Early Canadian Marriages: 01

Early Canadian Marriages of people who have ancestral ties in Jefferson Co. NY and others who have direct ties to Jefferson County:

Source: Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS 248 Reel 3:

Performed by Joel Stone, Justice of the Peace
18 Feb. 1801 Henry Trickey and Elizabeth Mosher, of Yonge.
Wits: Isobel Ryes and Peter Trickey

Performed by Samuel Wright, Justice of the Peace
21 May 1801 Peter Trickey and Mercy Mallory both of Yonge.
Wits: Henry Trickey and Daniel Mallory

10 Dec. 1806 Isaiah W. Keeler of Elizabethtown to Lucinda Curtis of Yonge.
Wits: Samuel Judson and Nathan O. Keeler

Performed by William Ryerson, Justice of the Peace
4 Sept. 1833 Peter Ducolon and Martha Sharp, by banns
Wits: Adam Ducolon and Henry Milks

Performed by Rev. William Smith, Wesleyan Methodist Church:
21 January 1834 Thomas Trickey to Emaline Wiley, by banns
Wits: Randy and James McDonald

Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS 248 Reel 3:

Performed by Rev. Ezra Adams Wesleyan Methodist Church
10 Nov. 1835 John Brundage to Mary Massey, both of Augusta by banns.
Wits: Freeman Nettleton and Lucy Massey.

Performed by Rev. J.N.D. West of Wesleyan Methodist Church:
17 August 1837 Henry Mallory to Emiline Griffin, both of Yonge, by banns
Wits: Abel Coleman and George Gardner

Performed by Rev. James Currie of Wesleyan Methodist Church:
7 April 1840 Richard Bennett to Caroline Keeler both of Edwardsburgh, by banns.
Wits: Ephraim Keeler and Eliza Fraser.

Performed by Rev. John W. Byam, Methodist Episcopal Church:
1 Jan. 1840 William Mallory to Anjaline Williams, both of Yonge, by banns.
Wits: Charles Wheeler and Mariah Polly

29 March 1842 Ephraim Keeler to Ann Medkiff, both of Augusta, by banns.
Wits: Anthony Medkiff and Mariah Falkner

Performed by Rev. Daniel Berney of Wesleyan Methodist Church:
8 Oct. 1840 Seth Briggs to Anna Maria Earls by license, married at Elizabethtown.
Wits: Luther Earls and R. Clark

Performed by Rev. Vincent B. Howard of Wesleyan Methodist Church:
15 Oct. 1845 Joseph Comstock to Susannah Landon, both of Lansdown, by banns.
Wits: George Cook and George Wright.

Performed by Rev. James Hughes Wesleyan Methodist Church:
13 March 1843 Sylvanus Waffle, yeoman, to Nancy Jane Slack both of N. Crosby by banns.
Wits: John Yates and ___Byam, both of North Crosby

Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS 248 Reel 3:

Performed by Rev. Philander Smith Methodist Episcopal Church:
13 March 1833 Jacob Heck 2d to Catharine Keeler, both of Augusta, by license.
Wits: Charles Leven and William Keeler

Performed by Rev. William Smart, Presbyterian Church of Brockville:
19 May 1831 Israel Mallory of Yonge to Betsey Fields of Elizabethtown, by banns.
Wits: John McCrady and Alexander G. McCrady.

14 Dec. 1831 Hiram Trickey to Lorina Glow both of Elizabethtown, by banns.
Wits: James Decker and William Johnston

Performed by Rev. John Tuke of Wesleyan Methodist Church:
16 April 1845 Samuel Morey of Augusta to Olive Keeler of Elizabethtown, by license.
Wits: Alpheus Hamlin and Hiram Herrick

FRONTENAC CO., CANADA 1869: Microfilm MS 932:

Vol. 3, p. 303, Sherman L. Abbott, 28 farmer, b. Jefferson Co., (res. same) NY married Euretta Sleeman of Wolfe Island, Ontario, d/o Arnold Sleeman and Olive Ghee.
Wits: Gilbert Sleeman and Thomas E. Sleeman, both of Wolfe Island on 15 Dec. 1869 at Wolfe Island

Vol. 17, p. 83 John Taylor, 28, oil distiller, b Tp. Guelph, res. Tp. Enniskillen, s/o James and Agnes, married Isabella Lawson, 28, b Jeff. Co., NY, res. Wilton, d/o John and Mary.
Wits: John R. Storms and Rebecca Lawson, both of Wilton, 11 May 1871 at Wilton

Vol. 21, p. 25 James White, 26 bookkeeper, b Ireland, res. Watertown, NY, s/o John and Matilda, married Matilda Gardner, 26, b Tp. Kingston, res. Ernestown, d/o Reuben Spooner and Margaret Spooner
Wits: John Gardner of NY and Victoria McKim of Tp. Kingston, on 24 Sept. 1872 at Westbrook

LEEDS & GRENVILLE Co., CANADA 1910: Microfilm MS 932:

014346-1910 Everett Aldrich, 25, farmer, b. Antwerp, NY, s/o Syris Aldrich, farmer, and Roxinia Closs, married Mina Halladay, 20, Antwerp, d/o Alvin Halladay, farmer and Clara Pratt.
Wits: Minnie Knight and Maggie Fuge, both of Gananoque on 4 August 1910 at Gananoque

014349-1910 William Seymour, 23, of Clayton, NY, s/o William Seymour and Margaret Lalond, married Muriel Parker, 25, of Gananoque, d/o Henry Parker, mechanic, and Emma Beaverstock.
Witnesses: John Como of Clayton, NY and Florence Baker of Gananoque on 16 August 1910 at Gananoque.

014345-1910 Jesse Monroe Streeter, 19, farmer of Edwards, NY, s/o Robert Streeter, farmer, and Lucy Yerden, married Lillian Halladay, 19, of Antwerp, N.Y., d/o Alvin Halladay, farmer, and Clara Pratt.
Witnesses: Minnie Knight, Maggie Fuge, both of Gananoque on 4 August 1910 at Gananoque.

012151-12 Lawrence M. Moore, 22, of Watertown, NY, s/o William T. Moore, super. Of NY Air Brake co., and Nella Rogers, married Fannie J. Smith, 21, of Watertown, NY, d/o Dell E. Smith and Abbie A. Hall on 16 October 1912 at Brockville.

14458-1914 Charles O. Snell, 25, shoe salesman, b Potsdam, NY res. Watertown, NY, s/o Ovetta Snell and Margaret Irving, married Ann Prevo, 24, Kingston, res. Augusta, Ont., d/o James Prevo and Mary Bush.
Witnesses: Matilda Woodwell and Mary L. Woodwell, both of Brickville on March 1914 at Brockville

011701-1917 Floyd Allen Dailey, 28, farmer b. Sharbot Lake, res. Harrowsmith, s/o Dyer Dailey and Orsula Tyron, married Leen Blair, 27, b Rutland, NY, res. Watertown, NY, d/o George Blair and Ida Fralick.
Witnesses: M. F. Beckham of Montreal, Quebec and Lily B. Hamilton of Brockville on 28 September 1917 at Brockville.

011821-17 Stanley Elwood Mott, 25, manager, b Frankville, res. Natural Bridge, NY, s/o William Mott and Margaret Boyd; married Sarah May Jacobs, 28, b Brockville, res. Same, d/o W. F. Jacobs and Sarah Rose or Roos.
Witnesses: W. J. Jacobs of Toronto and Annabell Jacobs of Brockville on 28 March 1917 at Brockville.

015880-1919 Samuel John Bain, 38, sailor, b Throoptown, res. Alexandria Bay, NY, s/o David J. Bain and Maria Jane Haley, married Anna Burns, 20, b Maitland, res. Same, d/o Patrick Burns and Katie Ellis.
Witnesses: John Burns of Maitland and Cecilia Gehan of N. Augusta on 1 Oct. 1919 at St. Marks Church in Prescott (RC)

013636-1922 Wayne Bridgman Davis, 23, merchant, b Alexandria Bay, NY res. Same, s/o Willard Davis and Theresa Patterson, married Mary Eleanor Robertson, 24, trained nurse, b Landsdowne, res. Same, d/o David Robertson and Mildred Hortense McKelvey.
Witnesses: Thomas Gordon Robertson and Jeanette Robertson, both of Lansdowne on 4 May 1922 at Lansdowne.

013628-1922 John Kenney Dean, 49, b Auburn, NY, res. Clayton, NY, s/o Charles Edgard Dean b USA and Kate E. Kenney, married Ruth Cousins, 27 b Edwards, NY, res. Clayton, NY, d/o Albert Lincoln Cousins b USA and Minnie Payne.
Witnesses: Garnet W. Baker and Mrs. Mary Y. Kidd both of Gananoque on 27 Nov. 1922 at Gananoque.

013635-1922 Edward Deano, 49, widower, farmer, b Lansdowne, res. Same, s/o Aaron Deano b Canada and Alice Callbury, married Margaret Veiley, 21, b Alexandria Bay, NY res. Lansdowne, d/o William Veiley b Canada and Angeline Cupernall.
Witnesses: N. P. McNeil and Marion C. T. Fulcher, both of Lansdowne on 10 May 1922 at Lansdowne Twp.

013652-1922 Frederick G. Ellis, 50, widower, motorman, b. Detroit, res. Watertown, NY, s/o John I Ellis b Canada and Alice Scott, married Louisa Stacey, 68, widow, b Gananoque, res. Watertown, d/o Daniel Smith b England and Lucy Rich.
Witnesses: Mrs. Alice Cliffe and Rev. William Henderson, both of Gananoque on 19 April 1922 at Gananoque.

013671-22 Joseph Leo Griffin, 25, machinist, b Wolfe Island, res. Marysville, s/o Patrick Griffin b Co. Leitrim, Ireland, and Elizabeth Matthews, married Helen Gertrude Doye, 20, weaver, b Carthage, NY, res. Watertown, NY, d/o Roy Doyle b Harrisville, NY and Julia Roberts.
Witnesses: Blanch Campbell and Olga Omond both of Prescott, on 22 July 1922 at Prescott

013708-1922 Harry Hager, 22, clerk, b Grandmere, Quebec, res. Edwardsburg Twp, s/o George Hager born Watertown, NY and Jennie Carman; married Mary Margaret Cartin, 18, b Ogdensburg, NY, res. Same, d/o Phillip Cartin b Ogdensburg, and Lucy Bradish.
Witnesses: Lucy Cartin of Ogdensburg and Mrs. Olga Omond of Prescott, on 28 March 1922 at Prescott.

013717-1922 Charles Franklin Jannack, 36, laborer, b Mtilda Twp, res Escott Twp., s/o Ezra Jannack b Williamsburg, Ont., and Bertha Bickim; married Violet Geraldine Elliott, 18, b Escott Twp, d/o Henry Elliott b Alexandria Bay, NY and Minerva Nemier.
Witnesses: Iva L. Plerto of LaFargeville, NY and John N. Elliott of Grenadier Island, on 27 September 1922 on Grenadier Island.

013812-22 Glen Cecil Reynolds, 24, brass worker, b Kitley Twp, res. Watertown, NY, s/o John Reynolds b Kitley and Caroline Hare; married Grace Mildred Dawson, 22, b Augusta Twp, res. Same, d/o Herbert Stephen Dawson b S. Augusta and Annie Maud Gallinger.
Witnesses: Charles F. Vont and Mrs. Charles F. Vont both of Algonquin, on 20 Dec. 1922 at Maitland

013864-22 Charles Wesley Switzer, 31, bookkeeper, res. Oxford, s/o Joshua Switzer and Janet Reid; married Alice Georgina Hanlon, 19, b Watertown, NY res. Oxford on Rideau Twp, d/o Edward Hanlon and Mable Davidson.
Witnesses: J. A. Christie and Norman Saunders of Kemptville on 11 July 1922 at Oxford, Mills

013899-22 Charles L. Wright, 47, painter, widower b Mexico, Oswego co., NY, res. Niagara Falls, s/o J. C. Wright b Mexico, Oswego Co., and Mary A. Thompson; married Laura Beauregard, 35, widow, b Syracuse, NY, res. Watertown, NY, d/o Charles Castallo b Rome, NY and Ida Williams.
Witnesses: Daisey E. Wilkinson and Mrs. G. W. Fisher both of Prescott on 5 June 1922 at Prescott.

014491-23 Ernie Angus Alberry, 38, painter, b Watertown, NY, res. Brockville, s/o Alexander Alberry b. Watertown, NY and Margaret Ann Cutway; married Caroline Sarah Johnson, 33, widow, lady, b Brockville, res. Same, d/o Henry Billings b England and Laura Ann Beckinsale.
Witnesses: Olga Omond and Alex J. Omond both of Prescott on 15 September 1923 at Prescott.

014573-23 Lester Erwin Fikes, 36, labourer, b Theresa, NY, res. Watertown, NY, s/o Erwin Fikes b Philadelphia, NY and Francelia Leyeland; married Maude Bartlett, 32, housekeeper b Potsdam, NY res. Watertown, NY, d/o Hiram Bartlett b Potsdam NY and Olive West.
Witnesses: Lawrence Griffin and Rose Mae Griffin both of Alexandria Bay, NY on 8 October 1923 at Lansdowne.

014637-23 William Admir Kahnt, 25, painter, b Alexandria Bay, NY, res. Same, s/o William J. Kahnt b Escott Twp, and Adelaide Root; married Vera Mae Root, 22, housekeeper, b Escott Twp, res. Same, d/o Delbert Root, b Escott Twp and May Hogaboom.
Witnesses: Alfred Root of Rockport and Nellie W. Kelly of Athens on 17 Oct. 1923 at Escott.

014755-23 Claude Sidmore, 42, milk dealer, widower, b Rutland, NY res Watertown, NY, s/o James Sidmore b NY and Almeda Waite; married Sarah English, 42, b Cardinal, res. Same, d/o Samuel English b Ireland and Myra English.
Witnesses: Barbara McCall of Brockville and George A. Ritchie of Coburg, on 10 Nov. 1923 at Brockville.

014821 Frank D. Walroth, 38, dealer, widower, b Clayton, NY, res. Same, s/o Frederick Walroth b Clayton NY and Emily Smith; married Jeanette L. Wheeler, 38, nurse, widow, b Dexter, NY, res. Bath, d/o Joseph Wheeler by Lynn, NY and Melissa Densmore.
Witnesses: Catherine Davison and Dora Hadley both of Prescott on 25 Jan. 1923 at Prescott.

014804-23 Donald Dwight Whiting, 23, clerk, b Merrickville, res. Carthage, NY, s/o Harry Whiting b Potsdam, NY and Mildred Cummings; married Vida Gertrude Billings, 21, b Elizabethtown Twp., d/o Fred Billings b Brockville and Florence Olds.
Witnesses: Harold Whiting of Carthage, NY and Rena Billings of Brockville on 25 Aug. 1923 at Brockville.

012740-24 Charles Bass, 24, mechanic, b Clayton, NY, res. Alexandria Bay, NY, s/o Lynn Bass b NY State and Louisa Johnston; married Emma Jane Zimmerman, 20 school teacher, b Brownsville, NY, res. Kingston, d/o Charles Zimmerman b NY State and Mary Bell.
Witnesses: Edwin C. White and Mabel White of Alex. Bay, NY on 10 July 1924 at Lansdowne.

012741-24 Thomas James Burns, 38, farmer, b Lyndhurst, res. Same, s/o Thomas Burns b Philipsville and Sarah Ann Bevans; married Edna May Haskin, 19, housekeeper, b Evans Mills, NY, res. Lyndhurst, d/o Evan Richard Haskin b Long Point and Lydia Spencer.
Witnesses: J. H. Warren of Lansdowne and B. Dougall of Lyndhurst, on 30 June 1924 at Lansdowne.

012786-24 Virgil Leon Cathcart, 22, student, b Flushing, Mich., res. Watertown, NY, s/o Richard J. Cathcart b Ontario and Jennie N. Mills; married Hazel Marion LaBounty, 21, b Saranac Lake, NY, res. Watertown, d/o Francis LaBounty b NY State and Delia Furness.
Witnesses: Thomas Lyons Allan Neil and Barbara Dickson of Gananoque on 9 April 1924 at Gananoque.

012811-24 Herman James Eligh, 26, carpenter, b Yonge Twp., res. Watertown, NY, s/o James Eligh b Osnabruck and Annie Clow; married Bessie Jean Ferguson, 27, b Brockville, res. Yonge Twp, d/o Peter Ferguson b Sand Bay and Nancy Tenant.
Witnesses: Laura Ferguson of Lyn and Myrtle Clow of Mallorytown on 26 July 1924 at Elizabethtown.

012817-24 Robert Harrison Escudero, 32, telegraph operator, b Sackets, NY, res. Watertown, NY, s/o John G. Escudero b USA and Katherine Mittman; married Hazel Victoria Cross, 24, b Lansdowne, res. Watertown, d/o Manley Cross b Canada and Jennie Elliot.
Witnesses: Mrs. William Cross of Lansdowne and M. Y. Kidd of Gananoque on 29 Nov. 1924 at Gananoque.

012872-1924 Adam Horton, 68, farmer, b Bellamys, res. Same, s/o William Horton b Canada and Catherine Whitmore; married Lott Horton, 63, widow, b Watertown, NY, res. Bellamys, d/o Felix Corren b US and Ann Whitmore.
Witnesses: James H. Alguire and Mrs. J. H. Alguire both of Athens on 1 May 1924 at Bellamys.

012898-1924 Francis Kehoe, 25, carpenter, b Copenhagen, NY, res. Alexandria Bay, NY, s/o William Kehoe and Mary Flaherty; married Constance Cutwell, 23, born LaRue Island, res. Rockport, d/o Charles R. Cutwell and Ellen U. Hunt.
Witnesses: Thomas Kehoe of Copenhagen and Carmal Cutwell of Rockport on 15 May 1924 at Rockport, (RC)

012838-1924 Franlin Lee, 58, widower, boatman, b Odessa, res. Alexandria Bay, NY, s/o Edward Lee b Odessa and Anna Bates; married Carrie Comstock, 56, widow, b Johnstown, NY, res. Alexandria Bay, NY, d/o Oliver Pettey b Johnstown, NY and Mary Ackley.
Witnesses: James Chisamore and Annie M. Dustin, both of Lansdowne on 20 Sept. 1924 at Lansdowne.

012958-1924 Walter Patrick Pyke, 25, foundry employee, b Algonquin, res. Watertown, NY, s/o Patrick Pyke and Eliza Aznoa; married Florence Irene Coville, 19, b Algonquin, res. Brockville, d/o Irey Colville.
Witnesses: Leonard Martell of Cornwall and Phoebe Pyke of Prescott on 6 July 1924 at Brockville.

013524-25 Harold Derrick Crowder, 19, farm, b Oxford Twp, res. Same, s/o Elmis Crowder b Ontario and Louisa Derrick; married Lena McFarland, 24, b Kemptville, res. Watertown, NY, d/o William McFarland b Ontario and Margaret Whippell.
Witnesses: Annie V. Williamson and Elizabeth Crowder of Oxford, Mills on 25 Mar. 1925 in Oxford Mills.

013714-25 Charles Kenny Simser, 29, chauffeur, b. Watertown, NY, res. Same, s/o Albert Laurence Simser b US and Fanny Dorvey; married Mary Lillian Scully, 29, b Brockville, res. Brockville, d/o John Scully b Canada and Mary Ferney.
Witnesses: Annie Victoria LaBarr and Joseph LaBarr both of Brockville on 19 Nov. 1925 at Brockville.

013568-25 Harold Alexander Gardner, 29, store manager, b Lorraine, NY res. Watertown, NY, s/o Peter Gardner b Lorraine, NY and Nora Remington; married Rene Belle Fox, 28, b Hannibal, NY res. Watertown, d/o William Bruce Fox, b Hannibal, NY and Alma Bertha Carter.
Witnesses: Lydia A. Perry of Gananoque and Frances H. Pettery of Montreal, Quebec on 26 June 1925 at Gananoque.

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