Migrations Part 72: Surnames AVERY, LEWIS, SANFORD, WHIPPLE

DANIEL CLARK SANFORD, son of THOMAS SANFORD, died in Litchfield CT at 54 years. He married MARIAN BEARDSLEY, daughter of Jesse and Ruth (Lyon) Beardsley. Marian died on 27 Nov. 1847 in East Salem, N.Y. Thomas Sanford deed land to Daniel and his wife, Marian, on 24 Dec. 1814.

Children of Daniel Sanford and Marian Beardsley:
1. LEVI SANFORD, born 19 April 1787 W. Haven CT; died 5 March 1869 in Andover, OH; married ELIZABETH TYRRELL on 12 Jan. 1812.
2. BEARDSLEY SANFORD born 5 Feb. 1790; died 7 Sept. 1868; married on 5 Oct. 1793 to RHODA WEED; she born 5 Oct. 1793.
3. POLLY SANFORD born 1794; died 6 Dec. 1859; married SAMUEL DOTY
4. ABEL SANFORD born 1798; died 1843; married LYDIA POST
5. DANIEL SANFORD born October 1799, died 1869; married SELINA CURTIS

Children of Beardsley Sanford and Rhoda Weed:
SUSAN E. SANFORD, daughter of Beardsley and Rhoda Sanford, was born 19 Aug. 1812 in Jefferson Co., NY and died 27 Mar. 1895 in Fergusonville, NY. She married 1 April 1834 to JAMES MCMINN who died 23 Dec. 1844 in Harpersfield, NY. They had three children: Elbert, Elizabeth and Amelia.


CAPT. ABRAHAM LEWIS, JR. was born 10 August 1752 in Westerly, Washington Co RI, and died 14 Dec. 1838 in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., NY. He married 1)THANKFUL LEWIS in 1776 in Westerly, Washington Co, RI. She was born 23 Mar. 1755 in Westerly, RI and died 17 Mar. 1793 in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co NY. He married 2) EUNICE HEARNS 1793 in Westerly, Washington Co RI. She was born 1775 and died in Petersburg, Rensselaer Co NY.

1) NATHANIEL LEWIS b 17 Dec. 1776 in Westerly RI
2) WILLIAM LEWIS b 7 Sept 1778 Westerly RI; dc 1842 Caneada, Allegany Co NY; married JULIA STEVENS 1821; she born about 1780
3) ABRAM LEWIS, b 30 Sept. 1780 Westerly Washington Co RI; d 7 June 1857 Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY; m P. DOLLY about 1802
4) THANKFUL LEWIS b 12 Sept 1782 Westerly RI; d c1870 Sauquoit, Oneida Co. NY
5) ABEL LEWIS b 3 May 1784 Westerly RI; d 1812; married ABIGAIL GREENE c 1804 in Westerly, RI; she b c1786.

a) ABEL GREENE LEWIS b 23 June 1805 Westerly, Washington Co RI; d 2 April 1882 Adams Center, Jefferson Co., NY
b) DATUS ENSIGN LEWIS b 29 Feb 1808 Westerly, RI

6)DELIGHT LEWIS b 12 June 1786 Petersburgh, Rensselaer co NY; d 24 Oct. 1861 Petersburgh, NY
7)MINER LEWIS b 2 April 1788 Petersburgh, Rensselaer co NY; m. SARAH DAVIDSON c 812; bc 1782
8)ASHER LEWIS b 29 Feb. 1792, Petersburgh NY; d 28 June 1859 Antwerp, Jefferson Co NY; m NANCY MARIA BRIGGS on 19 Feb. 1818 in Petersburgh, NY; she bc 1794.


JOHN AVERY was born 4 Mar. 1798 in Lyme, New London Co. CT and d 15 Sept 1883 in St. Johns, MI. He married SARAH COOPER in August 1821 in Jefferson Co NY; she was bc 1804.

1) JOHN AVERY b 29 Feb 1824 Watertown NY
2) HORACE AVERY bc 1826
3) SARAH ANN AVERY b 1830 Chautauqua Co NY; d 15 June 1872 Greenville MI
4) JAMES MERRIT AVERY b 8 Feb 1833 Charlotte, NY d 4 Oct. 1909 Duplain, Clinto Co MI
5) TYLER CALDWELL AVERY b 5 Feb 1833 Charlotte NY
6) MARVIN EMORY AVERY b 16 June 1840 d 1864 Richmond VA
8) LAURA AVERY b 11 Sept 1848


COL. JEREMIAH LEWIS was born 26 Feb. 1792 in Lewis Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co NY and died 30 April 1872 in Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co NY. He married MARY PROCTOR about 1820 in Lewis Hollow. She was born 11 Jan. 1797 in North Blanford, Hampden Co MA and died 11 Mar. 1872 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY.

1)PHOEBE LEWIS bc 1820 Brookfield, Madison Co, NY
2)ALBERT LEWIS b 1822 Brookfield, Madison Co NY
3)MARY LEWIS b 1824 Brookfield, Madison Co NY
4)HARRIET LEWIS bc 1825 Brookfield, Madison Co, NY
5) CORNELIA LEWIS b 25 June 1828 Brookfield, Madison Co NY; d 19 Jan 1900 Hartwick, Otsego Co NY
6)JAMES LEWIS bc 1830 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY


SAMUEL LEWIS was born 10 Sept. 1795 in Lewis Hollow, Petersburg, Rensselaer Co Ny and died 23 May 1861 Washington Co NY. He married BETSEY PETTYS on 25 Feb. 1821 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; she born 8 Sept 1798 in Easton, Washington Co NY and died Jan. 1874.

1)ELIZA JANE LEWIS b 28 Nov. 1821 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; d 10 Jan 1844; married ALEXANDER PETTYS in 1837 in NY. He bc 1819.
2) OLIVIA P. LEWIS b 4 may 1823 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; d 22 Dec. 1894; married JUSTUS R. LEMON 1851; he b 1820 NY and died after 22 Dec. 1894
3) SARAH LEWIS b 6 June 1825 Ellisburg Jefferson Co NY; d 5 Dec. 1891
4) CLEMENTINE LEWIS b 16 Feb 1827 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; d before 28 Feb. 1827 in Ellisburg.
5) WILLIAM MORGAN LEWIS b 7 Dec. 1829 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY; married AURELIA SIMMONS c 1851; she bc 1832
6) FANNY M. LEWIS bc 15 May 1832 Ellisburg Jefferson Co NY
7) EPHRAIM P. LEWIS b 24 Mar. 1834 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; married MARY A. MILLER c 1856; bc 1836
8) JAMES LEWIS (TWIN), b 29 Feb. 1836 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; married PHEBE HASTINGS c 1884; she bc 1845
9) PHEBE LEWIS (twin), b 29 Feb 1836; married C. A. MINTURN in 1860; he bc 1832
10) DANIEL W. LEWIS b 3 Sept 1838 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co NY; married MARIA BROWN c 1862; she bc 1840

Source: Cheeseborough Genealogy.


HENRY BENJAMIN WHIPPLE of Faribault, MN was born in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 15 Feb. 1822. Rt. Rev. D. D., L.L. D., consecrated 1st bishop of the P. E. Church in the diocese of MN 1859. He married 5 Oct. 1841 to CORNELIA WRIGHT who d 18 July 1890 and was a daughter of HON. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, surrogate of Jefferson Co NY for many years; granddaughter of HON. STEPHEN WARD, a distinguished patriot during the Rev. War.

1) SARAH ELIZABETH WHIPPLE b in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 2 Aug. 1843; married 19 May 1864 to CHARLES A. FORNAM of Philadelphia PA.
2) CORNELIA WARD WHIPPLE b in Adams, Jefferson Co. NY on 26 Aug. 1845; died 21 May 1884; m 1)22 Feb. 1866 to WILLIAM WILKINS DAVIS of MD and 2)24 Nov. 1875 to DR. FRANCIS M. ROSE of Faribault MN.
3) JANE WHITING WHIPPLE b in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 10 Mar. 1847; married 28 May 1872 to HENRY A . SCANDIETT of PA.
4) CHARLES HENRY WHIPPLE b in Adams, Jefferson Co NY on 12 June 1849; major and paymaster US Army; m 5 Dec. 1871 to EVELYN ELIZABETH MCLEAN of Cincinnati OH
5) FRANCIS RANSOM WHIPPLE b Rome NY on 5 June 1853; married 1) June 1873 FRANK G. CRAW of Cleveland OH and 2)Aug 1891 F. W. JACKSON of Cleveland OH
6) JOHN HALL WHIPPLE b Rome NY 16 Mar 1857; d 6 Aug. 1879

Bishop Whipple married 2) 22 Oct. 1896 to MRS. EVANGELINE ELIZABETH SIMPSON, only daughter of DR. FRANCIS and JANE VAN POELIN (MARRS) SIMPSON of MA. Bishop Whipple was the son of JOHN HALL WHIPPLE of Adams, Jefferson Co NY, b Albany NY on 22 Sept. 1795; he died in Adams, NY 15 Dec. 1859, a merchant of Adams, NY. John Whipple helped to organize the Rome and Watertown R.R., being one of its first directors. He married 25 Sept. 1820 to ELIZABETH WAGER, daughter of HON. HENRY WAGER of Westernville N. Y., member of the N. Y. General Assembly 1823-24; one of the presidential electors of Thomas Jefferson; son of BENJAMIN WHIPPLE of Albany NY, born in Cumberland, RI on 17 Nov. 1754; died Albany NY on 30 April 1819, Revolutionary War soldier, captured and confined on British prison ship "Jersey"; was doorkeeper of NY General Assembly 1802-19; married 8 Jan. 1783 to SUSANNA HALL of Wrentham MA. Benjamin was the son of DAVID WHIPPLE of Cumberland RI born there 1 May 1714 and died there 6 Oct. 1766, member of the RI General Assembly 1756-7, member of the 1st council of Cumberland; married 7 July 1737 to MARTHA REED, daughter of THOMAS REED and granddaughter of JOHN REED who was killed by the Indians in Pierce's fight.

Source: American Ancestry. American ancestors who settled prior to 1776. pp126-7; there is additional information which dates to 1666 on this lineage.

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