Migrations Part 41:
Ainsworth, Carter, Parker, Peck, Pomeroy, St.John, Welch, Whitney

MARY ST. JOHN was born in Sharon CT on 14 Jan. 1755 and died 14 Feb 1834. She married on 3 Jan. 1775 to SAMUEL WHITNEY of Stockbridge, who was born in Ridgefield CT on 12 Oct. 1749. He died on 12 July 1822, the son of JOHN AND HEPZIBAH (OLMSTEAD) WHITNEY.

Children of Mary St. John and Samuel Whitney: 1) CYNTHIA WHITNEY born Sharon CT; died Paris NY age 20 years
2) HARED WHITNEY born Sharon CT 27 June 1776; died Kirkland on 12 Oct 1863; married (1)POLLY WHITE and (2) PATIENCE HUSTED
3) STEPHEN WHITNEY born 14 Aug. 1778; died Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 13 Oct 1854 at 76 years 2 mos; married in Kirkland on 3 March 1806 to SALLY PHINNEY who was born in CT on 1 June 1780. She died 26 Sept 1852, the daughter of SYLVESTER AND REBECCA (RICE) PHINNEY.
4) JOHN WHITNEY born Galway NY on 23 Aug 1781; died in Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY on 7 March 1867. He married on 16 Dec 1804 in Paris, NY to Patty Chase who was born 9 Aug 1777 and died in Henderson, Jefferson Co on 13 Aug 1814. She was the daughter of JEREMIAH AND ESTHER (WHITNEY) CHASE. John married 2nd on 20 Dec 1814 in Henderson, to POLLY WHITNEY who was born in North Lee, MA on 27 Sept 1791m daughter of WILLIAM AND SARAH (BUNDY) WHITNEY.
5) SABRA WHITNEY born 1783; died Kirkland NY at 13 years
6) SAMUEL WHITNEY born 4 June 1785; died in Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 17 Sept 1828; married in Clinton NY about 1805 to HULDAH HOPKINS, who was born 14 Jan. 1780 and died in Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co. NY on 18 Nov 1866.
7) ERASTUS WHITNEY born 10 Mar 1787; died in Henderson NY on 13 Nov 1855; married in Henderson in 1809 to HANNAH JEROME who was born 8 May 1785 and died in Henderson on 10 May 1822. She was the daughter of ZERUBBABEL AND BARBARA (HART) JEROME. Erastus married 2nd on 26 Sept 1822 to BETSEY WOOD who was born in Westmoreland NY on 3 July 1789 and died 21 Sept 1875, daughter of EPHRAIM AND PHEBE (PHINNEY) WOOD.
8) ANNA WHITNEY was born in Warren NY on 16 Aug 1789 and married in Kirkland NY on 12 Feb 1808 to TILLY FLINT SNOW, who was born in Vermont on 18 Feb 1783. He died in Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY on 31 March 1848, son of DANIEL AND DOLLY ANN (FLINT) SNOW.
9) ALLEN WHITNEY born in Kirkland NY in 1795; died Kirkland NY at 7 years
10) MARY WHITNEY born in Kirland NY in 1795; died Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY on 24 Oct 1856 and married on 2 Oct. 1838 to COLLINS BOOMER who was born in Rhode Island in May of 1787. He died in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 6 Sept 1866, the son of BENJAMIN AND MARY (COLLINS) BOOMER.

Source: St. John Geneal.

DE LACOEUR POMEROY, son of HIRAM POMEROY and ESTHER RIDER, was born 13 Aug 1836 at Point Salubrius NY; he married on 26 May 1859 to FRANCES ELIZABETH EMPIRE, who was born 5 Feb 1841 at Three Mile Bay NY, daughter of CHARLES EMPIRE AND ABIGAIL LASALLE. He lived in Chaumont, Jefferson Co NY. Esther Rider was born 1799 and was the daughter of DAVID RIDER and ESTHER JOSSLYN. See Fonda List of Revolutionary Veterans. David Rider was a Revolutionary War soldier and lived at Point Salubrius.

Children of DeLaCoeur Pomeroy and Frances Empire:

1) MARY ABIGAIL POMEROY born 6 Aug 1860 at Salubrius; died 28 Sept 1883
2) JOSEPH LASALLE POMEROY born 28 Feb 1863 at Salubrius
3) OREN DE LACOEUR POMEROY born 9 Nov 1866
4) DAISY VENTNER POMEROY born 2 April 1875; died 11 Jan 1965; buried Cedar Grove Cem., Jefferson Co NY; married WILLIAM SHEPARD

AUGUSTA POMEROY, daughter of HIRAM POMEROY and ESTHER RIDER, was born 5 Feb. 1839 at Point Salubrius NY; she married 12 Jan 1860 to MARK R. DEWEY who was born 17 Oct. 1833 at Chaumont, NY, son of ENOCH DEWEY AND MARY ARNOLD. Augusta died 3 March 1883.

Children of Augusta Pomeroy and Mark R. Dewey:

1) SETH N. DEWEY born 30 July 862; died 14 Oct. 1902
2) GERTRUDE DEWEY born 29 Oct. 1865; married ____ROWE
3) MARK POMEROY DEWEY born 26 Nov. 1868
4) WIRT S. DEWEY born 16 March 1875
5) ROY M. DEWEY born 30 April 1879

LEANDER TUDOR POMEROY was born 7 Dec 1829 at Point Salubrius NY, son of HIRAM POMEROY AND ESTHER RIDER, and married 1 Jan 1856 to NANCY FOSTER WILSON who was born 13 Sept 1835 Uniontown OH; she died 18 Aug 1901, daughter of STEPHEN WILSON AND AMY SMITH. Leander died 28 Jan 1896 in Ohio. 4 children

Source: Pomeroy Geneal.

See Mary Ann Pomeroy and Remos Wells ; also see Abigail LaSalle.

CHARLES WELCH was born Jefferson Co., NY on 23 March 1802, son of CHARLES AND EUNICE (COLE) WELCH of Jefferson Co. He died in Brownville NY on 6 Jan. 1889. He married PAMELIA LAVALLEY in Jefferson Co NY on 3 March 1825. It is claimed that he was the first white child born north of Black River.

Children of Charles Welch and Pamelia LaValley:

1) ISABEL JANE WELCH born 9 Dec 1825; married Jefferson Co in 1844 to JAMES W. KELLEY, son of FRANCIS AND MARY KELLEY. He was born at Perth Ontario on 24 July 1821.
2) CHARLES CLARK WELCH born 14 June 1830; died Jacksonville FL on 1 Feb 1908; married at Golden Colorato on 22 May 1878 to REBECCA JEANNETTE DARROW, daughter of HEZEKIAH SMITH DARROW AND JEANNETTE VAN BENSCHOTEN of Jefferson Co NY. Rebecca was born at Orland, IN on 27 June 1852. - 2 children
3) HENRY M. WELCH born 1831; died young
4) GEORGE RICHARD WELCH born 12 April 1832; died Rochester NY on 8 April 1904; married at LaFargeville NY on 1 Jan 1852 to ADELIA ANN DEWEY, daughter of HIRAM AND SYLVIA (MARBLE) DEWEY of LaFargeville. She was born at Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 29 Aug. 1836. - 2 children
5) ORRIN THOMAS WELCH born 3 Dec 1835; married at Galesburg MI to ABBIE ERMIND SIMMONS, daughter of GEORGE AND ADELIA SIMMONS of Galesburg. - 1 child

Source: Brewster Geneal.

ABNER WEBB PECK was married at LaFargeville NY on 26 Dec 1850 to LAURA PEARSONS, daughter of CHESTERFIELD AND MARY ANN (BARRETT) PEARSONS of LaFargeville NY. He was born at Orleans, NY on 4 April 1830 and died at Watertown NY on 4 Nov 1878. As a resident of Watertown he served as a member of the New York Legislature, was sheriff of Jefferson Co NY and county superintendent of schools.

Children of Abner Webb Peck and Laura Pearsons:

1) FLORENCE STARR PECK born 25 Sept 1851; married at Watertown NY on 1 Aug 1878 to GEORGE A. LANCE.

Children of Florence Starr Peck and George A. Lance:

2) FLORA STELLE PECK born 22 April 1854
3) CAPT. FRANK HARRISON PECK born 18 Feb 1856; died Watertown on 21 Dec 1902; married 1st at Stone Mills NY on 14 June 1888 LOTTIE MITCHELL and 2nd at Clayton, NY to MARGARET HUBBARD. He was a West Point graduate; resigned from the army to practice law.

Children of Frank Harrison Peck and Lottie Mitchell:
a) LOTT MITCHELL PECK born 15 April 1889

Children of Frank H. Peck and Margaret Hubbard:

4) LT. FREMONT PEARSONS PECK born 23 Feb 1866; died 19 Feb 1895

Source: Brewster Geneal.

JOHN CARTER was born in Warren CT on 19 Dec 1762 and died in Smithville, Jefferson Co NY at the residence of his son, JOSEPH CARTER on 18 Sept 1843 at 84 years 9 months. John was the son of JOHN CARTER and BETHIAH TIFFANY who was his first wife and died giving birth to John Jr. and his twin. John Jr. married in Warren CT on 17 March 1785 to SUSANNAH BLISS who was born at Fort Edward NY on 17 Sept 1764, daughter of GILLAM and MARTHA (TUTTLE) BLISS, great-granddaughter of REV. JOHN BLISS, who was the first dissenting minister of Hebron CT. She was also the sister of CHLOE BLISS who married ESEK CARTER. John was a sergeant in the Revolutionary War and at his death, had been married to Susannah for more than 63 years. John is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

Children of John Carter and Susannah Bliss:

1) MALINDA CARTER born 17 July 1786; died Saugatuck MI 1868; married Cooperstown NY in 1805 to ELIPHALET STICKNEY born Bennington VT on 9 Sept 1778, son of ELIPHALET AND JOANNA (WRIGHT) STICKNEY
2) MALISSA CARTER born 22 March 1790 Duanesburg, NY and died Edmeston NY on 2 October 1882. She married at Fly Creek NY on 15 Jan 1810 to RICHARD DAVISON who was born Litchfield CT on 20 Dec 1789 and died Pittsfield NY on 19 Oct 1843.
3) LUCINDA CARTER born 25 April 1792 and died Burlington NY on 23 Sept 1879; married Edmeston NY circa 1835 to EDWARD POPE, born Norwalk CT on 15 Jan 1770; died Burlington on 23 Jan 1857, son of CHARLES and JUDITH (SMITH) POPE. Lucinda was his third wife.
4) DEBORAH CARTER born 10 May 1793; born Fly Creek NY; died Ogdensburg NY on 29 May 1884; married at Fly Creek on 28 March 1813 to WILLIAM GARDNER who was born 22 March 1790 and died 5 July 1877 at Ogdensburg, son of OLIVER AND RUTH GARDNER
5) JOSEPH CARTER married SARAH BATES and lived in Mississippi
8) JOHN WALTON CARTER born 28 August 1799; died Greene NY on 25 Oct 1852; married 18 Feb 1824 to MARY WARD born 3 May 1801; died Greene NY on 22 May 1838.

Sources: Carter Geneal; see also John Carter

HENRY AINSWORTH SR. was born 8 Jan. 1753 at Woodstock CT and married 18 Dec. 1777 to FRANCES THROP, daughter of JUDGE JOHN WINCHESTER THROOP of Pomfret, VT. She was born 23 May 1757 and died at Milton VT on 29 Jan 1829. Henry moved to Pomfret in 1774 and to Fairhaven VT about 1797. In 1807 he moved to St. Albans VT and died at Milton VT on 11 July 1827. Their children were born at Pomfret except Amos.

Children of Henry Ainsworth and Frances Throop:

1) DANFORTH AINSWORTH born 29 July 1778
2) AVERY AINSWORTH born 30 Oct 1780
3) ALFRED AINSWORTH born 21 March 1788; died 18 Feb 1790
4) HENRY AINSWORTH born 29 July 1785
5) FRANCES THROOP AINSWORTH born 18 October 1788 died 23 May 1796
6) WILLARD AINSWORTH born 22 Nov 1791
7) SARAH AINSWORTH born 8 April 1794; married JOHN JORDON of St. Albans VT and died Oct. 1821
8) JUDAH T. AINSWORTH 1ST died as infant
9) JUDAH THROOP AINSWORTH born 30 Nov 1796
10) AMOS AINSWORTH born 2 Nov 1799 at Fairhaven and died as infant

4) HENRY AINSWORTH was born 29 July 1785 in Pomfret VT; he married on 26 Jan. 819 to HANNAH HEATH HURLBURT of Sacket's Harbor, NY; she was born 9 Nov 1798 and died 19 Feb 1870.. Henry died 10 October 1841 at Cape Vincent, NY. He was the son of HENRY AINSWORTH AND FRANCES THROOP.

Children of Henry Ainsworth and Hannah H. Hurlburt:

1) HENRY THOMAS AINSWORTH born 27 Dec 1819
4) SARAH ANN AINSWORTH born 2 March 1826; married 4 Dec 1846 to LABAN H. AINSWORTH
6) JAMES BRUCE AINSWORTH born 18 Sept 1830
7) HANNAH HEATH AINSWORTH born 18 Nov 1837; married 11 Feb 1864 to REV. AMI M. LEWIS

Source: Ainsworth Geneal.

6) WILLARD AINSWORTH was born 22 Nov 1791 at Pomfret VT; he married on 21 Augusut 1815 to SARAH GREEN of St. Albans VT; she was born 6 August 1795 and died 24 Oct. 1866. Willard died at Cape Vincent NY on 18 Oct. 1876. He lived at Lyme, Jefferson Co NY. He was the son of HENRY AINSWORTH AND FRANCES THROOP.

Children of Willard Ainsworth and Sarah Green

1) FANNY M. AINSWORTH born 13 Jan 1817; married 23 May 1888 AUGUSTUS CARRIER of Detroit, MI
2) MARY S. AINSWORTH born 8 Feb 1819; married 26 Dec 1843 to HENRY ESSELSTYN who died 8 Jan 1892
3) SIDNEY W. AINSWORTH born 25 March 1821
4) ELIZA H. AINSWORTH born 11 June 1823; married 31 April 1844 to S. B. HANCE, US Consul of Kingston, Canada
5) HENRY G. AINSWORTH born 30 Aug 1825
6) JUDAH H. AINSWORTH born 10 Sept 1827
7) WILLARD AINSWORTH born 6 March 1830
8) CORYDON D. AINSWORTH born 22 April 1833; died 22 July 1834
9) SARAH GERTRUDE AINSWORTH born 28 Nov 1836; married ____BRIGGS; died 31 Aug 1859 at Bloomington, IL

Source: Ainsworth Geneal.

9 )JUDAH THROOP AINSWORTH was born 30 Nov 1796 at Pomfret, VT and married 18 March 1834 to SARAH ANN WATSON of Watertown NY. She was born 31 Dec. 1812 and died at Cape Vincent NY on 4 April 1891. Judah died 7 April 1881 at Cape Vincent where he resided. He was the son of HENRY AINSWORTH and FRANCES THROOP.

Children of Judah T. Ainsworth and Sarah Ann Watson:

1) SARAH FRANCES AINSWORTH born 18 Nov 1835; died 8 June 1837
2) SARAH WATSON AINSWORTH born 25 June 1840; died 29 June 1840
3) FREDERICK WATSON AINSWORTH born 20 October 1842
4) SAMUEL JAMES AINSWORTH born 31 May 1845; resided San Francisco CA
5) GEORGE AUGUSTUS AINSWORTH born 29 June 1849 died 9 Sept 1851

JONATHAN AINSWORTH was born 25 July 1768; he married POLLY ANN TOLMAN who died 1877. Jonathan died at Felt's Mills, Jefferson Co NY. - 8 children

Source: Ainsworth Geneal.

HIPPOCRATUS PARKER was the fifth son of EZRA AND ELIZABETH PARKER and was born 17 June 1785 in Sangerfield NY. He died 15 Feb. 1844 in Adams, Jefferson Co NY at 58 years. He settled on 50 acres of land purchased of his father on Dry Hill, which he sold. For many years he was employed by JOSEPH SHELDON who operated distilleries and other enterprises and passed his last days on a farm in the town of Adams. He married OLIVE FULLER who was born 15 Dec 1793, daughter of ABNER FULLER who came to New York State. Olive died 14 Oct. 1862.

Children of Hippocratus Parker and Olive Fuller:

1) GILES PARKER, a farmer at Adams Center, Jefferson Co.; died about 1800
2) JEREMIAH PARKER was born 30 March 1814 in Watertown, NY. Before he was 19 he paid for 50 acres of land in the town of Adams out of his earnings as a farm laborer and thus provided a home for his parents in their old age. He farmed in Adams and later in Watertown and owned 150 acres of land at the time of his death which occurred on 19 May 1872. He served in the Patriot War of 1836 and married on 20 Sept. 1836 at Amsterdam to FRANSINA KENYON, daughter of THOMAS B. KENYON AND RACHEL ALLEN, later of Adams. Fransina was born 18 June 1817 in Amsterdam, NY and died 23 March 1891.

Children of Jeremiah Parker and Fransina Kenyon:
a) FRANK M. PARKER born 20 Jan 1842 in Adams; married 2 Oct. 1861 MIRANDA H. WILDER, daughter of ABEL WILDER.
b) THOMAS C. PARKER who died 25 June 1896 in IL
c) ELLA D. PARKER born October 1852 and died at 13 years

3) GEORGE PARKER died in Russell, Lyon Co MN about 1898
4) JEMIMA PARKER married RILEY HARRINGTON of Watertown, NY and lived in Hounsfield where he died and she died in 1893 at Thousand Island Park at the home of her daughter.
5) AUSTIN PARKER lived to be 12 years
6) DAVID PARKER lived in Adams and after five years at Belvidere, IL died of typhoid fever in 1860 while on a visit to Adams.
7) ELIZABETH PARKER married JOHN BARTLETT of Adams, where she died 2 June 1860 at 26 years.

Source: Hist. Of Jefferson Co by Cake

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