Camden, NY
Father: George Parsons born US Mother: Etta Perrigo born US
Witnesses: George Chamberlain and Mrs. W. K. Brasie
Clergy: Wm. H. Brasie

SIMARD, GEORGE of Theresa, NY and
SEYMOUR, ELMA of Plessis, NY married on 17 April 1908 in Plessis, NY
Groom: Age 26, laborer, born Theresa, NY
Father: Levi Simard, born not known Mother: Jennie Smith, born not known
Bride: Age 23, house worker, born Plessis, NY
Father: Joseph Clyde born Plessis, NY Mother: Francis Hagen born Town of Orleans, J.C.
NOTE: Her second marriage; previous husband deceased
Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bowen
Clergy: D. T. White, Minister of the Gospel

WILLS, ORMOND of Redwood, NY and
CLARK, FLORA of Redwood married on 4 May 1908 in Morristown, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Groom: Age 22, baker, born Canada
Father: Edward Mills born Canada Mother: Alice Wiltse born Canada
Bride: Age 19, milliner, born Watertown, NY
Father: James Clark, born don't know Mother: Jenette Clink, born don't know
Witnesses: Mrs. R. W. Scouten and S. K. Olds
Clergy: R. W. Scouten

FARMER, FRANK WILLIAM of Hounsfield, NY and
TRAYNOR, NAOMI E. of Hounsfield married on 14 May 1908 in Brownville, NY
CERTIFICATE OF CONSENT: On 30 April 1908 Frank Farmer and G. T. Traynor consented to the marriage of their son and daughter
Groom: Age 19 paper maker born Hounsfield
Father: Frank Farmer born US Mother: Anna Doran born US
Bride: Age 16, no occupation, born Carthage, NY
Father: George T. Traynor born Canada Mother: Emma Cronk born Canada
Witnesses: Mrs. Wm. Tierney and George Traynor
Clergy: Catholic Priest

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