Migrations: Part 44: Bliss, Bond, Dunham, Goodenough, Hunt, Stearns, Wait, Wheelock

SYLVESTER BLISS of Adams, Jefferson Co NY, was a farmer, son of DAVID BLISS and HANNAH BORDEN of Gilsum, NH. He was born 26 March 1792 and married in Keene, NH on 24 Jan. 1820 to HANNAH HALL, daughter of REV. AARON HALL of Keene. On that date the couple started for the west and settled in the town of Adams, NY. Hannah was born 26 April 1791 and died 15 Oct. 1830.
Children of Sylvester Bliss and Hannah Hall:
1) ALFRED BLISS born 15 Feb. 1821
2) HANNAH HALL BLISS born 31 May 1822; died 10 May 1858
3) LOUISA M. BLISS born 3 Feb 1824; married 31 Oct. 1845 to ERASMUS D. KELLOGG of Adams and they moved to Oshkosh, WI
4) HIRAM BLISS born 9 May 1826; died 28 Nov 1850
5) CAROLINE M. BLISS born 20 May 1829; died 20 Jan. 1855

Sylvester Bliss married 2nd on 16 June 1831 to HEPZIBAH WRIGHT, daughter of CARMI WRIGHT of Adams, who had removed to Adams from Deerfield MA. Hepzibah was born 20 Jan. 1793 and had no children with Sylvester. In the spring of 1866 Sylvester moved to Oshkosh WI with his son-in-law, E. D. Kellogg, and died there on 3 Sept 1872.
Source: Bliss Family Geneal.

BENJAMIN THURSTON BLISS of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY was the son of CAPT. THOMAS WARD BLISS and SARAH CASEY THURSTON of Newport, RI. He was born 20 March 1788 and died in Illinois. Children: Sally; Ann Eliza; William; Caroline and by second marriage: Celestia A.
Source: Bliss Family Geneal.

JACOB BLISS, a machinist of Carthage, Jefferson Co NY, was the son of JACOB BLISS and MARTHA HUBBELL of Watertown, NY. He as born at Hartwick NY on 15 June 1816 and married in 1841 to PERMELIA TALLMAN, who was born at Little Falls, NY in 1820 and died Belleville, Ontario CA in 1848.
Children of Jacob Bliss and Permelia Tallman:
1) ORLANDO T. BLISS born Vernon NY on 28 Sept 1844; served in the Union Army in 1862 as a musician; commissioned a lieutenant in 1863 and captain in 1864.
2) MARTHA BLISS born May 1846; died same day

Jacob Bliss married as his second wife in 1855 to ELMIRA DERBY. She was born 1833 and died in Watertown in 1857.
Children of Jacob Bliss and Elmira Derby:
1) CHARLES BLISS born 1856; drowned in Black River at Carthage in 1863

Jacob Bliss married as his third wife in 1857 to MARGARET E. KILLMER, born Gouverneur NY in 1835.
Children of Jacob Bliss and Margaret E. Killmer:
1) MAMIE BLISS born 13 July 1869
Source: Bliss Family Geneal.

PHILENZO PAYNE BLISS JR, son of PHILENZO P. BLISS and CAROLINE A. GOODING of Kankakee Co IL was born there on 16 June 1839 and married 4 Oct. 1860 to CATHARINE L. TOTMAN, born Jefferson Co NY on 21 Sept 1839. Source: Bliss Family Geneal.

JEREMIAH CLARK BLISS a physician of Royalton, Waupaca Co WI, was the son of STORM R. BLISS and ESTHER LAMBERSON of Salisbury Centre NY and Lake Mills, WI. Jeremiah was born at Evans Mills, Jefferson Co NY on 12 Sept 1845 and married 7 Sept 1876 to SARAH S. EDWARDS, born WI on 12 April 1854.

RODOLPHUS W. BLISS, farmer of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY, was the son of JOSHUA P. BLISS and ELIZA ECCLESTON of Willett NY. He was born at Oxford NY on 18 Nov 1848 and married 1 Dec. 1870 to ELLEN FORBES, who was born at Ellisburgh on 20 March 1847.
Children of Rodolphus W. Bliss and Ellen Forbes:
1) EVA MAUD BLISS born 1 Aug 1872 at Ellisburgh
2) EDNA I. BLISS born 24 April 1876 at Ellisburgh
Source: Bliss Family Geneal.

SAMUEL BOND was born 9 May 1793 in Watertown, MA, son of CHARLES BOND and SUSANNA STEARNS. He was a cabinet and chair maker and settled in Adams, Jefferson Co NY, where he was a Representative in the State Legislature. He married on 3 Nov 1817 to ROSALINDA FISHER who was born 8 Nov 1794, daughter of Deacon THOMAS FISHER of Keene, NH. Samuel Bond died in February 1870. Children of Samuel Bond and Rosalinda Fisher:
1) SAMUEL NEWELL BOND born 20 Feb 1820, a merchant of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. He married on 24 Jan 1847 to ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM DOXTATER, who was born 11 Feb 1828. She was the daughter of PETER AND LORANY (BLACKSTONE) DOXTATER of Adams, Jefferson Co NY. Daughter LILLIAN D. married JOSEPH ATWELL of Watertown, NY.
2) GEORGE W. BOND born 18 Oct. 1822; merchant in Adams NY and NY City. Settled in Pulaski NY and in Mar. 1850 sailed for California
3) CHARLES BOND born and died 1824.
4) DANIEL BOND born 1 Sept 1826; theology graduate; married 10 June 1852 to MARY SEYMOUR HASTINGS and ordained pastor of 2nd Presbyt. Church in Peekskill NY on 29 June 1852.
5) ELLEN BOND born 29 Sept 1828; died July 1830
6) ELLEN BOND born 23 Oct. 1831; married BENJAMIN RANDALL of Chicago, IL
7) MARY BOND born 15 Oct. 1834; married M. C. POTTER of Lyle, MN
8) DAVID BOND; minister in Peekskill NY where he died after one month of service
Source: Early Settlers of Watertown MA and Genealogies of the families and descendants

SALLY (SARAH) STEARNS was born 27 July 1784, daughter of CHARLES STEARNS and SARAH NORRIS. She died in 1844 and married in 1800 to JOHN FIELD. They had six children and she married 2nd to CYRUS HUBBARD, a farmer of Henderson Jefferson Co. NY and had several children.

ISAAC DUNHAM married on 23 Nov 1786 CHARLOTTE LAWRENCE who was born 13 Oct. 1776 and died 31 Aug. 1800. Isaac was born 1764 and died 20 Oct 1821. Their daughter, CHARLOTTE DUNHAM was born 21 Oct. 1799 and married STEPHEN CRITTENDEN, son of JASON CRITTENTON of Henderson, Jefferson Co NY, who came to Jefferson Co in 1808. STEPHEN CRITTENTON (alternate name spelling) was born in 1799 and died in 1870; Charlotte died in 1871.
Children of Charlotte Dunham and Stephen Crittenden:
1) ORELIA (or Orcelia) CRITTENDEN born 18 Aug 1820; married AUSTIN BABCOCK of Ogdensburg, NY.
2) JAMES A. CRITTENDEN born 25 Nov. 1823; married MARTHA M. HARRIS, daughter of WILLIAM AND ELIZABETH (SMITH) HARRIS, in 1856; started a breeding farm for trotting horses.
3) ISAAC D. CRITTENDEN born 10 Feb 1824; of Henderson, Jefferson Co NY; married 23 April 1851 to NANCY GRIDLEY of Oneida Co NY
Source: Early Settlers of Watertown, MA; Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson Co.
ELIJAH HUNT was born 20 Sept 1782 in Coventry CT and died 16 June 1807. He married MEHITABEL DEXTER. Their son: HORACE STOUGHTON HUNT was born 13 March, 1807 in Coventry CT. As a boy he lived in Watertown, his parents having died when he was quite young. Later he was of Rodman, Jefferson Co NY. He married on 4 April 1832 to HARRIET L. BAILEY of Sangerfield, Oneida Co NY and 2nd to ESTHER VAN HOOSER. He had ten children by Harriet and three by Esther. In 1862 he went West and lived in St. Paul, MN. Two of his sons, HORACE S. HUNT and THEODORE L. HUNT, lived in Watertown, Jefferson Co., and SANFORD D. HUNT lived in Alexandria Bay in Jefferson Co.
Source: Early Settlers of Watertown, MA

EZRA STEARNS was born 20 June 1780 in Brattleboro VT, to REUBEN STEARNS and ANNA STEWART. Ezra married on 20 June 1780 to POLLY FRAZIER, born 1783, daughter of DANIEL FRAZIER of Brattleboro VT. They settled in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY. Ezra was a Town Clerk for 19 years and also served as supervisor and county coroner.
Children of Ezra Stearns and Polly Frazier:
1) LUCINDA STEARNS born 22 Nov 1803; married Jan. 1824 to CAPT. CHESTER MCLANE.
          Children of Lucinda Stearns and Chester McLane:
          a) WILLIAM MCLANE
          e) MARY de ALLOM MCLANE
2) MARY STEARNS born 23 Nov 1805; married 18 July 1830 to WILLIAM H. FISK, M.D., son of DR. W. H. and MARY FISK.
3) REUBEN SIDNEY STEARNS born 25 Nov 1807; married ELIZABETH DIDRICK and d 13 April 1847
4) CHARLES STEARNS born 23 Nov 1809; mineralogist; married 20 Nov 1837 to MARY MACKIE of NY City; she died Aug. 1838 and he married 2nd on 2 Nov. 1845 to AMELIA LA GRAVE, daughter of PAUL MACHIAS AND SARAH LA GRAVE.
          Children of Charles Stearns and Amelia LaGrave:
          a) MARY LUCILLE ALHONSINE STEARNS; born 2 Aug 1846; died Sept. 1847
          b) CHARLES HUDRICK STEARNS born 26 Feb. 1847
5) ADELINE STEARNS born 30 May 1812; married LUCIEN F. HUDSON, a machinist and an infantry colonel, son of AMOS AND MARY HUDSON
          Children of Adeline Stearns and Lucien F. Hudson:
6) MELICINIRE STEARNS born 15 Dec. 1815; major in infantry, town clerk; married MARY DELILA WILLIAMS, daughter of PARDON AND HULDAH WILLIAMS
          Children of Melicinire Stearns and Mary D. Williams:
          a) WILLIAM ALFRED STEARNS born 20 Oct. 1845
          Children of Samuel Eugene Stearns and Huldah Williams:
          1) ALONZO WILLIAMS STEARNS born 12 June 1841
          2) LOCKANOOR LA RUE STEARNS born 28 Jan 1843
          3) MARY ISADORE STEARNS born 10 July 1844
          4) ABBY LORILA STEARNS born 12 July 1849
8) EZRA KASOR STEARNS born 11 July 1820; died 10 Jan 1840
9) CLARISSA ANNE STEARNS born and died Oct. 1822
Source: Early Settlers of Watertown, MA

EZRA WAIT was born at Brookfield CT in 1757 and died 14 March 1814, son of GENERAL BENJAMIN WAIT, who settled in the west part of the town of Waitsfield, VT and moved to Windsor VT. Ezra was chosen constable in Waitsfield in 1796. He married ELIZABETH CHANDLER. She died 10 March 1814 at 48 years; both died of fever and were buried in the Wait cemetery lot.
Children of Ezra Wait and Elizabeth Chandler:
1) EUNICE WAIT born Windsor VT on Feb 1786; died Chazy NY; married NEHEMIAH MERRITT, a clothier by trade. - 4 children
2) SAMUEL CHANDLER WAIT born May 1787; farmer at Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY; married HANNAH MORSE of Waterbury CT – 3 children
3) ANNA WAIT born Windsor VT 19 Oct. 1788; married 26 July 1815 to PELETIAH SHERMAN; resided Moira NY – 7 children
4) CATHARINE CUTLER WAIT born Waitsfield on 21 Oct. 1790; married 4 March 1824 to LUTHER NUTTING, a blacksmith of New Haven VT.
5) LOIS WAIT born Waitsfield May 1792; married CHARLES SKINNER
6) HEMAN WAIT died Oct. 1864 at Canton NY; married ____Hatfield
7) THOMAS WAIT born 4 Nov. 1800 and resided Adams, Jefferson Co NY; clothier by trade. Married at Watertown NY in Aug. 1826 to LOUISA HATHAWAY. She died March 1865 – 4 children
Transcriber's Note: Thomas G. Waite; born 1799; died 1866; soldier in War of 1812. Buried Evergreen Cem., Jefferson Co., NY. Louisa A. Hathaway Waite, wife of Thomas, born 1806; died 1865 and is also buried in the Evergreen Cemetery.
Children buried in Evergreen Cemetery:
          a) REV. CHARLES L. WAITE born 1838; died 1927; married Fannie L. (1836-1924)
          b) MORRIS I. WAITE born 1867; married Hattie L. (1868-1939)
          c) OPHELIA C. WAITE born 1829; died 1879
          d) ALMIRA WAITE; married WATSON T. SEAVER, born Moretown, VT in 1802
          and came in 1818 with his parents to Antwerp, Jefferson Co; married Almira on 26 Dec. 1822.
                   Children of Almira Waite and Watson T. Seaver:
                   1) LUANA SEAVER married 1st SCOTT S. CLARK and 2nd JOHN M.
                   EGGLESTON, son RICHMOND H. EGGLESTON
                   2) FEEMAN W. SEAVER
                   3) JOHN W. SEAVER
                   4) MARIA N. SEAVER; married VICTOR KITTS.
          LOVINA A. KEITH, a grandchild, lived with Almira since age four
9) EZRA WAIT born Waitsfield VT on 28 Jan 1804; lived Watertown NY; was a clothier. He married 1st on 31 Dec 1827 to EMILY HILDRETH, who was born 19 April 1807 and died 25 Oct. 1828. He married 2nd at Little Falls NY on 30 May 1831 to SARAH A. PHILLIPS. He was a woolen manufacturer and lumber dealer. - 3 children
Transcriber's note: Ezra Wait died 15 Oct. 1886 at 83 years and is buried in Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY. Wife Sarah Ann died 18 July 1877 at 67 years and is also buried in Pamelia. He is listed in the 1855 Watertown NY directory as a lumber dealer.
          Children of Ezra and Sarah buried in Pamelia:
          a) SARAH J. WAIT died 19 April 1845 at 3 years
          b) CHAUNCEY WAIT died 9 Jan. 1877 at 38 years
          c) GEORGE WAIT died 11 Mar. 1843 at 1 month
          d) LANSING WAIT died 4 Oct. 1842 at 2 years
10) BETSEY WAIT married 28 July 1814 to JAMES BALDWIN, merchant and tavernkeeper of Waitsfield.
11) MARTIN WAIT born Waitsfield 1796; died 1804.
Source: The Chandler Family Geneal.

LEVI GOODENOUGH was born in 1765. He moved from S. Hadley MA in 1774 to Brattleboro VT and located on road forty-one. He married MARGARET FRAZIER who was born in 1769 and died 30 Sept. 1847. Levi died September 1848. Oakes says his wife was MILICENT KEYES. Of their 11 children:
Children of Levi Goodenough and Margaret Frazier:
1) JOHN GOODENOUGH was born 15 Aug. 1796 in Brattleboro VT ; he married BETSEY COBLEIGH and moved to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY in 1816. He traveled on foot with other settlers. Two older brothers, Caleb and Daniel, had preceded him. Both settled at Watertown, where Caleb soon died and Daniel became a farmer. John settled two miles west of Mannsville, Jefferson Co., NY, where he took up and cleared fifty acres, where his land increased to 339 acres. In 1816 he returned to Vermont and married Betsey. She was born 13 March 1796 in Marlboro, VT. They had eleven children, six of whom reached maturity. John died 10 Sept. 1878. Betsey died in 1855.
          Children of John Goodenough and Betsey Cobleigh:
          a) HELEN ANN GOODENOUGH married DANIEL STRAIT of Ellisburg, a Civil War vet
          b) WILLARD A. GOODENOUGH married JANE HULL of Morrison IL
          c) ROSWELL P. GOODENOUGH who married MELISSA TRINK of Morrison IL
          d) LURISSA A. GOODENOUGH who married KNEELAND ELLSWORTH of Ellisburg, NY
          e) ROBERT D. GOODENOUGH was born 22 Sept 1864 and married HELEN WHEELOCK, born 30 Oct. 1839, daughter of NATHAN          and MARETTA (SAWYER)WHEELOCK.
                   Children of Robert Goodenough and Helen Wheelock:
                   1) ROBERT S. GOODENOUGH born 14 May 1866; farmer of Ellisburgh; married CLARA JAMES
                   2) MARY M. GOODENOUGH born 13 October 1869; died at 20 years
                   3) JOHN W. GOODENOUGH born 6 May 1872; died at 33 years
          f) LAURIETTE GOODENOUGH married ARTHUR KING of Morrison IL
Source: Annals of Brattleboro VT; Hist. Of Jeff Co by Oakes

JOSEPH WHEELOCK, son of TIMOTHY WHEELOCK (Revolutionary War soldier), married JUDITH FOSTER and moved to Jefferson Co., NY in 1819 and settled in Ellisburg, near Mannsville where he died. Their daughter, CORNELIA WHEELOCK, married JOSEPH G. ALLEN. She died 1909 at 81 yrs, 6m 17d and is buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY as Cornelia Wheelock Allen. Joseph G. Allen died 20 April 1910 at 86 years, 8 mos, 29 days and is also buried in the Maplewood Cemetery. Oakes says of Joseph Wheelock that he was a man of considerable culture and education and at times taught school in his vicinity.
NATHAN WHEELOCK, their son, was born 25 Jan. 1812 in Worcester, MA and at age 12 came with his parents from Brattleboro VT to Jefferson Co., NY. He married MARETTA SAWYER, daughter of JOSEPH SAWYER, a veteran of the War of 1812. Maretta Sawyer was born in Keene, NH on 23 Jan. 1816 and she died in 1897.
Source: Hist. Of Jeff Co by Oakes.

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