Migrations Part 64:

JAMES COMINS was born about 1747 in Massachusetts and as a young man moved to Putney VT. He married SARAH LOCKLING, daughter of DENNIS and ABIGAIL HOUGHTON LOCKLING. The Houghton Geneal. Gives a birth date for Sarah as 29 Aug. 1745. The DAR Patriot Index gives a birth date of 16 Sept 1725 and death date on 12 Dec. 1798 for DENNIS LOCKLIN(G), personal service in Vermont. In the Houghton Genealogy, ABIGAIL HOUGHTON was born 7 Sept. 1726 and died between 1790 and 1800. Dennis died on 12 Dec. 1798 in Putney VT. He lived in Bolton MA until 1760 and then moved to Narragansett MA. He was a builder and contractor, a soldier in the French and Indian War and was at Lake George 1737, Bennington 1777 and surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga.

Children of Sarah Lockling and James Comins:
1. CHARLES COMINS married c 1797 to PARLEY RAWSON, daughter of TIMOTHY and CHLOE RAWSON of Uxbridge MA. The Uxbridge MA vital records list her as PERLINEY RAWSON. They migrated first to Fairfield, Herkimer Co., NY and then to Watertown, Jefferson Co., on a farm that was occupied by the family for 64 years. Charles died at 84 years and Parley at 74 years.

Children of Parley Rawson and Charles Comins:
h. MARIA JANE COMINS who married 20 Nov. 1834 to WILLIAM THORNTON of Racine WI

3. JAMES COMINS; died Antwerp NY
4. LEVI COMINS born 1791; marred 1st SARAH COLWELL; 2nd Widow___

Source: Comins/Cummings Fam. Geneal.;DAR Patriot Index

SOLON COMSTOCK, son of SILAS, No. 3 above, was born at Western NY on 22 March 1807; and died Gouveneur NY on 8 July 1890. He married 1st at Antwerp on 21 May 1841 to LUCINDA FAIRBANKS, born Deerfield NY on 14 Nov. 1819. She was the daughter of JOSHUA AND HANNAH (MCCOY) FAIRBANKS. Solon married second about 1848 to RUTH E. KEENE, who died 23 Oct. 1862 at 47 years. He married 3rd on 25 Aug. 1868 to OLIVE A. RHOADES, who died 4 March 1870. Solon resided in both Antwerp and Theresa, NY.

Children of Solon Comstock:
1. IRVING COMSTOCK bc 1842; married 1, unknown, and 2nd DORA LIVINGSTON
2. MARRIETTE COMSTOCK born Nov. 1849; married J. H. SPRAGUE
3. MARTHA ELIZA COMSTOCK born 6 Aug. 1853; married JOHN H. WOOD and resided Gouveneur NY
4. MARY L. COMSTOCK born 1856; died 27 Feb 1857

Source: Comstock Geneal.

FREDERICK COMSTOCK, son of SACKET COMSTOCK, was born 8 Feb. 1821 at Evans Mills, Jefferson Co, NY; He married on 9 Nov. 1845 ORRA U. SPALDING, born 28 Feb 1829 in Roxbury VT, daughter of PHILIP SPAULDING and POLLY NICHOLLS. They lived in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties until 1855 and then to Decorah, Iowa; in 1872 to Littleton, Colorado. - 4 children
Source: Comstock Geneal.

From the records of Goshen CT, there is identification of two early settlers of Jefferson County, NY, through their father, LT. JOHN WRIGHT. He died at Winsted CT on 12 Nov. 1784 and probably buried in Colebrook CT. His will was dated 16 Nov. 1784 and was admitted to probate at Norfolk CT on 24 Dec. 1784. In this will, the testator devises and bequeaths property to his beloved wife PRUDENCE, to his sons: JABEZ, CHARLES, JOHN and FREEDOM, and to his daughters, DORCAS, MERCY and LUCIA, and besides his property in Winchester CT, he mentions 17 1/2 acres of land in Goshen, lying near Ivy Mountain which he devises to Jabez upon his paying a certain legacy to Dorcas, and also mentions his right and title to the Roxbury mines, which he devises to Jabez and Freedom. His sons, Charles and Freedom were named as executors of the will. BENJAMIN DEMING, who was born at Wethersfield CT on 20 July 1684, died c 1772 in Goshen, CT, was the father of PRUDENCE DEMING WRIGHT, wife of Lt. John Wright. BENJAMIN DEMING married on 4 Feb. 1706 at Wethersfield to MARY WICKHAM, daughter of THOMAS and MARY WICKHAM. John Wright is listed in the DAR Patriot Index.

CHARLES WRIGHT probably moved from Goshen to Winsted CT about 1775 and lived near his father until he moved in 1802 to Jefferson Co., NY. It was in Feb. 1802 that he sold his farm in Winchester and moved to Champion in Jefferson Co, NY. He served as Sergeant in Capt. Sedgwick's Company, on the northern frontier in 1775. Charles was born at Wethersfield CT on 3 Sept 1739. He married on 11 Nov. 1767 to RUTH SMITH, daughter of JOHN SMITH. The DAR Patriot Index gives a death date for Charles of 13 July 1820.

Children of Charles Wright and Ruth Smith:
TYRANNUS WRIGHT born Goshen, 20 Mr. 1768; probably died young
SARAH WRIGHT, born 29 Jan 1770
CHARLES WRIGHT born 28 July 1774
STEPHEN WRIGHT born 18 Aug 1776; bapt 30 July 1797
TYRANNUS WRIGHT born 6 Feb 1779; bapt 30 July 1797
RUTH WRIGHT born 30 April 1781; bapt. 30 July 1797; married ___TWITCHELL in the Black River Country, NY
ERASTUS WRIGHT, born ___; died 28 Aug. 1786
ERASTUS WRIGHT, born 28 May 1787; bapt. 30 July 1797
CHESTER WRIGHT born 10 Nov. 1789; bapt. 30 July 1797
NATHAN WRIGHT born 17 May 1792; bapt. 30 July 1797
MATTHEW MILES WRIGHT bapt. 30 July 1797
Possibly daughter, Lydia, who married William Merriam of Winsted, CT.

Source: Annals of Winchester, CT; Hist. Of Goshen CT; DAR Patriot Index

CAPT. FREEDOM WRIGHT became a land holder in 1777 and lived and kept a tavern in a house later burned down, and later owned by ALBERT KELSEY. Freedom Wright was born at Goshen CT on 3 July 1749 and moved to Jefferson Co., NY c 1802, the year that he sold his farm. He was a soldier in Capt. Sedgwick's Company. On 1 Sept 1777 he married ANNA HORTON, who died 18 Sept 1788 and he married 2nd on 10 Aug. 1789 to PHEBE TURNER, who died in 1793. A family manuscript states that he married 3rd to JERUSHA SHELDON of New Hartford CT. The DAR Patriot Index gives a death date for Freedom Wright of August 1824 and also lists all three of his wives.

Children of Capt. Freedom Wright and Anna Horton:
ASA DOUGLASS WRIGHT born 18 Sept 1778
JABEZ WRIGHT born 6 Feb 1780; married___Ruggles
LUCY WRIGHT born 29 Mar. 1782; married ABIJAH WILSON JR. in Winsted CT
ABIGAIL WRIGHT born 6 July 1784
FREEDOM WRIGHT born 25 Sept 1787; died same day
FREEDOM WRIGHT born 13 Sept 1788; died same day

Children of Capt. Freedom Wright and Phebe Turner:
ANNA WRIGHT born 16 Mar. 1790
FREEDOM WRIGHT born 29 Sept 1791; died 20 Oct. 1791
FREEDOM WRIGHT born 6 Oct. 1792

A family manuscript adds Hiram and Sheldon to the list of children, but does not state by which wife.
Source: Annals of Winchester CT, Hist of Goshen CT; DAR Patriot Index

EDWARD WILLARD was born at Saybrook CT on 2 Sept. 1790, son of JOSEPH WILLARD, who was born at Saybrook on 26 June 1750, and RACHEL REEVES. Joseph served in the Revolutionary War from CT in the militia. Joseph and Rachel were married in 1767. Rachel was born at Saybrook CT on 30 April 1747 and died 22 Nov. 1829. Joseph moved to Fairfield, Herkimer Co NY in March of 1795 and died 30 Oct. 1832, which coincides with the DAR Patriot Index death date. He was a pensioner. However, Herkimer County records show he died on 30 Oct. 1833. He is listed in the 1825 census of Fairfield, Herkimer Co NY. Edward married at Adams, Jefferson Co, NY in 1818 to RACHEL COOK, daughter of JOSEPH and RACHEL COOK. She as born at Granville NY on 18 Sept 1798 and died 25 May 1844. They resided at Adams NY where Edward was a shoemaker. He died 5 June 1844.

Children of Edward Willard and Rachel Cook:
STELLA WILLARD; born 23 June 1819; married 2 Mar. 1842 to PERCIVAL B. SALISBURY of Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY. Percival was born in 1836 and died in 1907. He is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson Co NY.
BRAINERD WILLARD born 1 Jan. 1822; resided Ohio
SARAH MAHALA WILLARD born 24 Nov. 1824; married in OH on 10 Nov 1846 to HENRY D. BARDWELL
MARY ANN WILLARD born 31 Mar. 1827; married Dec. 1846 to WILLIAM HOYT of Ridgeville OH
EMELINE WILLARD born 9 April 1830
JUDSON WILLARD born 9 Feb 1833
ABBY WILLARD born 23 Oct. 1835

Source: Willard Geneal.

OTIS HOUGHTON was born 18 Nov. 1811, son of ELIJAH HOUGHTON and LUCY HASKELL; and married ELSIE SWORD of Jefferson Co. He married 2nd to ANTHA HOLLAND in 1866. It is said that he moved to New York State in 1866 and was a farmer and stock raiser.

Children of Elsie Sword and Otis Houghton:
JAMES HOUGHTON born 24 Mar. 1842; married 20 Jan 1874 to AMY HALL of Jefferson Co. NY. - dau: KATIE E. HOUGHTON born 25 Mar. 1877.
IRA HOUGHTON born 19 June 1845; married 23 Dec. 1869 to ANNETTA M. KAUTZ
LUCY HOUGHTON died at 21 years, unmarried
SOPHIA HOUGHTON born 12 Nov. 1852; married 4 Mar. 1874 to H. R. KAUTZ

Source: Houghton Geneal.

ROLAND HOUGHTON and JUDITH HURLBURT were residents of Jefferson Co., NY. Roland was the son of EDWARD HOUGHTON.

Children of Judith Hurlburt and Roland Houghton:
RUBY HOUGHTON born 14 Feb. 1835; married 1 March 1860 to NATHANIEL B. WHITNEY who was born at Champion, Jeff Co, NY on 13 Mar. 1838; they moved to Santa Anna, CA
ROSILIE BELLE HOUGHTON born 22 April 1840; married HENRY WILKINSON; resided Lewis Co NY
LYDIA HOUGHTON married ALBERT HERRICK; lived in Carthage and/or Utica NY
TRUMAN HURLBURT HOUGHTON born 9 April 1847; married JULIA ARDELL LARGETT who was born 14 Jan. 1849
RICHARD P. HOUGHTON born 3 Nov. 1850; resided Carthage, Jeff Co., NY
ROLAND HOUGHTON; resided Pittsfield NY

Source: Houghton Geneal.

JESSE HEMENWAY was born in Marlboro MA on 13 Dec. 1803, son of EBENEZER HEMENWAY, who was born Framingham MA on 26 May 1760 and who married in June 1786 to RUTH GATES, who was born in Framingham on 12 Feb. 1768, daughter of AMOS JR. and MARY (TROWBRIDGE) GATES.


JESSE HEMENWAY was born in Marlboro MA on 13 Dec. 1803; He married 1 July 1827 to LOIS RICHARDSON, daughter of Dr. WILLIAM and LAVINA (TAFT) RICHARDSON of Alstead, MA.

Children of Lois Richardson and Jesse Hemenway:
WILLIAM R. HEMENWAY born Marlboro Ma 12 May 1828
LYDIA HEMENWAY born Marlboro 23 July 1830
MARY JAN HEMENWAY born Marlboro 13 Nov. 1832
LUTHER HEMENWAY born 4 Mar. 1837
GEORGE W. HEMENWAY born Lewis Co NY on 21 Oct. 1842; died in Civil War 9 Oct 1862
MARTHA J. HEMENWAY born Jefferson Co NY 4 Dec. 1845

Source: Hist. Of Gilsum NH

REUBEN TREMAIN, of French descent, was born in Paris, Oneida Co, where he died in 1810 at 87 years. He married LUCY WINCHELL of Paris, and they had nine children. Their son, Solomon Tremain was the father of Abner Tremain.

ABNER TREMAIN, who died in Rodman, Jefferson Co NY on 9 June 1871, was a son of SOLOMON TREMAIN, one of the pioneer settlers of the county. Solomon was born in Paris, Oneida Co NY, and died on his farm in 1869 at 84 years; he married LUCY BRAINARD, daughter of ALVAH BRAINARD. and lived for some years in Paris, Oneida Co NY, and then moved to Rodman in about 1815. He cleared land there and became a successful farmer, and the location became known as Tremaine's Corners. The couple had four sons and Abner decided to seek his fortune.

ABNER TREMAIN was born 11 Nov. 1811 in Paris, Oneida Co. At age 19 he went to Brownville and became employed as a gardener and handyman on the estate of a merchant in Brownville. He learned the tinner's trade and followed it most of his life but for a few years kept a grocery store in Brownville and then a meat market. Before the close of the Civil War he went to St. Joseph MI where he worked for six years in a tin shop. He also invested in a fruit farm near there which was sold after his death at double the cost to him. When his health failed he returned to Jefferson Co in May of 1870 but died in the following month while visiting relatives. In about 1838 he married CORDELIA KANE, born 14 July 1818 and who died 2 Mar. 1844; they had one daughter: ADELAIDE TREMAIN who married JOHN BRONSON and moved to Eau Claire, MI. On 18 April 1849, Abner married MAHALA HATCH, who was born 21 July 1819 in Watertown, Jefferson Co. She died 10 Dec. 1908 and is buried in Brownville. They had five children.

Children of Abner Tremaine and Mahala Hatch:
WILLIS TREMAIN died at 20 years; born 26 Feb. 1850; died 9 Feb. 1870
CHARLES TREMAIN died at 16 years; born 2 Aug 1854; died 8 Jan 1871 buried Brownville
EVERETT TREMAIN died at 2 years; born 20 Sep. 1856; died 17 Oct. 1858
HENRY ABNER TREMAIN, born 7 June 1852; manufactured of electric light supplies in Cleveland OH
CLARA LORANIA TREMAIN born 24 Oct. 1858; married JAMES A. HORTON and lived in Watertown. Two children-Lulu Jean and Nellie May. Lulu married ROYAL WIGHT, of Park City Utah.
CORDELIA B. TREMAIN, daughter of Abner and Cordelia, b 26 May 1840; died 6 June 1840; buried Brownville.
SARAH TREMAIN, daughter of Abner and Cordelia, b 14 Mar. 1836; died 5 Sept. 1836

Source: Oakes, Vol. 2; cemetery records, Child's

JOSEPH SWAN was born in Medford, MA on 9 Dec. 1779. son of DANIEL SWAN. Joseph by occupation became a tanner and saddler and migrated to Cheshire, Berkshire Co, MA as a young man and married MARY BARKER, born 6 Nov. 1786.

Children of Mary Barker and Joseph Swan:
DEWEY SWAN born 2 Aug. 1805 at Cheshire, MA; married POLLY ROUNDS, daughter of JABEZ ROUNDS. Jabez had migrated from Rhode Island and cleared a farm on the mountain four miles west of the village of Cheshire. Polly Rounds was born there in 1804 and died at Belleville, Jefferson Co. in 1879. After their marriage, Dewey and Polly emigrated to Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., where he took up a large tract of land. He spent the remainder of his life as a farmer. Dewey died in 1890 at 85 years 14 days and is buried in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. Polly died in 1879 at 75 years, 8 months, 14 days and is buried in Ellisburg.

Children of Polly Rounds and Dewey Swan:
b. DANIEL M. SWAN; born 1843; admitted to practice law in Leavenworth, Kansas. Had an interest in a large ranch in Texas. In 1869 he married LEMIRA FORD.

CORDELIA SWAN, born 4 Aug. 1830; married FREDERICK WILLIAMS of Belleville on 9 Mar. 1853.
MARTIN DEWEY SWAN, born 2 May 1838 at Ellisburg. In August 1862 he enlisted in the Civil War and served until the close. In 1864 he was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant. He was in the battles of Cold Harbor and Petersburg and was with Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley. On his return from the war he moved to Ellisburg and bought a 150 acre farm which was north of Belleville. He was a wholesale dealer in seed peas and beans. On 20 Dec. 1866 he married FRANCES L. BULL, daughter of ALVAH BULL and LOUISA PACKER. Dewey died in 1913 at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. Frances L. was born in 1842 and died in 1936 at Ellisburg.

Children of Frances L. Bull and Martin Dewey Swan:
a. MARIETTA BELLE SWAN, born 12 Dec. 1867; vocal music teacher; married 27 Dec. 1900 to HENRY FRANK BROWN of North Carolina.
b. MASON MARTIN SWAN, born 20 April 1873 at Ellisburgh. Entered Brown Univ. and in 1896 graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. He studied law and attended Albany Law School where he graduated in 1899. In the fall of that year he opened an office in the city of Watertown and in 1903 formed a partnership with Brayton A. Field. He married on 27 Aug. 1903 to CAROL MARGARET BRIMMER, daughter of HENRY J. and MARTHA (SALISBURY) BRIMMER of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. Mason died in 1954 at Watertown. Carol was born in 1877 and died in 1937 at Watertown.

ALVAH BULL was a native of Huntington, Chittenden Co., VT, born there on 5 Feb. 1803, son of ELIJAH BULL and EUNICE BUMPUS.. At age two, his parents moved to Danby VT and in 1831 he moved to Ellisburgh , where he settled and cleared a large tract of land near Rural Hill in Ellisburgh. Alvah returned to Vermont where he married on 11 Feb. 1832 to LOUISA PACKER, daughter of JAMES and MARY PACKER, who were of Guilford, Windham Co., VT. Alvah and Louisa moved to the Jefferson Co. farm on 1 March 1833. He was a prominent farmer and dairyman, which passed to his son, GEORGE E. BULL. Alvah Bull died at 77 years in 1880 and Louisa died at 81 years in 1888, born 1807.

Children of Louisa Packer and Alvah Bull:
JAMES A. BULL; lived near Minneapolis MN
MARIETTA J. BULL; married JAMES P. or F. CONVERSE and died in Woodville in 1865; James born 1825; died 1912 at 87 years at Ellisburg. ch: FRANK A. CONVERSE; lived in Buffalo; MARIETTA MAY CONVERSE; lived Carthage
EUNICE BULL; married WILLIAM MATHER; an extensive land owner and seed dealer in the town of Henderson. He was born 20 Aug. 1834, son of WILLIAM and POLLY MATHER and died in 1900. He married Eunice in 1876-Eunice was born in 1838 and died in 1929 at Henderson. son: WILLIAM A. MATHER born 1879.
GEORGE F. BULL; remained on the homestead farm; born 1840; married MARY A. BRIMMER in 1866, daughter of JACOB and MATILDA (SAUNDERS) BRIMMER. George died in 1925 at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. Mary was born in 1839 and died in 1916 at Ellisburg.

Children of Mary A. Brimmer and George F. Bull:
a. ALVAH J. BULL; born 1867 and died 1872 at Ellisburg
c. HENRY C. BULL; born 1873; died 1947 at Ellisburg
d. GEORGE A. BULL; born 1876; died 1950 at Ellisburg
e. ROY J. BULL; born 1881; died 1882 at Ellisburg
HENRY C. BULL; lived in Minnesota and a prominent banker of that state.

Source: Oakes Vol 1., Child's, Durant & Peirce, cemetery records

EZRA TAYLOR, was a business man, a citizen universally and deservedly held in the highest esteem, and a soldier whose record for efficiency, gallantry and daring was unsurpassed. He was born at Avon, Jefferson Co, NY but moved to Chicago in 1834, and soon after his arrival became partner of Gordon S. Hubbard, in the provision trade. In 1840 he married SABINA LANGAN, a native of Ireland who accompanied her parents to America as a child of seven and came to Chicago in 1836.
Source: Album of geneal and bio, Cook Co IL

GEORGE DUNLAP was born 2 Nov. 1825 in Lorraine, Jefferson Co, NY. He was the son of WILLIAM I. DUNLAP and MARGARET P. LANE, both born in Cherry Valley NY. JOHN DUNLAP, father of WILLIAM I. DUNLAP, was a captain of volunteers in the Revolutionary War from Cherry Valley and his wife escaped the great massacre at that place by taking refuge in the fort. He was seven years in the service. His father was from the north of Ireland, and the family is of Scotch descent. He came to Cherry Valley, NY, where with two brothers, he had a right of a township of land. The two brothers were lost at sea, with the papers showing the claim to the land, and the lawyer employed to settle the affair took all the land excepting two hundred acres. John was born on this farm and spent his life there. He married a Miss Campbell and they had five children.

WILLIAM I. DUNLAP served as a volunteer in the War of 1812. He moved to Jefferson Co., NY in 1822 and in 1836 to Illinois where he settled first in Mendota and later in 1840 in Leyden. He died in 1856 at 69 years. Margaret died in 1865 at 77 years. She was born in Elizabethtown NJ and moved to Cherry Valley with her parents as a child. Her father was of Dutch descent and her mother of English origin. William and Margaret Dunlap had ten children. When their son, George Dunlap, was seven the family moved to Lewis Co., NY. On 27 Jan. 1851, George married ALMEDA PIERCE of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co NY, daughter of JOHN and HANNAH (BALLOU) PIERCE. George and Almeda had six children.
Source: Album of Geneal and bio, Cook Co IL

LYMAN GIDDINGS HOLLEY, a prominent business man of Chicago, and one of the most influential citizens of Oak Park, was born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co, NY on 29 June 1845, son of NATHAN TILLOTSON HOLLEY and MARTHA S. GIDDINGS. His ancestors are supposed to have removed from Connecticut to Vermont during the colonial period. NATHAN HOLLEY, the grandfather of LYMAN G. HOLLEY was born probably in Vermont on 6 Aug. 1750. He moved to Dorset VT and then to New York where he settled first in Oneida County. Their son, NATHAN T. HOLLEY was born about that time and located at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co, becoming one of the pioneers of that locality. Nathan died there in 1833, having attained the age of 83 years. On 26 Oct. 1800 Nathan married for his second wife to CYNTHIA TILLOTSON, who became the mother of NATHAN T. HOLLEY. Cynthia was born 16 Aug. 1771 and died 20 July 1822.

NATHAN T. HOLLEY was born 2 Jan. 1812 and lived at Ellisburg for 60 years. He owned several farms in that locality and dealt in livestock to a considerable extent. In 1870 he moved to Oak Park IL where he made some judicious real estate investments. He died at 78 years on 2 Feb. 1890. MARTHA S. HOLEY died 9 Aug. 1845 at 26 years in Ellisburg, where she was born. She was the daughter of LYMAN GIDDINGS and BEULAH EMERSON, who moved from Dorset VT to Ellisburg and died a few years later. Nathan T. Holley and Martha S. Giddings had five children. N. T. Holley married for a sedcond time to MRS. ELECTA GIDDINGS, widow of MONROE GIDDINGS, who was a brother of the first Mrs. Holley. N. T. married third to MRS. SARAH ANGELINE, widow of REV. JAMES MANNING of Oak Park. LYMAN HOLLEY married in August 1872 to MINNIE LYON, daughter of HENRY PILKINGTON and MARGARET (MILLER) LYON of Utica NY, where Minnie was born.
Source: Album of Geneal and bio, Cook Co IL

PHILIP ROGERS was one of the prominent pioneers of Cook County and was born 15 Aug. 1812 in Dublin, Ireland. He came to the United States in childhood with his parents, JAMES and CATHERINE (MCGREGOR) ROGERS, of Scotch-Irish origin. They located at Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY, where Philip grew to manhood and received his education. He earned a college degree in civil engineering and was deeply interested in geology. He located in Illinois in 1835 with is brother, MILTON ROGERS, who became the founder of St. Joseph, Missouri. In 1841 Philip married MRS. MARY WARD HICKEY, widow of JAMES FOX HICKEY and daughter of THOMAS BREEN MASTERSON, ESQ. of Mishal County Carlow, Ireland. Thomas Breen Masterson was a native of Mishal, descended from the Breens of Bally Breen, County Wickow, Ireland. He was born 4 May 1781 and died in 1814. Mrs. Rogers was born 15 July 1802 in Blossom Terrace, London, England and was married to James Fox Hickey on 12 Oct. 1829. The couple arrived in New York on 4 July 1831. She had no children from her first marriage and two with Philip Rogers.
Source: Album of Geneal and bio, Cook Co IL

FREDERICK SULZER, died on 6 Feb. 1892 at Ravenswood, Cook Co, IL. He was born in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY on 5 March 1836 and in June of that years, his parents CONRAD and CHRISTINA SULZER, emigrated from New York to Chicago.

Source: Album of geneal and bio, Cook Co IL

ISABEL SEDGWICK LEE, daughter of DAVID and ELIZABETH (HAYES) LEE was born 14 Feb. 1803 and married on 10 Aug. 1822 to HECTOR EGGLESTON, who was born 24 May 1802 in Barkhamsted. He moved with his father's family in 1810 to the Black River Country of Jefferson Co., NY and was a farmer. He died 2 June 1865 in Henderson, Jefferson Co. and Isabel died at Syracuse, NY on 26 July 1894 at 91 years.

Children of Isabel Sedgwick Lee and Hector Eggleston:
JULIUS T. EGGLESTON, born 27 Oct. 1823; died 20 Nov. 1848
ELIZABETH L. EGGLESTON, born 23 Mar. 1825; died 18 Aug. 1825
ELLEN EGGLESTON, born 18 Nov. 1826; died 20 Feb. 1827
ELLEN E. EGGLESTON, born 24 Jan. 1828; married 4 Jan. 1848 to ELIJAH JENNINGS, who died 20 June 1881.

Children of Ellen Eggleston and Elijah Jennings:
a. SARA E. JENNINGS born 3 July 1850; married 2 Jan. 1878 to JOSEPH L. COOK; resided Belleville, Jefferson Co., NY.

DEWITT C. EGGLESTON, born 19 Aug. 1830; died 9 May 1857
EDWIN L. EGGLESTON, born 18 Dec. 1832; married 20 Oct. 1868 to ELLEN (CASE) HARRIS, widow, who died 25 June. 1886.

Children of Edwin L. Eggleston and Ellen Harris:
a. CARRIE B. EGGLESTON, born 22 Oct. 1869
b. SAMUEL H. EGGLESTON born 8 July 1871
c. HENRIETTA EGGLESTON born 15 May 1873
d. HELEN L. EGGLESTON born 8 Jan. 1879; died 18 Sept. 1879

EDWIN L. EGGLESTON married 2nd to RHODA MCKENZIE on 20 Oct. 1888 and became residents of Picton Ontario.
ROSWELL P. EGGLESTON, born 31 Aug. 1835; died 20 Sept. 1853
HENRY K. EGGLESTON, born 14 July 1839; married 12 Feb. 1874 to ANTOINETTE REED and lived in Watertown NY. Child: CADWELL R. EGGLESTON born 16 Feb. 1877
ISABEL S. EGGLESTON born 27 May 1841; married 30 Oct. 1861 to SAMUEL W. KNAPP who died 29 Sept. 1867. Lived Syracuse NY 2 children
HENRIETTA M. L. EGGLESTON born 13 Sept. 1846; a teacher

Source: Descendants of John Lee of Farmington, Hartford Co CT

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