Migrations Part 52:

JONATHAN POTTER of Richmond RI was commissioned as lieutenant in first company of infantry, town of Richmond RI on 13 June 1798. He later moved to Jefferson Co. NY. His son, DANIEL POTTER remained in Jefferson County until his marriage, when he moved to Genesee Co NY in 1815, where he lived until he moved to Peru Indiana in 1839.
Source: Geneal of the Potter families in America

JOHN KIRBY, was a descendant of an ancient Kirby English family who resided in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire England and was a corn merchant in London. JOHN KIRBY married ANN SMITH. Their children were William born 25 Dec. 1797 and succeeded to the business of his father in London and then in turn by his son, William. His son:

JOHN KIRBY was born at Puckeridge, Herfordshire on 3 Nov. 1801. At 15 years he went with an uncle, JAMES SMITH, his mother's brother, to St. John, New Brunswick. James Smith married a sister of SIR FENWICK WILLIAMS, the defender of Kars. He was known in New Brunswick as "Ready-made Smith", from the fact that he was the first merchant in that section to sell ready-made clothing. He was in business for many years in St. John. After working for his uncle for several years, John engaged in the lumber business on his own account at Hamilton, Ontario, CA. He died 22 May 1870 at Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY where he resided after he had retired from business. He married in St. John to MARY PRICE who was born there on 18 Sept. 1803, daughter of MAJOR JAMES AND MARY (THOMAS) PRICE and granddaughter of COLONEL ANTHONY PRICE, who served in the British army under General Abercrombie in the French and Indian war and received for his services a large grant of land in Fredericktown, New Brunswick, settler there in 1763. MARY (PRICE) KIRBY died 22 Feb. 1875.

Children of John Kirby and Mary Price:
1. WILLIAM KIRBY mentioned elsewhere on this site
2. EDMUND ALLEN KIRBY; lived Minneapolis MN where he died about 1880
3. JAMES PRICE KIRBY, a resident for many years of Watertown NY
5. THOMAS KIRBY died at six weeks
6. CHARLOTTE ANNE KIRBY died age 11 days.

Source: New England Families; a record of the achievements of her people

STEPHEN SLATER was the son of ABRAHAM SLATER and was born 1 Aug. 1752; he died in September 1821. He lived in Halifax and Plymouth VT where he spent the last years of his life. He married HANNAH SLATER, his cousin.

Children of Stephen Slater and Hannah Slater:
10. JOSEPH SLATER; he was born 18 Aug. 1798. A farmer of East Hounsfield NY where he was constable for several years. He married 1st in 1820 to ZYLPHA MORGAN, daughter of RICHARD MORGAN of Bloomfield, Prince Edward Co., Ontario Canada. She was born in 1801 and died 27 May 1848 in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co NY. He married 2nd in 1850 to SARAH JANE SMITH, daughter of Peter Smith of Canada. She was born 6 Dec. 1811.

Children of Joseph Slater and Zylpha Morgan:
e. ANGELINE E. SLATER; born 10 Dec. 1831 in Hounsfield NY and died 1 Nov. 1903 in Wilkes-Barre PA; she married on 30 April 1858 to WILLIAM KIRBY

Children of Joseph Slater and Sarah Jane Smith:
h. HARRIET ZYLPHA SLATERWILLIAM LEE DODGE (DR.) was born in Henderson, Jefferson Co NY on 4 Feb. 1873, son of JAMES DODGE AND ALICE ADAMS. He attended the public schools of Jefferson County and went on to receive his medical degree. He married on 5 July 1898 to ABIGAIL QUINN of Clayville NY, daughter of JOHN AND MARIA (WALKER) QUINN.

Source: Geneal and family Hist of W. NY state

HERVEY NOBLE was born in Warren NY on 1 April1795, son of BILDAD NOBLE. Hervey died in LaGrage, Lorain Co OH on 16 June 1871 at 76 years. In 1819 he moved to Wilna, Jefferson Co NY and in June 1827 to LaGrange OH where he resided until his death. He married on 15 Dec. 1816 to PHEBE WILKERSON, who was born in Warren NY on 17 June 1800, daughter of GEORGE AND ELIZABETH (WILKERSON) WILKERSON. She died in LaGrange OH on 23 April 1870 at 67 years.

Children of Hervey Noble and Phebe Wilkerson:
1 BETSEY NOBLE born 24 may 1818 in Warren; died in Wilna, Jefferson Co on 11 Dec. 1819 at 18 months.
2 ESTHER GARFIELD NOBLE born 29 Dec 1819 Jefferson Co; married DAVID T. PARSONS
3 GEORGE WILKERSON NOBLE born 10 Aug 1821 Jefferson Co; married JANE E. GARRETT
4 AMANDA CORDELIA NOBLE born 22 Dec. 1826 in Wilna; died LaGrange OH on 1 April 1844 at 17 years
5 EMILY ANNET NOBLE born 16 Jan 1832; married CHESTER C. MANVILLE
6 BELINDA MINERVA NOBLE born 23 Oct. 1834; married SIDNEY J. GARRETT
7 HENRY DE LOSS NOBLE; born 2 Jan 1837 in LaGrange; died there 27 Oct. 1861
8 MELISSA NOBLE born 2 Jan. 1839 at LaGrange; died 1843

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

Their daughter, LOIS LUCRETIA NOBLE was born 6 Feb 1853 in Yankee Settlement and married 30 Dec. 1873 to JOSEPH SNYDER, who was born in Redwood, Jefferson Co NY on 31 Oct. 1850, son of NICHOLAS AND MARGARET (CRAUER) SNYDER.
Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

OBADIAH NOBLE, son of PETER NOBLE, was born in Sheffield MA on 28 Feb. 1761 and died in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY on 8 July 1813 at 52 years. He moved from Whitehall NY to Litchfield NY and then to Watertown, NY where his name is listed on the 1810 census. He married on 20 April 1785 to SUSANNA WHITE who as born in Washington NY on 5 April 1764, daughter of ARCHIBALD WHITE of Windsor VT and Litchfield NY. She died 2 July 1849 at 85 years.

Children of Obadiah Noble and Susanna White:
1 MEHETABLE NOBLE born 3 July 1786; married 14 Oct. 1804 to CALEB BURNAM born Greenfield NH on 23 Nov. 1776, son of NATHANIEL BURNAM. She died in Watertown NY on 16 Feb 1842 at 55 years and he died 9 Nov. 1853 at 76 years.
2 SUSAN NOBLE born 25 June 1788 Whitehall NY; married on 16 Sept 1806 to NATHANIEL BURNAM who was born 19 March 1779, son of NATHANIEL BURNAM of Greenfield NH. They lived in Watertown NY

Children of Susan Noble and Nathaniel Burnam:
a. DELIA S. BURNAM born 1 Nov 1807; married 1 Sept. 1831 to WESLEY SAGE and died in Watertown NY on 10 May 1855 at 47 years.
b. NATHANIEL NOBLE BURNAM born 29 July 1809; married 9 June 1836 to MARY F. LEONARD and settled in Watertown, NY
c.. CAROLINE M. BURNAM born 14 Aug 1811; married 19 Jan. 1852 to WILLIAM A. LEVIS and moved to Carthage NY
d. URSULA A. BURNAM born 22 Aug 1813; married 23 June 1845 to CHARLES COBB and moved to Washington DC
e. LORIN A. BURNAM born 11 July 1815; married 9 Sept 1851 to MARY A. FARRAR and moved to Chicago IL
f. LOUISA E. BURNAM born 26 Aug. 1817; died Maumee City OH on 18 Dec. 1839
g. CALEB BURNAM born 3 Sept. 1819 and moved to Oswego NY
h. MEHITABLE BURNAM born 9 May 1822; married 9 March 1843 to HENRY M. BALL and moved to Rutland, Jefferson Co NY
i. ORLIN BURNAM born 17 June 1825; died on the Pacific Ocean on his passage to California on 11 May 1832 at 26 years
j. AUSTIN G. BURNAM born 11 Sept 1826; moved to Chicago IL

3 ELECTA NOBLE born 5 Nov 1792 Whitehall NY; she died in Rutland NY on 10 Aug. 1821 at 28 years. She married STEPHEN BURNAM born Greenfield NH on 21 March 1788 son of NATHANIEL BURNAM. They lived in Rutland NY.

Children of Electa Noble and Stephen Burnam:
a. MARY BURNAM born 6 June 1814 and married 6 Oct. 1836 to FRANKLIN WEAVER of Watertown NY
b. JULIA BURNAM born 26 March 1816 and married 18 Sept 1844 to JEREMIAH WEAVER of Watertown NY
c. STEPHEN G. BURNAM born 12 Sept 1819; married 17 Sept 1849 to ANN LYON and lived in Watertown NY.

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

HENRY NOBLE, son of SOLOMON NOBLE, was born in Lansingburgh NY on 30 Oct. 1788 and died in Ellisburgh NY on 17 June 1849 at 60 years. He resided subsequent to his marriage until about 1827, in Burlington VT. He then moved to Cornwall, Canada West, and after a year's residence to Westville NY where he remained for 8 years and then to Gouverneur NY where he remained 8 years and then to Ellisburgh NY four years prior to his death. He was a farmer. He married on 10 March 1811 CLARISSA HIGBEE who was born 13 Dec 1789 daughter of ELNATHAN AND ABIGAIL(CHAPMAN) HIGBEE. ELANATHAN HIGBEE as born in Stockbridge MA on 6 March 1754 and died in Shelburne VT at 86 years. He married ABIGAIL CHAPMAN who was born in Stockbridge MA on 7 Jan 1760and died in Shelburne VT at 93 years. Clarissa Higbee Noble died 10 Jan. 1874 at 84 years.

Children of Henry Noble and Clarissa Higbee:
1. FIDELIA NOBLE born 31 Dec 18111; married Sept. 1830 to DAVID WHITE; she married 2nd on 3 Feb 1840 to MOSES SUTHERLAND
2 LAURA NOBLE born 2 Nov. 1813; married 26 Feb 1848 to ALEXANDER WILLIAM DURAN who was born in Ellisburg NY, son of WILLIAM ALEXANDER DURAN. He was the captain of a lake steamer and resided in Ellisburgh NY.
3 ELNATHAN HIGBEE NOBLE born 23 Dec. 1815; married EVALINA BERRY
4 ORANGE GAGE NOBLE born 13 Aug 1817; married 25 Dec 1851 to EMILY DREW. He was a ship carpenter.
5 HENRY FAYETTE NOBLE born 1 Aug 1819; died 12 April 1820 at 10 months
6 HENRY FAYETTE NOBLE born 23 Feb 1821; married 6 Feb 1852 to CHARLOTTE ELLIS, born Ellisburgh NY on 29 Jan. 1821, daughter of ROBERT ELLIS. He was a farmer and settled in Ellisburgh NY; Child: ORANGE ELLIS NOBLE born 29 July 1853 in Ellisburgh.
7 FRANCIS MARION NOBLE born 23 Feb. 1823; married 30 Dec. 1850 SOPHRONIA HAZELTINE, born Chaumont NY on 1 Nov. 1831. He was a farmer and settled in Ellisburgh NY. Child: FLORENCE ESTELLE NOBLE born 2 Feb. 1853 in Ellisburgh
8 WILLIAM MONTGOMERY GAGE NOBLE born 6 Feb. 1825; married 26 Nov. 1857 to JANE ELIZABETH LAHINES, born Adams NY on 1 Feb 1852. Lived in Millbugh, MI
9 MYRA NOBLE born 11 July 1827; married 30 Dec. 1850 to HENRY COLVIN, son of TITUS COLVIN. He resided in Ellisburgh N Y and as captain of a lake steamer. Children: FREDERICK ALBERTO NOBLE and FIDELIA NOBLE
10 CLARISSA NOBLE born 11 April 1831; married 2 Feb. 1853 to GUSTAVUS JOHNSON born Ellisburgh NY on 17 Oct. 1833, son of THOMAS JOHNSON. In 1857 he was on the lakes and resided in Ellisburgh.

a WILLIAM NOBLE born 18 Sept 1855
b JULIA NOBLE born 10 Sept. 1857.

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

RHODA NOBLE, daughter of Capt. ASA NOBLE, was born in Westfield MA on 3 Sept 1753 and died in Watertown Jefferson Co NY on 6 May 1835 at 81 years. She married on 15 Dec. 1773 to JOSIAH NASH who was born 1 Jan. 1748 son of JONATHAN AND ANNA MARIA (SPOOR) NASH of Great Barrington MA. He moved about 1787 to Poultney VT and in 1789 to New Haven VT and after March 1799 to Burrville, Jefferson Co NY where he died 3 June 1807 at 59 years

Children of Rhoda Noble and Josiah Nash:
1 SARAH NASH born 22 Sept 1774 in Great Barrington; married 12 Nov. 1794 to SAMUEL MEIGS and died in Watertown NY on 2 Dec. 1835 at 61 years
2 MARY NASH born 19 Sept 1776 in Great Barrington; married 12 Oct. 1800 to JOHN DAILEY of Otsego co NY and died 9 Aug. 1836 at 59 years.
3 HENRY SINGER NASH born 18 Sept 1778 in Breat Barrington;married 9 Nov. 1802 to CLARISSA BURR
4 JOANNA NASH born 17 July 1780 in Great Barrington; married 9 Dec. 1802 to LUKE NOBLE who was born 7 April 1777, son of LUKE and JOANNA (NASH) NOBLE and died G. Barrington on 25 Sept. 1852 at 72 years
5 RHODA NASH born 28 July 1783 in G. Barrington; married 1812 to THOMPSON PRESTON
6 ELIZABETH NASH born 7 Feb. 1786 in G. Barrington; married TITUS B. WILLARD and died in Rodman, Jefferson Co NY on 13 Sept 1808 at 22 years
7 ALICE NASH born 20 May 1788 in Poultney; married 4 Dec. 1808 WILLIAM SMITH of Watertown NY and died 29 March 1822 at 33 years
8 JOSIAH NASH born 20 Aug 1790 in New Haven married 11 Feb. 1821 to MARY MARTIN and moved to Carlisle, Indiana
9 ANNA MARIA NASH born 1 June 1794 in New Haven; married 24 Dec. 1812 to PHILO S. JOHNSON and moved to Watertown NY
10 LAURA NASH born 30 March 1799 in New Haven;married 5 Aug. 1819 to THOMAS BAKER of Watertown NY

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

CUMIN NOBLE, son of REUBEN NOBLE was born in Southwick MA on 15 Aug. 1765 and died in Antwerp NY about 1837 at 72 years. He married 1 to HANNAH FREEMAN and 2nd MRS. SALLY DOWD, daughter of ISRAEL HAY of Rupert VT.

Children of Cumin Noble and Hannah Freeman and Mrs. Sally Dowd:
8 ANN NOBLE; married Isaac Sprague of Antwerp NY

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

JARED NOBLE, son of SAMUEL NOBLE, was born in Westfield MA on 23 Dec. 1786 and died 1 Dec. 1859 at 72 years. From Westfield he moved to Lowville NY and then to Clayton, Jefferson Co NY. He was a tanner and shoemaker. He married on 26 Aug. 1809 to SALLY NICHOLS who was born 3 Dec. 1787, daughter of ASAPH NICHOLS of Suffield CT. She died in Watertown NY on 19 April 1866.

Children of Jared Noble and Sally Nichols:
1 FRANKLIN NOBLE born 3 Feb 1812; married MARIA L. SCOTT
2 LYDIA NOBLE born 8 Feb 1814; died 13 April 1819

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

FRANKLIN NOBLE, son of JARED NOBLE, was born in Westfield MA on 3 Feb. 1812 and died in Watertown NY on 9 Sept 1873 at 61 years. He lived for two years in Cicero Onondaga co NY; one year in Manlius NY and in Clayton, Jefferson Co NY and from 1863 until his death in Watertown NY. He was a tanner and shoemaker and cattle drover. He married 7 Aug 1833 to MARIA LOUISA SCOTT born Charlemont MA on 12 Jan. 1814, daughter of CONSIDER AND AMANDA (KEITH) SCOTT.

Children of Franklin Noble and Maria Louisa Scott:
1 CHARLES FRANKLIN NOBLE born 22 June 1834 in Cicero; died Clayton NY on 15 Nov. 1836
2 WILLIAM HENRY NOBLE born 14 Oct. 1835 in Manlius; died Clayton 17 March 1837
3 HELEN MARIA NOBLE born 21 June 1837 in Clayton; married 4 Nov. 1858 to SEAMAN WRIGHT of Clayton NY. He was a carpenter and school teacher; enlisted in the Union army during the civil War; died New Orleans 7 Oct. 1864
4 SARAH AMANDA NOBLE was born 25 Feb. 1840 in Clayton NY; she married 31 Dec. 1867 t HERBERT WILSON LOOMIS who was born in Champion, Jefferson Co NY on 23 Nov. 1846, son of JOHN WILSON AND SARAH (POTTER)LOOMIS. He was a farmer and lived in Champion NY. Child: JOHN WILSON NOBLE born Champion 14 Nov. 1868; died 28 July 1869
5 CHARLES HENRY NOBLE born 26 April 1842 in Clayton; invalid; lived with his sister, Mrs. Loomis in Champion

Source: Descendants of Thomas Noble

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