Migrations Part 66:

ELIPHALET EVERETT was born 3 Dec. 1757 in Sharon CT, son of EBENEZER EVERETT and LUCY MOULTON. He married RHODA PECK who was a descendant of the Massachusetts Peck and was a farmer. He lived for many years in Sharon (Ellsworth Society) CT. Later he moved to Watertown NY. On 3 March 1777 he enlisted as a private soldier for three years and in April 1778 was transferred to General Washington"s Life Guards and remained with them until 1780. Family tradition says he was for two years steward of Washington's military family. He died on 27 Mar. 1815 at 57 years and is buried in Brownville, Jefferson Co NY. Rhoda died on 2 June 1851 at 89 years and is also buried in Brownville. Rhoda was a descendant of Deacon William Peck of New Haven CT.

Children of Eliphalet Everett and Rhoda Peck:
2. AUSTIN EVERETT born Sharon CT 11 Dec 1797; When he was 21 he married 1st to HANNAH MOSS of Dorset VT in 1819. After Hannah died, he married MINERVA CRANDALL. She was the daughter of EZERIAH and MARTHA CRANDALL of Johnstown NY, born 16 Aug. 1809.

Children of Austin Everett:
HARRIET M. EVERETT; married VELORA W. SMILEY, son of FRANCIS SMILEY of Watertown on 17 Jan. 1849.

3. LAURA EVERETT born 19 Sept 1787; married HENRY HATCH (see below)
4. MARY EVERETT born 30 Jan 1796 and died 19 Sept 1867; married on 26 Dec 1819 to OLIVER BARTHOLOMEW; see Migrations No. 42 this site for additional information on Oliver Bartholomew
5. HAMPTON EVERETT; died 29 July 1863 at 62 years; buried Brownville.

LAURA EVERETT (LORAINA) was born 19 Sept 1787 in Sharon CT and was married on 18 Oct. 1806 to HENRY HATCH of Kent CT. They moved to Watertown NY in 1811. She died 4 Feb. 1882. Six of their children grew to maturity.

1. MARIA HATCH; married AMASA POWERS and lived in Hounsfield where she died.
2. MARY HATCH married 1st JESSE AYERS and 2nd ELISHA WAKEFIELD; she died in Watertown, Jefferson Co NY.
3. ABIAH HATCH married WILLIAM BROWN and lived in E. Arlington VT where she died
4. LAURA ANN HATCH married NATHAN COFFEEN of Watertown where she died
5. MAHALA HATCH married ABNER TREMAINE and lived in Watertown, Jefferson Co.
6. GEORGE WHITFIELD HATCH died in May 1903 in Watertown

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

WILLIAM P. CRANDALL was born 5 Sept. 1773 in Stonington CT and was one of 13 children of JARED CRANDALL, who for 18 years was a sea captain. William moved to Herkimer Co as a young man and then, with his brother Naboth, moved to Jefferson Co. by ox team in the autumn of 1800. He settled on a farm in Watertown and in April of the following year brought his family to their new home. He was a successful farmer. In 1795 he married CONTENT BARSTOW, daughter of ALPHEUS BARSTOW of Leyden MA, a member of the legislature when John Hancock was governor of the state, and a Miss Carter, his wife. William died in 1843 at 70 years. Content died in 1867 at 91 years, born 1776. William Crandall and Content Barstow were the parents of seven sons and one daughter:

1. WILLIAM CRANDALL; farmer in Jefferson Co and lived to 93 years.
JARED CRANDALL who died at five years
BARSTOW CRANDALL who was three when he died
JOHN CRANDALL; a farmer in Watertown
ISAAC CRANDALL; died at 27 years
REUBEN CRANDALL; lived as a farmer on the homestead and died 7 Sept 1889 at 72 years

JEREMIAH CRANDALL, son of WILLIAM P. and CONTENT CRANDALL was born 9 Jan. 1815 in Watertown. In 1868 he disposed of the property and became the owner of a farm in Rutland where he passed the remainder of his life. He married on 13 May 1836 to MALVINA BABCOCK, daughter of BECHUS and SALLY (BETTIS) BABCOCK of Copenhagen. She died 21 May 1877. Jeremiah died in 1902.

Children of Jeremiah Crandall and Malvina Babcock:
OCTAVIA CRANDALL born 6 Mar. 1837; married OLNEY STAPLIN, a farmer in Spirit Lake, Iowa
EUNICE CRANDALL born 24 Aug 1838; married M. H. ALLEN of Clifton Springs NY and died 7 Mar. 1901
CONTENT CRANDALL born 5 Sept 1841; married CHAUNCY BULL, a farmer of Lincoln Nebraska
IMOGEN CRANDALL who was born 13 April 1843; married SAMUEL WETMORE and lived Clifton Springs NY
JERRY W. CRANDALL born 29 July 1845. He married 10 Oct. 1878 to IDA KELLOGG and they had a son, ROSS CRANDALL, born 26 Mar. 1889.

IDA KELLOGG CRANDALL was a lineal descendant of Lt. JOSEPH KELLOGG who was born in Scotland c 1627 and in 1662 emigrated to America where they settled in Hadley MA. Several generations later, FRANKLIN KELLOGG was born in Westfield MA and moved to Jefferson Co where he became a farmer in Rutland. He married MALBINA STAPLIN, a direct descendatn of ISAAC STAPLIN, who at the time of the Revolution came with the British army to this country and then became an American citizen. FRANKLIN AND MALBINA STAPLIN were the parents of IDA STAPLIN who was born 18 Jan. 1855 in Turin, Lewis Co NY, and married Jerry W. Crandall, above. Ida was a member of the DAR.
Source: Oakes Vol. 2 and Child's

POLLY BABCOCK was born in Stonington CT on 22 April 1778 and died in North Adams NY in Aug. 1858. She married at Berne, Albany Co NY on 21 Sept 1800 to REV. ELISHA MORGAN who was born in Lyme CT on 13 June 1779 and died 30 Oct. 1866. She was the daughter of DAVID BABCOCK and MARY HINCKLEY. Rev. Elisha Morgan was a Baptist minister and farmer; he preached in Jefferson Co NY for more than 50 years. Polly wrote religious rhymes.

Children of Polly Babcock and Elisha Morgan:
LUCY MORGAN born 31 Jan 1804; died same day
ELIJAH W. MORGAN born 15 May 1805; married LUCY STOWE. He moved to Ann Arbor, MI where he practiced law and died at about 86 years. His wife survived him.
DAVID HENRY MORGAN born 31 May 1807; died 4 Sept. 1874; married ELIZABETH MERRICK. He lived in Illinois.
LUCY CELIA MORGAN born 22 June 1811; died Kalamazoo MI on 14 June 1900 married at N. Adams NY on 23 May 1835 to LOVETT EAMES. He was born in Rutland NY on 22 Sept 1810 and died Kalamazoo MI on 6 Sept 1863, son of DANIEL EAMES of Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY and MOLLY WRIGHT.

Children of Lucy Morgan and Lovett Eames:
a. ELISHA D. EAMES born 23 May 1836; resided Watertown NY; married 18 June 1862 to MARY ROBINSON. He died Watertown 1 July 1898
b. LUCIA AUGUSTA EAMES born 7 June 1841; married HENRY F. BLOUNT
c. FREDERICK WILLIAM EAMES born 10 Nov. 1843; died Watertown NY on 20 April 1883
d. ALFRED EAMES born 6 Feb. 1846; married 28 July 1873 to HARRIET CASE
e. JUDSON EAMES born 18 May 1848; died 15 Dec. 1857
f. GARDNER T. EAMES born 10 Mar 1851; resided Cincinnati OH; married 1 June 1881 to FANNIE VINTON
g. CHARLES BRIDGE EAMES born 8 June 1853; resided St. Louis MO; married MARY SCHMUCKER
h. ELLEN DORCAS EAMES born 22 Sept 1854; resided Chicago IL; married Kalamazoo MI in Dec. 1873 to CHRISTIAN DE GRAFF.

Source: Babcock Fam. Geneal.

ALBERT BABCOCK, son of CHARLES and TACY (LANGWORTHY) BABCOCK, was born in Brookfield NY 6 July 1814 and died at Adams Center NY on 8 May 1884. He married at Verona NY on 20 Feb. 1845 to SOPHRONIA O. GREEN, daughter of CALEB and SUSAN (WILLIAMS) GREEN, born 14 Feb. 1816 and died at Adams Center on 7 Mar. 1890. Albert was a merchant and later owned a flour mill at Rome NY which was destroyed by fire.

Children of Albert Babcock and Sophronia Green:
CHARLES BABCOCK born 1846 Brookfield; resided Adams Center NY; marred at Adams Center to ELLA WILLIAMS
HAMILTON BABCOCK born 1848 in Brookfield; resided in Watertown NY; marred at Lee, NY to NELLIE PUTNAM or Putman
ORLETTA A. BABCOCK born 18 July 1849; married ORVILLE POTTER
GEORGE N. BABCOCK born Verona in 1855; died Verona
IRVING BABCOCK born Verona 1858

Source: Babcock Genealogy

PARDON BABCOCK was the son of RUSSEL and LUCINDA (MAXSON) BABCOCK, born 21 Oct. 1820 and died Watertown NY on 30 Dec. 1895. He married on 2 Feb. 1843 to CLARISSA BENJAMIN who was born 20 Oct. 1820 and died S. Brookfield NY on 23 Feb. 1896.

Children of Pardon Babock and Clarissa Benjamin:
FRANCES V. BABCOCK born Adams Center on 22 July 1844; resided Chicago Heights; married 1st at Adams Center on 8 July 1862 to STILLMAN WHITFORD, son of MAXSON WHITFORD and 2nd to MR. AMELSBURY. Died Farina IL
LIZZIE M. BABCOCK born 20 Aug. 1860; married CORYDON L. MAXSON

Source: Babcock Geneal.

JAMES BABCOCK, son of TIMOTHY BABCOCK and THANKFUL READ, was born at the old Babcock homestead in N. Stonington CT on 5 July 1770 and died in Alexandria, Jefferson Co., NY in 1854. He married 1st at N. Stonington on 15 May 1791 to SARAH BUDLONG of Voluntown; she died Sherburne NY on 24 Feb. 1809. He married 2nd on 10 Dec. 1809 to DOLLY SCOTT who died 10 Sept. 1814 and 3rd at Hamilton NY on 8 Feb. 1815 to PRUDENCE WATERS who died at Sherburne NY on 27 Dec. 1825. He married 4th at Sherburne on 5 Nov. 1826 to LOIS HIBBARD who died in Alexandria, Jefferson Co NY in 1845. On 23 Feb. 1793 James sold his interest in his father's estate to his brother-in-law, STANTON CAMPBELL. In about 1798 he moved from N. Stonington CT to Sherburne NY., then from Sherburne to Hamilton NY about 1811 and then back to Sherburne; then to Alexandria where several of his children were living in 1832.

Children of James Babcock and his first wife:
SARAH BABCOCK born 4 July 1792 married___Bradshaw; lived and died in Michigan
DANIEL BABCOCK born 14 July 1794; married HARRIET PAGE
LYDIA BABCOCK born 2 May 1797; married HORACE CRAINE
NANCY BABOCK born 28 April 1799; married___PARMETER
POLLY BABCOCK born 5 May 1801; married WILLIAM HOLMES
RHODES BABCOCK; born 30 April 1805; married MELISSA THORN
JOSEPH BABCOCK born 13 May 1807; died Alexandria 27 July 1871; married EXPERIENCE GEORGE, daughter of PAGE GEORGE of Alexandria
PHILENA BABOCK born 18 Feb. 1809; married___DONNING

Children by third wife:
ORRA MARIA BABCOCK born 21 Nov. 1815; died Hamilton NY 4 May 1877; married___Collins
ORA BABCOCK born 16 June 1817; married CATHERINE DEROSIE
ORRIN BABCOCK born 6 April 1819; married ELMIRA BABCOCK

Source: Babcock Geneal.

DANIEL BABCOCK was the son of JAMES BABCOCK and SARAH BUDLONG. He was born in N. Stonington CT on 14 July 1794 and died in Alexandria, Jefferson Co NY on 26 Aug. 1875. He married HARRIET PAGE, daughter of GEORGE PAGE and died 2 Oct. 1872 at 72 years. Daniel and his sister, Polly, were the first Babock family to settle in Alexandria NY

Children of Daniel Babcock and Harriet Page:
ANGELINE BABCOCK born 16 Dec. 1821; married JOHN P. HIBBARD
THANKFUL BABCOCK born 29 Dec. 1823; married WILLIAM H. CURTIS

Source: Babcock Geneal.

POLLY BABCOCK, daughter of JAMES BABCOCK and SARAH BUDLONG, was born in Sherburne NY on 5 May 1801. She died in Alexandria, Jefferson Co NY on 26 July 1884. She married in Dec. 1822 to WILLIAM HOLMES who was born 19 Oct. 1787 and died Alexandria on 26 April 1866. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was wounded in the battle of Queenstown Heights. They settled in 1822 in Alexandria.

Children of Polly Babcock and William Holmes born in Alexandria:
SARAH B. HOLMES born 13 Sept. 1826; married JOHN BURDICK
LOIS B. HOLMES born 28 June 1828; married 26 Dec. 1848 to DANIEL REYNOLS ten children
MARYE E. HOLMES born 15 Sept 1831; married DANIEL EBBLIE
HARRIET E. HOLMES born 27 Nov. 1839; married 31 Dec. 1839 to ZERA WAKEFIELD. They lived in Watertown and had seven children, all of whom died but one, IDA WAKEFIELD, who married WALLER WOODWARD and lived at Great Bend, NY.

Source: Babcock Geneal.

ORA BABCOCK was the son of JAMES BABOCK and PRUDENCE WALTERS, born 16 June 1817; died Marquette MI; he married at Alexandria, Jefferson Co. to CATHERINE DEROSIE. He was a soldier in the Civil War.

ORRIN BABCOCK, brother of Ora, was born in Hamilton NY on 6 April 1819 and died in Alexandria, Jefferson Co on 7 April 1883. He married ELMIRA BABCOCK, daughter of his half-brother DANIEL. After the Civil War, Orrine moved to Alexandria, Jefferson Co NY.

Source: Babcock Geneal.

GEORGE R. BEAN moved with his parents from Otsego Co when he was about two, to the city of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. He was educated in the public schools and entered the service of Dexter & Herrick who were in the flour and feed business. George worked for the company for 17 years. In 1885 he opened his own business which continued for nine years. The firm operated the only electric mill in the county, and ground everything except wheat. Five to ten men were employed at the mill. George married in Jul 1877 to MYRA NELSON of Pulaski NY.
Source: Emerson-Our Co and Its People

PETER BERGEVIN was a native of Canada and was born 9 Dec. 1842. His parents moved to Watertown in 1850 but remained only a month. Peter then moved to the town of Rutland where he was engaged in farming until 1874 and then returned to Watertown and established a livery business. In November 1871 he married JOSEPHINE BECKER of Natural Bridge NY. Peter was a member of the GAR having served in Co. A., 10th Regiment of the NY Vols.
Source: Emerson-Our Co and Its People

FRANK H. BUSH was born at Philadelphia NY on 27 Sept. 1859. After leaving school he served an apprenticeship at the painter's trade and was employed in that field for 13 years. In 1895 he bought an interest in his brother's grocery business under the name of F. V. Bush & Co. where he contined to work. Frank married on 10 Jan. 1882 to ROSA B. GIEGERICH of Watertown and they had a daughter, MILDRED BUSH.
Source: Emerson-Our Co and Its People

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