Migrations Part 55:

LOREN O. BURNHAM of Vernon Township, Isabella Co., MI, was born in Lyme Township, Jefferson Co. NY on 18 May 1847 and lived on his father's farm there until he enlisted on 18 July 1863 in the Civil War. He was discharged on 11 Aug 1865 and returned to his home in NY and came with his parents the same fall to Michigan. In 1868 he settled in Vernon Township. He has a farm of 120 acres. He married on 31 Aug. 1869 in Wayne Co MI to LYDIA M. POTTER who was born there on 9 May 1851.

JOHN T. LANDON was the son of JESSE and SALLY (TRICKEY) LANDON who were natives of Canada. He was born in Lansdowne CA on 26 April 1840. On 29 Nov. 1861 he married at Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co NY to MARTHA ANDRESS, daughter of SAMUEL H. AND RHODA (FERGUSON) ANDRESS who were natives of Canada. Martha was born in Jefferson Co NY on 17 June 1840.

BYRON A. ACKERMAN, farmer in Union Township, was born 6 Sept. 1830 in Jefferson Co NY, son of SALMON C. and EMILY (DICKERSON)ACKERMAN. Byron's father died when he was four and four years later his mother remarried. She remained in Jefferson Co NY. He served in the Civil War. He married on 8 Dec. 1858 to SARAH A. BATES, daughter of GREENLEAF and ELIZABETH B. (MOON) BATES.

WILLIAM H. SAXTON was born in Allegany Co NY on 22 July 1839, so of SILAS AND AMANDA (LEE)SAXTON, who were natives of Tompkins co NY. He served in the Civil War and moved to Isabella Co MI, locating at Mt. Pleasant where he had a grocery business. In 1875 he became a liveryman and proprietor of a stage route. He married 17 Jan. 1867 in Chippewa Township to LEPHA F. FRASER, daughter of JOHN AND SYLVIA (FERRIS) FRASER. Lepha was born 9 July 1847 in Jefferson Co. They were natives of New York State but moved to Mt. Pleasant MI.

MILTON L. CONVERSE, farmer of Vernon Township, was born in Jefferson Co NY on 23 April 1838, son of THOMAS D. AND ELISHEBA (KIRLAND) CONVERSE, natives of New York and Connecticut. They moved to Vernon Township. Milton married in the city of Oswego NY on 21 June 1866 to JENNIE MOORE, a native of Ireland, and daughter of WILLIAM AND JANE MOORE. She came with her parents to New York when young and was a seamstress until her marriage.

JAMES A. CONVERSE, farmer of Vernon Township, was born in Oneida Co NY on 1 Nov. 1834, son of THOMAS D. AND ELISHEBA (KIRKLAND) CONVERSE. At 13 months his parents moved from Oneida Co. to Jefferson Co NY where he lived at home until age 24. He obtained an education and became a traveling salesman. He married in Jefferson Co NY on 20 Feb. 1858 to ELISA M. BURNHAM, daughter of EMERSON and EMILY (ELLSWORTH) BURNHAM, who were natives of England. Elisa was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY on 7 Nov. 1839 and lived with her parents until marriage.

HENRY C. DODGE, was a farmer in Vernon Township and born near Utica NY on 26 Nov. 1836. His father died when Henry was nine and his mother moved three years later to the northern part of New York where Henry was apprenticed to the shoemaker's trade. He pursued this calling and other mercantile pursuits in Jefferson County NY for nearly 20 years. During that time he was Postmaster at Millen's Bay in Cape Vincent Township. He enlisted in the Civil war and as discharge in July 1865. He returned to Jefferson Co., where he disposed of his property there and went to Ontario Canada where he farmed and also managed a hotel in Gananoque CA. In 1873 he moved to Isabella Co., and bought 80 acres. He married in Jefferson Co NY on 28 Nov. 1846 to CATHERINE MOSHER, daughter of SILAS AND MARTHA (VAN CURA) MOSHER. They were farmers in New York and died there. Catherine was born in Prescott Ontario on 5 Nov. 1823 and when a young girl the family moved to Jefferson County NY. Henry and Catherine had 11 children.

JOHN FRASER, retired farmer of Isabella Co., MI, resided at Mt. Pleasant and was born 16 Aug. 1819 in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY. His parents were ADKINS AND MARY (RICHMOND) FRASER and were natives respectively of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Mary, his mother, was born in 1783 and died in 1867 in Michigan at 84 years. Adkins, his father, was born in 1782 and died in 1853 in New York State. John left home at age 20 and married on 31 Dec. 1841 at Watertown NY to SYLVIA FERRIS. She was born in 1822 in Permelia Township in Jefferson Co, NY, daughter of ALEXANDER AND REBECCA FERRIS. They had six children. Soon after marriage, John bought 58 acres of land in Hounsfield Township in Jefferson Co and increased his farm by 48 acres; he sold the property in the fall of 1856 and moved to Isabella County with his family

CHARLES C. WHITNEY was born in Hopewell, Ontario Co NY on 15 June 1844, son of BENJAMIN AND CAROLINE E. (HALL) WHITNEY. His father was a blacksmith by trade. H served in the Civil War and later became a builder in Michigan. He married DORA E. HOWK, daughter of GEORGE W. AND LOUISA HOWK on 17 Nov. 1867 in Mt. Pleasant MI. Dora was born 31 July 1849 in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co NY.

Source: All of the above biographies are from the Hist. Of Isabella County, Michigan

JOEL A. MATTESON, Governor of Illinois, from 1853 to 1856, was born 8 Aug. 1808 in Jefferson Co NY, where his father had moved to from Vermont three years before. His father was a farmer. A number of business ventures took him to a variety of locations and in 1835 he bought land at government land sales in Illinois. In 1838 he was a contractor of the Illinois-Michigan Canal. He died in the winter of 1872-3 in Chicago, IL.
Source: Governors of Illinois

THOMAS Y. BROWN of the J. E. Brown & Co, banks of Chatsworth IL was among the pioneers of Livingston Co IL when he settled in May of 1855. He was a native of Jefferson County NY and was born 15 Nov. 1810, a descendant of GEORGE BROWN who emigrated from England early in American history. His father, HENRY BROWN, was born in 1786 in Bucks Co., PA and when 14 he moved with his parents to the Black River Country of NY, in 1799. He was a successful farmer in Jefferson County and died in April 1868. His mother, SALLY (BROWN) BROWN was born in Bucks Co PA and moved with her parents to NY where she married HENRY BROWN and they had five children:

1. LYSANDER H. BROWN; lawyer by profession lived Ogdensburg NY
3. LORETTA BROWN who died at 2 years
4. GEORGE M. BROWN who had an iron foundry at Carthage NY and died at 52 years
5. SARAH BROWN who married ALEXANDER BROWN and lived in Jefferson Co NY.

Thomas Brown's mother, Sally, died in 1818 at 28 years and Henry lived as a widower for 50 years. Sally died of consumption but none of the children suffered from the disease.

Thomas Y. Brown married in 1837 to MARY A. EVERETT who was born at Sackett's Harbor NY in Dec. 1818. In 1855 Thomas moved to Illinois, Germantown Township, Livingston Co.,
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

ALSOM P. CHAMPLIN, farmer of Avoca Township, Livingston Co., IL, was a native of Jefferson Co NY where he was born 10 June 1842, son of MOSES AND TIRZAH CHAMPLIN, both natives of new York. Both his maternal and paternal grandfathers were soldiers in the War of 1812. Moses and Tirzah had eight children. When Alsom was 12 years old, his parents moved to Illinois and settled in Woodford County, and then to Marshall County until 1857. In the spring of that year they moved to Livingston Co., Avoca Township, where Moses died on 11 Jan. 1887 and Tirzah on 10 August of 1887.

On 10 August 1876 Alsom married JENNIE VIRGIN of Livingston Co.

Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

CHESTER F. CROUCH was born in Haverhill NH on 27 Aug. 1813 son of EPHRAIM AND REBECCA (WHITMORE) CROUCH of NH. Ephraim died in Aug. 1853 in NH and Rebecca in Dec. 1837. Of their eight children, six moved to Illinois. Chester married 1st in NH in 1847 to HARRIET TAPLIN; she passed away on 20 Nov. 1877. He married 2nd on 20 Oct. 1879 to MRS. URSULA (MAKEPEACE) SACKETT, daughter of SOLOMON AND JANE MAKEPEACE, and widow of JAMES SACKETT. Ursula was born in Jefferson Co NY in 1827; her parents of Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

ORIN SNYDER was a native of Jefferson Co NY and took up residence in Livingston Co in the spring of 1876 in Broughton Township. He was born 29 August 1844 to WARREN AND LOUISIANA SNYDER. His paternal grandfather, RICHARD SNYDER, was one of the early settlers in the Mohawk Valley where he spent the later years of his life. Orin remained in Jefferson County until manhood. He married on 17 August 1862 to MARTHA ALLARD, a native of Jefferson County. She was born 15 Sept. 1845, daughter of ALMON AND ANN E. (ETHERIDGE) ALLARD, natives of New York State. 11 children

Children of Almon Allard and Ann E. Etheridge:
2. DORCAS A. ALLARD; married JAMES HUFFSTATER of Jefferson Co NY
4. CLARINDA ALLARD; married BOSWELL BROWN of Jefferson Co NY
5. EDSON ALLARD of Jefferson Co NY
6. MARTHA ALLARD married ORIN SNYDER (above)

Orin and Martha moved to Michigan after about three years of marriage and then two and a half years later to Livingston Co. They had 11 children.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

JACOB J. FOLTS was born in Booneville, Oneida Co NY on 25 Dec. 1826. He lived there until age 16 and went to the town of Alexander, Jefferson Co NY where he engaged in farming until the fall of 1852 when he came West and located in Kendall Co IL where he farmed and lived until the winter of 1867. At that time he moved to Livingston Co and settled in Broughton Township. He married in Jefferson Co NY on 13 Jan. 1848 to SILVIA A. LEWIS who was born in Jefferson County. They had two children.
Source: Hist. Of Livingston Co IL

GEORGE MONROE was born 4 April 1821, in Lanarkshire, Scotland, son of DANIEL AND JANE (RICHMOND) MONROE. They emigrated to the United States in 1827 and settled in Brownville, Jefferson Co NY.

They brought three children:

The family remained in Jefferson County until 1849 and then emigrated to Illinois, locating in Will County. Daniel Monroe died in Will Co. in 1860 but Jane died at Brownville NY in about 1829. George married SARAH M. HENTZE of Brownville on 22 Dec. 1842. She was born in Brownville NY on 30 April 1822, daughter of HENRY AND CHARITY (BOULD) HENTZE, natives of New York. George and Sarah had five children.
Source: Hist. Of Will Co IL

THOMAS FERRISS was born in Washington Co NY in 1789 and son of a surveyor who mysteriously disappeared. Thomas served in the War of 1812 and acted as a teamster. On 1 July 1813 he married at the bride's home in Pennsylvania to DESIRE LAKE who was born in Wilkesbarre in 1790. She was the daughter of DANIEL LAKE, a Revolutionary War soldier who lived to be 90 years. In about 1818 Thomas and Desire lived in Washington Co NY and then moved to Jefferson County NY a few years later and then to St. Lawrence Co NY. Desire died on 14 Sept. 1839. In 1844 Thomas Ferriss and his family moved to Lake Co IL.
Source: Hist. Of Will Co IL

SEYMOUR DOTY, son of WILLARD AND ACHSAH (BACON) DOTY died 10 Sept 1862 at 39 years, 5 months 7 days. He married EMILY ISDELL, daughter of ANDREW AND MARY (HARRIS) ISDELL. Seymour was born in Jefferson Co NY on 3 April 1823.
Source: Spafford NY Mortuary Records Onondaga Co NY

LAURA PETTIS, wife of EBENEZER HAVENS, was born 23 may 1805 and died in March 1884. She was the daughter of JOSEPH PETTIS and was born in Jefferson Co NY .
Source: Spafford NY Mortuary Records Onondaga Co NY

CALEB SHELDON, son of JOSEPH AND JEMIMA (CARR) SHELDON, was born in Rensselaer Co NY. He married LILLIS HOWARD, daughter of SYLVESTER HOWARD at Stephentown NY and settled in Rutland, Jefferson Co NY, and in 1837 settled on a farm east of Borodino Village.
Source: Spafford NY Mortuary Records Onondaga Co NY

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