Jefferson County Migrations

Part: 76

ENSIGN OLIVER ACKLEY, JR. was born in Haddam, Middlesex, CT, where he was baptized on 8 November 1789. He was the son of Oliver Ackley “Sr.” and Elizabeth Smith of East Haddam, but at Elizabeth's death, Oliver Sr. married as his second wife, Matilda Cole, on 25 August 1822 in Chatam, CT. Ensign Oliver died 17 August 1849 and is buried in the Champion Huddle Cemetery in Jefferson Co., NY.

Oliver Jr. served in the military from Madison, NY and was discharged in 1816. He was of Madison Co., NY in 1820. Early deeds in Jefferson Co., NY begin in 1818 when Oliver purchased land from J. Brooks, Vol. S, p. 330 and again in 1820 when he purchased land from A. Barber, Vol. O., p. 499 His third large purchase was made in 1821 when he bought land from A. Symonds, Vol, Q., p. 321 and Vol. R., p. 373. In 1824 Oliver and his wife, Sally, sold land to R. Wilmot, Vol. U. p. 353.

Ensign Oliver married first to Sally Morris whom he married on 11 March 1819. She was born on 24 February 1793 in East Haven, New Haven Co., CT., and died 1 April 1828.

They were the parents of:

  1. Susan Street Ackley b 23 Dec. 1819
  2. Sally Morris Ackley b 11 July 1821
  3. Oliver S. Ackley b 1822 d 1831
  4. Harriet S. Ackley b 18 April 1825

After Sally's death, Oliver married a second time to Lydia Read. She was born in 1798 and died in 1874, buried in Jefferson Co. Lydia was the daughter Roger Read/Reed of Adams, Jeff. Co. He died in 1832 (see his will on this site). Roger came to North Adams from Bennington VT in 1806. Roger's wife was Lydia Perry, born in Shaftsbury, VT; her father was a Revolutionary War Captain and killed in battle.

Oliver and Lydia were the parents of:

  1. Lydia Elizabeth Ackley who was born in 1833 and died in 1851; she is buried next to her mother in the Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, NY.
  2. Oliver Smith Ackley b 15 May 1835

In Oliver's will (JC NY Wills, Vol. 1, p. 183 this site) he named his wife, Lydia, his daughter Sally (who married William Cullen), his son Oliver when 21 years; his daughter Harriet S. Stebbins and his daughter Lydia E., who was still a minor. Also mentioned was his grandson, Chauncey Loomis, who was the son of his daughter, Susan, and was of Dummerston, Vermont.

Additional Note: Polly Ackley, daughter of Oliver and Elizabeth Ackley of Haddam, CT married John Felt on 3 Jan. 1803 at Leyden, Lewis Co., NY. In 1806 John and Polly were in the Black River country of Jefferson Co. Polly was the sister of Ensign Oliver Ackley, above. Polly Ackley Felt was born in 1789 and died in 1875; buried Felt's Mills Cemetery. Her husband John Felt was in the War of 1812 and a pensioner, born 1781 and died 3 December 1868. (Source: Pension Application)

CHARLES ACKLEY was another early settler in Jefferson County, who was born about 1793, probably in Vermont. His first land purchase was from W. Dyer, in 1815, Vol. G., p. 283 and his second purchase was from B. Cole, in 1820, Vol. O, p. 534. For whatever reason in 1815, Charles Ackley and his wife, Minerva, and Samuel Dyer and his wife, Prudence, who were of Rodman, NY, sold land to Job Wait of Rodman, with Abel Cole and William Dyer as witnesses to the deed. In 1824, Charles sold to Samuel Dyer, Vol. V., p. 281, land in Rodman. At that time Charles had a wife, Minerva and Samuel Dyer's wife was Prudence. Samuel Dyer was another early settler of Jefferson Co., and his wife's maiden name was Ackley, so there were some family ties between Charles and Prudence. See the Dyer family this site. In 1833 Charles sold additional land to A. Lucus, Vol. M2, p. 147. (Samuel Dyer married 13 April 1806 at Shaftsbury VT to Prudence Ackley Prudence born 17 Oct. 1781 in CT and d 31 Aug 1866 in Jeff. Co., NY)

In the 1850 census of Adams, Jefferson Co., Minerva Ackley was age 61, born in Vermont and in the household of Daniel and Lucy Ann Talcott. She was the widow of Charles Ackley, who died 11 Feb. 1849 of a stomach disease, at 56 years; he is buried in the Adams State Road Cemetery at Honeyville, Jefferson Co. Minerva and Charles were married on 22 January 1815 in St. James Church in Arlington, Vermont. Her maiden name was Minerva Imus, and she was the daughter of William Imus (1739-1835). He was born in London, England and his wife was Lucy Buck. Lucy Buck was born 18 February 1747 at New Milford, Litchfield, CT. Minerva Imus Ackley died on 16 November 1870 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY.

Known children of Charles and Minerva:

  1. Pavrius Ackley born 1825, and died 1845 at 20 years. He is buried in Woodside Cemetery in Belleville, Jeff. Co.
  2. Lucy Ann; married Talcott

The Ackley Bible for this couple was found in the effects of a Mr. Barney of Blairstown, Iowa, which bible was left with him many years earlier by a friend. The genealogy contents were reproduced in the October 1916 issue of the DAR Magazine on p. 297:

  1. Charles Ackley b 17 Feb. 1788; d 11 Feb. 1845
  2. Minerva Ackley b 3 March 1788
  3. Lucy Ann Ackley b 2 Sept. 1816
  4. Daniel R. Talcott b 18 April 1806
  5. Charles Ackley married Minerva Imus 22 Jan. 1815.
  6. Daniel R. Talcott married Lucy Ann Ackley 19 October 1837
  7. Sarah M. Talcott was b 24 Dec. 1838 and died 18 Feb. 1839
  8. Lucy Ann Amelia Talcott b 20 June 1843.
  9. Sarah Adell Talcott b 25 Jan. 1849
  10. Charles D. Talcott b 11 July 1852

Perhaps the obituary that appeared in the 1870 Watertown Times for Minerva was the most revealing with information about the circumstances of her life after the death of Charles:

A funeral at the Baptist Church in Belleville, last Sabbath, presented the singular and unusual of a funeral without any mourners; the deceased, Mrs. Minerva Ackley, not having a living relative in this State. But strange as was this circumstance, it was nothing compared with the history of the deceased and the circumstances under which she died, which history tells tale of desertion of an aged and infirm parent by her only child. After the death of her husband, some twenty years since, the deceased lived with her son-in-law and only daughter, Dec. Daniel Talcott and wife, until their removal from Belleville to Missouri, three years ago. They left her behind under the plea that she was not able to go at the time, and as she would not probably live long, it were better that she be buried here than in a land of strangers. They left her some money and for a year or or more hired her board with a family. When notified by the mother and also by an officer of the Baptist church, to which the deceased and Mr. and Mrs. Talcott belonged, that the family with whom she boarded could keep her no longer, and enquiring what was to be done; their reply was that they did not feel under obligation to care for her, should never again receive her into their family under any circumstances. 

GAD ACKLEY was perhaps the most noted Ackley in early Jefferson County. His military prowess during the War of 1812 is well documented on this site by regiment and activities. Tracing Gad through his land transactions, his name first appeared in 1809, on 13 April, when Lyman Ellis of Ellisburgh and Sylvia, his wife, sold to Gad Ackley of Ellisburgh a parcel of land in Ellisburgh. Vol. D., p. 245. The witnesses to the transaction were Charles Hollister and William Hildreth. There were 14 early land transactions for Gad either as a buyer or seller of property and additional entries as well.

Gad was born in 1783 in Connecticut, based on his given age in the 1860 Michigan census. His parents were S. Ackley and Lucy Hollister Coleman Ackley Ferguson. Lucy's father, John Hollister, was born 1740 in Scotland and died 3 August 1827 at 87 years in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY. John Hollister had moved to Ellisburg to live with his son, Charles, and is buried in the Ellisburg Cemetery. Her mother was Michele Fox. We found no definitive information on the father of Gad, as he seemed to be the only child of that marriage. It is possible that Gad, whose father died very early, was born in East Hartford, CT and after his father died, he may have moved to Jefferson County with his maternal grandfather, John Hollister.

Gad was married twice: his first wife was Emma Foote, b 16 June 1788 and died 18 October 1819. She is buried in the Ellisburg Rural Cemetery, Jefferson Co., the daughter of Captain Ira Foote and Mary Polly Pond Foote. His second wife was Mary Pond who died 13 April 1856.

Their known children were:

  1. Albert A. Ackley b 1812 d 1 July 1874 at 62 years in Ellisburg; married Mary ____ who was born 1821 and died April 1866 at 45 years.
  2. Infant son of Col. Gad and Emma who died 1814 and is buried in Ellisburg.
  3. Harvey was b 1819 and d 1819
  4. Julian was b 1819 and d 1819
  5. Charles Barnabas Ackley was born 22 April 1812 in NY and died 1904 in Troy Center, Walworth, WI; his wife was Louisa M. Bunker.
  6. Infant son of Col. Gad and Emma b 1822 d 1822 buried in Ellisburg.

With 2nd wife, Mary Pond:

  1. Henry Meyers Ackley b 12 Jan. 1827 d 15 Dec. 1812 son of Gad and Mary Pond, his second wife. Henry is buried in the Nashotah House Cemetery in Summit Township, Waukesha Co., Wisconsin.

Henry's obituary was in the Waukesha Daily Freeman on 21 September 1927, Waukesha, WI and is presented here:

"He was born on January 12, 1827 in Ellsburgh, Jefferson county, New York. He died December 15, 1912. He descended from old English ancestry on both sides of the family. His father, General Gad Ackley, served in the war of 1812, and his grandfather, Barnabas Pond, was a major in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Oconomowoc, WI in 1857, were he engaged in farming. In 1860 he moved to Nashotah Mission, where for 5 years he had charge of the Mission farm and boarding house. Five years later he came to this city (?) and engaged in the drug business and continued in that line for fourteen years. He was also engaged in the lumber trade and followed this until he retired from active business in 1884. He was state senator in 1882-1884 and in 1880 was a delegate to the national Democratic convention. He was at one time president of the Bank of Oconomowoc, WI. Mrs. Ackley, who survives her husband, was Miss Josephine Breck, daughter of Samuel Breck and niece of the Rev. James Lloyd Breck, on of the founders of Nashotah House. The children are: Mrs. James McBride of Pasadena, CA; Mrs. Breck, wife of the Rev. Mulenburg Breck of Portland, OR; Dr. S.B. Ackley of Waukesha, Miss Gabriella Ackley of Chicago, and Miss Elizabeth at home. He was buried at Nashotah Mission Cemetery."

Gad Ackley died 16 September 1864 at 80 years and is buried with his second wife, Mary, in Rose Hill Cemetery, St. Clair Co., Michigan, but not before he petitioned for bounty lands and an invalid pension from her service in the War of 1812. He served as an officer in the War of 1812 from Jefferson County. He volunteered as a resident of Ellisburgh, NY and was appointed captain of a company of militia. His name appears in Jefferson County until 1840 and by 1851 he was living in Troy, Walworth Co., Wisconsin. The pension file for General Gad Ackley contains a letter that is signed but undated—which he signed as General Gad Ackley. By March 15, 1855 he was living in Saint Clair, St. Clair Co., Michigan. He filed additional pension papers that year, as his initial requests were rejected. He was then 71 years of age and was in that same location in 1862. His claim for bounty lands was accepted but it is not apparent if he ever received an invalid pension. During the War of 1812 his command was subjected to severe weather conditions and he cited that one of his men was killed, three were taken prisoner and he had suffered severe frostbite to one leg which made his ankle virtually useless. His pension accounts of military life are well written and give an insight on what conditions were like during that war. Gad's pension papers are silent as to when or where he was born or who his parents were. The John Hollister bible information below, and his early presence in Jefferson County, as Gad's maternal grandfather, seem likely.

Included below are short lineages as they relate to Gad Ackerly. The first is for
MAJOR BARNABAS POND, father of Gad's second wife, Mary:

Major Barnabas Pond was born 29 October 1755 at Branford, New Haven, CT, and died 9 May 1841. He married Thankful Foote, daughter of Moses Foote and Amy Richards on 17 Feb. 1784 at Northbury, New Haven Co., CT. Major Pond died on 9 May 1841 in Clinton, Oneida Co., NY at age 85.

Known children were:

  1. Lewis Pond b 30 Sept. 1784, d 26 Sep. 1854
  2. Andrew Storrs Pond b 28 Feb. 1787 d 1864.
  3. Julius C. Pond b 26 Feb. 1789 d 29 Sept. 1840.
  4. Mary E. Pond bc 1791 and died 15 April 1856; the Ball Project gives a marriage date of 23 February 1820 in Clinton, Oneida Co., NY to Gad Ackley.

Children of Mary E. Pond and Gad Ackley:

  1. Charles Barnabas Ackley b 22 April 1821
  2. Mary Ackley b 22 Sept. 1824
  3. Henry Meyers Ackley b 12 Jan. 1827 and died 15 Dec. 1912
  1. Erastus Pond b July 1793
  2. Rev. Charles Barnabas Pond b 17 May 1797, d 4 June 1872

The life of Lucy Hollister, mother of Gad, and her marriages:


Per descendant Kathie Kentfield:

  1. Lucy Hollister Coleman Ackley Ferguson was born 1761-2; married John Coleman in 1778 in Glastonbury, Hartford, CT. He died soon after. They had a son, John, born East Hartford, CT on 25 October 1778 This John married Amy Smith. The son was reportedly raised in the family of Appleton Hollister.
  2. Lucy remarried to an Ackley and had a son, Gad.

Lucy remarried for a third time to Jeremiah Ferguson, (son of John Ferguson, christened with sister, Sarah, on 4 Dec. 1763).

Lucy and Jeremiah had six children:

  1. Nancy m. Joseph Bullock. Their daughter, Lucy, came to Jefferson Co. in 1808 from Brattleboro, VT and made the trip on horseback and they settled at Ellisburgh. Joseph learned the carpenter's trade as a young man and built the first mill for extracting oil from flaxseed. He served in the War of 1812 and married “Nannie”, daughter of Mr. Ferguson and a half sister of Gen. Gad Ackley. Joseph was one of the representative men of his town and one of the founders of the Presbyterian Church. He was a man of sterling integrity whose word was never questioned. He died in 1861 in his 75th year. Source: Our County and it's people. Edit. Edgar C. Emerson Joseph Bullock was born 21 Sept. 1786 in Guilford, VT and died 14 May 1861 in Ellisburgh, NY. Nancy Ferguson was born about 1786.
  2. Jared
  3. Minerva married Dudley Phillips; she born 10 May 1803 in Bolton, CT, daughter of Jeremiah Ferguson and Lucy Hollister
  4. John, born 1799 and died 1886; married Mary Smith
  5. Fanny married 1)David Arkland? And 2) Anson B. Palmer; she was of Ellisburg, NY
  6. Francis married Lucy Adams

A grave record shows a date of birth of 1761 and death date of 17 Oct. 1822 for Lucy Ferguson in Connecticut. Her stone shows her to be the relict of Jeremiah Ferguson and was age 61 at her death. Her burial is in the East Cemetery of Manchester, Hartford Co., CT.

JOHN HOLLISTER, father of Lucy, Gad's mother:

Mrs. A.L. Mallbie, contributor, "Hollister, Connecticut, New York," in The American Genealogist 10:234-5, citing a copy of Bible record sent to her by a cousin. See also: New Haven American Genealogist, Vol. 10, page 234 by D. L. Jacobus. "[The following were children of John Hollister and Michel Fox, who were married at Glastonbury, Conn., Mar. 19, 1761:] The marriage records show her as “Mitchell” Fox; see: Glastonbury 1st Congregational Church in Hartford Co., CT prior to 1800 by Rev. F. W. Bailey.

  1. Lucy, b in 1762
  2. Anis, b in 1763
  3. Robert, b 15 Apr 1765
  4. Sally, b 8 Feb 1767
  5. Beulah, b 3 July 1768
  6. Robert, b 16 Apr 1770
  7. Michel, b 15 May 1772
  8. John, b 5 Jun 1774
  9. Hepsy, b 15 July 1776
  10. FLora, b 11 Mar 1778
  11. Russell, b 17 Mar 1780
  12. Charles, b 4 July 1785 – see note below and his bio on this site under Pioneer Hollister Family. See his will also on this site under Charles Hollister Estate.
  13. Betty b. 31 March 1790

 Mrs. Maltbie adds the following facts: John Hollister lived at one time in Herkimer County, N.Y., and later in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. Of the children, Lucy m. (1) 1779 John Coleman, who was in the Revolutionary War and d. soon, by whom she had a son John, b at East Hartford, Conn., 25 Oct 1778, who was raised in the family of Lucy's cousin, Appleton Hollister; Lucy m. (2) an Ackley, and had a son Gad Ackley; and (3) Jeremiah Ferguson, with whom she lived near Frankfort, Herkimer County, N.Y. One of the daughters of John Hollister m. a McKee, another a Bullock, and a third an Earl; Beulah m. a Waters; Charles m. (1) 1808 Luvial Goodrich and (2) 1838 Pluma Edy; Betty m. Henry Meyers of Ellisburg, N.Y. John Hollister d. at the home of his son Charles in Ellisburg, 3 Aug. 1827, and was known by his family to have served in the Revolutionary War. See Fonda List, Jeff. Co., NY for John Hollister and Michele Fox (parents of Lucy Hollister, mother of Gad Ackley.)

Notes on Charles Hollister, brother of Lucy. He came to Ellisburgh at an early day and served as captain in the War of 1812; participated in the Battle of Sackets Harbor and was promoted to colonel. He married 1)Survigh Goodrich and 2)Pluma Lewis Eddy, and raised a large family. The youngest son, Joseph Lewis, was born in 1845 and went on the Great Lakes at age 14; at 25 he was master of a merchant vessel. He married Ida F., daughter of Albert and Betsey (Snow) Fuller in 1865. They had two daughters: Alice A. and Edna L. Alice married Byron Bossiner on 4 Oct. 1888. Charles resided in Belleville. Source: Child's History of Jeff. Co.

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