Migrations Part 56:

ORSON LANDON EMMONS of Natural Bridge, was a respected business man and grandson of BENJAMIN EMMONS, who was born in 1777 in Greenwich CT. Benjamin was a pioneer of Syracuse; he was a farmer and merchant and one of the leading men in the town of Cicero. Benjamin married SAMANTHA BAILEY, who was born in Greenbush, Long Island, daughter of an early settler there. Benjamin and Samantha Emmons were the parents of five children. Samantha died at 50 ears and when Benjamin was 72 he married and became the father of two children. He died at 85 years. Orson Emmons, son of Benjamin and Samantha Emmons, was born 5 Aug. 1811 in Syracuse NY and was engaged in mercantile business in Cordenoy and Brewerton and at one time proprietor of a hotel. He married RACHAEL SMEDLEY who was born 1814 Litchfield CT, daughter of CHESTER SMEDLEY, a well-known physician and who died in Brewerton CT at 89 years. Rachael died at 51 years on 11 April 1865 and Orson died at 81 years.

Orson and Rachael had four children:
1. MORTON EMMONS born 1836 Brewerton
2. ORSON LANDON EMMONS was born 10 June 1845 in Caughdenoy, Oswego Co NY. He received an education and also learned the shoemaker's trade. On 2 May 1872 he moved to Natural Bridge where he remained. It was in Natural Bridge that he worked in a tannery for 20 years and then returned to the shoe business. In 1888 he built the school house. He married on 25 Dec. 1867 SUSAN H. RICE, daughter of GEORGE AND SARAH J. (ABNER) RICE. George was a farmer at Beverton. Orson's wife died at Natural Bridge on 23 Nov. 1896.
3. CLARETTA A. EMMONS died 1872.

GEORGE RICE and SARAH J. ABNER of Beverton had a farm at that location. George Rice died at 48 years and Sarah at 60 years.

Children of George Rice and Sarah Abner:
3. ROSE RICE married WILLIAM RITCHIE of Natural Bridge
4. JULIA RICE married GEORGE WILSON and lived at Natural Bridge
5. KITTIE RICE married JOHN McGLOCHIN of New Hartford NY
6. BELLE RICE married FRANK WILSON of Cicero NY.

Source: Oakes Vol 1

GEORGE A. LYND was the proprietor of a general store at Natural Bridge and was born in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY on 13 Jan. 1854. His grandfather was JOHN PHILEMON LYND and was one of the pioneer settlers of Antwerp, and built the first log cabin in Antwerp. (see Lynd family this site) John P. died at 70 years. His wife was LAVINA COLTON.

John P. and Lavina were the parents of seven children:
3. PAULINA LYND; married JOHN SCOTT of S. Edwards NY
4. MRS. BOWER HOPKINS of Nebraska
5. MRS. JOHN CARMON of Nebraska

DAVID LYND, father of George A., was born in Antwerp NY in 1820 and raised on the family homestead. He attended school and farmed and later became involved in the hotel business at Churches Mills for a number of years. In 1868 he moved to Wilna and owned a farm of 100 acres which became the family homestead and he owned other properties as well. He married CASSEDENA BROWN, a native of Richville, NY and daughter of WILLIAM and AMANDA (RICH) BROWN. Her father was a leading and influential farmer in Richville. The mother was a daughter of ADAM RICH who took up a tract of 10,000 acres of land in that location and the town of Richville was named in his honor.

George A. Lynd spent his early days in the parental home and attended public schools at Natural Bridge. He returned to his father's farm where he remained until his majority and then went west to do a jobbing business. He was in Defiance OH for one year as a salesman and in 1894 returned to Natural Bridge with his brother, J. W. LYND. They opened a general mercantile enterprise and remained there until the store was destroyed by fire. In 1900 George rented a store where he conducted business up to 1904 when he purchased the American House property which he rebuilt and fitted up as a first-class general store. In 1883 he married IDA COWEN who was born in Wilna in 1854, daughter of WILLIAM COWEN, a farmer there. William Cowen died in Jefferson Co in 1902 at 76 years and his wife, ANGELINE FRAZER was brought to Natural Bridge as a young girl, her father being a pioneer of that area. Angeline died at 69 years. George and Ida Lynd had a daughter, MANIE A. LYND.

WILLIAM COWEN and ANGELINE FRAZER of Natural Bridge had the following children:

FRED COWEN who lived in Greenfield, MA
IDA COWEN who married George A. Lynd, above
WILLIAM COWEN who remained on the homestead
EDWARD COWEN who was a salesman for George Lynd

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

JOHN SHOEMAKER was a resident of Natural Bridge but his ancestors were residents of Pennsylvania, where his grandfather, WILLIAM J. SHOEMAKER, was born in 1780. John Shoemaker was the son of WILLIAM J. SHOEMAKER and was born in 1813 in Pennsylvania where he received his education. Later he moved to Jefferson County and settled in Sterlingville. He married SARAH COOPER who was born in 1815 and they had 13 children but only the following mentioned:

JOSEPHINE SHOEMAKER married P. KINSMAN of Sterlingbush
EMILY SHOEMAKER resided Lowville NY

William Shoemaker died at 78 years and his widow passed her 89th birthday; she resided with her children.

JOHN SHOEMAKER, son of John and Sarah, was born 19 Oct. 1843 in the town of Wilna where he received his education and worked for a time on a farm. He enlisted early in the Civil War and participated in battles of Yorktown, Williamsburg, the Peninsula, Malvern Hill, the Seven Days Battle and the battle prior to Richmond. He was honorably discharged on 4 Sept. 1865 after participation in no fewer than 27 engagements. On his return home he was engaged as a contractor and later went to Missouri for seven years where he worked on a farm. He then returned to Jefferson County and resumed his business as a contractor and farmed. At one time he drove the stage between Natural Bridge and Carthage. He became engaged in the mercantile business and held several public offices. In 1866 he married ELLEN BURNS, daughter of THOMAS BURNS, and they had the following children:

EVA SHOEMAKER; formerly a teacher; married FRANK LEUMAN of Alexandria Bay; 4 childrenóJohn, Gould, Ruth and Marion
GEORGE SHOEMAKER who was a clerk for Conwall Bros. at Alexandria Bay
FREDERICK SHOEMAKER, a papermaker at Carthage
RAY SHOEMAKER a clerk with his brother-in-law.

Source: Oakes Vol. 1

JOHN WHALING was a self-made man of Carthage, Jefferson County NY. His parents were JOHN AND ANN (DONNELLY) WHALING who were born in Kings and Queens Ireland respectively and married in Ireland. Both were raised on farms and when the husband set out for America in 1848 it was with the hope of owning a farm some day. After a seven week voyage, they arrived at the port of New York when he set out on foot to go to Canada. While walking on a path in Sterlingville in the town of Philadelphia, he encountered a boyhood friend who had previously settled there. On his friend's advice, Mr. Whaling went no further and found himself employed by James Sterling at the furnace at Sterlingville. In 1853 he took up 30 acres of land in the town of Wilna and added four more acres. After two years of living in the United States, John had acquired sufficient money to send for his wife and only surviving child. Five of their children had died in Ireland and four children were born in this country. Their eldest, MICHAEL WHALING, became a practicing attorney in Los Angeles, CA. JOHN WHALING, above, was their second. MARY WHALING became the wife of JAMES HOGAN and resided in Sterlingville. CATHERINE WHALING died unmarried in Wilna. ELIZA WHALING lived on the homestead and was the wife of AMBROSE FLICK. John Whaling died in April 1880 at over 60 years of age.

John Whaling JR. did not appreciate education as a boy and preferred hard work to school. When he was 16 he worked for PETER WICHARD of LeRay and attended school in the winter. At a later point he worked for GEORGE PETRIE and while living with George he attended school, taught school and attended the Ives Seminary at Antwerp. He hired on as a helper in a cheese factory and in one season took charge of the Sanford's Corners factory. After saving his various earnings he bought a farm of 153 acres in the town of Philadelphia. In 1902 he bought the Collins farm on Alexandria Road near Carthage which he rented out later. At his business property in Carthage he started a laundry in 1903. In 1885 he became a resident of Carthage and became a partner in the furniture business with EUGENE A. WALSH. During President Cleveland's administration, he became the postmaster of Carthage. He operated a sawmill and bred trotting horses. In 1891 he became the supervisor of the town of Wilna by election and resigned to take the postmaster position at Carthage. On 23 Sept. 1893 John married LUCY COLLINS who was born in Carthage, daughter of THOMAS COLLINS. John and Lucy had three childrenóJohn Collins Whaling; George Collins Whaling and Helen Alice Whaling.
Source: Oakes Vol. 1

ROBERT DIXON moved to Jefferson Co., NY as a pioneer, located on a farm and for some years continued in active farming. Robert was born 1777 in Massachusetts and lived at Orleans in Jefferson Co NY at 73 years. In 1850 he was living with JEREMIAH DIXON, born 1782, and his wife, SARAH. Robert then went west, locating at Grand Haven, MI where he died at age 74. His son, HANNIBAL DIXON, was reared in Orleans, NY, was an agriculturist and spent his entire life on a farm. He died relatively early at 30 years. Hannibal Dixon's wife was LOIS GREENLEAF, born in Ellisburg, NY, daughter of CHRISTOPHER GREENLEAF, a practicing physician of Lafargeville, where he died. Christopher's wife was TABITHA DICKINSON, also born in Ellisburg and she died in Geneva, NY. See Sylvester Family this site.

Hannibal Dixon and Lois Greenleaf had five children but only three were mentioned:

EDWIN DIXON of Lafargeville. Born 1836
ALBERT E. DIXON born 1843

Lois Greenleaf Dixon died at 79 years having survived her husband, Hannibal.
Source: Oakes Vol. 1.

[Coordinator's note: This brief biography is so flawed that your coordinator urges you to consult the pioneer, CURTIS DIXON FOR A FULLER AND MORE ACCURATE SKETCH.}

REUBEN SMITH CURTISS was born 5 Nov. 1822; he married on 15 Sept 1845 to EUNICE WARREN DANFORTH, sister of his brother HENRY LUZON CURITSS' wife. She died 12 Aug. 1907 in Watertown NY and he died 12 Sept 1893 in Watertown, NY.

Children of Reuben S. Curtiss and Eunice W. Danforth:
ELLA MAY CURTIS born 23 Sept. 1847; married 31 Mar. 1872 to REV. JOHN MONROE LYON of Rochester, MI. He died suddenly at Rodman, Jefferson Co NY on 7 Nov. 1894; she died 25 Sept. 1911 and both are buried in Rodman
CHARLES LUZON CURTIS born 22 Feb. 1851
FREDERICK WARREN CURTIS born 19 Aug. 1853; married 7 Mar. 1888 to NELLIE PIERSON who was born 10 July 1862 at Jackson MI, daughter of LEWIS H. and THERESA (TIBBITS) PIERSON. He died 16 Oct. 1926
HENRY DELAVAN CURTIS born 23 March 1865; married 19 Oct. 1910 to SARAH P. PEARSALL who as born 25 Aug. 1867, daughter of JOSEPH BEACH and JANE H. (KENAH) PEARSALL. He died Jan. 1925; she died 1 Jan. 1949 Watertown NY

Source: Curtis Fam. Geneal. Suppl.

HENRY LUZON CURTISS was born 13 Nov. 1820; married 28 Mar. 1842 to MARY STICKLES DANFORTH who was born 7 Oct. 1822; died 6 Mar. 1886 at Watertown NY, daughter of ASAHEL WARREN and MARY (STICKLES) DANFORTH. He died 11 Aug. 1862.

Children of Henry Luzon Curtiss and Mary Stickles Danforth:
FLORENCE A. CURTISS born 1 Jan. 1845; married 30 June 1872 to THOMAS J. FARLAN She died 7 Mar. 1874
HENRY HOWARD CURTISS born 20 Sept. 1851
FRANK WARREN CURTISS born 21 may 1856 at Philadelphia NY; he died Chicago IL on 11 April 1914
IDA MARY CURTISS born 21 May 1856; died 27 Aug. 1856
JENNIE ELIZABETH CURTISS born 11 June 1859; died 22 Jan. 1875.

Source: Curtis Fam. Geneal. Suppl.

ALVERSON CURTISS was born 6 May 1835 in Oswego NY; he was a carpenter. He married on 2 may 1856 to MARY JANE MEEKER. She as born at LeRay, Jefferson Co NY on 11 July 1839, daughter of HARVEY AND MELISSA (SPENCER) MEEKER. She died 22 July 1902 and he died in Oswego before 1902.

Children of Alverson Curtiss and Mary Jane Meeker:
ALLEN BRITT CURTISS born 23 Sept. 1879

Source: Curtiss Fam. Gen. Suppl.

CYRENIUS NEWCOMB was born at Little Nine Partners or North East Precinct near Cold Spring, Dutchess Co NY on 15 Jan 1749. He married JANE MORRIS who was born at Sacketts Harbor NY on 25 Mar. 1754 and died Aug. 1822. Cyrenius later moved to Pittstown; he was an officer in the War of 1812 and by trade a tanner and shoemaker. He died at Albany NY in 1815. (Note: It is doubtful that Jane Morris was born in 1754 at Sacketts Harbor.)

Children of Cyrenius Newcomb and Jane Morris:
JAMES SMITH NEWCOMB born 21 Oct. 1773; married JANE C. VAN VLECK
SAMUEL NEWCOMB born 4 may 1775 and married JOSEPH STUBINGER
JOHN NEWCOMB born 1 Nov 1781; married HANNAH BISSELL
ELIZABETH NEWCOMB born 21 Nov. 1783; married REUBEN PUTNEY, native of Plattsburgh NY. He died 1822 in Jefferson Co NY and she married 2nd in Clinton Co NY to CHARLES ROOD who died in Plattsburgh about 1822
ZACCHEUS NEWCOMB born 5 Nov. 1786; died Plattsburgh
SMITH NEWCOMB born 5 May 1789 and served in War of 1812 as 1st LT, then Captain. He was accidentally drowned in Lake Erie near the close of the war.
HENRY NEWCOMB born 19 June 1793; died at 14 years
HIRAM KINNER NEWCOMB born 12 Mar. 1799; married CLARISSA LEE

Source: Newcomb Fam. In America

LYDIA NEWCOMB was born 11 June 1778, daughter of JOHN NEWCOMB and LYDIA BASSETT. She married 11 Feb. 1802 to JOHN WILD, son of BENJAMIN WILD, shoemaker, born in Norton MA on 11 Nov. 1779. They moved to NH in 1802; S. Adams MA in 1810 and to Ellisburgh NY in 1824 where he died on 24 Sept. 1834. She died at Ellisburgh on 9 Sept. 1858.

Children of Lydia Newcomb and John Wild:
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WILD born 24 may 1803; married 27 Nov. 1828 to CLARISA SOPHRONIA MCKee and resided at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY
CHARLES PINKNEY WILD born 3 June 1804; married 25 Dec. 1831 to PERMELIA MARBLE and died Pontiac MI on 18 Aug. 1833
JOHN WILD born 13 Nov. 1805; died 30 Nov. 1805
SAMUEL WILD born 2 Dec. 1806; died 21 Aug. 1826
SALOME NEWCOMB WILD born 22 May 1808 died 29 July 1828
SARAH WILD born 28 Sept. 1809; died 26 May 1848
MARY WILD born 26 Dec. 1812; married 1 Mar 1832 to JOSEPH MCKEE, resided Sandry Creek Oswego Co NY
ELCEE WILD born 27 July 1816; married 29 Sept. 1849 to WILLIAM RHODERIC BREWSTER; resided Mannsville, Jefferson Co NY

Source: Newcomb Fam. In America

HON. MARTIN R. DEWEY of Ohio Township was born 17 Oct. 1833 at Chaumont, Jefferson Co., NY, son of ENOCH and MARY DEWEY. (See migrations No. 41). The father was formerly from MA and died in NY in Dec. 1872. The mother was born in NY and died in Jefferson Co NY on 3 Feb. 1869. Martin R. Dewey was raised and resided on a farm in NY until 1856 during which time he taught in the public schools for a period of three years. In April 1856, he moved to Bureau Co., IL and settled on a farm in Section 10 of Ohio Township. On 12 Jan. 1860 he married AUGUSTA POMEROY, daughter of HIRAM S. and ESTHER POMEROY. Augusta was born in Jefferson Co NY on 5 Feb. 1839 and died at her home near Ohio Village on 10 March 1883.

Children of Martin R. Dewey and Augusta Pomeroy:
GERTRUDE DEWEY born 29 Oct. 1860
SETH DEWEY born 30 July 1862
MARK P. DEWEY born 26 Nov. 1868
WIRT S. DEWEY born 16 Mar. 1875
ROY M. DEWEY born 30 April 1879
RALPH DEWEY died 1864 at three months

Source: Hist. Of Bureau Co IL

LEANDER T. POMEROY of Ohio Township, was born 7 Dec. 1829 in Jefferson Co NY, son of HIRAM S. and ESTHER POMEROY. The father, Hiram S., was born 1 Feb. 1797 in Somers, CT and came to Bureau Co IL from Jefferson County NY in 1850. Esther Pomeroy was born 23 Nov. 1798 at Dummerston VT and married Hiram S. Pomeroy in 1820. They resided in Jefferson Co NY until 1853 when she came to Ohio Township, which was her home until 21 Aug. 1883 when she died at 84 years.

Leander T. Pomeroy lived on the farm in Jefferson Co NY until 1853 and settled on the farm he occupied. He married on 1 Jan. 1856 to NANCY F. WILSON, daughter of STEPHEN and AMY WILSON who came to Bureau County in 1837 from OH and settled at Princeton where they remained until 1851, when they removed to Ohio Township. Leander and Nancy were married at Bridgeport OH at the residence of JOHN WARFIELD. Nancy was born 17 Sept. 1835 at Uniontown OH.

Leander and Nancy were the parents of:
HATTIE A. POMEROY born 1 Feb 1857; died 27 Feb. 1862
HORTENSE POMEROY born 19 Aug 1859
STEPHEN W. POMEROY born 13 Feb. 1862
JOHN W. POMEROY born 31 Dec. 1864 died 20 Oct. 1865
HIRAM S. POMEROY JR. born 22 Feb. 1866
CHARLES D. POMEROY born 28 May 1870
ELIZA J. POMEROY born 27 April 1872 died 20 July 1876

Source: Hist. Of Bureau Co IL

STERLING POMEROY of Ohio Township, was the son of HIRAM S. POMEROY and was born in Chaumont, Jefferson Co NY on 28 Oct. 1832. He was reared on the farm and educated in the public schools of Jefferson Co. On 17 June 1854 he married in Jefferson Co NY to HENRIETTA S. JACKSON who was born in Sacketts Harbor NY on 28 Aug. 1837. She was the daughter of HENRY and ELEANOR (WESTCOTT) JACKSON, both natives of New York. Mr. Jackson moved to Bureau Co., IL in 1866 and resided in Ohio Township. Mrs. Jackson died in NY when Henrietta was small. On 23 June 1854 Sterling Pomeroy moved to Bureau Co and settled on his farm of 200 acres, which his father had entered. Although his main occupation was farming, he also engaged in shipping stock and banking in Ohio Village. He served in various public offices.
Source: Hist. Of Bureau Co IL.

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