Migrations Part 69:

LESTER NOBLE FOWLER was the son of SILAS FOWLER and BETSEY HOUGH, born 21 Sept. 1796. He married on 12 April 1827 to DOLLY B. GREEN. She was born 6 Oct. 1806 and died 27 Sept. 1882 in her 76th year. Her father was ALLEN GREEN who was a Revolutionary War soldier. Lester Fowler was a soldier in the war of 1812 and soon after the close of that war, settled in Oneida Co NY where he was a farmer. He was a representative in the state legislature in 1837 and died 15 Nov 1868 in Jersey City. From 1838 to 1858 he resided in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY.

Children of Lester N. Fowler and Dolly B. Green:

1. HELEN J. FOWLER, born 10 Nov. 1840 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY: married DR. ADDISON W. GOODALE. See Goodale Family this site.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

THOMAS JOHNSON ACHESON, supervisor of Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY, was born in New York City on 18 Sept. 1852. His paternal grandfather, THOMAS ACHESON, was a native of Scotland, born in 1760. He was a farmer by occupation and spent his entire life in Scotland where he passed away at 90 years. His wife, JANE WILLIAMS, was born in Scotland in 1768 and died at 89 years.

GEORGE ACHESON, father of Thomas J., was born in Edinburg, Scotland in 1800 and was one of a family of five children. He had a brother who was killed in the Civil War in the US. George was reared and education in Scotland and came to America in 1830 with his family. He located first at Carmel, Putnam Co., NY where he purchased a farm where he lived for a number of years. Later he moved to New York City in 1850, and there was in the milling business. He died there in 1860 and his wife died at 64 years. She was CATHERINE JOHNSON, born in Scotland in 1810. Her father was JOHN JOHNSON, a native of Scotland where he died at an elderly age.

Children of George Acheson and Catherine Johnson:

1. THOMAS J. ACHESON; spent the first 16 years of his life in New York City and attended public schools there. He lived on a farm in Putnam Co., until 1876 when he settled on a farm in Philadelphia, Jefferson Co NY where he worked by the month as a farm laborer. When he had saved enough money he bought a tract of land where he lived until 1883. He then moved to Philadelphia in Jefferson Co. On 7 Dec. 1877 he married MINNIE PHELPS, born 21 Aug. 1859, daughter of BUTLER PHELPS and MARIB G. (MATTISON) WILLIAMS. Butler, her father, was born 28 Nov. 1830 and was a mechanic in Philadelphia. He died 20 Sept. 1878 at 47 years 11 months. Marib, his widow, survived him and died in 1907. Both are buried in the Sandy Hollow Cemetery. See Migrations Part 50 this site for Uri Butler Phelps.

Children of Thomas J. Acheson and Minnie Phelps:

            a. ENA ACHESON; married WILLIAM J. SMITH of Great Bend NY

            b. ADDIE ACHESON; married WILLIAM CONWAY; lived in Camden NY

            c. CLARENCE ACHESON; salesman in a store in Philadelphia NY

            d. OLA ACHESON

            e. RUTH ACHESON

2. MARY JANE ACHESON; married JOHN SIMMONS of Minnesota

3. SUSAN ACHESON; died in Colorado

4. ANNA ACHESON; died young

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

OLIVER EVELYN POND KINNE, youngest child of OLIVER and DIANE KINNE, was born 5 Jan. 1842 in Alabama Center and was left an orphan when very young. His uncle, AMOS KINNE, of Camden NY provided his home until he reached age eight. He then went to live with the children of his uncle, NATHAN KINNE, at Clinton NY and lived there until the beginning of the Civil War when he enlisted. In 1865 he moved to Utica NY where he married on 15 Mar. 1866 to MARGARET ANN CESSFORD, daughter of GEORGE and ANNA ISABEL CESSFORD. George was born at Lauder, near Edinburg, Scotland in 1802. He located in 1838 in America, settling at Utica where he was a pattern maker. He died at 93 years at Utica on 5 Sept. 1895. His wife was ANNA ISABEL STEPHENSON, grand niece of GEORGE STEPHENSON whose engine the "Rocket" was the forerunner of the modern locomotives. Anna was born in Chester-le-Street, Northumberland Co England in 1805 and died 1 Feb. 1899 at 94 years in Utica.

In 1876, Oliver E. P. Kinne moved his family from Utica to Florence NY where he and his older brother, ORLANDO KINNE, were in the lumber business. He lived there until 1879 when he family moved to Camden where he followed his occupation as woodworker. He died 5 May 1892. Margaret moved in 1894 to Watertown NY with the two younger sons.

Children of Oliver E. P. Kinne and Margaret Cessford:

CLARENCE EVELYN KINNE born 16 April 1869 at Utica; resided Watertown NY; married 18 June 1890 to DELLA L. BREWSTER of Camden NY, daughter of GEORGE J BREWSTER and SARAH SCHOTT; daughter: MARGARET CESSFORD KINNE born 12 Sept. 1895.

GEORGE CESSFORD KINNE born 4 April 1873 at Utica; died 1 Feb. 1878 at Florence

CHARLES ALFRED KINNE born 26 Aug. 1875 at Utica and died 2 July 1892 at Camden

EDWIN JOHNSON KINNE born 11 June 1879 at Florence

HENRY CESSFORD KINNE born 8 June 1882 at Camden

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

EZRA PARKER was the sixth child and third son of ANDREW PARKER and SUSANNAH BLAKESLEE. He was born 13 Dec. 1745 in Wallingford CT and was active in the Revolutionary War. He was Arnold's orderly in the expedition against Quebec in 1775. He suffered smallpox during the winter and was one of the few who succeeded in making their way back in 1776. He continued in the service and fought in both the Battles of Bennington and Saratoga. In 1772 he bought land of SAMUEL PERRY at the west end of the Hoosac Tunnel. He farmed until his removal to Bridgewater NY after 1779 and in 1802 to settle his sons purchased 200 acres of land on Dry Hill in the Town of Watertown. Ezra was twice married: he married first to SARAH TUTTLE and 2nd to ELIZABETH PERRY, daughter of SAMUEL PERRY who sold him land. Elizabeth was born May 1751 in Stratford CT and died 8 Nov. 1826 in Sangerfield NY. Ezra died 7 July 1842 at his son's home, William M. Parker, in Royal Oak, MI.

Children of Ezra Parker and Sarah Tuttle:


Children of Ezra Parker and Elizabeth Perry:










son, whose name is unknown

HIPPOCRATUS PARKER, No. 5 above, was born 17 June 1785 in Sangerfield and died 14 Feb. 1844 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY at 58 years. He settled on 50 acres of the land purchased by his father on Dry Hill, which he sold. He worked for JOSEPH SHELDON, who operated distilleries and other enterprises and died on a farm in the town of Adams. Hippocratus married OLIVE FULLER, born 15 Dec. 1793, probably in Vermont, daughter of ABNER FULLER who came to New York State. She died 14 Oct. 1862.

Children of Hippocratus Parker and Olive Fuller:

GILES PARKER; farmer in Adams Center, Jefferson Co; died about 1890


GEORGE PARKER; died Russell, Lyon Co MN about 1898

JEMIMA PARKER; married RILEY HARRINGTON of Watertown and lived Hounsfield where Riley died. She died in 1893 at Thousand Island Park at the home of her daughter.

AUSTIN PARKER lived to 12 years.

DAVID PARKER; lived in Adams and spent five years at Belvidere IL but died of typhoid fever in 1860 on a visit to Adams

ELIZABETH PARKER; married JOHN BARTLETT of Adams where she died 2 June 1860 at 26 years.

JEREMIAH PARKER, son of Hippocratus and Olive, was born 20 Mar. 1814 in the town of Watertown. Before he was 19 he paid for 50 acres of land in the town of Adams and provided a home to his parents in their old age. He located first in the town of Adams and later in Watertown and owned 550 acres of land at the time of his death on 19 May 1872. He was a resident of Watertown from 1847. Jeremiah was a participant in the Patriot War of 1836 and held a captain's commission. He married on 20 Sept. 1836 at Amsterdam NY to FRANSINA KENYON, daughter of THOMAS B. KENYON and RACHEL ALLEN, later of Adams. Fransina was born 18 June 1817 in Amsterdam NY and died 23 Mar. 1891 survived by two of her children—FRANK M. PARKER and THOMAS C. PARKER who died 25 June 1896 in Paris, Illinois. ELLA D. PARKER, the youngest, was born 27 Oct. 1852 and died at 30 years.

FRANK M. PARKER, son of Jeremiah and Fransina, was born 20 Jan. 1842 in Adams and continued on his father's farm until age 22. He began his business career in 1864 as a clerk in a general store at Adams Center where he remained until 1872. After his father's death he resigned his position and took charge of the paternal estate, of which he owned 260 acres, which comprised the original Lamon farm on Dry Hill and continued farming on an extensive scale on Dry Hill until 1896 when he moved to Watertown. It was in that year that he was elected County Treasurer. He served in several public offices. On 2 Oct. 1861 he married MIRANDA H. WILDER, daughter of ABEL WILDER.

Children of Frank M. Parker and Miranda Wilder:

NETTIE F. PARKER; married CLINTON J. WADLEY, farmer of Watertown

CHARLES J. PARKER; a civil engineer; lived NY City; married EDITH CLARK BOWERS; son named FRANKLIN BOWERS PARKER born 17 Feb. 1905.

MAUD E. PARKER; served as her father's office assistant.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

WILLIAM A. POTTER of Glen Park, was the son of THOMAS A. POTTER, born 1829 in Ireland. Thomas emigrated to the US as a young man and settled in NY City where he was a bookkeeper. After a time he went to Montreal, and after a brief period, moved to Hartford VT where he worked in the lumber business. He next migrated to North Mills VT where he remained for some years. In 1890 he disposed of his extensive lumber business and moved to Brownville, Jefferson Co, NY where he passed the remainder of his life. Thomas married in 1835 to ELIZABETH WARREN, who was born in 1835 in Brockville Canada. Thomas Potter died in May 1902 in his 74th year.

Of their 13 children the following were noticed:

ARTHUR POTTER; lived Glen Park; engineer in the mill of which his brother, WILLIAM A. POTTER was superintendent.

REBECCA POTTER; married GEORGE GODSELL and lived Wilder VT

THOMAS POTTER; employed in paper mill in Berlin Falls, New Hampshire

LEONARD POTT; engaged in the mill with his brother, William A.

ERNEST POTTER; employed in a mill at Berlin Falls, NH

ISOLA POTTER; married ALTON HAYES of Brownville

WILLIAM AARON POTTER was born 7 Sept. 1873 in Statford Hollow, NH and received his education at Newton Mills VT. After leaving school he obtained employment in a sawmill where the remained for a time and in 1890 enter a paper mill in Berlin Falls. In 1891 he moved to Glen Park where he worked in a paper mill and became foreman. For eleven months he worked in a similar place in Marseilles, IL as a foreman but returned to Glen Park and took charge of the machine room of the Ontario Mill of the International Paper Company. In July of 1903 he advanced to the position of superintendent. In 1894 he married MAY E. FOLEY.

Children of William A. Potter and May E. Foley:

            a. LILLIAN POTTER born 28 Aug. 1896

            b. JAMES POTTER born 30 May 1902

MAY E. FOLEY POTTER was the daughter of PATRICK FOLEY, native of Ireland. Patrick emigrated to the US and settled in Adams where he became a successful farmer and resided.

Children of Patrick Foley:

JOHN FOLEY; employed and resided in Glen Park

STEPHEN FOLEY; worked in carriage factory in Adams

FRANK FOLEY; worked for the railroad

ANNA FOLEY; resided in Adams

MAY E. FOLEY; born 1874 in Adams; married William A. Potter, above.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2.

NELSON WHITE STREETER was an early resident of Jefferson County and a leading citizen of Watertown. He was born 10 Jan. 1804 in Goshen, Hampshire Co, MA, son of ELIJAH and ABIGAIL STREETER, Elijah a native of Vermont and Abigail of Massachusetts. In 1819 Elijah Streeter settled with his son, Nelson, in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY. Abigail died 20 May 1806 at 23 years in MA. Elijah was a shoemaker until a short time before his death, when he moved to Watertown, and passed away at Nelson's home on 21 Aug. 1830 at 49 years.

In 1821 Nelson W. Streeter was apprenticed to THOMAS PECK of Watertown to learn the tailor's trade which he completed in three years. He established himself as a tailor and was immediately successful. He became a merchant tailor in 1830. After 14 years he extended his business to include ready-made apparel much of which he manufactured. After 20 years he turned the business over to his son, JOHN C. STREETER, who continued successfully. A monument to business was the Streeter Building on the Public Square in Watertown. He served in a variety of public offices. Out of his kindness he became responsible by endorsement for much of the paper of his friends and his son, JOHN C. STREETER, was obliged to meet the obligations in the amount of over $60,000, which he did without a dollar of discount. In 1828 Nelson married AURELIA A. PARSONS of Lewis Co NY and she died 19 Jan. 1837. On 22 Oct. 1837, Nelson married second to EUNICE H. BURPEE of Lorraine, Jefferson Co.

Children of Nelson Streeter and Aurelia A. Parsons:

JOHN C. STREETER; born 22 Nov. 1829 in Watertown; prominent business man; served in a variety of public offices; married twice: 1)MARY WHITE, daughter of STEPHEN WHITE and 2nd in Dec. 1900 to ELLA A. PHELPS, daughter of MERRITT ANDRUS of Watertown

Son: FREDERICK W. STREETER, city clerk of Watertown




HENRY W. STREETER (by Eunice H. Burpee); practicing physician of Watertown; died 1903 Rochester NY.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2

JOHN D. COLE, M. D. was a leading physician of Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., NY , born in Theresa on 28 Mar. 1857. John married on 13 May 1885 to ADDA E. GARRISON, born Napanee Ontario, daughter of WILLIAM GARRISON, born in Canada and farmer at Napanee; died at 50 years.

Children of William Garrison:


MRS. RICHARD HILL, Thousand Island Park

JOHN GARRISON, resident of Chatham Canada

EDWARD GARRISON, editor in Winnipeg

LOTTIE GRACE COLE was the daughter of Dr. John D. Cole and Adda E. Garrison.

His paternal grandfather, ALLEN COLE, was one of the most extensive landholders and farmers of his day in that region, and owned 1,000 acres of land in the vicinity of Theresa; he built the first saw mill on Crooked Creek. His wife was HOPE JANE___, who was born near Paris, France. Of their 12 children, ALANSON COLE, became the father of DR. JOHN D. COLE. Allen died at 60 years and Hope at 50 years.

ALANSON COLE was born in the town of Theresa where his parents had located from MA in 1812. He was raised in W. Theresa and educated in the common schools and by occupation was a farmer. He began life in a log cabin and later built the first frame dwelling in that section. He added to his property by buying the Plymton farm and then a part of the Wakefield farm, consisting of 226 acres where he built a second dwelling. He resided there until 1886 and in that year moved to the village of Theresa where he built a fine residence and where he retired at 83 years. He married LUCY MAKEPEACE, daughter of SOLOMON and JANE CRONKHITE MAKEPEACE.

SOLOMON MAKEPEACE died at 86 years He and Jane were the parents of:

LUCY MAKEPEACE; married ALANSON COLE; she born 6 Feb. 1825; married 27 Oct. 1844; died 2 Aug. 1904 at the age of 79 years.

URSULA MAKEPEACE; resident of Illinois

LYDIA MAKEPEACE; lived Alexandria Bay; married ALFRED AVERY


JOHN MAKEPEACE; resident of Clayton See Migrations Part 19 for additional Makepeace information.

Source: Oakes Vol. 2.

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