Migrations - Part 14:

SOLOMON CALKINS Sr was born 4 April 1724 in Lebanon, CT. He married 1) MARY GARDNER on 3 Nov 1742; MARY died 16 May 1743 in Lebanon CT. ZERVIAH DEWEY was his second wife. ZERVIAH DEWEYwas born 28 Jan 1726 in Lebanon CT and died on 26 Nov 1749. SOLOMON Sr. and ZERVIAH DEWEY were married on 16 June 1744 in Lebanon, New London, CT. After ZERVIAH died on 26 Nov 1749, he married 3)ABIGAIL SKIFF on 2 June 1750 in Lebanon CT. (1727-1807).

SOLOMON CALKINS Jr the son of SOLOMON CALKINS Sr, and ZERVIAH DEWEY was born 26 Dec 1746 in Lebanon CT and died on 16 April 1841, age 94, in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY.

SOLOMON Jr (b 1746) married on 1 Sept 1768 in Lebanon, New London CT to HANNAH CRANDALL who was born on 22 June 1745 in Lebanon, CT. She died on 26 Oct 1827, age 83, in Champion, Jefferson Co. and was buried in the Hillside Cemetery, as wife of Deacon SOLOMON CALKINS. SOLOMON'S Revolutionary War pension began in 1833 and at that time he was in Jefferson County NY; his arrival was between 1830 and 1833. The SOLOMON CALKINS who served in the War of 1812 from Jefferson County may have been his son, SOLOMON.

Children of SOLOMON and HANNAH CALKINS: (Note: some records call her "ANN")

1)CALKINS born 17 Jan 1771 CT

2)GERUD CALKINS born 15 June 1775 CT

3)LYDIA CALKINS born 7 Aug 1776 CT

4)CALKINS born 17 Mar 1779 CT

5)CALLKINS born 7 April 1782 VT

6)CALKINS b 12 May 1784 VT

7)LUCRETIA CALKINS b 7 Mar 1776 Mansfield CT; married 1)JOSHUA SLY; 2)JOSEPH THORNTON, c 1793 in Canada

8)SOLOMON CALKINS b 31 May 1769 CT


10)HANNAH CALKINS b 17 Mar 1774 CT

11)HANNAH CALKINS b 17 Mar 1779 Windham, CT; married PENUEL BACON (b 1775 at Ashfield, MA- d 6 June 1848) WAUPUN, Fond du Lac, WI, son of ABEL BACON and SARAH McKINSTRY who were married 19 Sept 1773 Sturbridge, MA

12)ZERVIAH CALKINS b 7 April 1782 VT; married ELISHA ENOS

13)LYDIA CALKINS b 12 May 1784 VT

14)ANNA VERA CALKINS b 20 June 1786 VT d 28 June 1862 in Watertown, Jefferson Co.; married ABEL LEONARD CRANDALL on 13 Sept 1808.

(Transcriber's note: List of children from the LDS repository in Salt Lake City, Utah)

History of Strafford VT: "In a few years, and before the war of the Revolution began, SILAS ALGER, JOHN ALGER, JONATHAN RICH, ELIPHALET ROBERTS, LEVI ROOT, JOSHUA TUCKER, ENOCH BEAN, HEZEKIAH MAY, DAVID CHAMBERLIN and SOLOMON CALKINS..had settled in the town."

From Calkins Memorial Military Roster, p 26: SOLOMON CALKINS enlisted 2 Aug. 1778 in Capt. Jonathan Rudd's Company, Col. Chapman's Regiment, Tyler's Brigade. Discharged 12 Sept 1778; was in the battle of RI. On page 197: SOLOMON CALKIN, Private and Ensign; Annual Allowance $67.86. In Vermont militia. Placed on pension roll, 17 Jan. 1833 at age 85. Jefferson County, NY. (Editor noted that this was the same person.)

FREDERIC RUSSELL CALKINS was born in Rodman NY on 16 April 1871, son of EDMUND E. CALKINS and ROSEANN BIBBINS. He graduated MD at Bellevue Hospital Medical College in 1894; County Physician in Jefferson Co NY from 1895 to 1898; Coroner in 1900. He practiced in Watertown NY since 1894. He married EVANGELINE P. CADWELL on 22 April 1896.

Their children:




(Source: NY University, Vol 2)

JOEL CAULKINS was born on 7 Feb 1760 in Sharon, CT, son of JOHN CAULKINSand ELIZABETH CURTIS; he died in Lorraine NY on 7 Feb 1848 at 91 years. He married on 16 April 1783, when he was 23, to BETHIA BARROWS, daughter of AMOS BARROWS (16 Dec 1722-5 Dec 1772) and MARY BAILEY (20 Jan 1724/25 - ) in Sharon CT. BETHIA was born on 5 Sept 1764 in Sharon CT and died in Worth, Jefferson Co NY on 27 Jan 1835 at age 70. (Fonda's List: Revolutionary War Vet)


1)POLLY CAULKINS born 1784; died Jan 1879 Washington Co., Indiana; married RUEL BARNARD and moved to Indiana.

2)JOHN CAULKINS born 20 Oct 1787 Litchfield CT; d 3 May 1865 at 76 years; buried Rural Cem., Lorraine NY.

3)JOEL CAULKINS born 1788 died Iroquois Co IL.

4)ISSAC CAULKINS born 1790 Geneva NY.

5)DANIEL CAULKINS born 1792 Litchfield CT; died 23 Sept 1887, at 95 years 1 mo 13 days; buried in Rural Cemetery at Lorraine NY. Wife: LUNA died 19 Feb 1866 at 59 years 6 mos 5 days. DANIEL was in the War of 1812.

6)CATHERINE CAULKINS b 1793; married SMITH SALISBURY in 1813 Jefferson Co NY, son of EDWARD SALISBURY and ABAGAIL HAWKINS. SMITH was born 16 Dec 1781 in Gloucester RI and died 8 May 1869 Princeton, IL.

7)NANCY CAULKINS b 5 Mar 1794 in Sharon CT; married 1) 1 Sept 1813 ALANSON RUSSELLl (b 22 Apr 1793) of Jefferson Co., NY and 2) TIMOTHY DOAN.

8)SALLY CAULKINS born 5 Mar 1798; married WILLIAM C. SWEET and moved to Indiana

9)REBECCA CAULKINS born 1799 moved to Cleveland OH.

10)ABRAM CAULKINS born 20 Feb 1803; died 22 Aug 1892; buried Rural Cemetery at Lorraine NY. Wife: MARY ANN ADAMS bc 1809 died 1863; buried Lorraine in the Rural Cemetery.

11)LYDIA CAULKINS b 1805 at Worth, Jefferson Co., NY and moved to Cleveland OH.

12)AMOS CAULKINS born 1807 in Worth and died 25 Jan 1885 in Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY.

JOEL CAULKINS was listed in the 1820 census of Jefferson County, NY.

(Age differences in born dates may be born dates and/or baptism dates)


Thank you for the quick response. My reference was found here: JEFFERSON COUNTY NEW YORK; JEFFERSON COUNTY MIGRATIONS; CALKINS, CAULKINS; Migrations - Part 14:

I have spent the last ten years trying to trace this lineage through many sources, including NEHGS researchers for 30+ hours. As expected, there are conflicts, but a study of records located shows these female children:

1. From Leahy Reference Desk:

Vermont Vitals (as you have noted) list the following children for Solomon and Hannah Calkins

17 Jan 17__ - daughter (say 1) at Strafford (wife Hannah not listed).
17 Mar 1774 – daughter (2) at Strafford.
15 Jun 1775 – daughter (3) at Strafford.
7 Aug 1776 – daughter (4) at Strafford.
17 Mar 1779 – daughter (5) at Strafford.
7 Apr 1782 – daughter (6) at Strafford.
12 May 1784 – daughter (7) at Strafford.

Although this listing implies that all births took place in Strafford, VT., it may be they were only recorded there.

Coincidentally, I recently transcribed some original Strafford town records that included reference to these births. These records were in bad condition, and had been partly torn (or possibly eaten by mice), so were not complete.

The following excerpt is from that effort.

[_____, d]aughter to So[lomon Calkin and Hannah, his wife, was] born Windham, January [---].
[_____, dau]ghter to Solomon Calkin and [Hannah, his wife, was born S]trafford], March the 17 AD 1774.
[_____, da]ughter to Solomon Calkin and H[annah, his wife, departed] this life Strafford, June 15 AD 177[-].
[_____], daughter to Solomon Calkin and Han[nah, his wife, was] born Mansfield, Agust 7th AD 1776.
[_____ Cal]kins, daughter to Solomon Calkin and Hannah [, his wife, was] born Windham, March the 17 AD 1779.
[_____, Cal]kin, daughter to Salomon Calkin and Han[nah, his wife, wa]s born Strafford, April the 7 AD 1782.
[_____, Calk]in], daughter to Solomon Calkin and Han[nah, his wife], was born Strafford, May the 12 AD 1784.

2. Helen Turney Sharps of Fairfield, CT, who researched the Calkins family for 30 years. Her families #18, #46, and #116 pertain. Names of daughters are not recorded.

3. “Records of the Crandals, Crandales, Crandalls, Crandels, Crandells, Crandles, and Crandols” collected by Elwin Gerry Davis, West Bethel, ME, and found in the R. Stanton Avery Special Collections, NEHGS. (His research assistance was included in a footnote on p. 83 of the Elder John Crandall and His Descendants.) Families #221, #254, #348, #356, and #359 pertain.

NOTE: Bruce, I just noticed something in the records that I sent you that I would not want repeated. Please do not repeat that Samantha Calkins (as shown in the Crandal, Crandales, etc.,) m. Simeon Kidder. She married John Kidder and named her first son, Simeon. That is a battle I have also been conducting (along with George Kidder) for 10 years and can't get anyone to notice that there is NO Simeon Kidder in records prior to the one b. 1793/4. "Simeon" was never used in the Kidder lineage; "Simeon" entered when Samantha Calkins married into the family. Simeon was a Crandall and Calkins name, never Kidder.

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4. Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and his descendants can be accessed via Page 83.

This is a rather disjointed gathering of my collection of records. I have other documents that I could provide if you have further questions. I would love to correct some of the errors in this lineage and you are a very definitive source of other researchers.

Shirley A. Long
Toano, VA

Compilation of Sources

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