Migrations: Part 45: Balch, Cleveland, Cone, Deming, Graves, Pelton, Thomas

ABIGAIL BALCH was the daughter of SAMUEL and MERCY (ATWOOD) BALCH. She was born at Guilford VT on 4 January 1791 and died 8 Jan. 1858. She married on 18 March 1815 to JOSEPH BROWN and had several children, one of whom, MERCY BROWN, married a Mr. Smith and lived at Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY.
Source: Balch Family Genealgy.

SAMUEL B. BALCH was the son of JOSEPH and ELIZA (LEGRO) BALCH, born at Lancaster, NH on 11 July 1817 and died in California on 22 July 1890. He was married on 18 Aug. 1839 to MARY A. HOLMES who was born at Jefferson Co NY on 20 Jan. 1814, daughter of NATHANIEL and MARY HOLMES. Their children were born at Lancaster and Colebrook, NH.
Source: Balch Family Genealogy

JAMES PELTON, son of PHINEAS PELTON, was born at Haddam, CT on 22 Aug. 1779 and married at Hartford CT on 4 Dec. 1798 to HARRIET CLARK, daughter of DAVID CLARK of Haddam. He was a farmer and lived in CT; soon after his marriage he removed to Hartford, Washington Co NY and then possibly to Canada and in 1806 to Champion, Jefferson Co NY and then in 1824 to LaGrange, Lorain Co., OH where he died on 18 June 1854; Harriet died on 1 Sept. 1863.

Children of James Pelton and Harriet Clark:
1) DAVID CLARK PELTON born 4 Feb 1800 at Hartford, Washington Co., NY married 1 Dec. 1823 to LYDIA DODGE, daughter of JOHN DODGE (Lydia died 1832) and 2nd to HANNAH SMITH, daughter of JACOBUS SMITH of Canada (she died 30 June 1852 at 43 years) and 3rd on 3 Jan 1853 to MRS. MARY (TIPPIN) BURNS,daughter of JOHN TIPPIN of London, England. David was a farmer in Champion, Jefferson Co., and then moved to LaGrange OH on 10 Sept. 1824.

Children of David C. Pelton and Lydia Dodge:
a) MARIA PELTON born 18 March 1824; died 19 Aug. 1825
b) MARTHA PELTON born 17 Jan. 1826; died 18 Jan 1826
c) MARY PELTON born 10 Nov. 1827; died 11 Nov. 1827
d) CLARK PELTON born 14 June 1829; died 19 Dec. 1830.
e) CHARLES E. PELTON born 10 Mar. 1832; married 23 Mar. 1955 to SARAH A. GOTT

Children of David C. Pelton and Hannah Smith:
f) child died in infancy
g) LYDIA PELTON born 6 May 1834; married 1st on 26 Jan. 1853 to JAMES M. TIPPIN and on 6 June 1875 to CHARLES S. CROWNER.
h) MARY PELTON born 30 June 1835; married 25 Dec. 1851 to MANFORD B. RIPLEY of NY. Lived 1878 at Charlotte, Eaton Co MI.
i) DAVID CLARK PELTON JR. born 16 April 1837; married 29 Oct. 1858 to ELLEN WILLIAMS.
j) JAMES KELLEY PELTON born 26 Mar. 1839; ,married 28 Jan 1864 to PHOEBE A. GOTT
k) JOHN PELTON born 26 Aug 1842; married 11 Feb 1863 JULIA RANDALL
l) GROSVENOR PELTON born 6 Aug 1844 died 15 Oct 1863 Civil War
m) ADALINE PELTON born 2 Sept 1846; married 4 July 1866 JOHN ANDERSON;lived MI
n) HANNAH PELTON born 15 July 1848; married 10 Oct. 1864 THOMAS CORNELL of Charlotte MI;lived MI
o) ELIZABETH PELTON born 17 Dec 1849; married 12 Dec 1869 ABRAHAM STEVENS of Charlotte MI
p) WINFIELD PELTON born 17 May 1852; married 2 April 1871 GERTRUDE CORNELL

Children of David C. Pelton and Mary Tippin:
q) child died in infancy
r) SYLVESTER PELTON born 27 June 1855; died 23 Feb 1865
s) CLARISSA PELTON born 15 July 1857; married 26 Dec 1873 to AUGUSTUS VAN OLINDA of NY and lived St. Lawrence Co NY
t) FREDERIC PELTON born 8 May 1858 died 28 Oct. 1865
u) FLOYD PELTON born 18 June 1860.

2) SALLIE PELTON born 7 Oct. 1802; married 7 Jan. 1822 to STANTON HOPKINS of Champion NY and lived in 1877 at LaGrange, OH. - 4 children
3) PRUDENCE PELTON born 21 Aug 1804; died 21 Aug. 1804
4) PATIENCE PELTON born 21 Aug. 1804; married 6 Jan. 1822 at Champion NY to REUBEN TIFF and on 25 April 1825 to LOAMMI HOLCOMB. Moved to WI and died there on 16 April 1864.
5) LUCY PELTON born 30 July 1805; married 7 Dec. 1823 to STEPHEN D. COTTRELL of Champion NY; Lived at Harrisonville, Medina Co OH and died there 16 Aug. 1844.
6) HARRIET PELTON born 6 Nov. 1807; married 1st on 11 May 1824 to JORDAN TIFF and 2nd on 1 Jan. 1858 to JOSEPH PHELPS of Eaton, Lorain Co, OH. Lived in 1878 at Pemberville, Wood co OH. - 13 children
7) JAMES KELLEY PELTON born 4 Feb 1810 Champion NY; married 11 Oct. 1834 to SARAH E. LOOMIS.
8) PHINEAS JOHN PELTON born 16 Sept 1812 Champion NY; married 1 Dec 1837 to ELECTA BENTLEY
9) EUROTAS ALBERT PELTON born 15 Dec 1814 Champion NY; married 1st HATTIE JACKSON on 18 Aug 1836 and 2nd on 20 June 1853 to MRS. MARY J. (ELVERT) SMITH.
10) ELIZA PELTON born at Champion NY on 5 March 1817; married at LaGrange OH on 10 Aug 1840 to WILLIAM ROSE of LaGrange. - 3 children and died there 21 May 1858.
11) DANIEL S. PELTON born 30 June 1819 Champion NY; married 4 Dec. 1839 to ELEANOR HELM; died 24 Nov. 1873.
12) JANE L. PELTON born at Champion NY on 4 Feb. 1820; married at LaGrange OH on 23 May 1840 to RICHARD N. LOOMIS; she died there 24 Nov. 1873
13)LYDIA ANN PELTON born Champion NY on 31 July 1823; died 20 June 1860. Note: Mr. Pelton was sent by some NY land speculators to Loraine Co., OH to examine and report to them on the land there. He liked the country so well he bought a half section for himself and removed to it, being one of the earliest settlers and founders of the county.

Source: Pelton Family Genealogy

SYLVESTER HILL PELTON was the son of CHARLES PELTON, born Ithaca NY on 7 Nov 1809 and married at Houndsfield, Jefferson Co NY on 10 April 1842 to FRANCES (FANNIE) LOUISE WRIGHT, daughter of SAMUEL WRIGHT of Houndsfield. He was a gunsmith and lived in Houndsfield until after 1852 when he moved to Wisconsin and accidentally shot himself on 4 August 1861 and died at Berlin WI on 16 Aug 1861.

Children of Sylvester Hill Pelton and Frances Wright:
1) HARRIET JANE PELTON born Houndsfield Jefferson Co on 15 Dec 1846; died 22 April 1855
2) CHARLES EDWARD PELTON born 11 Oct. 1849; married 24 Nov. 1875 to EMMA D. LAMON. Emma born 10 April 1856, daughter of LESTER LAMON of Houndsfield. He was a printer and lived in Chicago, IL.
3) FRANK SYLVESTER PELTON born 16 Sept 1852 at Houndsfield; married 7 Mar. 1877 to LOIS E. WISE. Lois born 7 July 1857, daughter of JOSEPH WISE of Watertown NY. He was also a printer and lived in Chicago IL.

Source: Pelton Family Genealogy

ICHABOD CONE, son of MATTHEW CONE and LYDIA GATES, was born E. Haddam CT on 4 Dec 1774; married DORCAS COOK who died 22 March. 1853. He died Hampden MA on 5 Feb 1832; only child was adopted son CARSON CONE, who lived at Adams, Jefferson Co NY and had 8 children. Elsewhere in the book it states that CARSON CONE was the adopted son of MATTHEW HENRY CONE and LYDIA WILLEY.
Source: Cone Family Genealogy

ORVILLE CONE was the son of EPHRAIM CONE and LUCY HART, born Cazenovia, Madison Co NY, on 27 Jan. 1809 and married PARMELIA WHIPPLE in 1831. She was born in Leroy NY in 1811 and died in Grundy Co. IL in 1849. He married 2nd to MRS. KIMBALL widow of LOVELL KIMBALL and sister of his first wife. She died in 1873 and he married 3rd to MRS. BARBER. He died Morris IL on 2 Sept 1890 at 81 years.

Daughter of Orville Cone and Parmelia Whipple:
HARRIET CONE born Jefferson Co NY on 20 Dec. 1840; married on 1 Jan 1863 to JUDSON A. COLLINS, born 10 Feb 1839. He died 11 June 1900 in S. Dakota.

Source: Cone Family Genealogy

ANNA GRAVES was the daughter of STERLING GRAVES and ANNA CONE, born E. Haddam CT on 27 July 1795; she married JOSEPH GRAVES on 16 May 1815. He was born E. Haddam 1788 and died 25 Dec. 1876 at 88 Source: Cone Family Genealogy years. Anna died 1 Nov 1882 at 87 years.

Children of Anna Graves and Joseph Graves:
1) HUBBARD GRAVES a resident of Black River NY
2) ADELIA GRAVES born 1829 married _____Allen

Source: Cone Family Genealogy

BETSEY GRAVES was the daughter of STERLING GRAVES and ANNA CONE, born Westmoreland NY on 14 Aug 1797; married SUEL HAZEN on 17 Jan. 1816. He born Dummerston VT on 25 April 1793; died Carthage NY
Source: Cone Family Genealogy

FRANKLIN GRAVES, son of STERLING GRAVES and ANNA CONE born Copenhagen NY on 23 April 1809; married CHRISTINA VAN OLINDA and died Antwerp NY on 8 Oct. 1851

Children of Franklin Graves and Christina VanOlinda:
1) OBED GRAVES died 1854
2) DEMPSTER GRAVES lived Jefferson Co NY

Source: Cone Family Genealogy

AMANDA GRAVES, daughter of STERLING GRAVES and ANNA CONE, born Westmoreland NY on 2 Oct. 1815; married WILLIAM TREADWAY in 1836. He was born Jefferson Co NY on 26 Jan 1811 and died 27 Sept 1867; she died at Black River NY on 16 Sept 1897 at 82 years.

Children of Amanda Graves and William Treadway:
1) MYRON C. TREADWAY born 26 July 1845; lived Gloversville NY
2) HUDSON C. TREADWAY born 6 Sept 1853; resided Black River NY

Source: Cone Family Genealogy

NELSON CONE, son of DANIEL CONE and RUTH RICH, was born Jefferson Co., NY on 30 April 1808. He married LOISA CURRY on 22 Nov. 1831. She as born 25 July 1807 in Highland Co., OH and died 7 Aug. 1883. Nelson was at McMinnville Oregon.
Source: Cone Family Genealogy

SARAH CLEVELAND, daughter of ISAAC CLEVELAND, died 16 June 1854 at 69 years; she married 3 April 1803 to BENJAMIN WOODRUFF, born 12 June 1773 and died 15 Sept 1860.

Children of Sarah Cleveland and Benjamin Woodruff:
1) ORLIN S. WOODRUFF died Pamelia Jefferson Co NY; married JULIA HALE
2) ALMEDA WOODRUFF died Henderson, Jefferson Co NY marrried _____BOOMER
3) FANNY WOODRUFF died Watertown NY; married JOSIAH HUCKINS
5) EMELINE WOODRUFF died Watertown married CYRUS MORGAN

See Cleveland and Woodruff families for additional information.
Source: Cleveland Family Genealogy

LYMAN DEMING was born 25 June 1783 and died in Syracuse NY; he married 11 Mar. 1804 BARBARA HATHAWAY who was born 13 Dec. 1786 and died in 1825 in Deerfield NY. Lyman Deming is said to have been born in CT and is probably a descendant of JOHN DEMING of Wethersfield . The records of his father's family were destroyed by fire at Alexandria Bay NY but his own family record was preserved. According to his descendants he had brothers Hiram, Solomon and others, of whom Hiram moved west. He had a sister Bathsheba who was born in Whitestown NY on 2 Jan. 1777 and married DEACON MATTHEW BOSWORTH of Lowville NY and died in 1857. He was in Harrisburg NY in 1807 and was called a wood chopper. He is said to have been a captain in the War of 1812. He resided in Copenhagen, New Boston, Deerfield and Syracuse all in NY State. At Syracuse he worked in the salt works.

Children of Lyman Deming and Barbara Hathaway:
2) ELECTA DEMING born 15 July 1806 and died young.
3) LYMAN DEMING born 6 March 1808 in Harrisburg NY; died 4 Feb 1864 in Harrisburg; married 4 Oct. 1837 in Henderson NY to NANCY SMITH, daughter of SYLVESTER AND NANCY (KNIFFEN) SMITH, born 8 Aug 1813 in Henderson NY and moved to Horicon WI
4) RUEL DEMING born 26 Feb 1810 in Pinckney NY died 17 Aug 1891; married HARRIET McBRIDE, daughter of DANIEL and KATE (THIESTINGS) McBride born 12 July 1823.
5) SALMON DEMING born 17 Dec. 1812
6) MASON G. DEMING born 17 Nov. 1814; married HARRIET WILLIAMS and died Columbus, WI
7) DANIEL DEMING born 11 Dec 1815; died young
8) ELECTA DEMING born 11 Feb. 1816; married in 1842 WILLIAM HOWELL and lived Cortland NY
9) BARBARA DEMING born 11 July 1819
10) DANIEL DEMING born 20 Mar. 1821
11) HIRAM DEMING born 20 Jan. 1823

Source: Deming Family Genealogy

LEWIS NEWELL THOMAS, was the youngest son of IRA A. and LUCY THOMAS. He attended the Cazenovia Academy and after graduation turned his attention to farming. He purchased from the other heirs, the old family farm to which he added acreage until he owned 425 acres. For a number of years he served as a captain in the militia. He married on 1 Jan. 1838 to ABBIE SEARLES, daughter of JAMES AND ABBIE (THURSTON) SEARLES, who were residents of Ellisburgh and Lorraine NY, coming from Providence, RI. Lewis was killed on 24 Aug 1863 in a wind storm.

Children of Lewis Newell Thomas and Abbie Searles:
1) SANFORD S. THOMAS was born on the family homestead of the Thomas Settlement on 1 Oct. 1838. He obtained his education at Adams Center and the Union Academy at Belleville, NY. In 1866 he purchased the Stickney farm of 56 acres. Although Sanford attempted to enlist for the civil War he as rejected because of physical disability. In 1860 he married PHILA N. SPENCER who was born in Depauville, NY on 8 March 1843.

Children of Sanford S. Thomas and Phila N. Spencer:
a) JENNIE E. THOMAS born 30 Sept 1862; died 12 Aug. 1895
b) NEWEL S. THOMAS born 20 Sept. 1864; engineer on the West Shore RR; married HATTIE E. ROBBINS and lives Syracuse NY.
c) BERNARD S. THOMAS born 22 Jan. 1866; a farmer at Adams Center; married (1) CORA B. TURNER and (2) MABEL GREEN.
d) FANNIE THOMAS died at 10 years
e) GEORGE C. THOMAS born 7 Feb. 1868; married MAY WILEY on 11 Jan. 1894
f) FRANK THOMAS born 26 July 1873; a farmer; married NELLIE M. ARCHER
g) JAMES C. THOMAS born 3 April 1875; married NELLIE REED; lived Little Falls NY
h) RUTH THOMAS born 22 Oct. 1881; teacher

2) WILLIAM HENRY SEWARD THOMAS was born 10 March. 1840. He attended Union Academy and followed farming. He married 1st on 6 Oct. 1869 to ANNIE J. SEARLES, daughter of the REV. JOHN SEARLES AND PHILOMELA A. STODDARD. She died 5 Oct. 1876. PHILOMELA STODDARD was a daughter of REV. ELIAKIM AND LOIS A. (MATTHEWS) STODDARD. William married 2nd on 26 Feb. 1880 to MARY A. GREGG who was born 24 July 1858.

Children of William H. S. Thomas and Annie A. Gregg:
a) LEWIS N. THOMAS born 1 Feb. 1881
b) IRA A. THOMAS born 30 June 1882; florist resided at Syracuse NY
c) CYNTHIA J. THOMAS born 2 Nov. 1885 a teacher
d) HARRISON M. THOMAS born 23 June 1888
e) WILLIAM S. THOMAS born 22 Jan. 1892
f) WHELDON NEWTON THOMAS born 19 July 1894

Source: Hist. Of Jeff Co by Oakes

IRA A. THOMAS, was the second son of WILLIAM THOMAS, born Bennington VT on 17 Aug. 1779. He married on 2 May 1799 to LUCY ALLEN, born Brattleboro VT on 8 April 1781, daughter of DEACON EZRA ALLEN. She was noted for her knitting, spinning and weaving and part of the proceeds of her work was used to purchase materials that built the first frame building in the vicinity. The house was later owned by grandson, William H. S. Thomas, above. Ira A. Thomas and his brother JOEL THOMAS, were noted as drummers and were accompanied by their brother EZRA THOMAS, on the fife. They furnished martial music for general trainings. Ira and Joel were soldiers in the War of 1812. Ira was both farmer and carpenter and was considered an expert in Source: Hist. Of Jefferson Co by Oakeshewing timbers. Ira died in 1858 and Lucy in March of 1864.

Children of Ira A. Thomas and Lucy Allen:
1) EUNICE THOMAS born 3 Aug. 1800; married REV. DAVID WALKER of the Methodist Episcopal Church
2) LOIS THOMAS born 20 July 1802; married EZRA PUTNAM a farmer of Adams
3) RUTH THOMAS born 22 July 1804; died at 40 years
4) LUCY THOMAS born 30 Nov. 1806; became the second wife of REV. DAVID WALKER whose first wife was her sister, Eunice.
5) IRA THOMAS JR. born 10 Mar 1812; farmer; died in Adams
6) LEWIS N. THOMAS born 26 May 1818 (see above)

Source: Hist. Of Jefferson Co by Oakes

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