Migrations Part 15

ASA EGGLESTON, Jr. was born 10 Feb 1763 in Voluntown, CT and died 8 Aug 1840 in Hebron, NY. He married CONTENT HADSEL on 27 March 1787 in Oswego NY. She was born 13 March 1764 and died 13 April 1850. She was the daughter of JAMES and CONTENT WORDEN and she is buried in Antwerp, NY. ASA was a participant in the Revolutionary War and lived at various times in Antwerp and Champion, Jefferson Co., NY.


1) RACHEL EGGLESTON d 9 June 1822 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY
2) CYNTHIA EGGLESTON b 19 March 1787 Hebron NY; died 13 Nov 1865
3) ASA EGGLESTON born 15 Aug. 1789 at Hebron d 13 May 1856
4) MARY EGGLESTON b 21 Aug. 1791 Hebron; d 8 Dec 1853
5) PERRY EGGLESTON b 16 Aug 1793 Hebron; died 29 April 1871 at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY
6) DORCAS EGGLESTON b 28 Oct 1798 Hebron d 1841
7) PATTY b 7 April 1803 Hebron
8) JOHN MITCHEL b 7 Aug 1806 in Hebron d 20 Aug 1880 in Antwerp
9) DAVID HADSALL EGGLESTON b 17 Sep 1808 Hebron d 4 Aug 1890 in Antwerp
10) SAMUEL R. EGGLESTON b 27 April 1810 Hebron d 10 Oct 1879
11) HARRIET M. EGGLESTON b 12 March 1814 Hebron d 25 April 1896 Antwerp; married RICHMOND HOWLAND born 10 Sept 1803 Rutland NY; died 1892 Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY

(Transcriber's Note: Many of the Eggleston family are buried in the Kinne Cemetery at Antwerp.)

JEFFERSON CO NY WILLS Vol. 34 page 445

HARRIET M. HOWLAND of Antwerp; probated 11 Nov 1896

Notices sent to:

Harriet Fairbanks, niece, Hermon, St. Lawrence Co
James Eggleston, nephew, Russell, St Lawrence Co
Adelbert Eggleston, nephew, Russell, St. Lawrence Co.
Andelina Hale, niece, Canton, St. Lawrence Co.
Julia Kerr, niece, Waterloo, Iowa
LeRoy Eggleston, nephew, Sumner, Bremer Co., Iowa
William A. Eggleston, nephew, Owatoma, Minn.
Ambrose D. Eggleston, nephew & Jane S. Eggleston, niece, both of Antwerp
George V. Eggleston, nephew, Carthage
Wing E. Hall, nephew, Hailesborough
Harriet M. Dickson, niece, Antwerp
Nettie L. Dickson, niece, Antwerp
Hazel E. Dickson, grand nephew, Antwerp
Lora M. Bailey, niece, Blackriver
Amelia M. Riddly, niece Jericho Springs, Cedar Co., Missouri
Eddy E. Eggleston, nephew, Butler, Bates Co., Miss. (likely Missouri)
James H. Eggleston, nephew, Butler, Miss. (likely Missouri)
Mrs. Sarah E. Hall, niece, Rich Hill, Miss. (likely Missouri)
Hiram Eggleston, nephew & Gilbert Eggleston, nephew, both of Antwerp
Elizabeth Pike, niece, Hermon
Albert Eggleston, grand nephew, Canton
Eva Gernel, grand niece, Hammond
Richmond Eggleston, nephew, Antwerp
Mrs. D. C. Avery, niece, Jamesville
Mary March niece & Diana Randall, niece, both Gouverneur
Mrs. Maria Mc Omber, niece, Black River
Delia Mathews, niece, Peabody, Kansas
Gifford Eggleston, nephew, Sauneruin, Livingston Co., Ill.
Charles Eggleston, grand nephew, Frank Eggleston, grand nephew, Fred Eggleston, grand nephew of Antwerp
Carrie Baker, grand niece of Gouverneur
Dora Ames, grand niece, Fine
Polly Steedon (or Heedon?), niece, Salem
J. W. Munson, nephew, Astoria, Oregon
Henry A. Cox, grand nephew, Orlando Cox, grand nephew, Ellen M. Cox,
grand niece & Daniel Cox, grand nephew, all of Salem
LeRoy Munson, grand nephew, Akron, Ohio
George McFarland, grand nephew, 88 Perry St., N.Y. City
Lasa M. Patrick, grand niece, Adams, Massachusetts
Carrie Liddle, grand niece, Fred Munson, grand nephew, Charles Munson,
grand nephew, all of Salem
Alice Munson, grand niece, B. Church St., Hartford, Conn.
LeRoy S. Rodgers, nephew & Allen P. Rodgers, nephew, both of Albany
David F. Rodgers, nephew, Amethyst, Colorado
Emma Thompson, grand niece, 67 West 87th St., New York City
Mrs. Andrew Gere, 4758 Prairie Avenue, Chicago, Ill., grand niece
Mrs. E. D. Rich, grand niece, Maquoketa, Iowa
Matie Davenport, grand niece, Evans Mills, Jeff. Co.
Asa Dewey, niece, Durand, Wisconsin
Martha J. Foster, niece, Madison, Wis.
Cynthia Porter, niece, Portage, Wis.
John Dewey, grand nephew, Humboldt, Kansas
David W. Dewey, grand nephew, Hepler, Crawford Co., Kansas
Julia E. Dixon, grand niece, Middlepoint, Van Wert Co., Ohio
Maud Chalmers, grand niece, Kingston, DeKalb Co., Ill.
Mrs. H. G. Burgess, grand niece & O. B. Chalmers, grand nephew of Kingston, De Kalb Co., Ill.
Edwin J. Chalmers, grandnephew, Montercus, Washington
John Marshall, Chauncey Marshall & George K. Marshall, grandnephews and
Kattie K. Marshall, grand niece, all of Grove Lake, Page Co., Minn.
Mrs. Harriet Maria Scott, niece, Geneseo, Ill.
Helen D. Dickinson, niece, Gering, of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
LeRoy Safford, nephew, Alliance, Nebraska
James L. Safford, nephew, Geneseo, Ill.
Mrs. Sarah Isabell Croft, niece Geneseo, Ill.
Mrs. Sera E. Mc Cracken, grand niece, 6337 Morgan St., Englewood, Ill.
Mrs. Amanda Shearer, grand niece, Cornwall, Ill, P.O. Geneseo, Ill.
LeRoy A. Munson, grand nephew, 6337 Morgan St., Englewood, Ill.
Dora Frances Munson, grandniece, Geneseo, Ill.
Willard Livingston Munson, grandnephew, Geneseo, Ill.
Alva Joel Munson, grandniece, Geneseo, Ill.
Mrs. Editha Maria White, granddaughter, Geneseo, Ill.
Mrs. Escenatte Amanda Safford, granddaughter, Bennison, Nebraska
Mrs. Juliet Crosier, granddaughter, Salem, Washington Co., NY
Joel Munson, grandson, Dallas Center, Dallas Co., Iowa

Frank H. Peck, atty at law of the City of Watertown, special guardian of
Hazel E. Dickeson,
Rheuhama Belle Eggleston,
Fred Eggleston and
Alva Joel Munson, minors

Will and 2 codicils:

I, HARRIET M. HOWLAND of the town of Antwerp in the County of Jefferson and State of New York, being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this, my last will and testament.

I give and bequeath to WILLIAM HOWLAND one thousand dollars to be divided at his death equaly between his heirs WALTER HOWLAND, FREDERIC HOWLAND and the three children of CYRUS HOWLAND.

I give and bequeath to JEROME and MARY HOWLAND one thousand dollars to be divided equally between them.

I also give and bequeath to the only son of EUGENE HOWLAND two hundred dollars.

I also give and bequeath to JOSEPHINE, ANGELINE, HORTENSE and JEPTHA children of OZIAL HOWLAND eight hundred dollars to be divided equaly between them.

I also give and bequeath to ALICE GORDON five hundred dollars.

I do nominate and appoint HARRY GREEN and ALICE GORDON to be the executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I the said HARRIET M. HOWLAND have to this my last will and Testament consisting of one sheet of paper subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 13th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety three.


Charles Hunt, residing at Antwerp in the County of Jefferson
Clarissa Hunt, residing at Antwerp in the County of Jefferson

Codicil No. 1

It is my wish, that after my decease my household goods shall be disposed of as follows.

All the furniture made by the hands of Harry Greene consisting of one bedstead, one fall leaf table, one commode, one case of draws, one clock shelf, all made of ash and black walnut, and one reading stand made of cherry and walnut, also the photograph, pictures of Harry Greene and wife and the enlarged pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Howland, also one large feather bed with two feather pillows to be given to Harry Greene and his wife. The bureau bedstead and carpet in front bedroom and fall leaf table in dining room to be given to William Eggleston.

All the furniture, carpet and pictures now in parlow excepting fall leaf table also one large feather bed, two feather pillows, all furniture carpeter &c in back bedroom in Chamber, the dish cupboard with glass doors in kitchen and all dishes comonley used in kitchen to belong to Alice Gordon.

The distribution of the foregoing articles and other household articles not mentioned, I wish to be done by Alice Gordon.

H. M. Howland (L.S.)
Dated November 20th 1895
signed in presence of (witnesses)
Charles H. Burke
M. T. Bacon

Codicil No. 2

I give and devise to Alice the house and land now ocupied by me in the village of Antwerp to have and to hold the same to her and her executors, administrators and assigns forever.

In witness whereof I the said HARRIET M. HOWLAND have to this codicil of my last will and testament subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 11th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety six.

Harriet M. Howland (L.S.)

Signed in presence of (witnesses)
Morton T. Bacon
Charles Hunt

The proofs of the above will were taken by a stenographer and filed in the Surrogate's Office this 11th day of November 1896

A. L. Adams, Surrogate

WILLIAM HOWLAND was born 1 July 1747 in Scituate, Providence RI and died 8 Feb. 1835 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. He married in 1768 MARY RICHMOND of Glocester, Providence Co., MA. MARY was born 1751 Taunton MA and died 3 July 1828 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. WILLIAM served in the Revolutionary War from Rhode Island and is buried in the Cotes/Howland Cemetery at Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY.


RICHMOND HOWLAND born 2 January 1772 at Glocester, Providence RI; he died 5 July 1862 in Rutland Jefferson Co., NY at age 90 years 6 mos. He married RACHAEL KING who was born 25 Jan 1769 at Glocester, RI and died 15 Dec 1855 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY RICHMOND served in the War of 1812 from Jefferson Co. NY


1)WILLIAM HOWLAND born 22 April 1809 at Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY; died 27 April 1901 in Rutland.
He married on 5 March 1845 EUNICE PHILBROOKS EDDY. She was born in 1820 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY and died 1898. She was the daughter of JAMES EDDY and CYNTHIA PHILBROOKS


b)WALTER EDDY born 31 May 1858 Rutland NY; died 13 Jan 1944 Evans Mills NY
c)FRED EDDY born 28 Mar 1862
3)RICHMOND HOWLAND born 3 Sept. 1803 and died 1892 - buried Kinne Cemetery at Antwerp; married 1846 HARRIET EGGLESTON, born 12 March 1814 died 25 April 1896 (See her will for family relationships)
5)HIRAM HOWLAND born 1801 died 1882

JAMES EDDY was born 17 Oct 1792 in Wallingford, Rutland Co., VT. He died on 23 May 1876 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY and was buried in Felts Mills. JAMES married CYNTHIA PHILBROOKS on 13 May 1812. She was born about 1795, daughter of JAMES PHILBROOKS and MERCY BARNES. CYNTHIA died on 23 May 1876.


1)AMY EDDY born 1818 Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY
3)JAMES EDDY born 20 Mar 1824 Rutland, Jefferson Co. NY; married ESTHER ROGERS
4)HULDAH EDDY born Feb. 1828; married AUSTIN CROOK Dec. 1849
5)EGBERT HARVEY EDDY born 31 Jan 1830 Rutland; died 26 Oct. 1906 Rutland. Lawyer and surveyor by occupation. He married on 20 Feb 1872 in Lewis Co NY to EMILY ELIZA HIGBY, daughter of GEORGE W. HIGBYand MARGARET WHITEHEAD. She was born 2 June 1852 and died 3 Oct 1920 Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY.

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