Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
December 1876

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Watertown Re-Union, December 14, 1876, p. 5:

(from the past week)

ASSIGNEE of G. C. CARTER to E. CARTER 1 68-100 acres Champion $1
J. M. TILDEN to C. N. RUSSELL city lot Watertown $3,000
EXECUTORS of MICAH STERLING to P. NELLIS city lot Watertown $764.50
HENRY HORTON to N. DUNHAM, JR. 2 acres Lyme $250
village lot Adams $325
S. HALE to E. JOHNSTON 55-100 acres Clayton $1,200
S. G. JOHNSTON to S. HALE 55-100 acres Clayton $1,200
H. S. CORLIS to L. CORLIS village lots Alexandria $500
SECURITY BANK to E. WAIT 34-100 Watertown $1,400
JOSEPH A. SMITH to J. EVINS village lots Wilna $1,000
MARTHA A. WOOD and others to N. S. THOMAS village lots Adams $1,500
R. B. BIDDLECOM to W. LOUCKS 1 acre Orleans $200
R. B. BIDDLECOM to R. LOUCKS and others 1 acre Orleans $200
S. G. NORTON to J. W. SCOTT 50-100 acre Plessis $850
A. MILLIGAN to G. EGGLESTON 113 acres Antwerp $2,500
PETER PIERCE to W. W. BUTTERFIELD 28 76-100 acres Alexandria $850
S. BATES and others to L. H. BROWN village lot Watertown $1
L. H. BROWN to B. BATES village lot Watertown $1
CATHERINE DONNELLY to M. DONNELLY 5 45-100 acres Antwerp $1
A. P. HALE to A. R. THOMAS 100 acres Rodman $500
M. J. AVERY to G. AVERY 82 acres Wilna $750
CAROLINE E. HOWARD to R. DAY city lot Watertown $900
M. HALPIN to W. REESE village lot Clayton $1,000
MERCHANTS BANK to H. G. LYTTLE city lot Watertown $1,000

December 21, 1876, p. 6: - UNREADABLE COPY

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