Migrations – Part 46:
Boomer, Bothwell, Brown, Clark, Griswold, Hardendorf, Hollister,
Jewett, Lyon, Newton, Potter, Simon, Sweet, Westcott

JONATHAN POTTER of Richmond RI was commissioned as lieutenant in the first company of infantry, town of Richmond R.I. On 13 June 1798. He moved to Jefferson Co., NY. His son, DAVID POTTER, remained in Jefferson Co., NY until his marriage when he moved to Geneseee Co NY in 1815.
Source: Potter Family Genealogy

LEONARD R. BOTHWELL was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 28 April 1838. His paternal grandfather was one of the early settlers of NY and his father, DAVID BOTHWELL, was a native of Washington Co., NY. David married JEMIMA SPENCER of Jefferson Co, who died in 1842 and David died in 1846. Leonard was reared by his sister, MRS. MARY SCOTT, and with whom he moved to Brown Co., WI in 1846.
Source: Biographical History Of Henry Co IL

HENRY BOOMER was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 23 July 1825, son of MICHAEL BOOMER, a NY native and early family. Michael was born in Jefferson Co., on 23 April 1794. Henry's paternal grandfather was EDWARD BOOMER, also a NY native. Michael served as a drummer in the War of 1812 and participated in several engagements, including the battle of Sackett Harbor. Michael married MARTHA MOORE, born Jefferson Co on 19 Nov. 1795 and who died there July 1843. Michael died on 9 Sept. 1847. Henry was one of 13 children—8 sons and 5 daughters. He moved to Illinois in 1843 and returned to Jefferson Co where he married on 1 March 1849 to JULIA WOOD, Jefferson Co NY native, daughter of JAMES WOOD. He returned to Henry Co., IL where Julia died on 9 Aug. 1894. Henry returned to Jefferson Co and married 2nd on 15 Nov. 1898 to MRS. FLORA HOLLISTER WILCOX, daughter of COLONEL CHARLES HOLLISTER of Jefferson Co NY, and an officer in the War of 1812.

CHARLES HOLLISTER spent his entire life in New York and married PLEUMA LEWIS, mother of Mrs. Boomer. Charles Hollister was a son of JOHN HOLLISTER, who was engaged in the supply department of Gen. Washington's army during the Revolutionary War. Pleuma's first husband was HENRY NOBLE who died in the Civil War, leaving one son, CHARLES NOBLE, a Jefferson Co NY resident. Pleuma married 2nd in Jefferson Co to JAMES WILCOX and they moved to Michigan where he died.
Source: Biographical History Of Henry Co IL

SILAS M. CLARK was born 17 Jan 1836 in Jefferson Co NY, son of HEZEKIAH CLARK who was born about 1780 in that county and died there in 1840. Hezekiah married LUCY WATSON who was born in 1790 in Center NY and died in Jefferson Co in 1883. Hezekiah was by trade a carpenter and builder. They had 12 children. Silas served in the Civil War and in 1866 he began farming in Jefferson Co. In about 1871 he moved to Lancaster County Nebraska and bout a 160 acre farm for $17,000. His specialty was stock raising. On 2 April 1859 Silas married at Ogdensburg NY to MARGARET WELLER. She was the daughter of JOHN C. AND ANN (BENNETT) WELLER, both natives of England. Her father was born in 1803 and landed in Quebec in 1840. Ann Weller was born in 1801 and this couple also had 12 children.

Children of Silas M. Clark and Margaret Weller:
1. William Clark born 12 Jan. 1860
2. Hattie E. Clark born 11 Feb 1863
3. Lilian M. Clark born 15 Oct. 1867

Source: Biographical Album of Lancaster Co Nebraska

CAPT. JOHN H. WESTCOTT was born in Brownville, Jefferson Co NY on 11 Oct. 1839, son of WILLARD WESTCOTT, a native of the Mohawk Valley in NY. John's grandfather was DANIEL WESTCOTT who was a NY native and who died in Jefferson County in 1832. Willard Westcott bought a tract of timbered land near Brownville NY on Pillar Point. He cleared a farm and resided there until his death in 1867. John's mother was HELEN PUTNAM, a native of Pennsylvania. Her father, JOHN PUTNAM, was a New Englander and descendant of Gen. Israel Putnam. After her birth, her parents moved and settled in Jefferson Co., NY where they lived for several years but subsequently moved to Illinois where both died.

Children of Willard Westcott and Helen Putnam:

John H. Westcott was a participant in the Civil War and while home on furlough, married on 5 Nov. 1863 to AUGUSTA H. MIDDLETON who was born August 1841 in Rutland, Jefferson Co NY. ROBERT MIDDLETON, the grandfather of Mrs. Westcott was a native of Ireland and came to America as a young man where he settled in Jefferson County, NY. There he bought a farm and spent his last years. SAMUEL MIDDLETON, her father, was born in Rutland, NY and married in Jefferson Co. where he bought a farm. He lived on the farm until 1848; sold it and moved to near Brownville where he purchased another farm where he lived until 1867. Then he again sold that farm and moved to the village where he resided until 1873; then to Princeton, IL where he remained for over a year and then on a visit to Los Angeles, Cal. He died on 27 Jan. 1887. Samuel Middleton was married to PHEBE INGERSON, born in Jefferson Co., NY daughter of ISAAC AND HULDAH (WEED) INGERSON. She died in Princeton IL on 4 May 1874.

Children of John H. Westcott and Augusta H. Middleton:

Source: Biographical Album of Lancaster Co Nebraska

CHARLES D. JEWETT was born 20 Oct. 1840 in Jefferson Co NY, son of THOMAS J. JEWETT who was born in Dec. 1807 in Utica, Oneida Co NY. Thomas died in June 188. He married about 1832 to CAROLINE RUSSELL and the couple had eight children.

Children of Thomas J. Jewett and Caroline Russell:
PAULINA JEWETT married JOHN PUTNAM, a farmer in Jefferson Co NY
WILLIAM M. JEWETT a farmer at Sanford's Corners in Jefferson Co.

Charles stayed with his parents until he was about 26 years, owing to the fact that his father was a captain in the state militia and was away from home for long periods. In his absence, Charles had to take over the farm duties. Thomas was an organizer of companies and raiser of troops which led to special mention. He raised and drilled the first company of infantry in Jefferson Co., NY which later was attached to the 35th NY Regiment. Ill health forced his retirement from the military. And in the fall of 1865 Charles went through Iowa and Missouri looking for a desirable place to locate. He married JANE C. WILEY, daughter of EZRA C. AND CLARISSA J. (GORDONIER) WILEY. Jane was born in Watertown NY in 1840. In the early 1870's Charles and Jane settled in Lancaster Co, Nebraska where they bought a farm and at first had a promising harvest. But in 1875 the grasshopper infestation stripped the land. In 1878 he lost over 350 of his hogs of cholera. Jane died on 12 October of 1886.

Children of Charles D. Jewett and Jane C. Wiley:
ERWIN R. JEWETT born Black River NY on 28 June 1869
DEXTER T. JEWETT born 32 Nov. 1875
PEARL C. JEWETT born 1 Sept 1877
PERRY W. JEWETT born 25 Nov 1878

Source: Biographical Album of Lancaster, Nebraska

DANIEL GRISWOLD was born about 1740 in England and came to America where he settled and lived in Herkimer Co., NY until his death about 1835. He was a farmer and came to America before he was married, his wife being a native of New York who died about 1820. His son, JOHN GRISWOLD, was born in Herkimer Co NY about 1794 and lived there until he was 25 when he moved to Jefferson Co NY and then to St. Lawrence Co until his death in 1827. John was married to LUCY WATSON, formerly of Scotland and she died in 1885. They had 6 children (five sons and one daughter).
(five sons and one daughter).

Children of John Griswold and Lucy Watson:
N. W. GRISWOLD born 17 Sept 1817 in Fairfield Herkimer Co NY.
ROSALOO GRISWOLD of North Bluff Lancaster Co Nebraska

When N. W. Griswold was three he was taken first to Jefferson Co and then to St. Lawrence. At the end of five years he returned to Jefferson Co where he lived in the town of Black River until 1855. There he learned the trade of woolcarding and cloth dressing and in 1855 went to Angola, Steuben Co., IN where he worked at his trade and also did carpentry. He moved in 1868 to Lancaster County Nebraska. On 8 Dec. 1839 he married in Jefferson Co NY to HESTER ANN WHALEY. She was the daughter of JAMES AND SARAH (GORDONIER) WHALEY, the former English and the latter of Holland descent. James Whaley died in Oneida Co NY in 1827 and Sarah Whaley made her home with her daughter in Angola IND until the time of her death in 1867. James and Sarah Whaley had 11 children. Hester was the eighth child and was born on 11 Aug. 1889 in Oneida Co NY. N. W. and Hester had seven children.
Source: Biographical Album of Lancaster, Nebraska

LEONARD LYON was a native of Jefferson Co., NY born in LeRay Township on 16 Aug. 1816. He came to Noble Co., Ind. In 1843 and settled in Swan Township on the land he occupied until his death. He married in 1850 to JANE E. KNAPP and they had five children. Leonard died on the home farm on 28 July 1895 at 78 years 11 months 12 days.
Source: Alvord's History Of Noble Co., Indiana

ALPHEUS HARDENDORF was born 6 Aug 1828. On 30 Aug. 1857 in Whitley Cunty Indiana he married CELESTINE TOUSLEY, daughter of DAVID AND NANCY (NOYES) TOUSLEY. He was a Vermont native and she as a native of Rome NY. However, Celestine was born in Jefferson Co NY on 15 Sept. 1824.
Source: Alvord's History Of Noble Co., Indiana

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS SIMON married on 1 Jan. 1868 to LOIS O. BROUGHTON who was born in Swan Township, Noble Co., Indiana on 8 Sept 1849. She was the daughter of SAMUEL BROUGHTON who was born in Jefferson Co NY on 4 Aug. 1819. Samuel married ALMIRA CUMMINGS who was born in Logan Co., OH on 29 Feb 1820. They married in Marion Co OH on 7 Nov. 1839 and in that year moved to Noble Co., Indiana. However, Mr. Broughton had been a resident of that county since 1858. Almira died on 7 Dec. 1889 in her 80th year. Samuel died on 14 Sept. 1901 at the home of his son, BELA BROUGHTON at 82 years, one month and ten days. In 1834 he moved with his parents to Clark Co, OH. In 1838 he moved with his mother to Swan Township. His obituary mentions six children, one brother and two sisters.
Source: Alvord's History Of Noble Co, Indiana

WILLIAM SWEET, son of WANTON AND SARDINIA (WORTHINGTON) SWEET born Jefferson Co NY 1833; farmer; PO Red Rock Columbia Co., NY
Source: History Of Columbia Co NY

AMOS D. NEWTON was in Marshall Co. Kansas in 1875 and operated a quarry near Beattie. He was a native of Jefferson Co NY born there 23 Aug. 1846 and lived in Jefferson Co until he was 22 years of age. He attended school in Antwerp in that County. He then went to Pawnee Co Nebraska where his father, JAMES NEWTON, had gone in 1869 and there purchased a farm. James D. Newton married ELIZA GATES at her home in Antwerp NY on 20 Feb 1871. They had six children. Eliza was born in Antwerp NY on 19 Feb 1850 and remained there until her marriage. She was the daughter of ROBERTSON GATES, who was born at Champion in Jefferson Co on 25 Dec. 1801. Robertson Gates married in 1833 to EUNICE LYNDE a native of Jefferson Co. She was born 25 Sept. 1809. They had nine children. Eunice died 10 April 1878 and Robertson died in October 1879. SAMUEL NEWTON was born near Ottawa Canada on 7 April 1818. When he was 17 he emigrated to Jefferson Co NY where he met and married SYLVIA LYONS. He lived there until 1869 on a farm near Antwerp. He sold the farm and went to Pawnee City Nebraska where he died in 1870 leaving a family of seven children. James D. was the eldest child of the family.
Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Marshall Co Kansas

CARRIE E. BROWN was born 3 June 1844 in Jefferson Co., NY. She was the daughter of JEFFERSON M. AND LOVINA (WILSON) BROWN and lived until 20 years in that county. At that time her parents moved to Montcalm Co MI where she resided until her marriage to PHILO B. INGRAHAM. Philo Ingraham was born 3 Aug 1835 in Ontario Co NY, son of BENJAMIN W. INGRAHAM AND SALLIE GILBERT. JEFFERSON BROWN was a native of Maine but spent a part of his early life in Vermont and NY. Lovina was of Westchester Co. NY. Jefferson and Lovina Brown were the parents of nine children:

LUCY BROWN married ELI REMINGTON of Jefferson Co NY
CARRIE E. BROWN married Philo B. Ingraham
EDWARD BROWN of Michigan
THOMAS J. BROWN a soldier in the Civil War who was wounded and died of the wound.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Marshall Co Kansas

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