Jefferson County, NY Pioneers



1. DAVID MONTONDO was born in France in 1770 and came to the United States in 1795, settling in Jefferson Co., NY.

2. NELSON MONTONDO, (grandfather of JERRY N. MONTONDO), was born in Canada in 1800 and was a farmer. Later he moved to Oswego NY and then to Evans Mills in Jefferson Co. There he purchased land while it was an almost unbroken wilderness and cultivated a farm. Subsequently he moved to Theresa in Jefferson Co where he passed his last years, his death occurring at 63 years.

Nelson's first wife was MARGARET COYER, born c 1819 in Canada and she passed away at 40 years.
They were the parents of 10 children:

3          i           DAVID MONTONDO of Black River born 1836; died 1930; married Mary J.___born 1840; died 1923

4          ii           NELSON MONTONDO jr; born 10 March 1838

5          iii           JULIA MONTONDO; bc 1840; married HENRY BIGNESS; daughter AMELIA GADWAN married on 15 Nov. 1919 to FRANK WILCOX, age 50, bc 1869, father was ANDREW J. WILCOX and mother ARMINDA RICE. Amelia Gadwan was age 45, bc 1874 to HENRY BIGNESS and JULIA MONTONDO.

6          iv           ELLEN MONTONDO

7          v           EZRA MONTONDO

8          vi           OCTAVE MONTONDO bc 1847

9          vii           WILLIAM MONTONDO

10         viii           FRANK MONTONDO of Carthage

11          ix           MAGGIE MONTONDO; married ALEXANDER GRIGNON of Watertown NY

12           x           LOUISE MONTONDO; married LOEY MURDOCK of Watertown

3. NELSON MONTONDO JR, son of NELSON and MARGARET COYER and father of JERRY N. MONTONDO, was born in LeRay, NY on 10 March 1838 and died in 1929. He was educated in Pamelia. He became a farmer and purchased a tract of land of 150 acres near Wilna in Jefferson Co.

He married LOUISA REAMER, who was born in Canada in 1835 and died in 1927.

Children of Nelson Montondo Jr and Louisa Reamer:

13           i           JERRY N. MONTONDO born 1863; died 1938

14           ii           EDWARD MONTONDO, born 1864; died 1953, proprietor of a general store in Oswegatchie NY; married MABEL BURNS, daughter of J. W. BURNS; she born 1870 and died 1951

15           iii           DEMSTER MONTONDO; conducted a general store in Benson Mines NY

16           iv           TINNIE? MONTONDO; born 1876 and died 1899

5.  JULIA MONTOND, daughter of NELSON MONTONDO and MARGARET COYER was born c1840; married HENRY BIGNESS

17           i           AMELIA GADWAN b c1874, married on 15 Nov. 1919 to FRANK WILCOX, age 50, bc 1869. His father was ANDREW J. WILCOX and mother ARMINDA RICE. Amelia Gadwan was age 45

13. JERRY N. MONTONDO son of NELSON MONTONDO JR and MARGARET COYER was born 1863; died 1938

JERRY N. MONTONDO spent his early years in Theresa where he attended the public schools. He later entered a hardware store in Black River where he remained for some time. Later he became a salesman in a hardware store in Carthage for several years. He moved to Theresa and two years later to Natural Bridge where he purchased a store in 1897.

In 1903 he married DELLA HUNT, a native of Jefferson Co and daughter of OLNEY and HARRIET (PAYNE) HUNT. DELLA died at age 25.

They had two children:

18           i           PERRY MONTONDO

19           i           CATHERINE MONTONDO Della died at age 25.

NELSON MONTONDO JR married (2) ELLA BERRY, born in St. Lawrence Co NY in 1869, daughter of CHRISTOPHER BERRY of Brasher Falls, NY

Source: Oakes Vol. 2;cemetery stones; census records
Provided by: M. Sapienza

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