1.  JOHN McNITT was born April 25, 1749 in Palmer, Hampden County MA. 
According to his pension application, he was a veteran of the
Revolutionary War, having served with the Massachusetts Line.  He resided 
both in Cambridge, NY and in Champion, Jefferson County.  JOHN McNITT came
from Salem, Mass. in 1803 or 1804, and settled on what is known as
Stonewall Street.  He took up 160 acres, and here resided until he died
April 13, 1835 in Champion 

Note:  Additional information about John McNitt is available in the 
Fonda list of Jefferson County Revolutionary Veterans.  For access to those
files, click on the underlined words in this note.

He married 

PATTY WILSON who was born 1758 and died February 17, 1848 in Champion,
Jefferson County.

Children, McNITT: 

    2    i     SALLY McNITT married DORASTUS WAITE 

    3   ii     MARY McNITT  

    4  iii     JAMES McNITT  

    5   iv     BEBE McNITT  

    6    v     JOHN WILSON McNITT married CATHERINE (---)

    7   vi     POLLY McNITT  married OLIVER WRIGHT 

    8  vii     PATTY McNITT  married ALVIN WRIGHT 

+   9 viii     NOAH McNITT  

9.  NOAH McNITT (son of JOHN and PATTY (WILSON) McNITT) was born June 06,
1797 in Salem, NY; and moved to Champion with his family about 1804.  He
was a veteran of the War of 1812, with a pension of $28.   He resided on
the homestead the greater part of his life, a breeder of horses.  He died
March 26, 1866 in Champion, Jefferson County 

He married 

LAURA HUBBARD, who was the daughter of JOEL and (---) HUBBARD of Champion

Children, McNITT: 

   10    i     JULIA ELIZA McNITT married ALBERT O. BABCOCK 

   11   ii     SARAJ J. McNITT married CURTIS C. INGRAHAM 

   12  iii     ELIZA AMBROSIA McNITT 

   13   iv     GUSTAVUS A. McNITT  

   14    v     EGBERT H. McNITT married SARAH C. KNOWLES, daughter of
                              RUSSELL K. and (---) KNOWLES 

   15   vi     AMBROSIA McNITT  married GUILFORD HARRIS 

   16  vii     FREDERICK H. McNITT married PHOEBE C. INGRAHAM, daughter
                              of SIMEON and (---) INGRAHAM  

   17 viii     FRANCES I. McNITT  

For further information, contact:
Jane McNett

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