Migrations Part 34:
Allen, Ball, Barney, Blackstone, Eames, Fitch, Towne, Woodman

WATERS ALLEN, son of JOHN ALLEN, was born at Sturbridge, MA on 30 August 1778 and died in 1850. He served in the War of 1812 and his widow received a land grant of 160 acres. He settled in Turin, Lewis Co., NY and was a blacksmith by trade. He married ANNA GILMORE in Sturbridge, MA who died in Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY, in 1875. Their son WATERS ALLEN was born at Sturbridge, MA on 5 July 1819 and married SARAH JANE CONVERSE who was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY on 25 Sept. 1819. WATERS ALLEN Jr. was a farmer and died at Brownville, NY on 6 May 1860; SARAH died at Martinsburg, Lewis Co., NY on 24 March 1884. Their children were JOEL ELBRIDGE ALLEN born on 14 Nov. 1843 at Martinsburg, Lewis Co., NY and he married EMMA V. BUTTS. ANNA E. ALLEN was born 9 Sept. 1847 in Orleans, Jefferson Co., NY and married 1st JOHN P. REED and 2nd LEWIS COFFIN. A third child was EMMA DIANE ALLEN born 5 Nov. 1851 at Orleans, Jefferson Co., NY. Source: History of New York State

AUGUSTUS FITCH was the eldest child and son of CONVERSE and ARUMA (GRANT) FITCH. He was born in Tolland CT on 8 Nov. 1793 and died 27 May 1867. He served as a soldier in the War of 1812 and in 1821 went to Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY to look after family interests of his brother, RUSSEL FITCH, who had settled and died there. AUGUSTUS remained in New York, married and moved to St. Lawrence Co, settling at Morristown. AUGUSTUS married on 31 October 1821 to EMILY NIMS, who was born in Deerfield, MA on 29 April 1801, daughter of RUFUS and CYNTHIA (WRIGHT) NIMS. Children of AUGUSTUS FITCH and EMILY NIMS: RUSSELL WRIGHT FITCH, born 12 Jan. 1825 in Rodman, NY; he married on 12 Jan. 1846 MARGARET TYLER BUDLONG who was born in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY on 2 Nov. 1824; she died on 15 June 1886, daughter of DANIEL and LYDIA (TYLER) BUDLONG. One of their children, (AUGUSTUS and EMILY) WARREN R. FITCH was born at Rodman, NY on 31 Dec. 1836. He married 1st on 18 Sept. 1860 to LYDIA JANE BLACKSTONE, born 18 July 1836 in Morristown, NY. She died on 11 April 1873, daughter of CALVIN and LYDIA (TYLER) BLACKSTONE. Source: History of New York State.

EBENEZER BLACKSTONE was a pioneer in Jefferson Co., NY, settling in Rodman before 1804 according to Oakes. He was born 25 June1775 at Branford, New Haven, CT and died on 24 October 1850 at 74 years and is buried in the E. Rodman Cemetery, Jefferson Co. He was the son of JOHN BLACKSTONE III Jr. (1733-1818) and REBECCA BALDWIN (1734-1799) of Branford New Haven CT who were married on 19 May 1757 in Branford. His 1st wife, INNOCENT HURLBURT, died in 1812 at 34 years and is also buried in the E. Rodman Cemetery. EBENEZER married (2) in 1813 at Rodman, Jefferson Co., to CYNTHIA WRIGHT. She was born on 8 June 1779 at Deerfield, Franklin Co., MA, daughter of WESTWOOD COOK WRIGHT and SARAH BILLINGS. CYNTHIA'S first husband, whom she married on 18 Jan 1804 at Deerfield, MA, was RUFUS NIMS. Cynthia died on 6 July 1860 at Morristown, St. Lawrence Co, NY. Also buried in the cemetery is their son, RUFUS BLACKSTONE, who died 31 May 1876 at 59 years and his wife, MARIA F., who died 3 October 1859 at 41 years 6 mos. 14 days. Other children of CYNTHIA and EBENEZER were: SOPHIA BLACKSTONE, FREDERICK BLACKSTONE and CHANCY BLACKSTONE. CALVIN BLACKSTONE, mentioned following, was a son of EBENEZER and his first wife, INNOCENT HURLBURT. A daughter, also of the first marriage to INNOCENT, was LORANY BLACKSTONE, who in 1816 married PETER DOXTATER Jr., born 1792. PETER Jr. died in 1875. PETER DOXTATER Sr. was taken prisoner by the Mohawk Indians and kept three years, served as a scout in the Revolution and received a pension for his service in 1834.

In the Lineage and History of WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, the author, J. W. BLACKSTONE, notes that EBENEZER BLACKSTONE settled in Jefferson County near Watertown and is buried at East Rodman. Many came from Connecticut and EDWARD BLACKSTONE, brother of Ebenezer, settled in Oneida County NY near Clinton.

Children of JOHN BLACKSTONE Jr. b 1733 and REBECCA BALDWIN b 1734 were: ANN BLACKSTONE born 14 October 1759; JOHN BLACKSTONE born 24 April 1763; TIMOTHY BLACKSTONE born 7 Nov. 1765; ABIGAIL BLACKSTONE born July 1768; EDWARD BLACKSTONE born 2 Sept 1770; STEPHEN FOOT BLACKSTONE born 3 Dec 772; EBENEZER (above) born 25 June 1775; and RALPH BLACKSTONE born 5 July 1778.

Dr. JOSEPH WOODMAN of Jefferson County NY boarded for a time with EBENEZER BLACKSTONE and on 16 January 1816 the doctor married SALLY WRIGHT, who was a sister of CYNTHIA WRIGHT, the marriage performed by Rev. DAVID SPEAR. Source: Oaks Hist. Of Jefferson Co.

CALVIN BLACKSTONE was born in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY, son of EBENEZER BLACKSTONE. LYDIA, his wife, was a daughter of FREDERICK TYLER. Children of CALVIN BLACKSTONE and LYDIA JANE TYLER: 1) LEONE ADELLE BLACKSTONE born 5 Feb 1865 at Brier Hill, NY; married 12 Dec. 1888 to Rev. HERBERT GREENFIELD CODDINGTON, D.D. Rector of Grace Episcopal Church of Syracuse, NY. 2) INEZ GENEVIEVE BLACKSTONE, born 6 Feb. 1871; married 7 June 1893 to RUTSON REA SMILEY of Lowville. RUTSON SMILEY married 2nd on 1 October 1874 to EDNA LUELLA ARTHUR, who died on 12 Feb, 1895, daughter of EDWIN ARTHUR. He married 3rd on 21 January 1897 to ROXA A. SNOW, born 10 Sept. 1848; she was the daughter of EPHRAIM and ELECTRA (ROSE) SNOW. ROXA was a member of the Mayflower Society through her lineal descent from STEPHEN HOPKINS, a Mayflower passenger in 1620, and a signer of the Compact. Source: History of New York State

WILLIAM P. ALLEN, son of JOHN and MARY ALLEN of Jefferson Co., NY was born in Jefferson Co in 1821. In 1842 he was a teacher in Wyoming Co., NY. He moved to Sharon in Walworth Co., WI in 1845 and served in various public offices for many years and was a dealer in general goods. His wife was SOPHRONIA L. LYMAN. WILLIAM ALLEN died on 25 July 1901 in Walworth Co., WI. Source: History of Walworth Co, WI

NEHEMIAH BALL was the son of NATHANIEL BALL, and was born at Newark, NJ 1 Dec. 1756 and died June 1847. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and lived at Elizabeth, NJ, a farmer. He married on 6 Dec 1777 ESTHER SALLEE, born 16 Mar 1756 and died 1816.


1) ELIZABETH BALL b 1 Jan 1782
2) ELIHU BALL b 28 July 1784
3) ESTHER BALL b 2 Oct 1786
4) PUAH BALL b 2 Oct 1786 (twin to ESTHER)
5) NATHANIEL BALL b 4 Dec 1788
6) SINECY BALL b 3 Mar 1791
7) NANCY BALL b 17 May 1793
8) HARVEY BALL b 1795
9) NEHEMIAH BALL b 24 Apr 1799
10) JAMES M. BALL b 11 Oct 1802

SINEAS BALL, son of NEHEMIAH and ELIZABETH, was born at Elizabeth, NJ on 5 March 1791. He settled in Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY where he farmed. SINEAS was a soldier in the War of 1812 with a rank of Captain of his company and colonel of his regiment in the state militia. He married in Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY on 25 March 1813, to CHARLOTTE TOWNE, daughter of FRANCIS and RELIEF TOWNE. SINECY BALL died 1 July 1877.


1) child born and died 30 March 1814
2) FRANCIS TOWNE BALL born 7 May 1815; died 19 March 1819
3) child born and died 19 April 1817
4) WARREN BALL born 13 May 1818
5) EDWARD BALL born 30 May 1820
6) EGBERT BALL born 27 March 1822
7) WILLIS BALL born 21 April 1824
8) CHARLES BALL born 3 May 1826
9) EMELINE BALL born 15 July 1828
10) CHAUNCEY BALL born 15 April 1831
11) WILSON F. BALL born 30 June 1834; he became a minister; and married on 24 Sept. 1862 at Phiadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY KATHERINE MOSHER, born 8 June 1837 to Dr. WEEDEN and ELIZABETH (ROBERTS) MOSHER.

Source: History of New York & First Settlers of Passaic Valley & Vicinity

FRANCIS TOWNE was born 1 September 1767 in Topsfield, Essex Co., MA and moved to Jefferson Co., NY by way of Rindge, NH. He was in Rutland at Felts Mills before 1804. Unfortunately, his wife, RELIEF HUSTON, whom he married on 12 Nov 1789 in Rindge, Cheshire Co., NH, was struck by lightning on 16 August 1804 and died, being the first death in the area. RELIEF was the daughter of CALEB HUSTON and PRISCILLA COFFEEN, and was born 01 October 1769. PRISCILLA COFFEEN was the daughter of MICHAEL and LYDIA LAKE; born Lunenburg, MA on 2 September 1742. CALEB HUSTON was born in Dunstable MA on 1 June 1740, son of SAMUEL and SARAH HUSTON. CALEB served in the French and Indian War; roll date 30 April 1759, and was a ward of NATHAN PROCTOR. He also served in the Revolutionary War in New Hampshire and died in service at Quaker Ridge, NY on 5 Nov. 1776; PRISCILLA died in childbirth in Rindge, NH on 26 May 1777.


1) CHARLOTTE TOWNE born 2 September 1792; died 1859; married SINEAS BALL.
2) GARDNER TOWNE born 29 November 1795 married 1826 *to DORCAS EAMES, born 1801, sister of MOSES and CLIFT EAMES. She was the daughter of DANIEL EAMES and one of 13 children. Source: Clipping Index of Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. GARDNER TOWNE became one of Rutland's early school teachers, and in 1826 purchased the first parcel of his farm. GARDNER served in a variety of public offices. Their daughter, JANETTE TOWNE, married WILLIAM G. PIERCE who subsequently operated the family farm, a 63 acre parcel which was bought from DANIEL W. and LAURA EAMES on 9 April 1825. On 28 Dec. 1833 GARDNER purchased of his brother, LUTHER, a 75 acre parcel and added acreage purchased from BENJAMIN MERRIMAN and DANIEL EAMES and JOHN BEECHER. In 1867 GARDNER and DORCAS sold the farm to JOHN VAN SLYKE of Copenhagen for the sum of $12,000. Source: Shirley Farone
3) LUTHER H. TOWNE died 16 April 1841 at 50 years, 4 m, 5 d.; wife was SALLY (---); she died 21 Mar. 1865 at 73 years 8 m 23 d. Both are buried in the Sandy Hollow Cemetery in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., NY.

Source: Towne family record

The Watertown newspaper wrote an article about the GARDNER TOWNE home which included some biographical information: GARDNER and LUTHER H. TOWNE came to Rutland in January 1804. The Family Bible of GARDNER and DORCAS, (for sale on the internet) who were married on 29 March 1825* provided the following Towne information:

GARDNER TOWNE born 29 November 1795; DORCAS TOWNE born 25 May 1801; married 29 March 1825
HARRIET JANETTE TOWNE born 1 January 1834
DANIEL EAMES born 11 March 1767
KITTREDGE born 1788 died 1862 at Watertown
DORCAS b 25 May 1801; died 7 July 1887
CLIFT died Watertown 1873 at 69 years
MOSES died Watertown in 1892 at 84 years; kept a diary of events in Jefferson Co NY
LEVITT (LORETT) married LUCY C. MORGAN and moved to Michigan Source: Child's

GARDNER TOWNE died 20 June 1879 at 83 years 5 months 22 days (at Watertown, Jefferson Co NY)
DORCAS E. TOWNE died 7 July 1887 at 86 years 1 month 12 days (at Watertown, Jefferson Co NY)

DANIEL EAMES and MOLLY EAMES are both buried in the Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, NY. DANIEL EAMES died 13 Sept. 1855 at 88 years 6 months. He was born 11 March 1767 at Holliston, Middlesex, MA, son of DANIEL EAMES and MARY CUTLER. MOLLY EAMES died 11 Feb. 1842 at 73 years 6 months. MOLLY KITTRIDGE WIGHT born 7 Aug. 1768. daughter of Dr. AARON and MARY WIGHT, at Medway, MA. Mother of 13 children; 3 born Holliston, MA and the other 10 born at Weston, Oneida Co., NY. Vital Records of Holliston, MA show DANIEL EAMES Jr. and MOLLEY WIGHT/WRIGHT of Medway were married on 19 Feb 1789. DANIEL EAMES Sr., father of DANIEL, served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. The Medway MA vital records show MOLLEY, wife of DANIEL, as WIGHT. The marriage record in Holliston shows both WRIGHT and WIGHT.

Births of their children who were born in Holliston, MA:

1) DANIEL EAMES, son of DANIEL and MOLLEY born 26 Dec. 1790
2) KITTERIDGE EAMES, son of DANIEL and MOLLEY born 30 June 1789
3) MIMA EAMES, dau of DANIEL and MOLLEY born 13 June 1792

In 1812 the first woolen mill was built in Tylerville, Jefferson Co., NY. After three years of operation it was sold to DANIEL EAMES who continued it until 1849. The first literary institution was the Rutland Farmers' Library, incorporated on 11 Nov. 1806. Among the trustees was DANIEL EAMES. DANIEL EAMES was considered a pioneer of Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY.

WILLIAM BARNEY, the son of WILLIAM and MARGARET (SANFORD) BARNEY, was born in 1762 in Taunton, MA and died 16 July 1834 in the town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY. He married on 10 February 1784 in Taunton MARY/MERCY CRAPO of Freetown, Bristol Co., MA. MARCY, shown as pensioner "MARY" was living with JOHN BARNEY in the special census of 1840. She died 9 March 1841 in Rutland, NY but her grave has not been located. WILLIAM is buried in the Tylerville Cemetery in Jefferson Co. WILLIAM served in the Revolutionary War and is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. Mayflower Lineages provides the following information on MARCY CRAPO, his wife. MARCY was born in Rochester MA on 16 Sept 1765, daughter of MERCY WEST and CONSIDER CRAPO who were married in Dartmouth, MA on 30 March 1757. CONSIDER CRAPO was the son of JOHN and SARAH (CLARK) CRAPO. All of CONSIDER CRAPO'S sons-in-law served in the Revolution: ABRAHAM ASHLEY, JOSEPH HATHAWAY, BENJAMIN BARNEY and WILLIAM BARNEY. MARCY CRAPO BARNEY survived her husband and received a widow's pension while living in Jefferson Co., NY. (See Fonda List of Rev. War veterans) WILLIAM BARNEY was placed on the pension roll on 13 October 1820 and his pension commenced on 15 April 1818 in Jefferson Co. NY. WILLIAM moved to Jefferson County about 1810.


1) LYDIA BARNEY born 27 May1785 married FREDERICK SMITH
2) SETH BARNEY born 8 June 1787 died 1877 in Wisconsin
3) CONSIDER CRAPO BARNEY born 2 Sept 1791
4) WILLIAM BARNEY born 3 Nov. 1793 died 1795
5) DEBORAH BARNEY born 17 Nov 1797 died 1802
6) MERCY BARNEY born 30 June 1801 died 1802
7) LAURA BARNEY bc 1805 d WI 1850 ; married SAMUEL STEBBINS
8) JOHN BARNEY born 31 Aug. 1808, Berkshire, MA; died 16 April 1865 in Hartford, Washington Co., WI; married ADALINE A. KNOX on 24 Sept 1837 in Lowville, Lewis Co NY; and 2nd MARY HORNING on 4 July 1857.

Sources: Military Record; Mayflower Lineages; DAR Patriot Index; Child's-Jefferson Co.; cemetery records; VIR MA

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