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ELISHA ANDRUS to Miss NANCY FIELDS in Watertown on Sunday evening, May 9, 1819 by Edler Fields. (Independent Republican, May 17, 1819)

JOHN ALLEN to Miss MARY JANE BULLIS, in Wilna, Thursday, May 4, 1820, by P. Piper, Esq., all of Wilna. (Ind. Repub. May 9, 1820)

ALVIN ALLEN of Denmark, Lewis Co., to Miss EMMA THOMPSON of Rutland. (Ind. Repub. Nov. 30, 1819)

JABEZ BROWN of New Hartford to Miss ABIGAIL JEWETT of LeRay, Feb. 21, 1822, by Rev. George S. Boardman, at LeRay (Ind. Repub. Tues. Feb. 26, 1822)

SAMUEL BROWN, JR., Esq., late of Brownsville, to Miss JULIA BACKUS of Binghamton, on Aug. 24, 1837, by Rev. Mr. Adams of Wilmington, Del. (The North American, Sept. 6, 1837)

DAVID BAKER to Miss REBECCA GOTHAM, all of Watertown on Sunday evening, May 9, 1819, by Mr. Fields (Ind. Repub. May 17, 1819)

BARNES CARTER to Miss SELOMA, daughter of Mr. JAMES THOMPSON, all of Champion on Feb. 12, 1828 by Rev. Mr. Pratt (Watertown Freeman, Feb. 18, 1828)

HENRY CHAFE to Miss LAURA SMITH, daughter of DEACON D. SMITH, in Rodman on 21 March 1824, by Elder Morgan (Ind. Repub. March 30 1824)

LOREN COTTON of Antwerp to Miss MATILDA GROVER of Rutland, in Rutland on Feb. 29, 1828 by Curtis G. Brooks, Esq. (Wat. Freeman, March 4, 1828)

ELISHA C. CHURCH of Brownville to Miss EMILY MAKEPEACE of Pamelia, in Pamelia on Jan. 25, 1827, by Rev. Mr. Salisbury (Wat. Freeman, Jan. 30, 1827)

PETER CHAFIN of Lorraine, to Miss MARGARET PIERCE of Rutland, in Rutland, Jan. 25, 1827 by C. C. Brooks, Esq. (Wat. Freeman, Jan. 30, 1827)

CHILLINGSWORTH COLWELL to Miss LUCINDA W. HART all of Watertown, in Watertown, on Sunday evening, Nov. 28, 1819, by Rev. Mr. Banks (Ind. Repub. Nov. 30, 1819)

LEONARD DELANO of Watertown to Miss MERCILVA PIPER (Ind. Repub. Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1822)

HORATIO P. DAVIS to Miss CLARISSA F. CUSHMAN, both of Henderson, in Henderson, on 28 August, 1837 by Rev. Mr. Putnam (North America, Sept. 6, 1837)

WILLIS DAVISON to Miss SALLY R. MEIGS, both of Watertown, in Watertown, on 21 July 1824, by Rev. B. Paddock (Wat. Freeman, July 27, 1824)

WILLIS DAVISON to Miss FANNY MEIGS, all of Watertown, in Watertown, Oct. 14, 1826, by Rev. Mr. Boardman (Thursday's Post, Oct. 19, 1826)

AZARIAH EASTMAN to MRS. PERIE PERSON both of Rodman, in Rodman on 28th ult. (Nov. 1819) by Rev. Mr. Spear (Ind. Rep. Watertown)

WILLIAM H. ELY, merchant of the firm of Ely, Wiswell & Co., to Miss MARY, daughter of GEORGE BROWN, ESQ. in Brownville on the 4th inst.(March) (Wat. Freeman, March 10, 1829)

GEORGE B. EVANS to Miss AMANDA L. CHAPIN in LeRay, on the 17th inst. (Jan. 1850) by Rev. J. A. Rosseel (Northern NY Journal, Jan. 23, 1850)

DANFORD EARL to MRS. MERCY ANDRUS, all of Rutland in Rutland on March 31, 1829 by Curtis G. Brooks, Esq. (Wat. Freeman, April 7, 1829)

CLIFT EAMES to Miss HARRIET WEBB in Rutland on Oct. 5, 1826 (Thursday's Post, Wat., Oct. 19, 1826)

JOHN B. GROVE of Henderson, to Miss ADELAIDE A. CHURCH of Pierrepont Manor, on 18 Sept. 1851, in Zion Church by Rev. C. B. Ellsworth (NY Recorder)

JOSHUA C. HARLOW of Sacket's Harbor to Miss ANNA G. AUSTIN of Rutland at Pamelia on March 23, 1823 by Rev. Pitt Morse (Jeff. Repub. Sacket's Harbor)

LUTHER G. HOYT to Miss SUSAN MARTHAR of Watertown, in Watertown on March 11, 1821 by Elder Hezekiah Fields (Ind. Repub. March 13, 1821)

CAPT. TRUMAN W. HASKELL, Editor of the Freeman's Advocate, to Miss HARRIET, daughter of the late ASHBEL SYMONDS, ESQ., all of Sacket's Harbor, on Sunday morning last, May 27, 1827, by Rev. Mr. Snowdon (Wat. Freeman, May 29, 1827)

GEORGE HUNGERFORD to Miss MARIA SHELDON on Feb. 17, 1828 by J. Sheldon, Esq. (Wat. Freeman, Feb. 26, 1828)

CALEB S. HENDERSON of Sacket's Harbor to Miss ANGELINE MONROE of Brownville, in Brownville on Nov. 28, 1819, by Esq. Henderson of Champion (Ind. Repub. Nov. 30, 1819)

JOHN FAY of Watertown to Miss MARY GAGE, daughter of JAMES GAGE, Esq., of Litchfield, in Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY on Jan. 1, 1821 by Rev. Stephen R. Smith (Ind. Repub. Jan. 9, 1821)

HENRY D. FALL to Miss HANNAH L. KITTS all of Watertown on Sept. 3, 1837 by M. W. Gilbert, Esq. (North American, Sept. 6, 1837)

WILLIAM N. JEWETT of Hounsfield to Miss EVELINE GRAGG of Rutland, in Rutland on the 10th of November, 1828, by Curtis G. Brooks, Esq. (Wat. Freeman, Nov. 18, 1828)

WILLIAM KEMP of Cape Vincent to Miss ABI BROWN of Brownville, in Brownville, on Sunday evening, Oct. 7th, 1821 by Rev. Wells (Ind. Repub. Oct. 9, 1821)

SAMUEL LION to Miss LETETIA RICHEY all of Sacket's Harbor, on Tuesday evening, March 25, 1823, by Rev. Mr. James Snowden

REV. SHUBAEL LITTLE of Brownville to Miss DEBORAH BARROWS, daughter of Esquire Barrows of Hounsville, in Hounsfield on Sunday evening, April 4, 1819 by Rev. Hezekiah Field (Ind. Repub. April 12, 1819)

CHARLES C. LEWIS to Miss OLIVE R. HATHAWAY, daughter of Mr. JAMES HATHAWAY, all of Watertown, in Watertown on 3rd inst., (July 1824) by Rev. Pitt Morse (early Watertown paper)

REV. PITT MORSE of Watertown to Miss SALLY H. PORTER, daughter of JOHN S. PORTER, Esq. of Henderson, in Henderson, on Feb. 25, 1824 by Rev. G. C. Parsons (Wat. Freeman, March 2, 1824)

PARISH L. MORSE to Miss JANE PENDER, all of Watertown, in Watertown on 12th inst. (Jan. 1850), by Rev. J. A. Nash (Northern NY Journal, Jan. 23, 1850)

SILAS MARVIN, merchant, to Miss LUCY SILL, all of Watertown, in Watertown, on Monday morning, June 23, 1821 by Rev. Mr. Boardman (Ind. Repub. June 26, 1821)

JOHN McBRIDE to Miss LYDIA FLETCHER on 17 Feb. 1822 by Calvin McKnight, Esq. (Ind. Repub. March 5, 1822)

MARK MERRILL to Miss SALINA PAMARTER all of Watertown? on March 3, 1822 (Ind. Repub. March 5, 1822)

ANDREW PLANK to Miss NANCY EDMUNDS, both of Watertown, in Watertown, on Sabbath evening, the 13th inst. (Jan. 1850) by Rev. J. A. Nash (Northern NY Journal, Jan. 23, 1850)

SAFFORD S. PLUMB to Miss NANCY M. CANITHAN both of Brownsville, at the Adelphi, in Watertown on the Sabbath, the 20th inst. (Jan. 1850) by Rev. J. A. Nash (Northern NY Journal, Jan. 23, 1850)

CHARLES P. PERKINS of the firm of Camp & Perkins, to Miss SOPHIA KNOWLTON, of GEORGE W. KNOWLTON, Esq., on March 23, 1852 by Rev. W. E. Knox (New York Reformer)

REUBEN RICE of Windsor, VT to Miss SPEDY F. CADY of Watertown, in Watertown on Jan. 24, 1822, by Rev. N. M. Wells (Ind. Repub. Feb. 12, 1822)

CORNELIUS REED of Brownville to Miss MARY FLETCHER of Watertown, in Watertown, on Aug. 1, 1819 by Calvin McKnight, Esq. (Ind. Repub. Aug. 2, 1819)

DANIEL SKINNER of Onondaga to Miss CAROLINE TYLER of Rutland on Oct. 8, 1826 by Rev. Mr. Platt (Thursday's Post, Watertown, Oct. 19, 1826)

HENRY E. SILL to Miss LUCY E. BLISS at Black Rock on Sunday evening, Jan. 25, 1829 (Batavia Pres NY Jan. 31, 1829)

JOB SEAMANS to Miss MARY ROWLAND all of Watertown, On Sunday evening, Dec. 2, 1821 by Rev. Mr. Dempster (Ind. Repub. Dec. 4, 1821)

WINES H. SKEELS of Gouverneur to Miss LYDIA T. RICHARDSON, daughter of CAPT. T. RICHARDSON of Watertown, in Watertown on 28 Feb. 1828, by Rev. Mr. Morse (Wat. Freeman, March 4, 1828)

URIAH SPAULDING of Rutland to Miss ANNA RUMBLE of Brownsville, in Brownsville on March 4, 1824, by Rev. Warren Skinner (Ind. Repub. March 30, 1824)

RUSSELL SHERMAN of Watertown to Miss NANCY WOODRUFF, daughter of ROSWELL WOODRUFF, Esq. of Whitesborough Oneida Co., at that place, on March 25, 1824 by Rev. Stephen R. Smith (Ind. Repub. March 30, 1824)

WILLIAM WATERS to Miss BETSY WAKEFIELD in Watertown on Feb. 21, 1828 by Rev. Pitt Morse (Wat. Freeman, Feb. 26, 1828)

DAVID YOUNGLOVE to Miss FANNY SIMMONS, both of Alexandria at Theresa on Jan. 25, 1827 by Rev. Mr. Storm (Wat. Freeman, Jan. 30, 1827)

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