Migrations – Part 47: Baker, Broughton, Childs, Countryman, Cramer, Dunten, Fergus, Frink, Frazell, Green, Haight, Huntington, Huntsman, Ingersoll, Knapp, Myers, Parham, Smith, Tousley, Van Allen, Waldo, Weight

Proceedings of Admin., Chautauqua Co., NY; Vol. 3, 1851-1865
Probate court proceedings for estates of deceased persons who did not leave wills.
p. 193, PETER MYERS died 24 Aug 1856 in Jefferson County, New York
Petitioner: Lucinda Myers of Carroll, widow, requested that administration be granted to her and to Oliver Klock
Court 23 Oct 1856, value of estate $150
Heirs and next of kin: Widow Lucinda Myers. Mary Jane Myers and Emeline Myers, minor children under age 21.
Administrator: Lucinda Myers and Oliver Klock
Appraisers: Edwin Eaton and Charles D. Norton, both of Carroll

p. 249, MARY SMITH died 8 Sep 1856 in town of Chautauqua
Petitioner: Abram B. Smith of town of Chautauqua, son
Court 19 Jun 1858, value of estate $50
Heirs and next of kin: Abram B. Smith of full age of town of Chautauqua, Sarah Raynor wife of John Raynor of full age of town of Chautauqua, Jenett M. Carpenter of full age wife of William Carpenter of Ellery, HEZEKIAH H. SMITH of full age of Rutland,Jefferson County, NY, Mary L. Vender? Vieder? of full age wife of Sears R. Vender? Vieder?of Norway, Herkimer County, NY, William A. Spears of full age of Stockton, Harriett Potter, William Potter, Ann Potter, Delight Potter and John Potter, all of full age, residence unknown.
Administrator: Abram B. Smith
Appraisers: None named

p. 605, DEWITT C. FRAZELL died 1 Jan 1857 in town of Hanover
Petitioner: Julius B. Frazell of Hanover, brother
Court 13 Mar 1857, value of estate $5000
Heirs and next of kin: Betsey Frazell of full age of Cazanovia, Madison County, NY, Julius B. Frazell of full age of Hanover, WILLIAM FRAZELL of full age of Watertown,Jefferson County, NY, James Frazell of full age of Hanover, George Sumner Frazell of full age of Cazanovia, Madison County, NY, Sarah Frazell of full age of Cazanovia, Madison County, NY, Amanda Wheeler wife of Hosea Wheeler of full age of Cazanovia, Madison County, NY, Avery Frazell of full age residence unknown, Alvaro Frazell of full age residence unknown, John Frazell of full age residence unknown.
Administrator: Julius B. Frazell
Appraisers: Hiram Sackett and J. P. Kent, both of Hanover

NATHANK K. GREEN was a native of Addison Co VT and was born in Feb. 1820. His parents were TRUMAN AND POLLY (KINSLEY) GREEN. Nathan was one of 12 children born to the couple. Truman served two years as a substitute in the War of 1812 and emigrated to Jefferson Co NY in 1821 and then to Sandusky OH in 1834.His wife died about 1868 in Ottawa Co OH. Nathan married in March 1841 to MARY THOMAS. They had six children; Mary Green died in Feb. 1870.
Source: Hist of Lagrange and Noble Counties Indiana

PHINEAS T. HUNTSMAN was the son of JESSE AND LUCY (JONES) HUNTSMAN, natives of PA and VT who moved with their parents at an early date to OH and came to Indiana in 1831 where Phineas was born on 29 Dec. 1832. On 1 Jan. 1863 he married ORISSA JENNINGS who was born in Jefferson Co NY on 25 Oct. 1832, daughter of BENJAMIN AND ELIZA (HUNT) JENNINGS who moved to Indiana in 1854. Eliza Hunt was born in Vermont.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

SAMUEL PARHAM was born in England on 25 June 1816, son of JAMES and ANN (BRISTOL) PARHAM. Samuel came to America in 1830 with two brothers and sisters, he being the youngest of five. They landed in NY in April and purchased a farm in Jefferson Co NY where they lived for several years. Samuel married NANCY SELBY in Indiana on 7 April 1841. Her parents were natives of Delaware. Her mother, ELIZABETH SELBY, died in OH and her father CHARLES W. SELBY at the home of his children in Indiana. Samuel and Nancy had eight children. James and Ann Parham emigrated to America in 1836 and lived for 20 years in Jefferson Co NY where they died.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

AUGUSTUS P. FRINK was born in Jefferson Co NY and at age nine moved with his parents to Lagrange Co Ind. With his parents. At age 21 he married REBECCA TEAL. NATHAN FRINK, the father of A.P. Was born in Oneida Co NY in 1800 and at age 21 married MARIAN PEASE of Lewis Co, NY. They were the parents of six children. In 1836 the couple moved to Indiana.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

JUDGE HIRAM S. TOUSLEY an eminent jurist of Northern Indiana, was born in Jefferson Co NY on 20 Nov. 1821. He as the son of DAVID and NANCY (NOYES) TOUSLEY, who were natives of Vermont and NY. They were married in Jefferson Co NY, where they remained as residents for many years. David Tousley was both farmer and blacksmith. In 1836 they emigrated to Shelby Co OH and in 1843 to Indiana. David died in 1855 of cholera on his way to Missouri. Nancy died in 1873 in Noble County Ind. Hiram married in January 1851 to HARRIET LISLE a native of Sandusky OH.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

NATHAN BROUGHTON was born in Jefferson Co NY on 18 March 1828. He came with his widowed mother and family to Swan Township Ind in 1839. He married on 3 July 1852 to FRANCES R. SMITH, daughter of JOSEPH AND SUSAN (GAREHART) SMITH. Nathan died 6 Aug 1877 in Indiana. The couple had five children.

WILLIAM BROUGHTON was born in Jefferson Co NY on 29 June 1822, son of AMOS AND NANCY (TIMMERMAN) BROUGHTON. William came with the family to Swan Township in 1839. He married REBECCA CountiesPER on 24 March 1844; she as born in Wayne co OH on 12 Dec. 1825. they had seven children. William married second MRS. HANNAH (CountiesPER) STRAYER on 23 April 1881, born Wayne Co OH on 24 May 1833.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

Addendum to Samuel Broughton: SAMUEL BRUGHTON was the son of AMOS AND NANCY (ZIMMERMAN) BROUGHTON, who were natives of MA and NY. Samuel was born in Jefferson Co NY on 4 Aug 1819. In 1834 his parents moved to Ohio and his father died in 1838. On 7 Nov 1839 Samuel returned to OH where he married ALMIRA CUMMINGS, born in Logan Co OH on 28 Feb 1820.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

EPHRAIM CRAMER was born on 18 March 1822 in Jefferson Co., NY, one of five children born to CONRAD AND ELIZABETH (RICKARD) CRAMER, both NY natives. They resided in NY until 1834 when they moved to Swan Township, Indiana. Elizabeth died there in 1835 and Conrad in 1878. Ephraim was both farmer and shoemaker. In 1846 he married CORDELIA A. BROUGHTON, who was born in Jefferson Co NY in 1824. They had eight children.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

JAMES A. DUNTEN was born in Jefferson Co NY on 25 Nov 1819, son of THOMAS AND MARGARET (MATTOON) DUNTEN of Vermont. Thomas was a pioneer of Allen Co IN in 1833 and a War of 1812 veteran. On 12 July 1846, James Dunten married CYNTHIA J. CARR, native of Genesee Co NY, daughter of NATHAN AND LYDIA (FOSTER) CARR. She died on 11 March 1857 and he married on 8 April 1858 to MARGARET BELL, daughter of JAMES AND MARGARET (GRAY) BELL.
Source: History Of Lagrange-Noble Counties Indiana

CORNELIUS A. VAN ALLEN was born in Jefferson Co NY on 20 Sept. 1837. He went West in 1855 and settled in Effingham Illinois. He worked as a surveyor for the Illinois Central Railroad. In 1856 he became a Government surveyor of lands in Northern WI and in 1857 back to Illinois. He served in the Civil War and was wounded. He married LAURA SETHMAN of Teutopolis IL. 6 children
Source: History Of Effingham Co IL

PHINEAS and THEODOSIA (PHILLIPS) CHILDS, natives of CT, moved to Jefferson Co NY in 1813 and in 1826 to Onondaga Co NY
Source: History Of DeKalb Co IL

CAPT. A. B. COUNTRYMAN was born in Pamelia Jefferson Co NY on 3 April 1838, son of HENRY AND ELIZABETH COUNTRYMAN. A. B.'s grandfather was a native of Herkimer Co NY where he farmed, married and had a family of eight children—four sons and four daughters. Henry Countryman was born in Herkimer Co in 1800. He was a carriage builder by trade and carried on farming for several years. In 1824 he moved to Jefferson Co NY where he died on 13 June 1876 at 76 years. Elizabeth died 25 Dec 1872 at 72 years. For ten years Henry was a justice of the peace in the town of Pamelia. A. B. served in the Civil War and was in several engagements. In 1877 he moved to Fort Edward in Washington Co NY. On 6 June 1876 he married ISABELLA H. MATTHEWS of Philadelphia PA.
Source: History Of Washington Co NY

AVASTIA WALDO was the daughter of JARAM WALDO and LOIS KINNEY. She was born 28 Feb 1813 at Rossie, St. Lawrence Co NY and died 26 Sept 1876 at Great Bend, Jefferson Co NY. She married on 4 Dec. 1836 at Great Bend to SAMUEL FULTON, son of JAMES AND SARAH (CHOATE) FULTON of Colerain MA, born 1799 at Colerain and died 13 Nov 1881 at Great Bend. He was a farmer, dyer and clothier. See Migrations Part 39 for additional Waldo information.
Children of Avastia Waldo and Samuel Fulton:
MARIA FULTON born 24 Aug 1837; died 16 Feb 1839 at Great Bend, Jefferson Co NY
AMELIA-LOIS FULTON born 8 Nov 1838; 1901 at Carthage NY. She married on 31 Jan. 1878 at Great Bend to DEMARQUIS-LAFAYETTE LEWIS, son of ESEK and HANNAH (SPRINGER) LEWIS of Lansingburg, NY. He was born May 1825 at Champion NY and died 4 Sept 1896 at Carthage. Farmer and livestock dealer.
JAMES FULTON born 22 July 1840 and died 12 Aug 1887 at Carthage NY. Unmarried?
JEROME FULTON born 15 Aug 1842; in 1901 at Lyndon IL. Married 3 July 1882 at Lyndon to SARAH CROSS
MARY FULTON born 8 March 1845 died as infant
HASKELL FULTON born 8 Oct 1849; married 10 Dec 1879 at Champion NY to MATILDA
HUBBARD, daughter of MOSES AND MARGARET (ENSIGN) HUBBARD of Great Bend. He was born 13 July 1848 at Great Bend. Haskell was a farmer.
Children of Haskell Fulton and Matilda Hubbard born at Great Bend, Jefferson Co NY:
a. GEORGE FULTON born 6 Oct. 1880
b. MABEL FULTON born 22 Feb 1890
Source: Waldo Fam. Genealogy.

LUTHER WEIGHT was born at Nelson, New Hampshire on 13 Sept 1799. In 1806 he came with his father to the town of Rodman, Jefferson Co NY, where he remained until age 17 and began teaching school. He also became employed by Jesse Smith of Smithville, a notable merchant. He remained with Smith for seven years and then moved to Tompkins Co NY and in 1832 to Oswego NY. In 1828 he married LUCINDA SMITH who died in the City of Oswego in 1838. Two years later he married L. BAILEY, a native of Adams, Jefferson Co. - three children.
Source: History Of Oswego NY

ROBERT LEROY INGERSOLL was born 5 June 1819 in Chenango Co NY. He moved with his father EBENEZER INGERSOLL in 1830 to Albion NY. In 1842 Robert married CAROLINE E. CLARK, a native of Jefferson Co NY
Source: History Of Oswego NY

LOREN BAKER was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co WI on 13 Dec. 1854, son of GAYLORD AND ADELINE (SPERRY) BAKER. Gaylord Baker was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY in 1821, son of STEPHEN AND MARGARET (LEMON) BAKER. Adeline was born in OH on 18 Oct. 1825. Gaylor was educated in Jefferson Co NY and moved to Jefferson Co WI in 1845 and to Medina in 1864. Gaylord died in 1902. The couple had six children.
Source: History Of Dane Co WI

DIMICK B. HUNTINGTON born 26 May 1808 Watertown NY; moved to Utah 28 July 1847. Missionary and interpreter.
Source: History Of Utah

ALBERT KNAPP born 10 July 1825 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY; moved to Utah 1847; lived at Farmington, Utah. Source: History Of Utah

JAMES FERGUS was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland on 8 Oct. 1813 and died at 84 years in 1897. He married at Moline, IL on 16 March 1845 to PAMELIA DILLIN, who was born in Jefferson Co NY. She died 6 Oct. 1887. They had four children. James Fergus was a pioneer in the state of Montana.
Source: Montana, its story and biography

ROBERT HAIGHT was born 7 July 1770; he married PHEBE TRIPP and they lived in Washington, Dutchess Co NY. He died in June 1843. Phebe was born in 1779 and died in 1849. Their son, MORRIS HAIGHT, was born 13 April 1799 and married LOIS MYRICK. They lived in Jefferson Co., NY until about 1866, when he removed to Hartland, WI where he died on 7 Oct. 1879. Lois was born 11 March 1802.
Children of Morris Haight and Lois Myrick:
ELIZABETH HAIGHT born 17 Aug 1822; married WALTER KERR; lived Hartland Wi
ELVIRA HAIGHT born 28 Dec 1823; married JOSEPH CLARKE; lived Lanesfield, Kansas
D. CECELIA HAIGHT born 5 Oct. 1825; married ANDREW ALLEN; lived Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., NY
MORRIS P. HAIGHT born 4 Sept 1827; married MARY SCHUYLER in WI; died in the Civil War
CHARLES HAIGHT born 29 June 1829; married MARY J. McBURNEY at Pierrepont Manor, NY; died in the Civil War
LOIS MARY HAIGHT born 9 April 1831; married D. ARNOLD; lived Clayton NY
JOHN EDWIN HAIGHT born 8 Aug 1837; died 4 Nov 1838
THERON WILBER HAIGHT born 14 Sept 1840; married ANNIE YEOMANS in 1870; distinguished service in Civil War; went to Wisconsin in 1865; entered law office in Milwaukee; became an editor and newspaper owner
Source: Haight Family Genealogy

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