Knights of Columbus Members in the Great War

Jefferson County, NY

These men were members of Jefferson County Knights of Columbus councils who'd been in service in World War I. It's unknown if they were all members at the time of entering service, or if listings included veterans who had joined the organization within a couple of years after the war. What we do know is that they were all Roman Catholic. At the time, Jefferson County had three councils, located in Watertown, Carthage and Clayton. These three councils are still in existence, and a brief online search turned up that there are several more councils in the county today.
NOTE: The site coordinator has no information about the men or the local councils. All spellings are as given in the original book.

"Below, without any designation of rank - be they officers or enlisted men, is presented the roster of the Knights who served with their country's colors in the war. ... But whether in the trenches, on the seas, or in the camps at home, all did their duty.

CARTHAGE COUNCIL No. 291 - Carthage, NY

Andre, John
Bayley, Leland J.
Brady, Allen C.
Bryer, Harry
Butler, James J.
Byrnes, William H.
Cain, Leo
Carncross, Harold
Clark, Clarence M.
Colligan, Edward
Collins, John L.
Cordonne, Stephen
Crimmins, M. J.
Fennen, C. Emmett
Finnerty, William A.
Flynn, Charles J.
Giblin, Roy
Griffin, Clarence J.
Gurnett, Francis
Hall, Stanley D.
Joynt, J. D.
Lederle, Bernard
McDonald, Matthew
McGraw, James
Noblett, Walter H.
Nolan, Harry
Nortz, Norbert
O'Connell, James E.
Overton, Vernon
Payne, Albert C.
Quinn, Ralph
Reilly, Charles
Shaffrey, Robert H.
Varley, John
Whaling, George
Whaling, John


Brabant, John
Cantwell, William
Derosia, Marcus
Farrell, Edward
Fitzgerald, James W.
Gokey, Leland
Haas, Raymond M.
Hunt, John H.
Lalonde, Michael
Lalonde, M. E.
Lyman, J. Gould
McCormick, Everett
McKinley, Hillyard
McKinley, P. K.
Marshall, Levy
O'Leary, James H.
O'Toole, John A.
Sheldon, Thomas
Thibault, Clarence A.
Thibault, Harold A.

WATERTOWN COUNCIL No. 259 - Watertown, NY

Aiken, Cecil B.
Aiken, Frank W.
Barnette, Maurice
Baron, Louis J.
Beaudete, Arthur E.
Bellamy, J. M.
Bowen, Wilbur J.
Branche, Harold S.
Bremner, John A.
Brennan, Bernard
Briceland, Thomas H.
Britt, E. G.
Buckley, James P.
Burns, Harry E.
Burns, William J.
Campbell, Ethan J. A.
Campbell, James G.
Carroll, Dennis A.
Cavanaugh, John J.
Cavanaugh, William P.
Collins, H. J.
Connors, J. Emmett
Connors, Thomas J.
Cooke, Morris E.
Cooper, F. E.
Coughlin, Francis X.
Cuff, James E.
Curtin, Edward J.
Cusack, M. H.
Donnelley, J. C.
Doran, George H.
Dore, Thomas G.
Doyle, Lawrence B.
Durkan, J. Ambrose
Durr, George J.
Fitzgerald, C. L.
Foley, R. W.
Gaffney, Walter
Gosiere, E. Ralph
Graveline, W. G.
Gravelle, Cameron
Handley, W. L.
Harder, Herbert F.
Healy, Louis J.
Hendricks, J. Herbert
Hodges, Henry
Huff, Neil E.
Keenan, Edward
Kelly, M. J.
Kelly, Thomas
Killeen, John F.
LaCasse, Rev. Amede
Lofink, C. M.
Londraville, J. C.
Lynch, Clarence
Lynch, Walter F.
McAvoy, William R.
McCarthy, Alfred D. J.
McCarthy, Francis J.
McCaskey, E. W.
McCrosson, Thomas J.
McDonald, W. O.
McNulty, Lawrence R.
McQuillan, Ambrose
Mahan, Joseph P.
Mahoney, Gerald F.
Maloney, Daniel J.
Mangin, Thomas G.
Milady, Ralph
Mulligan, Howard F. R.
Nutting, J. Gordon
O'Brien, Harold F.
O'Driscoll, William M.
O'Keefe, Dennis F.
O'Leary, William J.
Polskie, George L.
Reff, Walton E.
Rivers, W. J.
Rossetti, John T.
Ryan, Thomas A.
Savage, Lawrence J.
Scully, Roy D.
Senecal, Henry J.
Shaughnessy, John J.
Smith, Bernard A.
Strassner, Raymond C.
Teepell, Francis H.
Tierney, Joseph L.
Ulman, John H.
Viau, J. A.
Ward, William S.
Wassenberg, A. J.
Waters, J. E. Grant
Weekes, William
Whalen, Patrick J.
White, Rufus
Youngs, J. E.

Source: The Knights of Columbus in Peace and War, Volume II, by Maurice Francis Egan and John B. Kennedy. Knights of Columbus: New Haven, Connecticut. 1920.

This information was extracted, alphabetized and contributed by M. Magill, Asst. State Coordinator, NYGenWeb.

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